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/4 October 1999





CRZ's SOCAL SWING: I fly out tonight to hit Burbank, San Diego, Calabasas, Palm Springs, and then Coachella for two days! Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Art of Noise, Roni Size, Plastikman, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins, Spiritualized, Mu-Ziq, Moby, Gus Gus, BT, Banco de Gaia, DJ Shadow, Gil Scott-Heron, LTJ Bukem, Autechre, 4 Hero, Jason Bentley and even some people you've heard of (Tool, Beck, Morrissey, Perry Farrell - oh, Rage Against the Machine too) - OVERLOAD BABY! Are you jealous? I hope you are, these tix are EXPENSIVE.

Anyway, I started my vacation a bit early by promptly sleeping through both shows, waking up at 3am and going "damn, I still gotta do this. What kind of warped sense of loyalty compels me to jot down show results for you, the reader?" And then the answer came, "the same one that thinks I'll put out a halfway decent SmackDown! report while drunk off my ass in Calabasas." Stay tuned for THAT one, we still have to get through THIS one...

TONIGHT: a tag match for the ages - Mae & Moolah take on Ivory & Jarrett - oh boy! Stephanie McMahon was injured Saturday in the UK - we'll update her condition - oh boy! And the Rock and Mankind will be around - OH BOY!




One World Leader Attitude - TV-14-DLV - WWF!

Opening credits are close captioned - but you STILL can't figure out the words

NO fireworks and NO look at the crowd as we IMMEDIATELY head into a ... well, it looks like a MATCH!

NEW AGE OUTLAWS v. THROUGH HELL FIRE AND BRIMSTONE IT'S KANE & X-PAC (with a can of Hansen's Energy Drink) v. HARDCORE HOLLY & CRASH HOLLY (with Scale Holly) v. ACOLYTES in an elimination match - the USA censor is a bit off - tried to mute "shiznit" but ended up taking out "style" instead. So they didn't even bother to try to get "beeyoootch." I have failed to mention the prominent placement of the Hansen's Energy Drink in X-Pac's EntertainmentTron video, so there it is now. Let Us Take You Back to last week where the Hollys had some fun at the Outlaws' expense both on RAW and SmackDown! The Acolytes had some fun with X-Pac, but they're too busy rushing the ring for us to B-roll THAT footage. Referee "Blind" Tim White somehow manages to turn this Pier Eight brawl into a normal match, with Hardcore Holly and Mr. Ass in the ring. Ass reverses into a hangman's neckbreaker for the first near fall. Holly back with a great dropkick. Later tonight, Austin SPEAKS! Holly and Gunn end up on the outside - Holly tastes the barricade, and Gunn sails over the STEEL steps. Crash is over to join the fray, then Dogg - and the next thing you know, White's counted out both teams, leaving X-Pac and Faarooq in the middle of the ring. Hard whip into the turnbuckle. Faarooq whips Bradshaw into X-Pac, but he ducks the clothesline and hits one of his own on Faarooq. Spinning heel kick attempt on Bradshaw is caught into a slam. Elbowdrop from Bradshaw, repeat, out of the corner hard. Tag to Faarooq, open shot. Into the corner, nasty backbreaker coming out for 2. Head to the boot of the partner, tag. Hairpull takedown, short arm clothesline is ducked, foot caught, enziguiri the mush. X-Pac crawls to Kane....and refuses to make the tag, making the "up yours" gesture instead and turning back around to Bradshaw. Kane comes in to work on Faarooq, instead. Kane goes ahead and cleans house, until Faarooq catches him in a piledriver. Kane pops up and tries a choke, but Bradshaw is clubbin' from behind. X-Pac back up with a spinning heel kick, but Faarooq breaks the count. Bradshaw tries a powerbomb, but X-Pac counters with a backdrop. You can see Bradshaw get into position for the requisite broncobuster. Meanwhile, Kane hits the chokeslam on Faarooq - X-Pac probably shouldn't have been watching that, though, as he turns around into a lariat. Kane and Bradshaw both covering - but remember who the legal men are? 1, 2, 3 - double pin, but only Bradshaw's counts. (4:39) Is there trouble between X-Pac and Kane? What ELSE is new?

