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/15 November 1999





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QUICK QUOTE: WWFE 23 1/16 (+ 1/16)

LISTEN TO ME: I *liked* Survivor Series. Sue me. Never hurts to take away Austin - that's what I always say! Now if we could just lose that Rock guy for a few...

TONIGHT: There'll be lots of signs! We'll tell you how Steve Austin is doing! In fact, take a look at that car running down his stunt double right now! Also, the Big Show's first title defense - his first WHAT defense?




One World TV-14-DLV Leader Attitude - WWF!

Opening Credits tell us this show is closed captioned - I thought that was Jeff Jarrett for a minute but it was Mr. Ass

FIREWORKS and SIGNS welcome us to Pittsburgh, PA and the Civic Arena - we are LIVE 15.11.99 because tonight, RAW is WAR! Let's waste no time...

Are you ready? D-GENERATION X walks to the ring to start off tonight's festivities. X-Pac enjoys a Hansen's Energy Drink while Triple H TAKES THE STICK! "For the benefit...["asshole" chant]...I am REALLY not in the mood tonight. For the benefit of those that did not see Survivor Series last night, I will enlighten you as to the see, last night some THIEVERY took place. Last night, a crime was committed - MY property was STOLEN. I was not beaten for the World Wresting Federation title, it was STOLEN from ME. Vince McMahon - I have been a *thorn in your side* since the moment that I won the World Wresting Federation title. You can not LIVE with the fact that I was the champ here. It has burned a hole in you like nothing has ever burned a hole in you before, so you tried to do everything in your power to take it from me. You put your son in the ring against me, you put your son-in-law in the ring against me, you put your SELF in the ring against me. You tried everything. Special referee this, timekeeper that, enforcer this, special this, special that, *all a load of crap.* Vince, you made me fight one guy - two guys at a time - three guys at a time - FIVE GUYS in one damn night...and still, you could not get the job done - why? Because I AM - THAT - DAMN - GOOD. So it comes down to last a CRIME. My property was stolen; Vince McMahon - you committed a crime. And you will pay for your crime, starting tonight, Vince McMahon, D-Generation X WILL BE your judge, your jury, YOUR executioner, and you will pay for your crime starting NOW, so get your punk ass HERE - NOW." After a respectful pause, "No Chance in Hell" is played and out walks BILLIONAIRE VINCE. "Oh boy. Triple H - you seem ... upset. I agree with you, Triple H, that people should pay for crimes. And if I were a member of DX, I'd be thinking about paying for my crime - I'd be thinking about...if I were somebody by the name of X-Pac, whether I could do the time. And if I were someone by the name of Mr. Ass, I'd REALLY be worried about doin' time. And Road Doggy Dogg, if you and your other members of DX go to jail, I'm just afraid that you're REALLY gonna know what Doggy Style is all about. All of ya...especially you, Triple H. So why don't you take a look at the crime YOU committed last night - the crime against Stone Cold Steve Austin - take a look. Take a look at this footage." Let Us Take You Back to Last Night where Kevin Kelly's interview with Austin was cut short when Triple H barged on the scene. The chase was on...and outside, the now infamous headlights and the now infamous car ran down the now infamous Stone Cold - or at least his reasonable approximation. Later, fingers were pointed and accusations made while the EMT's attended to Austin. Back to real time. "So...did ya do it, Triple H? Nononono.. before you answer that question, and tell all your lies to all these people - why don't you answer the questions of the detectives who flew all the way from Detroit, Michigan - who are about to ask you gentlemen a few questions - the DETECTIVES along with these POLICE OFFICERS! NOW we're gonna get to the bottom of this! NOW we're gonna find out whether or not DX had anything to do with Stone Cold Steve Austin!" Triple H calls off "Mark Fuhrman" but they insist. The four members of DX eventually start to leave the ring as we fade out.

PREDICTION - MYSTERY - CULMINATION - ENCORE ... well, that seems a bit much for an encore ad...




Hey! Some PITTSBURGH STEELERS in the crowd! Ehh...Packers are under .500 - so sad.

