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QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Sunday's HEAT is a great opportunity to see WWF action set to awesome music! - seen on the website

Isn't it weird to see the Walker credits without a WWF promo sharing the screen with it?




One World Leader Attitude - WWF! Hmm, starting a few seconds late

Closed captioned symbol - TV-14-DLV ratings box - Opening credits yo

WE ARE (plausibly) LIVE from the Fleet Center in Boston, MA 30.8.99 for RAW is WAR on the USA Network!

First up tonight is LA ROCA - arrrgh arrrgh arrrgh, Lilian Garcia announces his arrival. That's all I'm going to say about that tonight, I promise. A hush falls over the masses as the Rock SPEAKS! "Finally, the Rock has come back to Boston! Now last Thursday on the Rock's show, SmackDown!, the Rock should have become the WWF Champion. But if it weren't for a little jabrone commissioner in Shawn Michaels in the pocket of Triple H, that would have happened. Shawn Michaels, the Rock says this, you run your mouth, you little jabrone roody poo. You run your mouth - wawawawa, 'well, the sherriff's in town, the sherriff's back in town,' like you're some impressive cowboy or something, well the Rock says this kemo sabe, you come and you face the Rock, and then the Rock will take your little bitty cowboy hat, put it on his head, and then the Rock will take your six shooter and then he'll start spinnin' it around like this...and then the Rock will take your six shooter, TURNITSIDEWAYSANDSTICKITSTRAIGHTUPYOURCANDYASS!" While Rock pauses for the "Rocky" chant, I'll ponder how much further I'll transcribe. "Triple H, the Rock realises you put that roody poo up to it, so the Rock says this: Triple H, you've got five seconds, and the Rock means [you speak here] to come out here and face the Rock or the Rock will go back there and whip your monkey ass all over the Fleet Centre!" Rock holds up fingers and the crowd provides the numbers. When Triple H FAILS to show, the Rock walks back up the ramp. Crowd, with nothing better to do, chants "Rocky" for a bit. Well, nothing's happening now.

Ah, we're backstage following the Rock. He's talking a lot. He's not in the women's bathroom, anyway - whoops, there he is - Pearl Harbour with the belt by Triple H, along with Chyna - and also Shane. Mankind comes to the Rock's aid right before the officials and referees manage a pullapart.

Your hosts are JIM ROSS & JERRY LAWLER, who provide commentary. Before we get too far with THEM, "No Chance in Hell" fires up...

The entire MEAN STREET POSSE walks into the ring. Shane pauses before speaking. "It seems that everybody's feeling a little frisky tonight." Shane's in the mood to play games, however, so it's good that Rock and Mankind want to play them. Tonight, Rock and Mankind will each get a shot at Triple H. Huh? Whoops, there's a catch. Each man has to defeat an opponent first. Tonight, Rock draws Undertaker - Shane asks him to make his monkey ass famous tonight. Oh, and it's a no holds barred, falls count anywhere, no DQ match. All he has to do is pin the Undertaker and he'll get a title shot tonight. As for Mankind, we first are reminded that Shane got the pinfall Thursday, "thus becoming the new King of Hardcore." But before that match, he "cowardly attacked the Posse from behind." So tonight, Mankind will take on the three members of the Posse in a Handicap match. In fact, now's a good time...

MANKIND v. MEAN STREET POSSE in a Handicap Match - the music plays but we don't see him - well NOW we do. Now THAT'S a tie. Mankind is accompanied by referee PEANUTHEAD, but Shane says he won't need to be out there - HE'LL be happy to ref the match. Oh, and if Mankind takes a swing at him, as ref, he'll be immediately disqualified and lose his title shot. Tripleteam to start. Shane attempts to get Pete "Gas" in the corner, while allowing the remaining two to doubleteam him. Mankind ducks a double clothesline and hits one of his own. Todney to the corner. Punches in bunches. Joey Abs taken into the corner, where Rodney is, then pushes through the ropes. Mankind rips the neckbrace off of Pete