Backstage, the British Bulldog is WALKING! Last Saturday, Sky Box Office presented WWF Rebellion and an insane turn for the Bulldog in his home country. An errant toss of a trashcan apparently landed on Stephanie McMahon's head (just out of camera range) as Bulldog continued to hunt for a title shot from the McMahons. Later on, Smith sealed the deal by interfering in Chyna's match - the result was the Bulldog getting booed by his own hometown fans.

And now BRITISH BULLDOG is out to the ring, and the fans try on their first "asshole" chant of the night. "Well - Vince, you must be pretty shocked about what happened to Stephanie - it's unfortunate, Vince, you would put her in a position where she could get injured - I mean, God knows I would never, ever put my daughter in a locker room with wrestlers. There are too many women in the World Wrestling Federation today! And they don't belong here, and that's a fact. So Vince, I've come out here to apologise to you for what happened to Stephanie, because YOU put her in that position - not me - and you screwed me out of my title shot in the United Kingdom. I mean, I think it's a big gesture on my part considering you turned my own country against me. Well you know what Vince, you screwed up, because I don't give a damn about my country,



I don't give a damn about this country or these people. All I care about is one thing and one thing only, and that is the WWF Title. And in the next pay-per-view, No Mercy, I am gonna step in the ring with The Rock. And I am gonna give the Rock No Mercy...and after I'm done finished kicking his ass up and down this ring and I beat him 1, 2, 3, I've only got one thing and one thing only left, Vince McMahon, and that is when do I get my title shot?" Our favourite theme plays and THAT SLUT CHYNA appears 'neath the EntertainmentTron. "Awww, is that you, big Bulldoggy making all that noise out here, barking barking. Seems you have a problem with the women around here, well you know I got a problem with that. So how 'bout we find out if your bite is as bad as your bark?" "YOU challenging ME to a match?" "Yeah that's right Deputy Dawg, I'll see you tonight." Well, that'll be later tonight.

Also later tonight - Steve Austin! Round 2 of the Terri Invitational! The Rock and Mankind are here! And Moolah & Mae Young challenge Jeff Jarrett and Ivory. Lawler: "I think they'll appear in colour tonight!" And, an update on the condition of Stephanie McMahon.

Backstage, Mankind is WALKING! He's got some bad news for the Rock...

I have missed the chance to bring it up, so since we're in the first ad break I'll tell you that WE ARE LIVE from the Continental Airlines Arena at the Meadowlands in East Rutherford, NJ 4.10.99 and RAW IS WAR on the USA Network - and in a rare live airing, on TSN!

The Lugz "Boot of the Week" is Val Venis's testicular claw on Mankind - or is it the Dudley Boyz' destruction of Rock's "Rock and Sock Connection" jacket?

Backstage, Mankind enters Rock's dressing room and says that he thinks they should break up the Rock & Sock Connection. Rock's on his cellular phone and completely misses the conversation, but Mankind doesn't realise it since his end of the phone call meshes perfectly with what he's saying. This is apparently hilarious on some level.

Your hosts are JIM ROSS & JERRY LAWLER.

We go live to Connecticut where MICHAEL HAYES is with TEST to get an update on Stephanie McMahon's condition. Test reveals that the doctors have shared with him that she's got post-concussion with major head trauma. "She didn't do a damn thing to deserve this." Asking about the wedding, Test says "Wedding? Man, she doesn't even recognise me."

Backstage, our favourite Odd Couple has found Ivory and managed to relieve her of her top before the referees and officials separate the three. You know, I GUESS I can tolerate Young & Moolah hanging around if it means I get to leer at Ivory in a bra every week...or can I?

Eidos Interactive - makers of "Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver" presents the Smack of the Night - from SmackDown!, Christian's piggyback superplex on Jeff Hardy.

Backstage, Mankind discusses Rock's pain with Stevie Richards...and reveals that he's got an idea...and I've got an uneasy feeling...

TERRI is out to provide commentary for the next match and model one damn small top. I can see the bottoms of her thingys!

RAW is WAR is brought to you by the JVCkaboom!box, Skittles, and the Air Force.

EDGE & CHRISTIAN (1) v. NEW BROOD (0) in Match Two of the Terri Runnels Invitational - those guys enter through the crowd, while THOSE guys enter through the burning ring o' far and without Gangrel.


