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I GET LETTERS: From Glenn Strouder: I don't know if anyone has picked up on this but it seems Sunday Night Heat's DeJa Video might be a background to foreshadow events to come.

Week One- It recaps Mankind's crazy night of Hell in a Cell. The next night on Raw he and the Rock win the tag team titles.

Week Two- It recaps Stone Cold Steve Austin's Road Rage. On Smackdown that week Austin returns to road rage Hunter this time with an ambulance.

Week Three- It recaps the Austin-Vince McMahon match in a Cage. On Monday, Vince returns and on SmackDown Vince wins the belt with help from Austin.

This week it will recap the Mankind-Rock feud from last November till before Wrestlemania. I wonder if something is going down between Rock and Mick this week before Unforgiven?

Keep your eyes on Mankind and the Rock tonight...

TONIGHT: A new era begins - the (hopefully short) era of Champeen Vince McMahon! Also tonight, we'll get reaction from Triple H, and also Stone Cold Steve Austin. Hmmph, THAT'S not much of a promo!




TV-14-DLV - One World Leader Attitude - WWF!

Thursday, Triple H temporarily housed the personality of Val Venis, made some "interesting" comments to Vince McMahon, and suckered him into a WWF title match. Steve Austin stuck HIS nose into the match, and the next thing you knew, that guy who's as old as my dad became the WWF Champion.

Opening credits are apparently closed captioned for the hearing impaired (I checked, they're not)

WE ARE LIVE from the Compaq Center in Houston, TX 20.9.99 on the USA Network for WWF RAW! Jim Ross seems to have caught that disease from Michael Cole which causes you to say to millions of viewers that you're actually watching "action/adventure."

"No Chance in Hell" welcomes VINCENT K. to the centre of the ring, and it's time to make up for lost weeks without McMahon starting things off with a little interview. Vince opens his jacket to reveal the WWF title around his waist. "Well...for those of you who don't believe that anything can happen in the World Wrestling Federation, I guess you're a believer now. You see, last Thursday when Triple H personally provoked me, it wasn't about the WWF title, no, it was simply attempting to get Triple H's ass. And thanks to, of all people, Stone Cold Steve Austin, I became the World Wrestling Federation champion. But being the champion is all business, that's what it's about, and as you all know, per a previous contract, I am prohibited from engaging in day-to-day business activities, and I live up to my word. So therefore, tonight, I am relinquishing the World Wrestling Federation championship, and declare, as the McMahon family spokesperson, that the winner of the six-pack challenge at this Sunday's Unforgiven will be the undisputed World Wrestling Federation champion." I hear glass, time for an ass - STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN hits the ring. Last time I checked, he wasn't one of the men in the six-pack challenge - but he WAS able to go through some six packs! "First of all, let me say this, even though I still hate your guts - and hell, you might even hate mine - I will say this: This place just ain't the same without ya, ya silly bastard." Austin says that with he out of the match, that leaves five men in the six-pack challenge, "and nobody knows a six-pack better than Stone Cold Steve Austin!" Ah, hell, if he's gonna steal ALL these lines. McMahon says he can't do it - that would be engaging in business, and he can't do it. TRIPLE H is ready for his first of TWO HUNDRED entrances tonight - he is accompanied by THAT SLUT CHYNA and FOUR BOYS IN BLUE. Fants chant "asshole" for us. "Vince, you're damn right you can't, and believe me Jack, you won't. Because I don't know what you two are trying to pull, but I have every right to be in that six pack match at Unforgiven. The two of you stole from me like thieves in the night, you stole my property - you took my gold." "I think, here in Houston, they're calling your name again." Crowd chants. "You think I give a crap what these idiots think? I don't care - I could care less - you could all kiss my ass." "I can't hear what you're saying - you got nineteen thousand people (mute mute mute mute)." "It goes like this - Vince, you got two choices - you either give me my slot in the six pack match, or I swear to God, and Vince, you look me dead in my eyes and you will know that I am not lying - you will personally watch as one of your family members takes a ride out of this building on a stretcher." "No Chance in Hell" fires up again and here's SKIPPY. Shane says that paybacks are a bitch, and tonight Triple H and Chyna will take on Shane and Vince - which seems to surprise Vince a bit. Austin asks Vince when he's gonna grow a set and take back his damn company and stop letting Shane run things. "Nothing would please me any greater than to get my hands on the reins of the World Wrestling Federation again, but you know damn well the contract we signed at Fully Loaded stated if the Undertaker didn't defeat you, I was gonna be on the sidelines and unfortunately, that's where I am." Austin takes the mic, says "Jesus Christ," and the censor wakes up - too late, but we appreciate the effort. Austin says one man has the ability to reinstate Vince - and it's Austin. "What I'm saying is, I'll reinstate your ass right now if you grant me my World Wrestling Federation title shot." "Then I'm gonna consider myself reinstated 'cause you just got your title shot! But it won't be at Unforgiven, no - you'll meet the winner of the match at Unforgiven - the person that's gonna be in that six-pack challenge, and I'm not rewarding him, don't get me wrong, is gonna be you, Triple H 'cause there are five other guys who wanna kick your ass just as badly as I do tonight." For an encore, Vince says since the refs are on strike, we might as well have a Special Enforcer for a referee - and Austin would make a heck of a referee. "And that's the bottom line..."