and takes his head repeatedly into the corner - ten times, if you're counting. There's a clothesline for Pete. Running knee into Rodney, still slumped into the corner. Joey Abs manages a shot with a conveniently placed cookie sheet. Ross: "Shane McMahon conveniently didn't see that, King." Lawler: "Well, typical official!" Abs in the ring - clothesline. Stomping on him with his good leg. Pete throwing trashcans in the ring. Abs with a trashcan to the noggin. Now Pete, now Abs, now Pete. Shane turns around and asks what's up with the cans - Double suplex on Mankind. 1, 2, no, much to Shane's chagrin. Tag to Rodney. Abs brings a DO NOT ENTER sign into the ring. Whoops, Mankind ducked and Rodney got clocked. Double underhook DDT on the sign for Abs. Pete is in with a shovel, but before he can use it, Mankind puts it in a sensitive area. Whack! to the back. Shane finally turns around and assumes the position - but finds that *Mankind* is the one still up. Shane refuses to count, and instead tries to roust his friends. Meanwhile, Mankind's got the ol' Sock. Taste it, Shane, mmmm. TRIPLE H is out - Mankind knocks him down, Triple H gets back up again, repeat, repeat, meanwhile Shane's called for the bell (DQ 4:22) and he and Triple H make their way back up the ramp. Of course, Garcia announces Mankind as the winner. Aww, geez, Tony Chimel is sitting RIGHT THERE BEHIND HER. Anyway, Shane is down to correct the situation, then they make another escape before Mankind gets to the floor.

MICHAEL KING COLE interviews the Undertaker, who says something interesting enough to get censored. Big Show & Paul Bearer look on.

There's the Rock - and he's.....whew....he's...WALKING!!

SmackDown! promo - check your local listings since we can't say "UPN" on this network

UNDERTAKER (with Well It's A Big Show & Paul Bearer) v. LA ROCA in a no-DQ, NHB/FCA contest - Undertaker gets the mic before the match. "I've been thinking about this, and no way, no how, has the Rock earned the respect or is entitled for me to beat his stupid, stand-up-comedic routine ass, right here tonight, so tonight Big Show, you're gonna do it. Don't give me any lip, when he comes down here, you will beat his ass, and make him like it." Well, let me rephrase:

WELL IT'S A BIG SHOW (with Undertaker & Paul Bearer) v. LA ROCA in a no-DQ, NHB/FCA contest - Undertaker takes a headset. Rock clotheslines over the Big Show which means it's time to take this match out of the ring for the rest of the night. Rock blocks the Side Russian legsweep attempt on the ramp and hits one of his own. Show comes back with a clothesline out on the floor. Show's wearing a pirate earring, I must note and make fun of (but not to his face). Back in the ring (I'm shocked) - Rock punching away - off the rope, reversal, well it's a big powerslam...but Rock kicks out. Meaty right hand from the Show. Open handed slap. Show shoots him into the corner but misses a charge. Rock peppers him but runs into a big boot (well it's a biiig boot). Everybody's outside again - there's an open-handed slap from the Big Show - Show got the Rock on his shoulder and he's ready to run him head-first into the ringpost, but Rock manages to shake him off and shove SHOW into the pole. Rock takes a fourth headset and he and Undertaker have a few words. Undertaker turns his head back - and looks back to eat a right hand from the Rock. Rock back on Big Show with punches. But Undertaker catches him with an elbow. Big Show's got him - ahhhhhhtheCHOKESLAAAAAM through the commentary table. Show puts a foot on him - 1, 2,


3. (3:37) Undertaker deposits his headset on top of the Rock and as they stand over him TRIPLE H is out to do a little more damage. But Undertaker takes *H* in a choke - before anything can happen THERE, MANKIND is also out. Big Show stops him and Undertaker joins him as Triple H beats a retreat (with his feet). Doubleteam over, let's play that music one more time so Undertaker can stick out his tongue as he and the Big Show walk out. Here's a replay of that Show Stopper.

Michael King Cole is backstage with Al Snow. Bossman will be here tonight, but will he have Pepper with him? Snow displays the "Have you seen this dog?" posters he was distributing last night. Say, whose phone number *is* 705 750 5298, anyway? As Snow continues to talk, we hear some sex behind the chain link fence set. Snow casts a confused glance in that direction, but finishes up his (sober) plea to Bossman.

Here's an exterior of the Beantown skyline. Did all those people REALLY stay up until 1am for this show? I bet it's on tape delay.

BIG BOSSMAN makes his way out to the ring and requests the presence of AL SNOW, who complies. Bossman says he'd like to apologise to Snow for what happened on SmackDown! He fulfilled his end of the deal, but he didn't. He saw Snow cry on Heat, and it touched him. He once had a dog, too. He's figured a way to make things right - on Thursday, Snow can come to his hotel room and he'll personally hand him over. "You can trust me," and he holds out his hand. Snow shakes the hand. Does ANYBODY believe Bossman? Better yet, does anyone have the patience to wait until Thursday to see how this plays out?