MANKIND v. BALD VENIS - Let Us Take You Back to Val placing Rocko in a special spot, Venis doing a little book burning, Venis costing Mankind and Snow the tag team titles...hmmm, now why would these guys wanna fight? Mankind's ready to riff: "Hello, Pittsburgh. You know something, Mankind's a lot like the Pittsburgh Steelers...we suffered a little disappointment yesterday, but we're ready to kick some ass tonight!" Foley is at #2, bookwise. Ross says he spent the night with Austin - today he was medi-vac'd back to Tejas. Mankind attacks mid-promo and it's on. And now it's outside. Crowd chanting "Foley" as Mankind takes control. Venis dropped against the barricade. Head to the STEEL steps. Choking away. Rolled back in the ring, Mankind follows. Right to the back of the head. Grinding his face into the top rope. In the corner, now trading blows, now Mankind throwing unanswered punches. Running knee is blocked with both boots up - lariat from Venis, cover, kickout. Mankind's head taken to the buckle, and again. One more time, why not. Venis throws a right and Mankind hits the apron. Standing on the neck, using a little leverage. Off the ropes - holding on for the elbows. Side Russian legsweep and a cover - nope. Right, Mankind back with a right - now trading - now Mankind - Venis' head to the buckle - whip, reversal, followed with a lariat. To the other corner, but Mankind takes him down by the legs and punches away. Off the ropes, caught - enzuigiri? No, this is Foley! It's a lariat. Mankind motioning for the sock - but Venis takes him out with a KO blow. Another right - there's one more. Off the ropes, head down, double underhook DDT. Mankind grabs the sock again - can't he do that move without the sock? - Venis ducks it and punches away. Foley again falls to the mat. Venis on the second rope - but lands on a Mandible Claw. Venis punches - and breaks the hold - but Mankind puts it back on. Down to the mat - shoulders are down there, ref...but "Blind" Mike Chioda rings the bell - guess it's a KO. (4:54) Ross has a feeling that tonight's RAW will be like none other.

Backstage, the detective asks Road Dogg his real name - Dogg offers "Dees Nuts." Gunn says his itinerary can be checked. Another detective says that DX are the main suspects in an attempted vehicular homicide - Triple H stands up and tries to build up Vince McMahon as the #1 suspect - offering that for the better part of two years, he's been trying to get rid of Austin, except for recently...when he's been Mr. Nice Guy for some strange reason. What's up with that? Hmmm, he's actually got a point there. H says normally he'd have two words for them, but until his attorney arrives, he's got NO words for them. I can't think of a better time to take an ad break!

But first, a few words about "WWF: The Music (Volume 4)." Buy it! It's bad ass! Well, that's what that announcer guy said anyway...

Local spot plugs SmackDown! on UPN 44

Test and Stephanie - ARRIVE! Luna meets them with a present. She says she too has found somebody special. After encouraging them to open it, Stephanie opens the present to find - a stuffed squirrel. "I heard you like stuffed animals!" Har har har!

GODFATHER (with ten - no, five ho's) v. KURT ANGLE (with many medals) - I can't help but notice a prominent "World Wide Filth" sign in the crowd - the other side saying "WWF is immoral." An angle - or a real sentiment?