Your hosts are JIM ROSS and JERRY LAWLER. The McMahons v. Helmsley and Chyna is your main event and surely it's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine).

The Rock enters the building - the female rent-a-cop says something kind to the Rock, then says



it's her birthday. Rock asks her her name, then flinches, WANTING to say "it doesn't matter," but holding up, since Louise is rather an older woman. Since it IS her birthday, Rock serenades her with "Smackdown Hotel," gives her a hundred bucks, and tells her to buy a bottle of Maalox, turn it sideways, and...have a happy birthday. Awww, Rock's got a soft spot!

Mankind rocks in what's passing for a boiler room these days.

Undertaker, Big Show, Mideon and Viscera have a huddle - Mideon is sent to meet

Mankind meets Mideon, offering a handshake - but Mideon strikes instead. A brawl is on. When Mideon fails to get the job done, Viscera is sent in to help. Doubleteam appears to work. When Mankind emerges from the room, Big Show picks up where they leave off. And we take our first ad break...

And "During the Break" footage shows a tripleteam on Mankind - and the Rock coming to his aid. Mankind tries to offer a high five, but Rock walks off, disgusted.

This Sunday at Unforgiven, Chris Jericho takes on Ken Shamrock! Let's take a Special Video Look at the progression of this feud over the past few weeks.

"Earlier Today" shows four of the WWF refs walking in a circle and carrying signs. Tough night for them tonight if that's ALL they're doin' tonight, eh?

CHRIS MONDAY JERICHO (with Curtis Hughes) v. KING ASS - I guess they changed their mind about the first blood match with Shamrock? Jericho evokes nostalgia by ripping up a fan's sign and making Hughes point menacingly at him. Your referee is Dr. Tom Pritchard. Lockup, side headlock by Jericho - to the ropes, off the ropes, shoulderblock by Jericho. Jericho off the ropes, over, leapfrog, hiptoss attempt, up and over by Jericho, clothesline ducked, backdrop suplex by Gunn. Gunn on him with rights. Into the corner, big press and slam for 2. Off the ropes, clothesline ducked, Jericho slides out of the ring, Ass follows and the chase is on. Hughes blocks the way but Gunn hits the "Iblockyourpunchyoudon'tblockmine." Trying to get back in the ring, Jericho springs off the top turnbuckle with a dropkick. Jericho outside the ring and stomping on him. Pulling back the mats to expose the concrete - suplex attempt is blocked - again - Gunn suplex Jericho onto the mat. While Pritchard attempts to get Jericho back into the ring, Hughes levels Gunn behind his back. Jericho throws Gunn back into the ring and follows. Dropkick to the head while Gunn's on all fours. Knife-edge chop (woooo!), again (woooo!), into the opposite corner, reversed, big boot put up by Jericho. Gunn ducks a lariat and hits a neckbreaker. Both men up slowly. Gunn blocks a punch and jabs away. Off the ropes, there's a clothesline. Off the ropes again, powerslam for 2. Off the ropes, Jericho avoids another guerilla suplex. Gunn hits a jackhammer! Before he can come off the ropes for the Fame'Asser, Hughes pulls on the foot to trip him up, then pulls him outside for a DDT on the concrete floor! Jericho is again tying up Pritchard, who's missing all of this. Gunn thrown back in to Jericho, who


puts on the Liontamer, which Ross thinks is called "the Walls of Jericho," and gets the submission, since Gunn is out. (4:29) Let's see a replay of that DDT on the floor. Hmmm, Shamrock must have the night off?