Backstage, the Rock throws a mild tantrum. We'll probably hear him talking about sticking something sideways up somebody's candyass later tonight - stay tuned

Let Us Take You Back to SmackDown! Where Chris Jericho Powerbombed Road Dogg Through A Table - reports are he has a crushed disc and we won't see him until he's off the marijuana - oh, sorry, that's not true. I just made that up. DON'T report that as fact or even rumour, it's TOTALLY fake. Road Dogg is NOT tokin' on a big fat joint right now. I SWEAR.

X-PAC (with a refreshing Hansen's Energy Drink) v. TAKA MICHINOKU (with Funaki) - what kind of bizarro world am I living in where an honest-to-God MATCH happens on RAW and not on that other program? "Boston - I got two words for you - SUCK ON IT!" Taka RULES IT on the mic.


Lockup, side headlock from X-Pac, to the ropes, off the ropes, shoulderblock from X-Pac, over, leapfrog, off the ropes, tilt-a-whirl, countered into a flying headscissors from Taka. Pounding, X-Pac strikes back, kicks aplenty, time for the ... no, Funaki gets an elbow from behind while referee "Blind" Jim Korderas checks on Taka. X-Pac manages an elbow on Funaki, who was posing on the apron. Spinning heel kick from Michinoku as we look backstage and see the Undertaker checking out the action. He wants to send out Sid to stop this match, see...anyway, X-Pac is sent to the outside - Michinoku with a picture perfect Asai moonsault. Then he goes back in to distract Korderas while Funaki works over X-Pac, then brings him back in. X-Pac tries to come back, shooting him into the corner, but running straight into the boots on the charge. Missile dropkick by Taka for 2. Scoop into a slam - "that's it!" Moonsault off the top rope - misses. X-Pac with Iblockyourpunchyoudon'tblockmine, again, Taka lands on his feet after a slam attempt, there's a powerbomb, up in the air, down on his face. X-Pac manages the broncobuster, but Funaki pulls Taka out of the way after a second splash attempt. Signal for the Michinoku Driver, but X-Pac flips out of it and hits the X-Factor for the pin. (3:06) Oh well. See you in three months, Taka. Funaki tries a post-match attack but ALSO tastes the canvas following an X-Factor. MICHAEL KING COLE catches up to X-Pac outside the ring. He's happy for the win, but he wants to take on the Big Guys.

Backstage, three tag teams that are NOT in the upcoming four team elimination match are taking umbrage that they're not allowed to participate.

Magic: The Gathering presents the WWF Slam of the Week! From SummerSlam, it's Jeff Hardy and Edge running the barricades and meeting in the middle with the infamous Edge spear.

EDGE (you think you know him) & CHRISTIAN v. HARDY BOYZ v. ACOLYTES v. HARDCORE & CRASH HOLLY in a Four Corners Elimination Tag for a tag team title shot - Jeff Hardy's dyed his hair red, by the way. LILIAN GARCIA gets chyron despite the fact that she has to read off of cue cards and generally sucks as a ring announcer. If you're thinking "Pier Eight brawl" to begin this match, why, you're right. Before we get anywhere near a semblance of order, MIDIAN & VISCERA are out. Here's DROZ & PRINCE ALBERT. Say, I bet STEVIE RICHARDS & BLUE MEANIE can't be far behind. Yup. So now it's a ... what, Pier 14 brawl? Acolytes totally DISMANTLING Jeff Hardy. Well, looks like they're giving up on this match - the bell rings (no contest 2:04) and we don't know WHO gets that title shot. I kinda dig this - too bad the crowd isn't as excited.

They perk right up, however, when they see the Rock - backstage - WALKING!

Hey, you know what? I haven't had to see Kevin Nash act like a goof ONCE on this channel! Thank heaven for small mercies!