Godfather's a fun loving guy who loves to have fun - also, he smokes weed. Speaking of angles, Angle (who has inherited the Patriot's music) is booed in his home town, it's quickly pointed out. Godfather offers to trade the gold medal for ... but Angle takes the mic. "I'm here to wrestle." Let me say that last night's Angle/Stasiak match was pretty damn good and made both men look good. We start with the mat wrestling as the "World Wide Filth" sign walks back and forth in front of the camera. Angle plays to the crowd...and from behind, Godfather hits a surprise rollup for 2. Angle plays to the crowd - "I can't believe this! You cheer a pimp and his ho's over an Olympic gold medalist! What is WRONG with you people?" Single leg - enzuigiri ducked, and Angle grabs the arm - armdrag takeover - Godfather back up - another armdrag. Into the corner. Godfather with a right as referee "Blind" Tim White breaks it up. Off the ropes with a clothesline. Scoop - and a slam. Godfather on the second rope - but the Vaderbomb finds the knees. Another armdrag takeover, hey, why not one more. Arm wringer - but Godfather throws a clothesline to break it up. Another look at that sign. Godfather kicks away. Okay, that guy's gotta be a plant. Into the corner hard - it's time once again for the Ho Train. But the guy with the sign is over the rail - JIM DOTSON escorts him back over the rail and possibly to jail. We never got a good look at his face... Anyway, as a distracted Godfather rips up the confiscated sign, Angle catches him in a "reverse fireman carry" for the pinfall. (2:58) Replay of the end of what happened as Ross lectures us about jumping over the just DON'T do it unless you're part of a "reality-based" angle.

The police are seen knocking on Mr. McMahon's door...

WWF Slam Cam ad..."awesome!"

When we come back, Vince McMahon is explaining his relationship with Steve Austin - he can't believe they're questioning him now. "Mr. McMahon, is it true Mr. Austin once attacked you with a bedpan?" While McMahon has an alibi, the cops can't account for the whereabouts of Brisco and Patterson. "Well, you'll just have to ask them." Oh man, stand by for MIRTH and HILARITY!

RAW is brought to you by WWF Feed Snacks - available at 7-Eleven! Much better than those nasty smelly Slim Jims! Also, the JVCkaboom!box - and - SPACE INVADERS!!

CHRIS MONDAY JERICHO (at the end of the Y2J countdown) v. GANGREL (with Luna Tunes and a burning ring o' far) - hey, Chris, why the long face? Is it that "sex change" promise that you made during Heat last night? So I guess we now know who Luna's Someone Special is - I'd tell you they're married in real life, but who cares? Before this match starts, THAT SLUT CHYNA and MISS KITTY make an entrance - she brandishing a tree pruner, and she dressed like a nurse. "I believe I distinctly heard you say that if I beat you last night, that you were gonna have a sex change. Well, um, nurse Kitty and I thought we'd help you get surgically started.." Kitty says they don't need those - she brought some the right size - and pulls out a teensy pair of scissors. Chyna also produces some birth control pills, some Tampax - and of course, what would RAW be without douche? Gangrel decides to attack from behind. Off the ropes, Jericho slides under and rares back. Big clothesline off the ropes. Lionsault! Right, right, right, right, and now shouting to Chyna and Kitty, who are approaching the ring. Gangrel fires back on the distracted Jericho. Nice butterfly suplex from Gangrel.


Whip into the rope sis reversed - boot up, though - second rope into a Sunset flip, but Jericho floats over it, and puts Gangrel into the Walls of Jericho! But now Chyna is up on the apron in a surgical mask while Kitty tosses tampons at Jericho. Jericho over to the ropes - Chyna off to the floor - Gangrel up from behind the once-again distracted Jericho - combo Northern Lights/fisherman suplex with a bridge! 1, 2, 3! (1:29) Chyna and Kitty brandish a bra and panties as Jericho gives us the textbook definition of "mortified" facial expression. In fact, he better watch it or his face will FREEZE that way - whoa, maybe it has! Jericho slowly walks back up the ramp, his expression unchanging. Ross wonders if we'll see him again in the WWF...

Backstage, Big Show asks Vince if he could have the Bossman tonight instead of the Bulldog - Vince says he understands what he's feeling, but HE makes the matches. Tonight, Bossman has the Rock in a Hardcore match, and the winner will be named #1 Contender. We follow Vince to the DX dressing room - he thanks them for alerting the detectives about his past, and as a reward, how about some matches tonight? Road Dogg gets Al Snow, Mr. Ass draws Test, and Triple H will start all over again at the bottom of the ladder - by facing Kane. Kane is now the bottom of the ladder? Huh. I'm gonna have to check with Jeremy Billones on that...