MICHAEL KING COLE tries to interview Mankind, who asks him to "know your mouth and shut your role!" Mankind asks Undertaker and Big Show to put up the tag team titles on the line. Rock walks into the picture and generally takes things over, telling Cole it doesn't matter, asking him to model one of his shirts, and talking trash in his sleep. "Zzzzzz...roody poo....zzzzz...layeth the smack down...zzzz..." Mankind takes the T-shirt and tells Cole that things between he and the Rock are "strictly platonic," well that's a relief.

Hey, you know if you watch this Coke ad during "Soul Train," that chick isn't white! Also she's a lot sexier. I don't know why I'm bringing this up - probably 'cause this ad's extra annoying and I completely don't get it.

Cole asks the tag team champions to respond to the challenge. Undertaker makes fun of Cole for letting the Rock treat him that way, then asks Rock to have his comedy writers draw up some new shtick for him tonight. There will be a tag team title match tonight...under "Dark Side rules," and Undertaker promises a surprise...

IVORY is in the house. Sunday she takes on Luna, yup. Ivory runs down the state of rodentia in Houston. The cockroaches are apparently really big, by the way. "Now, speaking of cockroaches, Luna has stepped forward and requested a title match this Sunday at Unforgiven. Well because this belt FINALLY has some class, some style, and some grace behind it," she'll be happy to defend it against any "skank" on the roster. Ivory asks if he have some fun tonight, and bring somebody in the ring - she picks a girl in wig and sunglass, so you just *know* it's really LUNA TUNES. There's a ref in the ring, a bell rings but this apparently ISN'T a match. Well, there's a clothesline, scoop and a slam, snap suplex, powerbomb, DDT, that's too many moves, my head is spinning. Steve Lombardi (who I didn't recognise as he's wearing a clean shirt) counts a pinfall (:32) - I guess it was a nontitle bout...?

Michael King Cole interviews D'LO BROWN, who promises bad things for Mark Henry Sunday, right up until Henry waffles him from behind with a chair, then an oilcan from the set.

We see Shane and Vince get ready for their match later tonight. Vince promises to give his all, but he's not 100%. Ha!

The United States Coast Guard presents the Rescue of the Week - Steve Austin rescuing Vince McMahon with a Stunner on Triple H to win him the title!



Here's a look at the pretty sign outside the Compaq Center at 10 Greenway Plaza...the camera catches D'Lo Brown out of the corner of it's eye, climbing into his car and driving off...

TERRY TAYLOR is with Test and Stephanie - tonight Test wants Jeff Jarrett in a street fight. Jarrett, Debra and Kitty appear and Jarrett says there won't be a street gith, but he'll be happy to take on he AND Steph in a mixed tag with he and Debra. Steph says fine - Debra is rather unhappy about this.

DUDLEY BOYZ v. HARDY BOYZ (with Gangrel and a burning ring o' far) in a "loser can't use the word 'Boyz' anymore match" - The Duds draw the Acolytes Sunday at Unforgiven - Let Us Take You Back to video clips showing the brief history between THOSE two teams. Dudleys cut the usual promo. Before the match starts, the ACOLYTES come down to ringside and join the commentators. Bradshaw reveals THEIR three commandments: "#1, Thou shalt not drink our beer. #2, Thou shalt not mess with our rats. And #3, I guess Public Enemy didn't tell 'em, thou shalt not cut a promo on the Acolytes." STEVIE RICHARDS is out in Dudley T-shirt and glasses for yuks. Faarooq does a stutter for laughs - they're gonna "k-k-k-k-k-k-k-ick their asses!" Gangrel and Richards brawling on the outside. Acolytes are now taking credit for running PE out of the WWF - are they back on contract again, and if not, why are they getting mentioned so much? Come to think of it, I haven't seen them in the WCW since that Handicap match against Sid. Dudley Death Drop, and D-Von pins Matt - somehow I only managed to one move in this match...hmm. (2:22) - then the Acolytes storm the ring and attack the Dudleys. Faarooq destroys Richards for good measure.

Backstage, Debra is yukkin' it up with the makeup lady - Jarrett says it's time to go, and the makeup woman makes the unfortunate mistake of suggesting he "chill out" - so he slaps her in the figure four! Slaughter and Dotson are quick to get in the picture and have the hold broken.

WWF Unforgiven is presented this Sunday by MAGIC: THE GATHERING!