They meet on the ramp and it's on. Into the ring, where Edge hits a 'rana on Matt. Tag to Christian, double flapjack for 2. Matt hits a kneelift and manages a tag. Jeff runs right into a backdrop and a scoop slam. Tag to Edge, double front slam for 2. Reversal of a whip, Matt grabs the feet and pulls out Edge - Ross finally getting the brothers straight here - there's a baseball slide by Jeff - Matt continuing to pound on him, and bringing him back in. Tag. Double faceplant from the atomic drop position for 2. Head ot the buckle. Into the corner - and into the opposite corner. Repeated rights from Matt - he appears to have demons in his head or something - stomp - choke on the rope for 2. Tag, bodyslam by Matt, sentonbomb by Jeff for 2. Oh, we keep cutting to Terri, yeah - just in case you're not interested in watching wrestling tonight. Edge ducks a crossbody attempt and Jeff sails to the outside. However, he manages to get back in and make the tag before Edge does. Eidos brings us the senton on the Double Feature. Matt tries a quebrada but hits the knees. Tag to Jeff - hot tag to Christian! Both Hardys knocked down twice - Matt manages a hot shot on Christian and Jeff covers - but only gets 2. Pier Four Brawl now. Edge dumps Matt on the charge. Christian on all fours - Edge springing off him for the spear, which Jeff doesn't sell as well as he usually does...but still stays down for the 3. (4:20 - cough cough) Edge & Christian are up 2-0, which no doubt means the Brood will either take two in a row, or this series will be real short.

Yowza! It's Triple H and he's WALKING!

MICHAEL KING COLE is backstage with Kane & X-Pac. Why didn't X-Pac tag out when he had the chance? He says it was time to take a stand. He challenges the Acolytes to a four corners match - he's gonna prove that he still belongs in the land of the (muted) giants. Speaking of muted giants, Kane says nothin'.

TREBLE H is out - I hear he's the game. (Which game? Clue?) Next Monday night, the great big event at the Georgia Dome - get excited! "Two weeks - thirteen days! Stone Cold Steve Austin, you and I will stand in the very centre of this ring, face to face, eye to eye, one more time, and Austin, you will see the fire in my eyes. That same exact fire you saw in my eyes the night I laid your ass out - the night I took you out of this business - Austin, at the aptly titled No Mercy, you will be lucky to escape without the same. Now I've noticed that the toughest SOB in the World Wrestling Federation didn't have the guts to be in the same building with me here tonight. But I do understand that there was an 'exclusive' interview and he might not have the guts but I know somebody with enough gut to get in here, so JR, why don't you come up here with me and enjoy this little interview I'll have to see? Come on, JR, look, I'm gonna apologise right now - all that stuff between you and me, the whole broken arm thing, I'm sorry, man. That was in th epast, you know? I was an angry young man then, just like you said a million times, and now that I am the Champ, I'm a little more calm, I'm in control, JR, I promise you this: nothing will happen to you. What I'm gonna do, I'm gonna come out here, I'm even gonna do this - 'cause I know you work hard JR, and I don't want you to, you know, strain yourself, so I'm gonna get you a chair, so you're nice and comfy...I'm gonna get in the ring right here, JR - set that up for you, front row chair. Come on in here with the Champ here, JR, I promise, nothing bad will come of this." JR finally reluctantly gets in the ring. "Come on, let's hear it for Good Ol' JR! No hard feelings, right?" and they shake hands. Triple H calls for Bruce to play the footage on the EntertainmentTron.

Last Friday, Ross asks Austin if he'll be cleared to compete by No Mercy. Austin said cleared or not, he'll be at No Mercy to kick Triple H's ass.


Ross asks Austin how he can stay motivated through his rehab - Austin says all he has to do is look at the SummerSlam tape. Nobody pays back like Stone Cold Steve Austin - nobody.