When we come back, the detectives talk to Brisco and Patterson. Brisco gives a glowing character reference of McMahon. Patterson reminds Brisco that one time Vince had them taken out, and one time Austin took McMahon hostage. Brisco tells Patterson not to stooge off McMahon - the detectives tell Brisco not to tamper with a witness. You know, this isn't as mirthful and hilarious as I thought it'd be...

Meanwhile, the Acolytes are playing cards. Dave Hebner approaches and says a couple guys are in the back - looks like the same guys they had trouble with last night in Detroit. Should he call security? The Acolytes say they'll go back and meet them. All three men WALK back to take a look - and there's four burly guys waiting. As you might imagine when the Acolytes are around, a hockey game breaks out. This is what we call "the 1999 version of a squash - " hey, them jobbers still gotta EAT in these jobberless times. In fact, the ensuing fracas is such an easy night for Faarooq and Bradshaw that now they're ready to go out and find ANOTHER fight. Sorry, I didn't check the time on this one.

And now, the WWF Slam of the Week - thanks to the WWF Slam Cam - yow! Double suplex on the Big Show from the Rock and Triple H! From last night's Survivor Series. That poor Spanish announce table! You know what was cooler? When the Quebecers did it to Mabel at WrestleMania X. THAT was an awesome spot.

Dave Hebner directs the Acolytes once again to the four guys from Detroit. Huh? Anyway, the fight's on once again. Whoops, it's over. Bye. Man, I'm confused.



v. BRITISH BULLDOG (with Mean Street Posse & TV-14-DLV ratings box) for the WWF Championship - oh yeah, last night the Big Show won the WWF Championship. Sorry I didn't tell you earlier. Champion's out first?!? Bulldog on him with punches, whip is reversed, well it's a big alleged kick. Well it's a big elbowdrop. ahhhhhtheCHOKESLAAAAAM. Oops, it's over. (:34) Here's one for Pete, and here's one for Rodney - and here's one for Joey Abs. ahhhhhtheCHOKESLAAAAAM - YOU WILL LOVE IT. Well it's a big set of replays. Geez, I didn't even really get to WORK this riff tonight!

MICHAEL KING COLE attempts to interview the Rock - will he answer Big Bossman's challenge of a hardcore match to become the #1 Contender? Yup. That kinda match makes his bacon sizzle - speaking of bacon, here's the two detectives. Apparently the car that ran down Austin was registered in the Rock's name. Hmmmmm.... Rock says he reported his car stolen last night, and furthermore, it doesn't matter what your names are. Rock tells the cops to take a jelly donut, squeeze all the jelly out, turn it sideways and stick it straight up...I DARE them to do something to the Rock. Of course, they don't. Heyyyyy...I'm starting to think those aren't real cops! On the plus side, Rock decides against filling those donuts with monkey piss.

How about another local spot for SmackDown! Why not?

AT&T (nee TCI) fills the other local spot with an ad for WCW Mayhem - which includes Hogan, Savage, Raven, THE GIANT?, Wolfpack Sting...oy

Here's an exterior of Pittsburgh, as we inform you that MechWarrior 3 brings you WWF Armageddon!

Backstage, Jerry Lawler is with the detectives - then he attempts to implicate Jim Ross in Austin's attack - "he's been a little...unstable."

ROAD DOGG v. AL SNOW (with Head) - Ross throws a right fit at Lawler's actions. Dogg goes for some local heat by dissin' the Steelers - ha ha. Quick look at your hosts, a pair of kings - LARRY KING and JERRY LAWLER. Ross gives what for as Lawler comes back to his seat. Let Us Take You Back to last week as Mankind gave Snow Head - yeah yeah. We come back and the match has already started. Snow fends off the wiggly woohly kneedrop with a testicular claw. There's about a million (well, 12) stomps from Snow. Outside we go - Dogg to the apron. Chair to the ringpost misses. Lawler runs down why Ross might be wacko - both parents died in the past year, two bouts of Bells Palsy - and Ross tells him to check himself. Dogg comes back, taking Snow into the STEEL steps. Whip into the barricade is reversed. Arabian leg lariat! ("Arabian" means "off a chair," I believe) Lawler brandishes the vile action figure and tells us once again about that Atlanta Journal-Constitution article again. Dogg takes Snow into a chair following the low blow. Back in the ring, Snow slides under the whip. There's an enzuigiri from Snow. Right hand, again, whip into the corner is reversed,