Moments Ago, Jarrett put "Janet the Makeup Lady" in the figure four. This Sunday, Jarrett takes on Chyna for the Intercontinental title! Let Us Take You Back to several clips of Jeff Jarrett doing damage to every woman he can find...except Stephanie, thanks to a (ahem) spear from Shane.

RAW is brought to you by Castrol Motor Oily, WWF: The Music (Volume 3 - buy it at NRM!) and the JVCKaboom!box

JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOUBLET & DE-BRA (with Miss Kitty) v. TEST & STEPHANIE McMAHON in a mixed tag - Steph's attire is a T-shirt and shorts, in case you cared. Test storms the ring, ducks a clothesline, two rights, off the ropes, big boot


, big ol' sidewalk slam for 2. Ref is once again Steve Lombardi. Into the opposite corner, Jarrett puts up an elbow, but does too much talking and runs into a clotheslien from Test. Test to the top rope - boot up by Jarrett. Debra doesn't want the tag, though, backing off as Jarrett reaches. Test misses a clothesline, Jarrett punches away. Off the ropes, Jarrett slides through but Test hits a Meltdown. Top rope - elbowdrop! Test motions to Stephanie and tags her. She - covers Jarrett? - and hooks a leg. 1, 2, 3. Umm, that's not how it works. Well, it IS a scab ref... (1:42) Jarrett berates Debra, of know, there really WAS only one woman left for him to attack...FIGURE FOUR ON DEBRA! FIGURE FOUR ON DEBRA! Crowd works up a nice "asshole" chant for Jarrett, which can only mean it's time to move him up to the main event.

Backstage, Chyna and Triple H talk with their security detail.

In another shot, it's Mankind and Rock - and they're WALKING!

Here's another shot of the Big Show - he too is WALKING!

In yet another shot, we see Undertaker giving a talking to somebody - the camera swivels and we see that it's...Kane?!?

Some more "Earlier Today" footage of the striking WWF referees

MANKIND (with RAW credits & TV-14-DLV ratings box) & LA ROCA (with yet another promo) v. UNDERTAKER & WELL IT'S A BIG SHOW for the tag team championship in Dark Side rules - Rock speculates that "dark side rules" just means Viscera & Mideon are gonna be allowed to get involved, so he runs both of them down in his mic time. Of course, standard operating procedure has Undertaker join the commentators rather than wrestle. Well, now here's MIDEIAON & VISCERA - apparently darkside rules means it's a 3-on-2. Mideon and Mankind start and quickly we're outside. Mideon tastes the STEEL steps while Big Show takes care of Mankind immediately afterward. Nice beal on the outside. Back in the ring, Mankind ducks and hits a double arm DDT. Tag to Viscera - tag to the Rock! Rock cleaning house -


Rock Bottom on Viscera! Leg hooked, but no count as Mideon breaks it up. Mankind over to take care of Mideon, and now the Big Show is in as well. Choke...kick to the jimmy by Rock. Viscera takes the Rock down with a clothesline - we look outside to Mideon and Mankind - and now the lights go out - and THROUGH HELL FIRE AND BRIMSTONE IT'S KANE strolls out as Undertaker tells us that blood's thicker than water. But Kane hits a top rope clothesline on the Big Show! And it doesn't even look like an accident! Undertaker promises he'll pay. In the ring - Mandible Socko on Mideo - sent over to the Rock for the Rock Bottom, People's Elbow, 1, 2, 3. Ladies and gentlemen, we have new tag team Champions. (3:51) Undertaker makes the "drat! curses!" melodrama pantomimes, then walks over to Big Show to ask him what the hell just happened. I'm rather at a loss myself...

Terry Taylor is backstage with Marianna, who's got a big red mark at the side of her mouth. She again claims that Chaz is beating her up. Chaz tries to find out what's up, but some cops happen to walk by, come to some conclusions, and lead him away...

If you send proof of purchase of Unforgiven, you can get a free copy of "WWF: The Music (Volume 2)" AND get put on their mailing list for life!