"Pretty bad words from a crippled man that's not here from far away - that sounds pretty good - but uh, JR, you and uh, you and the old Rattlesnake are pretty tight, right? You're pretty good friends with him - he's your boy, right? He's your boy. Let me ask you a question, JR. What do you think, ah, what do you think Austin thinks of me?" "I'd really rather not say." "I can see where you'd say that because you're afraid I'd get mad at ya, but I'm not gonna beat up the messenger on this, you're just - you're saying what he would say - it's not your fault now so if it's bad don't worry, I'm not gonna beat you up or nothin', you can tell me - what do you think a guy like Austin, I respect his opinion, what do you think he thinks of me?" "He thinks you're an asshole." What, no mute? Chant naturally follows. "Figured he would - figured I crippled him and all - let me ask you, JR, you know, me being the Champ and all, I am the Man here. Let me ask you this. Since I am the Champ, and I am the Man - what - what does a guy like you - I mean, you're a respected journalist, over there, you know, commentator, what would a guy like you think about me, what do you think of me, JR?" "You really want to know?" "Oh I really really, REALLY wanna know what you think of me." "I think you're a sorry, lowdown SOB." Now what on earth possessed him to say THAT? "That's a - that's a pretty good piece of business!" and he clotheslines him. Field goal kick is up - and good! "Oh, it's a damn slobberknocker, isn't it JR?" Stomp. "Business is about to pick up, JR?" Stomp. "Oh, I'm gonna stomp a mudhole in yo ass, JR?" And he keeps stomping. The REFEREE CORPS is out, saving a chair to the leg. Austin with some private words for Ross to deliver to Austin before the six zebras manage to keep Triple H out of the way. Here's a replay. Good old Lawler - "I was about to get up and help him but the refs came out!"

TERRY TAYLOR is backstage with Jarrett, Kitty and Ivory - he asks Ivory if they've accepted the challenge - Jarrett takes the mic and answers "of course" for her. When Jarrett's done with them, he'll let her knock the osteoperosis right out of them. Oh yeah, THIS is a match ...snicker...for the ages!

WWF Attitude comes LIVE to the San Jose Arena Friday 26 November! Isn't that the day after Thanksgiving? Oh, that won't work. Sorry guys!

Mankind is backstage with TWO GUYS FROM GvsE who are playing dominoes. This segues into an ad for Sunday's "GvsE" which happens to feature Mankind - following Heat!

MICHAEL KING COLE is out to take Ross' place. Here's one more "Moments Ago" replaly of the Triple H clothesline.

JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOUBLET (with Midoubles Kidoublety) & IVORY (and s scarf) v. FABULOUS MOOLAH & MAE YOUNG - Let Us Take You Back over the past month to show you what fun Moolah and Young have had with Jarrett and Ivory on various shows. The 70-something's come out to some old music that obliterates ALL the sound on this show. Jarrett shoves Kitty at Young, who doesn't know any better and takes her down. The first of many exciting thong shots as Kitty's skirt rides up while she tries to crawl away. Hairpull takesover from Moolah. There's a choke. Kitty crawls over to Ivory and tags her in. Ivory ... well, there's nothing much to call here. Hey, a dropkick from Ivory! Scoop...and a slam. 1, 2, Young makes the save. Ivory turns to Young and floors her with a right. Turning around, Moolah punches and sends her into the ropes. Right hand, cover, 2. Jarrett's on commentary, but not saying anything worth noting. Ivory over to Kitty - and tagging! Kitty protests, despite the fact that she probably shouldn't have been standing on the apron if she didn't want to be in this match. Head to the buckle - rollup - 1, 2, 3. (2:40) Ivory is working over Young on the outside - Moolah over to put a stop to it while Jarrett is in to yell at Kitty - well of COURSE


this can only end in a figure four on Kitty. Moolah & Young ...very slowly...getting into the ring to stop it - Jarrett breaks the hold before they get there. More badmouthing from Jarrett.

Backstage, Mankind is getting some makeup - he's got a big surprise planned for the Rock...err...oh boy it's next?

GvsE promo featuring Mankind - pretty funny - but I STILL will be watching "the Simpsons!" And taping "Felicity!"

We're in the shadow of New York City! Really! It's right over there in that fog!

GTV brings us Droz opening up D'Lo Brown's bag...and puking in it. Well, that's probably preferable to what the wrestlers NORMALLY do in it, I suppose...