Snow slides, Dogg with a gutshot and a swinging neckbreaker...2. Strange to hear them talk about Ross building the commentary table after what happened on Nitro - Lawler reminds Ross about his broken arm - did Austin pay him back for suffering that? Snow ties up the arms and unleashes the headbutt. Now climbing the ropes - Snow with the moonsault - but only 2. Off the ropes, reversal, crossbody from Snow - Dogg rolls it over - and almost gets the fall. Side Russian legsweep from Dogg - cover - 2. Snow ducks a crossbody, gutshot, sitout powerbomb (!) - but only 2. Snow motioning for the Snow him up - Dogg goes behind, gutshot, pump handle slam, 1, 2, 3!! (4:13) Snow is rather distraught that victory was seemingly stolen from him at the last moment as Dogg walks off. Here comes MANKIND to try to lend a hand to his friend. He's GOT THE STICK! "Al, Al...come on...come on, Al, turn that frown upside down - it doesn't matter that you lost - I lost last night! And the fact that your dolls have been pulled off shelves across the country doesn't matter either!" "They say I beat women!" "Al, the important thing is...Pittsburgh still loves you! Well, maybe they never really loved you, but I think they still like you, and more importantly, *I* like you, and I think that me, Mankind, and the city of Pittsburgh can help cheer you up, so if everybody would sing along with me, let's make a man very happy..." and they sing "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow" to Al. Sing along with Mick! Snow hugs him - they take turns singing "which nobody can deny" until Snow comes up smiling. Mankind says he's got even better news - the office has consented to give them a vacation ... to Las Vegas! Mankind says they'll party like it's 1999. I will TRY to look past the fact that this is "Las Vegas" week on UPN...

Let Us Take You Back Once Again to Last Night - a stuntman looking remarkably like Stone Cold is run down by a car. Hey, about last night - was it just me - did I hallucinate the outline of the state of VERMONT on that ambulance? I mean, they were Michigan plates, but that just looked kinda funny. Go back and check your tape for me, I'm feeling lazy.

Tom Berenger! Come ON! Tom Berenger!

Backstage, X-Pac has some words for Tori - to lure Kane into a trap. Triple H attacks from behind - hmmm, this'll probably affect their match later tonight.

Meanwhile, Chris Jericho commandeers the cameraman and drags him over to a dark room...where Chyna is duct taped to a chair. "No matter what happens, keep filming. You understand me, eh? This isn't too funny of a situation, is it Chyna? It's not as funny as walking to the ring with some hedge clippers, maybe? Making some penis jokes with your little buddy? It's not so funny anymore, is it - not as funny as causing me to lose another match in front of millions of people and embarrassing me again? Not as funny as embarrassing me like you did yesterday? Huh?" Jericho's pretty much gone plum loco. Last night was much more than a loss...he lost his career. Nine years! He still hears the ringing of the bell in his head. What he wants is for her to admit to the world that last night he was better than her and that he should be the Champion - not her. "Tell them! You understand me?! TELL THEM!" "Screw you, Chris." Jericho brandishes a hammer and demands again. Chyna says she won't lie to him. "You do what you have to do." "I guess you called my bluff - I guess you are the better - I could never - I could never hit a defenseless person's...hand - I guess you really are the better person, I could never-" then he BREAKS HER HAND, demanding that the camera operator film it and get it on tape. Well, actually he completely misses her hand, and you can TOTALLY tell thanks to the lights and the contrast of white tape and black glove and black other object that really gets hit, but, you know, they're ACTING, see, so...

Encore presentation spot #2

Should I make note of "End of Days" ads now? I think......not!