TV-14-DLV ratings box reappears ... and so does LA ROCA as we start the big show all over again. "The Rock says - the Rock says - the Rock says - the Rock says I come out with the RAW credits" Rock ALMOST looks like he's holding his neck in an effort to sell the beating he took earlier tonight! Naaah, that's not the Rock WE all know and love. Rock does his impression of Big Show's chokeslam. Rock talks and talks, and somewhere in here, Rock challenges Undertaker AND Big Show to a match - or rather, he challenges Undertaker to turn his 33 pound head sideways and stick it straight up Big Show's ass - or wait, was it Big Show's head up Undertaker's ass? Does it matter? Well, MANKIND is out. "Now Rock, Mankind was back there, and I gotta admit - I like your comments about the tattoos, and the head up the candyass, but I'm here to tell you, you don't have to do this alone - you see ... Rock, I know you don't like me and after last year's Royal Rumble, for a long time, I didn't like you, but I know what the Rock can do inside that ring, you know what Mankind can do inside that ring, and Mankind was talking to the People, and the People WANT Mankind as the Rock's partner, the People NEED Mankind as the Rock's partner, and tonight in Boston, Massachusetts, Mankind would like to BE the Rock's partner, so what I'm saying to you is very simple. If the Undertaker and the Big Show can find the testicular fortitude to put their tag team titles on the line tonight...Mankind would like to become the People's partner! Just think about it, Rock...Mankind and the Rock, together with the millions...[you talk here]...of the Rock's fans...and the dozens...[again]...of Mankind's fans...together, we will stand side by side...and lay the smack dooown--" "whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!" Crowd chants. "The Rock says he knows what your crazy ass will do, so the Rock says one time you will be the People's partner - put your hand down, but the Rock says this, don't you ever - AND THE ROCK MEANS EVER - steal the Rock's phrases again!" Is the crowd chanting "Rocky" or "Foley?" They both say "if you smelllllll" "--lalala" "hey! What did the Rock just tell you? What the cookin'." Does the Rock have a new theme? As Rock walks up the ramp...

MEAT & TERRI RUNNELS walk down the ramp. Rock takes time out of his busy schedule to dis Terri in a move that everyone will wish I'd transcribed but they don't write this column. Ha ha ha! Terri certainly has fascinating nipples. Before Lilian remembers to announce Meat, and give us the impression we'll get a match here, GTV lights up the TitanTron - and we learn that those strange sounds we heard earlier behind the chain link fence were actually Meat & Marianna engaging in some heavy makin' out. Terri slaps Meat - hey, she hits like a girl. And now CHAZ is out to whoop on Meat - he's SERIOUS, now, baby! He's not just a kid from Jersey trying to make it on his own!! And now MARIANNA is out and she and Terri are having a good ol' catfight - crowd comes ALIVE!

Backstage, Miss Kitty attempts to take over the makeup duties for Debra

SmackDown! promo #2 - it will NOT be pre-empted by tennis, no sir! NEVER!



JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOUBLET (with De-Bra & Miss Kitty) & SEXUAL CHOCKLIT MIZARK HENRY v. D'LO BROWN & KING ASS - TCI decided to try to get me to buy Sharks season tickets (har har) so I missed the best part of the entrance of the women. Why exactly does Lawler want to see Ass' ass? Before this match starts, THAT SLUT CHYNA walks out, casts a steely gaze towards the countenance of Mr. Ass, then joins the commentators at ringside. Jarrett attacks before the bell, heavy rights to Brown. Off the ropes, reversed, right from Brown, another right, feel the excitement. Off the ropes, reversal, flying jalapeno from Brown. Clothesline ducked, but Jarrett runs into a powerbomb for 2. Chyna's just scouting Jarrett. Brown shoots Jarrett into the corner, hits the corner when Jarrett ducks out of the way. Tornado armbar, stomp, stomp, stomp, tag to Henry. Brown punches away, whips Brown, and there's a military press drop - elbowdrop, stomp, Brown's done NOTHING here. 1, 2, Gunn breaks up the count. Off the ropes, clothesline. Henry going to the throat. Brown finally fighting back, but Henry getting the upper hand. On the second rope - Bossman straddle, but Henry slid all the way out to the floor. Back in, 1, 2, no. Right hand. Legdrop misses, though. Tag to Jarrett, hot tag to Ass. Mr. Ass is a HOURSE ON FIRE! Neckbreaker on Jarrett - 2 but Henry breaks the count. Brown and Ass tag Henry out of the ring. With all four men in the ring, Chyna procures a guitar - unfortunately, when trying to hit Jarrett, she ends up hitting ASS when Jarrett ducks. Oh well. 1, 2, 3. (3:36) Here's a replay of the guitar shot.