MANKIND leads "GvsE's" CHANDLER SMYTHE and HENRY NAME OBSCURED BY USA LOGO to the ring. "Hello New Jersey! Have we got one hell of a surprise for you tonight, and I'm glad two of my main men are here right now - maybe you saw a little promo for 'GvsE' with my two men Chandler Smythe and Henry McNeil and I'll tell you what - we did this show a couple months ago, I had a hell of a lot of fun, I think everybody's gonna like it and Mr. Socko makes a little appearance himself, but. In hanging out, I think these two learned a little bit about me and they can tell you straight up that as it pertains to Val Venis, Mankind does not like having his testicles grabbed by another man. I didn't like it when I was an Altar Boy and I didn't like it last week! So Val Venis, you get one free squeeze but now consider yourself warned. Chandler, Henry - now I'm gonna ask you to grab a special front row seat, because in a moment this arena is about to fill up with the type of electricity you've never seen before! And I don't want anybody to get hurt. So, what I'd like to do right now is play a little composition and see if you can guess who this special guests is right now!" "If ya smellll......" well sure it's LA ROCA. "Last week, you brought the Rock out, you brought out his coach, you brought out his teacher, and you brought out a girl who cut the Rock off at second base, and now you lost Rocko and you even lost the Rock's jacket? And now you wanna break up the Rock & Sock Connection? Well let the Rock make one thing perfectly clear - he never WANTED the Rock--" "Hold on, wait a minute - I know you never wanted the Rock & Sock Connection to breakup - which is why I'm here. You see after we spoke I had a little heart-to-heart with myself, I did some deep thinking, I did some serious soul searching, and I looked at the Man in the Mirror, and do you know what I saw?" Rock says 280 pounds of monkey crap. Mankind says he's made a decision - to rededicate his life and career to their tag team. "You see Rock, after fifteen years in this glorious business, I have decided that I do not want to go down in history as a three-time WWF Champion, I don't want to go down in history as a hardcore legend, I don't wanna be known as the guy who flew off the top of the Hell in the Cell. I don't even want to be known as a guy that used to wrestle in barbed wire, 'cause I did that type of thing. I want to be known from here on in as one half of the greatest tag team in WWF history - the Rock & Sock Connection!" Mankind leads a "Rock and Sock" chant. "I'll tell you what - it's a great day because even though we saw the postponement of Test and Stephanie's wedding, in some ways I feel like we just had a marriage take place right in here." Rock puts up his hand for Mankind to talk to. "Are you implying to the Rock that you are asking for his hand in marriage?" Figure of speech, says Mick. Rock says he's not...well I don't know how to spell it. "poontang pie" is just missed by the USA censor. "Well, Rock, I'm not a biology major, but I don't think I have any poontang (mute missed again) to offer you." "If you'd shut your mouth and listen, they are chanting the Rock's name." Cue the Pavlovian dogs! Mankind says he doesn't want them to end up like the Funks, Briscos (cue car repair shop plug), "I don't wanna end up Skip & Zip - I know you don't wanna end up like Zip, and I sure as hell don't wanna end up like Skip! All I'm saying is I want us to be kinda like - the three Musketeers! All for one, and, by golly, one for all!" "The three Musketeers."


"Yeah, you know, the guys with the swords - I love American history!" "You like swords, huh?" This leads into a familiar speil about what Rock might do with a sword - but just before he sticks it straight up their candyass, the Y2J countdown starts! I have been SAVED from this segment by CHRIS MONDAY JERICHO! "Welcome to RAW is JERICHO!" CURTIS HUGHES stands nearby. "You know, I was standing backstage listening to this ridiculously unfunny, unentertaining display between you two idiots - and I came to one conclusion. Rock, maybe you should accept the marriage proposal of this retard - I mean, I think that you would be perfect as the woman in a male and male relationship. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) Let's look at the evidence! Your ridiculous, effeminate hairstyle - your flashy, yet oh so sassy Versace wardrobe collection - and the worst example of all, your obsessive fixation with sticking inanimate objects up other male's anusses! (USA censor tries again, and fails) I mean it seems obvious to me that you ARE a little - (still can't spell it!) - so go ahead! Unite yourselves! That way you two idiots can get on your horse-drawn carriage, ride off into the sunset, and never, EEEEEEEEEEEVER waste the time of Y2J or all his Jerichoholics agayne." A fan rushes the ring here and we cut to an overly long shot of Jericho mugging while he's cleared out. "Before the Rock begins, you wanna keep your jerkoff dad out of the Rock's ring?" Hey, that didn't look like Ted Irvine! "After two boring minutes, the Rock says you should do two things, and that is know your role and shut your mouth! You think you impress the Rock? Why? Because a couple of months ago, you were beating some jabrone named Juventud? And now you wanna come onto the Rock's show ... and interrupt the Great One for the second time? Onto the Rock's show - surrounded by the millions ... of Rock's fans, and you refer to the Rock's show as..." "It's RAW--" "IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU REFER TO IT AS!" "Now seeing as you did something you just shouldn't have done and that's piss the Rock off, the Rock wasn't planning on doing anything tonight, but tonight...tonight the Rock's got a little gift for you - tonight, little jabrone, you can come to the Rock's ring - better yet you WILL come to the Rock's ring and go one on one with the great one! So according to the Rock's Rolex, you are exactly twenty minutes away - and the ROCK MEANS..." Mankind joins along and Rock gives him a look. "Don't you ever do that again, jabrone. If you smellllllllllll..." Mankind with a "lalalala" before Rock shoots him a glare. Rock finishes the catchphrase. Another twenty minutes of my life I'll never get back - but at least it was better than LAST week! Still, if the ratings were to not spike like last week, so as to give the impression that maybe we're not interested in sitting through this EVERY week...I'd be up for that.