Local spot hypes the 26 November WWF show at the Shark Tank - still hyping Steve Austin


even though we all know he probably won't be around

When we come back, Let Us Take You Back to Moments Ago - actually, this time it looks a bit better. I was too hard on them up there. Chyna does a good job of screaming and crying, to.

SmackDown! is brought to you by WrestleMania 2000 - oops, wrong show - wrong graphic - hang on a tick...

TEST v. KING ASS - backstage, we see the EMT's attending to Chyna - well, that's some gory lookin' blood on her hand now. Where was Kitty earlier, anyway? Ass holds his nose as he walks to the ring to remind us that Test broke HIS nose on SmackDown! (at the hands of Gunn, the story now goes). Test attacks before the bell and Ass takes a shellackin'. There's a big ol' sidewalk slam with full rotation for 2. Clothesline takes him out of the ring. Test follows out and they're on their way to the commentary table. Head to the table! Ass finally punches back. Clubbin' blow to the back. Head to the barricade. Test reverses a whip and Gunn hits the ringpost. Referee "Blind" Mike Chioda convinces Test to get back in the ring. Gunn comes back with a hot shot as Test tries to meet him on the apron. Back in the ring, Gunn goes right for the nose. Gunn stands on the face. Stomp. To the chinlock. Back up - punches him in the nose. Off the ropes, head down - Test manages a gutwrench powerbomb and now both men are down. Test checking his nose. Chioda at 4. Both men up - "Iblockyourpunchyoudon'tblockmine," right, right, off the ropes, big boot, off the ropes again, reversed, hiptoss misses - swinging neckbreaker from Test for 2. Meltdown attempt is blocked - Fame'Asser is also blocked, into a slam of Gunn - but only 2! Arguing with the ref, Gunn up from behind - gutshot, jackhammer! But only 2! That move NEVER works! Picking him up by the hair - head into the turnbuckle - whip into the opposite corner, Test up and down with a surprise half victory roll - for 3! (4:29) Gunn FINALLY hits the Fame'Asser on the broken nose, too late for the victory, but it's a MORAL victory - I guess...

Marissa Mazzola has a sitdown with Arnold Schwarzenegger - we check some clips from Thursday's SmackDown! then are reminded that "End of Days" opens soon...nothing much new here.

Triple H - is - WALKING!!

And now the WWF Rewind, presented by MechWarrior 3! From last night, Tori comes out to lend a hand to her man - only to fall to a spinning heel kick from X-Pac - yow!

Let Us Take You Back to Earlier Tonight as X-Pac says "dugout" and draws Kane into an ambush from Triple H

"No Chance in Hell" leads BILLIONAIRE VINCE out one more time - will he have an announcement for all of us? Eww, what'd they throw into that camera? McMahon joins the commentary team but he appears to have taken a bit of that spill as well. McMahon with pleasantries about Pittsburgh ("Yeah, kinda nice here in Pittsburgh") when you KNOW deep down he's swearing out at 'em and promising to never hit the Igloo again. HE'LL show 'em, by God! They'll never spill a drink in HIS face again! (Well, while he's a face - it's okay when he's a heel)



v. THROUGH HELL FIRE AND BRIMSTONE IT'S KANE - Kane's entrance is cut short as X-PAC hits him from behind - Triple H gets a running start on Kane as his back is to him. Down the ramp we go - H punching and punching. Right hand. Into the ringpost. McMahon says yeah, it IS a little personal. The bell finally rings to start this match as they make it in the ring. Off the ropes, reversed, head down, facebuster from Triple H. Clothesline off the ropes is ducked, gutshot, up and a powerbomb FOLDS him up. Uppercut to the throat, right, right, uppercut, into the ropes. Let's get this one out of the way: "Triple H screwed Triple H." Double choke from Kane. Into the corner - charge misses. Triple H forces a neckbreaker. Zombie situp! Swinging neckbreaker this time. Still down - H over him - punching away. Kane up slowly. Head to the buckle. H burying the shoulder in the gut. Right hand. Right. Kane no-selling - right - no effect - again - H punching away - crowd coming to life - Kane reverses and kicking away. Off the ropes, H ducks and hits a DDT. 1, 2, no! Triple H going into the corner as we see the zombie situp. Beals him across the ring - TRIPLE H IS RIC FLAIR! Right, right, into the corner, clothesline - FLAIR FLOP! Kane to the top rope - flying clothesline. Cover - 1, 2, no. Kane advances - H dumps him up and over. H follows - but Kane is in charge - until the whip into the STEEL steps is reversed. Rolled back into the ring. H motioning to Vince. There's a shove by the face. Vince follows back into the ring. H with "Iblockyourpunchyoublockmine!!!!!" (DQ 4:42) Kane is up and on Helmsley - now VINCE is on him. Kane's got him - CHOKESLAM! X-PAC is back out to collect Triple H - the winner of the match. In the ring, Vince offers his apology to Kane - instead of accepting it, Kane just leaves the ring and walks off.