Michael King Cole is backstage with Test, who invites over Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco and asks if they'll be the best men at his wedding. Oh, look, Patterson's getting emotional on us.

The Rock ... ugh ... gets ... chefy ... with it

RAW is WAR is bought to you by FRAM! FRAM! FRAM! and 1-800-COLLECT, and Castrol.



v. GANGREL (with Hardy Boyz) - Shamrock's supposed to have an advantage here in Boston as he's suddenly Irish. Gangrel with repeated rights to start - Shamrock catches the leg and there's a dragon screw leg whip. Shamrock kicks the back of the leg and Gangrel goes outside. Shamrock follows so Gangrel punches him. Shamrock manages to take Gangrel's head to the STEEL steps after blocking a simliar attempt. Gangrel rolled back in but Matt Hardy grabs the ankle as Shamrock attempts to follow. Shamrock tries to go after the Hardyz but referee "Blind" Teddy Long stops Shamrock - then ejects the Hardy brothers. Back in the ring, Gangrel whipped into the corner, but puts up the elbow, there's a clothesline for 2. Gangrel still on him, right hand, knee from Shamrock, face rake from Gangrel, kick, kick, right, off the ropes, hiptoss attempt is blocked, Shamrock rolls over into an submission attempt, Gangrel to the ropes. Gangrel potatoing him but good. Whip into the opposite corner, but Shamrock runs out with a clothesline. Both men up at the same time, Shamrock ducks - sidewalk slam for 2. Face rake by Gangrel, rollup but he's in the ropes. Gangrel punching away. Whip into the opposite corner. Crowd is incredibly silent. Shamrock pulls Gangrel's head into the buckle. Repeated knees to the head from Shamrock. Stomp. Snapmare takeover, knee across the face. Shamrock in command - suplex coming up - snap suplex, nicely done, but Gangrel raises the shoulder at 2. Gangrel with his favourite move (going to the face), off the ropes, duck, back elbow from Shamrock - there's a HIGH knee. Oh oh, Shamrock's screaming. Crowd perks up - but Gangrel catches Shamrock off the ropes into a powerslam - for 2! Punches traded, Gangrel shooting him into the ropes, Shamrock with a sunset flip into an anklelock. Gangrel taps out. (5:27) Now HOWARD FINKEL is out. "Excuse me, Mr. Shamrock - Mr. Shamrock, may I direct your attention to the TitanTron..." then he runs out as the Y2J countdown counts down - anybody else think maybe Jericho is sneaking in from behind again? Nope, Shamrock is wisely walking in circles to make sure it doesn't happen. There he is on the TitanTron. "Welcome to RAW is JERICHO! Ken Shamrock, now I know you consider yourself the World's Most Dangerous Man, but after watching your performance tonight, the only dangerous thing about you is if people watch your matches while they're operating heavy machinery. I don't have time to come out there tonight and introduce you to my Fists of Fury, but maybe on Thursday, on SmackDown!, I'll give you the distinct pleasure of getting down on your hands and knees and kissing the grime off my boots before I pound you unmercifully about your head and upper torso. So show up on Thursday, Junior, and I promise you you'll never - ever - be the same - agayn." Then he blows him a kiss. Shamrock runs up the ramp as if he'll find him.

Backstage, Mankind tries to steal the People's Elbow, but Rock won't have any of it. "Do that Sock gimmick when the Rock calls for it, that's all." "(quietly) It's Mr. Socko.."

Wow golly! For a mere pittance of $48.99, you can own a jersey that proclaims your allegiance to THE ROCK! Surely such a prestigious honour is worth TWICE the money!

Let Us Take You Back to SmackDown! where Tori done stripped Ivory of her clothes, oh yes

Michael King Cole interviews IVORY, who will DIE without that scarf - sigh. "Why don't YOU put your eyeballs back in your head where they belong! Listen, just because


you saw me half naked last week doesn't give you any right to put me into your sleazy little fantasies, you pervert! Besides, I'm too hot for you anyway. Thirty seconds with Ivory would light your world on fire. Ivory is no slut - now Tori, on the other hand, is a big-time slut! Tori is a slut! Slut slut slut slut, Tori is a SLUT!" USA tries to censor, then says "ah, what the hell." "Ivory is a lady - Michael, can you say that? Ivory is a lady. Ivory is a true champion. Ivory is Number One." God DAMN, Ivory's getting me SO HOT right now. Anyway, TORI is out and takes out BOTH Cole and Ivory - Cole ending up in the middle of this fun brawl. MICHAEL COLE IS THE LUCKIEST MAN ALIVE. Anyway, LUNA TUNES is quickly out, and JACQUELINE is also quickly out. Pier Eight - Err, Four - Brawl ensues, but only Ivory gets any clothes removed. Now WHO thought it was a good idea to go to break NOW?!?