How does Rock know who Juventud is when he has to ask Mankind who Val Venis is?

Backstage, Mankind says he'll give a match to Dude Love (Stevie Richards) later - but the Dudley Boyz rush both of them instead. Looks like we might have a tag match later...? The EMT's arrive - Mankind is up. "I'm okay, I'm okay - " then he checks out the rack on the blonde EMT and goes down "I'm hurt, I'm hurt..."

BRITISH BULLDOG v. THAT SLUT CHYNA - I missed the credits and ratings box, oh well. We're in the War Zone. Bulldog tries a sneaky move before the bell but Chyna pulls him outside instead. Whip hard into the STEEL steps. Chyna poses in the ring. Boot to the rope to the nads as he tries to get back in. On him until referee "Blind" Jim Korderas (cast free) separates them. Chyna with a gutshot and a DDT for 2. Forearm shots from Chyan, Bulldog reverses, and also goes to the eyes, but Chyna reverses a whip into the corner - nice flip from the Bulldog! Chyna motioning for the figure four - but JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOUBLET is out with a coffee urn shot. (DQ 1:16) - well, I guess Jarrett had grounds for that attack.


Bulldog takes the mic. "I told ya there was no place for women in the World Wrestling Federation - I told ya I'd kick your ass and that's exactly what I did!" He puts her on his shoulder. "So Hunter, I'm giving you ten seconds to get out here and give me my title shot, or else I'm gonna plant her ass right in the middle of the ring. "1, 2, 3, I lied" and there's a running powerslam. That was pretty cool. Commentators wonder aloud if Triple H was even going to show.

Terry Taylor has the Dudley Boyz. They apparently broke the first commandment - "thou shalt not steal" - THEY found the jacket in the garbage and Mick had no right to try to steal it from them. Hmmmm...

Let Us Take You Back to Earlier Tonight where you see what you just seen

MANKIND & STEVIE RICHARDS v. DUDLEY BOYZ - sorry, that should be DUDE LOVE, as Richards comes out to "Theme from Dude Love" and with a graphic stating such. JIM ROSS is back out before the Dudz show up. Ring is rushed and it's on. As a Pier Four Brawl commences, the lights and music are up and BALD VENIS is out, opening his fly and pulling out - Mr. Rocko. Seeing Mr. Rock hanging out of his fly is enough to pull Mankind out of the match. Before Mankind can get a good piece of Venis, the Dudleyz are up on the stage to take out Mankind. Stevie joins THEM while Venis gets to the commentary area. Slowly we get back to the ring while Venis tells us he's lost all respect for Foley. Before he can finish his diatribe, B.B. Ray tosses Mankind into the commentary table - and Val's lap. Back in the ring, Mankind ducks a lariat and hits the double underhook DDT. Richards and Mankind take D-Von outside the ring and Richards follows. Val on the apron - Mandible Sock on Venis. Meanwhile, there's the 3D on Richards. 1, 2, 3. (2:41) For a brief moment, Rocko and Socko are reunited, but again the Dudleyz strike. Off the ropes - double DDT from Mankind! But Venis has absconded with Rocko. Hey, remember when Rocko was the LOD's best buddy?

Backstage, Vince McMahon exits a limousine.