STEVE BLACKMAN (with Riggs & Murtaugh) v. SHAWN STASIAK - we take a quick look backstage and overhear Undertaker telling his minions that he wants Kane's heart in his hand by the end of the show. Ready? Break! We're told that Blackman was scheduled to take on Chaz, but he's a little preoccupied now. Before the bell rings for THIS match, BALD VENIS comes to the ring carrying Blackman's bag of fun. Apparently the match DID start as they're punching away. Stasiak clothesline. Kicking away, punch, whip into the opposite corner. Blackman puts up a foot. Off the ropes, legtrip. Hard into the corner, and again. Backbreaker across the knee. Knife-edge chop (woooo!), off the ropes, head down, Stasiak comes back with kicks, but a splash off the ropes meets the knees. Blackman takes him off the ropes and hits the Lethal Kick. He's outside and grabbing the bag. Venis says something which gets muted. Blackman goes into the bag and pulls out - well, it's apparently a vibrator. (How would *I* know?) - this distracts him enough for Stasiak to hit a surprise rollup and referee Harvey Wippleman to fast-count a 3 count (let's call it 2:20 or so) and Venis gets a hearty laugh. Man I hope Blackman KICKS HIS ASS on Sunday! (Even if I DO give him maybe a 12% chance)

FRAM's Sure Grip of the Week is the grip that Triple H has on a STEEL chair as he whacks Shane from last week's SmackDown!

Backstage, Undertaker stalks Kane - or is he just WALKING!

Cut to Shane and Vince - Shane is big into the instructions, while Vince is asking him to please chill. What's going on here?'s a


solo entrance for UNDERTAKER, who is notacibly limping on his way to the ring. We notice that the striking refs have a bird's eye view from the nosebleed seats. "Kane, enough is enough. I've given you every opportunity to earn my respect - for me to forgive you for everything that you've ever done, but no. You're weak, you're a coward, and tonight it ends right here. Get down here. Somebody is leaving flat tonight." The lights go out, the pyro hits and THROUGH HELL FIRE AND BRIMSTONE IT'S KANE - this is the World Entrance Federation! "Don't eyeball me, boy - I'm gonna do what I shoulda done a long time ago..." WELL IT'S A BIG SHOW, MIDIEOAN & VISCERA are out for a tripleteam AND to pour gasoline on him. There's an acetylene torch, but they can't get the thing lit - you know, they should just get one of those Zippo lighters. MANKIND is out with a baseball bat to save his former tag team partner. Hey, LA ROCA is also out with a baseball bat. I wonder if there's a 6-man in our future. Well, there's three guys in the six pack challenge standing in the ring, anyway... Once again, we are helped out by the stenciled word GASOLINE on the red plastic container. Whew, I didn't KNOW what that was! Thanks, WWF!

Triple H and Chyna are still talking about tonight's big match. How hard could it be? Two wrestlers against two McMahons - of COURSE the McMahons are gonna win! They NEVER lose!

The WWF cameras, "Earlier Today" are at a cemetary - well, across the street from the cemetary where Al Snow has buried Pepper. He promises that Bossman will pay on Sunday. How'd he manage to bury him while holding the leashes of those two Rottweilers?

GTV provides a still shot of Big Bossman pissing on Pepper's grave - USA apparently nixed the actual MOVING picture of this. Maybe we'll get to see it on the PPV! But does anybody actually WANT to see this?

BIG BOSSMAN hits the ring. "Next Sunday at Unforgiven--" and he's cut off by HARDCORE HOLLY, who wants a hardcore match. Holly says he saw the footage earlier, and makes fun of his penis size. This is probably enough to get it to work...

BIG BOSSMAN v. HARDCORE HOLLY (with Crash Holly, the scale, and a big ol' wrench) - Bossman waffles him with the mic, then wails away in the corner. Avalanche in the opposite corner. Tossing him over the top rope and going outside. Holly hits the STEEL steps. Bossman borrows a chair but misses. That shot hits. Holly with the glass shot. Good enough for a "Magic: the Gathering" Double Feature. Back in the ring, dropkick from Holly for 2. Off the ropes, reversal, sidewalk slam from Bossman. On the EntertainmentTron, AL SNOW appears with a demonstration - throwing a dummy to the Rottweilers and stealing Taz' catchphrase (hmmm) Bossman cuffing Holly to the second rope and FINALLY Crash gets involved, hitting Bossman across the back with the wrench. Holly covers and even though the feet are under the ropes, Steve Lombardi counts 3. (1:58) Here's an up-close look at Bossman's quickly-swelling eye - and some replays of the "pitcher of Kool-aid" spot.

Hey! We're at a strip club! We must be taped since there's all this pixelation where that woman's boobies are supposed to be! Hopefully after this ad break we'll figure out why we're here, and I bet it'll involve Mark Henry!



Val Venis wants you to know that there's good and then there's evil, 'cause "Gvs.E" is NEXT!