Backstage, Bossman prepares some weapons for the Rock.

Meanwhile, the Rock is pacing - it's a little bit like WALKING!

Slam Cam ad #2 - it's so cool it's got it's own website!

Let Us Take You Back to Moments Ago - apparently, that's called a "pieface." Helmsley blocks the punch! Wail on Vince! H off the ropes at the hands of Kane, big boot - Vince now wailing away.

Hey, who drove that car, anyway? Dark horse money would say Shane, but that'd really be a longshot. I still like the idea of Gunn doing it, only Lawler bringing it up would seem to preclude it...unless it's a swerved swerve...oh my head

BIG BOSSMAN v. LA ROCA in a nontitle, hardcore, #1 Contenders match - holy crap, we're live on TSN! How often does THAT happen? Bossman tries to get in the first shot, but he ain't the Rock. Quickly we're outside. Now trading punches. Bossman over the railing - Rock follows. Right, right, into the crowd - good luck keeping track of it NOW. Something - something's happening! But I can't see it! Bossman produces a rope - but it has no effect on the Rock - Rock hangs Bossman instead. Now Rock dragging him back by the rope by the neck. Right, right, lassooing him back over the barricade. Thank goodness. Bossman manages to take Rock's head to the ringpost. Bossman under the ring - breaks a broom over his back. There's a chain.


Head to the commentary table is blocked - Bossman hits it nice, though. There's a pitcher of ice water. Rock with the broomstick to the exposed crotch. Rock procures a camera, takes some snaps, then - well, that was an expensive camera, just as well. Bossman manages to take Rock into the STEEL steps. Bossman has the top half of the steps - but Rock has a chair - Bossman falls under the steps - Rock whacking them with the chair. Rock with referee "Blind" Earl Hebner's belt - whip! Whip! Whip! Whip! We're going up the ramp - Rock Bottom on the ramp! Cover - but PRINCE ALBERT is out. Albert actually takes him INTO THE RING? That's not very hardcore! Albert slides a chair into the ring. Now another. Bossman holding the Rock - now this NEVER works - sure enough, Bossman feels the STEEL. Rock with the other chair, to the chair to Albert's cranium. Time now for the People's Elbow. 1, 2, Albert elbows - Bossman. Rock punching Albert - over the top rope and he almost KILLS himself with the wreckage ust outside the ring. Sidewalk slam from the Bossman! 1, 2, 3!!!!! (4:42) Rock has the nightstick, and there's the Bossman out. Outside, monitor to Albert's head! Now back in the ring and wailing away on a bloodied Bossman with the chain. Referee "Blind" Mike Chioda is out - Rock Bottom! TOM PRITCHARD is out - Rock Bottom for him! Back to the chain - back to Bossman, and back to a bloodied Prince Albert. The rest of the referees and officials are out - geez, Rock's a really poor loser, isn't he? Rock still taking it to Albert and Bossman - chain shot for SLAUGHTER! Rock still all over Prince Albert - geez, if I didn't know better....Rock with the chair to Bossman and Albert - there's the credits - are we planting the seeds for a heel turn?

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