When we come back, Vince is just finishing an entrance to "No Chance in Hell." "All right, Bulldog, I'm not gonna ask you to come out here and apologise to me. I'm not gonna ask you to apologise to the American public. I'm not even gonna ask you to apologise to your own countrymen in the United Kingdom. All I want you to do is apologise to the young lady whom you bashed in the head with a metal trash container. Bulldog, I'm asking ya, no, hell, I'm not asking ya, I'm DEMANDING you come out here right now and apologise to my daughter Stephanie McMahon!" BRITISH BULLDOG is at the top of the ramp. "I'm SICK and TIRED of apologies!


I am not gonna apologise for something that was YOUR fault!" "Then you leave me no alternative than to invite you down the ramp, into the ring, and let me BEAT an apology out of ya! Come on! Come on Bulldog! Come on, let's go! Come on, you son of a bitch!" "Hold it right there - Big Boss Man! You think you can beat me? NOBODY can beat me? And lucky for you, I'm taking the rest of the night off." And off he goes.

Backstage, Chris Jericho is WALKING!

In another shot, the Rock is also WALKING!

Mankind shows off his ear again by way of a GvsE promo

No Mercy comes to you through the kind sponsorshi of Eidos - makers of "Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver!" I know what NONE of those words means!

LA ROCA v. AD BREAK - Rock enters first so we can learn that finally he's come back to Joisey. He promises to stick Curtis Hughes up Jericho's ass - now WHY did we have to go there?

Another GvsE promo - with Mankind!

LA ROCA v. CHRIS MONDAY JERICHO (with Curtis Hughes) - Jericho appears at the top of the ramp - and Hughes appears behind Rock and gets a sneak attack. Jericho in for the doubleteam. Referee "Blind" Earl Hebner gets Hughes out of the ring and rings the bell. Jericho still stomping away. Whip into the corner, follow clothesline. Still kick away on him - Hebner pulling him off and Jericho right back on him. Hebner pulls him away again, and Rock hits a clothesline out of the corner. Stomping from the Rock now. Head to the buckle, head to another buckle, right hand, whip into the opposite corner, Jericho sidesteps the charge and hits a facebuster. Lionsault! Jericho laying into him with rights. Clubbing forearm. Knife-edge chop - into the ropes, head down, kick from the rock, clothesline. Right, whip, reversal, duck, spinning heel kick from Jericho, who nips up. Side headlock - vertical suplex. "C'mon baby" only gets 2. Rock blocks a punch and lets loose with some of his own. Whip is reversed, gutshot and double underhook into a backbreaker from Jericho. 1, 2, no. To the headlock. Jericho with a shot to the chest and now he resumes the headlock. Rock to his feet - right, right, right, Jericho puts a side headlock on but Rock drops into a back suplex. Both men up slowly. Rock with a right, Jericho with a right, trading blows, Rock again - off the ropes, Hughes grabs Rock's feet and trips him up. Double leg takedown from Jericho, trying to turn it into the Liontamer - it's on!! Rock won't give up - reaching for the rope - crowd chanting "Rocky" - there's the rope.


Hebner and Jericho argue - Hughes up on the apron. Hebner turns his attention to Hughes while Jericho takes Rock outside. Off the apron with a forearm. Both men over the barricade. Rock gets the better of it and clotheslines him back over the barricade - whip is reversed and Jericho hits a short clothesline. Cable choke while Hebner is again distracted by Hughes. The lights slowly go out as Rock is rolled back in. Some spotlights quickly go on as we catch Jericho waffling Rock with the bell. Cover - 1, 2, no! Jericho still on him - whip into the corner - Rock avoids the splash. Right, right, right, right, right. Now stomping in roughly the same amount. Whip is reversed, reversed again, and there's a DDT! 1, 2, Hughes pulls Hebner out of the ring. The lights are back on, guess that wasn't planned... double clothesline takes both men down. Hughes slides a metal chair into the ring. Both men up slowly - it is the Rock, with Rock Bottom on the chair! Here's the People's Elbow - 1, 2, 3. (7:43) BRITISH BULLDOG is quickly out and on the Rock. Meanwhile, Jericho is arguing with Huges on the outside. The refs are out but having trouble separating the two men. Hebner is STILL limping - wonder if Hughes managed to hurt HIM. Now VINCENT K. is out to get him some of Bulldog - no, just throwing him in to the Rock. Rock stomping away - BALLSHOT! As Vince looks on, we fade out...

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