Meanwhile, back at the strip club, it is INDEED Mark Henry on a sofa enjoying the local talent - well, until D'Lo Brown takes him out. There's a pool cue across the back! And so on.

Triple H and Chyna are WALKING to - well there's Jeff Jarrett missing a gee-tar shot to Chyna, but the three replacement refs are having some trouble keeping those two apart...

Magic: the Gathering brings you UNFORGIVEN!

Vince is doing pushups - Shane tells him to keep warming up and he'll be right back...hmmm...

Magic: The Gathering brings you...wait, I just HEARD that!

TRIPLE H & THAT SLUT CHYNA v. VINCENT K. & SKIPPY - I suppose I should thank my lucky stars that I only have two Triple H entrances tonight, but... And I guess I should also say Lilian Garcia didn't make any grevious mistakes on ring announcing duty tonight. Nah, never mind. "At Unforgiven, I will prove once again to the world that I Am The Game. Because I will once again be the World Wrestling Federation champion - and when I go through five others - Undertaker, Mankind, Shown, Kane, People's Ass, Rock, I will be THE undisputed champion in the World Wrestling Federation, and there's not a damn thing anybody can do about it. That includes YOU, Vince, and that includes YOU, Austin. Because you might be the Special Enforcer, but I'll tell you what, Jack, you stick your nose in my business and you will go right up on that 'cripple' shelf where I left you last time we were in the ring together." Shane comes out...alone? Backstage we see a forklift parked against the door labeled "THE McMAHON'S" - My proofreader's instincts kick in as I wonder what that apostrophe is doing in there. Vince can't get out - but it looks like TEST is more than ready to step in...wait, do YOU see where this is going?

TRIPLE H & THAT SLUT CHYNA v. SKIPPY & TEST - They hit the ring and there's (ugh) a spear on Chyna by Shane. Test all over Triple H - Shane - helping him. Well, they swerved ME, I guess. Shane taking down Triple H while test watches. Test clotheslines him over the top rope - now everybody's outside. Is Shane's Super Spear REALLY worthy of a Magic: the Gathering Double Feature? Test throating Triple H on the barricade, while in the ring Shane suplexes Chyna. Knees away. Right hands. Broncobuster? nope, Chyna puts up a foot to get him in the jewels. Chyna stomping away now. Here's another Double Feature so Magic gets their money's worth. Triple H with a right hand. Stomp, stomp, choke, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right. Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, TRIPLE H IS A TECHNICAL MARVEL! Distracting Test to distract referee Tom Pritchard so Chyna can get in her licks. Off the ropes, duck, high knee by Helmsley for 2. Right hand from Helmsely, tag to Chyna. Off the ropes, sleeper. Shane reaching for the tag - Triple H distracts the ref, so of course he misses the tag. Is he REALLY that much worse than the regular refs? Seems the same to me....arm falls once, twice, but not again as Shane gets to his feet. Shane manages a backdrop suplex to break the hold. Tag to Triple H - tag to Test. Clothesline, again,


off the ropes, head down - gutwrench into a powerbomb but only 2. Into the corner, Test punching away, stomping away, almost as bad as Triple H earlier. Chyna comes in and pulls him off before a ten punch countalong. Triple H to the top rope? He eats a boot, of course. Both men down - Test up at 5 - tag to Shane. There's the UGLIEST broncobuster on earth. Off the ropes, duck, double clothesline and both men are down again. JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOUBLET is out and attacking Test - now Chyna on Jarrett and THEY brawl to the back. Shane tags Test - Helmsley looks to tag - but nobody's there. Test off the ropes, knocking him down. To the top rope - elbowdrop MISSES! Again we're reminded of Test's arm problems - this must have made them worse, we guess. 1, 2, Shane makes the save. Triple H Golotas him. Pritchard gives a stern talking to - so Helmsley decks him. There's a Pedigree on Test - and here's one for Shane. Helmsley is outside the ring - and he's got a chair. Driven into Test's shoulder, and again. And there's one to Shane's hip - and back. Pritchard, finally come to, calls for the bell (DQ 9:28) - Triple H's music plays - and he backs up the ramp. Surprisingly, Austin does NOT appear at the top of the ramp - instead it's VINCENT K. with a chair. WHACK! Vince talkin' smack and we're OUT!

Wow, I was sure that was Shane's chance to turn again. Seems weird that they made it out of this show still on the same side - well, there's always Thursday. Or are they saving it for the wedding?

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