Let Us Take You Back to Moments Ago - Well, WHY THE HELL NOT

Your commentary team show off their makeshift commentary table, as we cut to an Earlier Tonight clip of the original table being demolished by the Rock, who rudely allowed himself to be chokeslammed through it.

Magic: the Gathering proudly brings you WWF Unforgiven 26 September!


Time now for the United States Coast Guard Rescue of the Week! From SmackDown last Thursday, Shawn Michaels rescued Triple H from a title loss with Sweet Chin Music. He also rescued HIMSELF from the face pop of thousands of fans.

UNDERTAKER & WELL IT'S A BIG SHOW (with Paul Bearer) v. MANKIND & LA ROCA for the tag team titles - Garcia pronounces their manager "Paul Barrow." I won't say anything, I WON'T say anything...actually Barrow - BEARER - is notably absent during that long ramp walk for the champions. Hey, the WWF finally had the Champs enter second even though they were heels! Bully for them! Big Show gets in the ring and Mankind and Rock doubleteam him. The double pummeling doesn't seem to have too much of an effect on the giant. Doube whip - nope, Show shakes 'em off. There's a double faceslam for Big Show. Undertaker decides to change corners for the hell of it. Right from Mankind, again, again, off the ropes, Big Show catches him in a sidewalk slam (well it's a big sidewalk slam). Well it's a big headbutt. Well it's a big stomp, repeat, repeat, well it's a big forearm. There's another one - Mankind gets a shot on Undertaker in his corner, but it doesn't help him much. Mankind placed under the bottom rope so Undertaker can attack on the floor. There's a whip over to the STEEL steps. Referee "Blind" Earl Hebner finally catches what's going on and has Mankind put back in the ring. Mankind puts up some boots but they're not BIG boots.


Into the ropes, well it's a big powerslam! 1, 2, Rock breaks up the count. Off the ropes, well it's a big bearhug. I don't know about YOU, but *I* am making myself laugh my ass off, and that's all that matters. Mankind bites the ear to break the hold (that's for you, Owen) but Show takes Mankind outside, where Undertaker be layin' in wait now. Over the barricade he goes, more right hands from Undertaker - finally Rock is over to try to break it up, even as Hebner prevents him from doing anything. Big Show is outside, well it's a big scoop slam on what's left of the commentary table. We see PAUL BEARER come out, all smiles - I guess he got out of the bathroom, or the buffet, or....well now he and Undertaker are LEAVING?? Undertaker was never actually in this match - it's like he has an injured foot or something. Huh. Anyway, Mankind's trick knee just acted up and now he's reaching for the Rock - Big Show has no one to tag. Rock is in. He's a house on fire! Double whip! But it's a big dobule clothesline! "That's ENOUGH!" says Show. ahhhhtheCHOKESLAAAM on the Rock! Mankind has a STEEL chair - well it's a big superkick into the chair into Foley's face. Well it's a big cover - 1, 2, ROCK KICKS OUT? Man, funk DAT. Rock should have jobbed there. Big Show off the ropes, but the elbowdrop misses! Mr. Socko is out - and in. Show shoves Mankind into the corner - unfortunately Hebner was standing there. Anyway, Rock takes advantage of Hebner being out to pack quite a mighty wallop with the chair. Show is down! Rock motioning - to Mankind? Mankind throws the sock and Rock tosses the elbopad - TWIN PEOPLE'S ELBOWS! Rock covers - 1, 2, 3! Ladies and gentlemen, we have new tag team champions. (8:13) Yow. So why did the Undertaker leave? Maybe we'll find out ... Thursday?

WWF Tag Title Reigns for Mick Foley

Steve Austin & Dude Love   14.7.97 -  7.9.97
Cactus Jack & Terry Funk   29.3.98 - 30.3.98
Kane & Mankind             13.7.98 - 26.7.98
Kane & Mankind             10.8.98 - 30.8.98
Mankind & The Rock         30.8.99 -    ?

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