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/19 January 2000

WCW Thunder by mdb





New stuff:

Reports say Busch put Sullivan back in charge because he knew no one else who could do the job. If anyone knows him or his boss Mr. Siegel let me know. I'd do it for free for a month just to prove I could book circles around Sullivan and Russo. (Yeah I know everyone says the same thing, only in my case it's true.)

Ask yourself a question: What if this is a work. What if? Could Russo be that smart? Could they pull it off so well? Kneejerk reaction is of course not, but what if? With 3 months to plan the whole thing, to have seen the fruits the Montreal screwjob had for the WWF first hand, to plan the lame Starrcade screwjob just to throw off the scent of this screwjob swerve... People say Russo cares too much about the smarts. Can you think of anything better to get to us than putting the gold around Benoit's waist for 12 hours? In a short span Nash reportedly gets a concussion from a Funk punch, Bret steps down from one that he got at Starrcade, Jarrett gets one on a splash from a cage? (For the true lovers of conspiracy, plots, and swerves, how much do we really know about Goldberg's injury - I don't think that one's fake [I really don't think any of this is a work] but then again...) Russo decides to put the belt on Tank Abbott? Wheel of Fortune booking - Russo's always said that Starrcade was the turning point where all the pieces would be in place. Look back at the events of the last month. When's the last time you really thought about Malenko or Eddy or Kidman's career? What's the best way to create giant intrest in a half dozen wrestlers at once? What if this group comes back 'against' the real WCW management in the coming weeks? You take the nWo invasion, the Madison Square Garden Clique shoot, the Montreal screwjob and roll it into one and you'd have the current WCW situation. What if?

Re: Russo's plan for Tank Abbott winning the world title in a battle royal at Souled Out, being recruited by the nWo only to turn them down and then lose the title to someone from the order - I think it's a great, classic, near-perfect angle. The only real flaw is that it's something you do with the US or (R.I.P) TV title, not the world belt. Make the angle about a vacant US title and I'd admit it's a pretty good angle (not that Tank deserves any good angles or TV time in general)

Let me say something I don't think I've seen anywhere else on the Net. WCW does not need Benoit. Somewhat more obvious, they don't need Malenko, Douglas, Saturn, Konnan, Eddy, Vampiro, Psicosis, Juvy, Rey Misterio, or any of the others listed. Sure they are better off with them than without (though only barely as they haven't had a clue about to get them over and keep them over) but WCW doesn't need them. WCW really only needs about three people for the next few years. Goldberg's one of them. The other two can be a pick from Sting, Hart, Flair, Hogan, the criminally underpushed Booker. (If you could get Vader back from Japan to be his old monster heel self against Goldberg, I think that could work) People forget, Bret Hart left the WWF and everyone said, gee that's a thin main event squad, HBK, Austin, UT. Then HBK was out and things looked worse but Kane got the slot for some main events. Kane and UT played out and the Rock and Foley filled in. A year ago if you said Austin would be out for months everyone would assume the WWF would sink like a rock (no pun) but these days 3H has the slot Austin left and the Rattlesnake is now a fading memory. Three guys is all you need to have a hot promotion and I don't think either crew at WCW could get Benoit into a postion to carry the company, let alone any of the guys who had less talent.

That said, I have little good to say about Sullivan except I like having less crap TV and more wrestling on the shows. Not that that will result in anything other than lower ratings as more people like sitcoms than wrestling.

It's been a strange week, hasn't it?

I get emails! Last week I pondered on the name for zen questions designed to clear the mind. Several were kind enough to send in a reply that the word was "koan." Thanks to all of you. Of course, all of you are wrontg. I went to Drew's Script-o-rama for TV (http://www.script-o-rama.com/tv/tvscript.shtml) which pointed me to The simpsons Archive (http://www.snpp.com/episodes.html) where I find the correct answer from episode 7F08 Dead Putting Society is: a 3000 year old question with no answer. I'll also make note that Lisa starts the meditation process by telling Bart "I want you to shut off the logical part of your mind." <Insert your fav Russo/WCW/prowrestling booking joke here>

I get emails! I also promised to plug Tanvir Raquib's Worldwide reports right here on CRZ's fabulous site. Go read last week's found right here. Be sure to look for next week's report somewhere over there. (ha!) Tanvir was kind enough to write me words of encouragement. One thing though, he also told me:

I like your style even though you dont do alot of play by play (more summarizing), which is totally cool. (hey Keith does it as well!) Anyways, good luck on improving your writing style, I know I'm trying to as well!

Well as far as play by play goes you'll probably not think much of this week's report. Maybe next week! But really, it's an easy thing to say when the show you're recapping is lucky to have 3 minutes of original play by playable footage, isn't it? As for "good luck on improving your writing style." What the hell is that supposed to mean? This is (or at least was last week) the best damn Thunder! report anywhere. Period. Exclamation point. Even if CRZ won't admit it on the front page. (What's the matter, afraid the table will be too wide for small browsers?)

Speaking of Worldwide, shout out to rspw alum and fellow Worldwide Cult (as I recall) member The Cubs Fan.

One more. I get lots and lots of email! John_R._Nieminski@ff wrote to say:

Oh boy, another biased CRZ follower. Hurry along now, don't lose the flock!

For the record, CRZ and I differ on many things. For example, in CRZ's latest Raw report he writes "Big Show is THIS close to 'my man' status! " Granted, I'm more likely to think favorably of Big Show (w/ John Boy and Billy) when he's not wrestling than when he is, but I'd never go so far as being anywhere near "my man" status. My eyes were opened the night at Fall Brawl that he let Norton do everything impressive and then took the win with a weak chokeslam. The only thing I take from CRZ is the basic layout of show reports and his lead in making show reports highly detailed with play by play and transcriptions. (Well, I failed to carry through this week, but in a general sense... It wasn't my fault this week's report sucked! Really!)

Ok, on with the show. (For those of you who have already read the results, I didn't add anything. It'd take too much time I don't have to get them in, there'd be too much you'd have to reread to get to the new stuff, and it was a pretty lousy show anyway. So I'm giving it a miss this week and will rededicate myself for next week. [I hope I don't get fired!])

(And I pride myself that inspite of everything, it's still better than Scott Keith's.)

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