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/22 March 2000

WCW Thunder by mdb




Yeah, I know, I know.

Second best yadda yadda...

Taped 3-21, O Arena, Orlando, Tenay, Heenan... Let's watch some wrestling, gang!

Show opens with a recap of Sid's shocking heel turn last Nitro, and by "shocking" I mean "incomprehensible and poorly booked." Personally, I had Hogan go heel in my fantasy booking. said in their Thunder preview "Jeff Jarrett may have failed to win the World Title, but he has succeeded in corrupting the philosophies of Sid Vicious and robbing fans of one of their most beloved heroes." I wish I could write comedy like that.

Speaking of, I was saddened to see it reported on some major wrestling news websites that the Favorite Match Polls on are rigged. People would vote for Vampiro matches and see that tally stay the same while the number of votes for Hogan matches would go up. Of course, I went to check this out for myself and while I won't name the wrestling websites, I will say that I wrote emails to point out to Mr. Keller and Mr. Metzler that the poll has a clear note stating "Our votes are tallied as a timed event rather than activated by the casting of an individual vote. This means that an individual vote may take up to 30 seconds to appear in the tally." Which doesn't prove they aren't rigged, but might still explain why the change in results don't directly reflect the votes people make. As of this writing, I've not seen either site mention this, but then I guess corrections and retractions aren't as much fun as allegations and outrage. Hurray for investigative journalism.

FIRST MATCH (aka It's Only Just Begun) - TANK ABBOT vs. FIT FINLAY

Tank to the ring as we see footage of him at Uncensored vs. Dillinger and at Nitro against the Barbarian. Tank on the mic! WCW has been pussyfooting around. He wants some real competition. Are we supposed to have forgotten his match against Sid? Fit answers the open mic challenge. Footage of Fit vs. Vamp at Uncensored and La Parka at Nitro. Tank starts with punches and elbows, Fit takes control. The two roll around on the ring for a bit. Fit with forearms on Tank, now a headlock. 'No one's ever done so good against Tank.' Hand of Stone to the chest of Fit, well, doesn't quite knock him out. Meanwhile Meng's music plays and there's the Tongan Monster now. Tank over to challenge Meng, Fit knocks Tank out of the ring. Meng and Tank start to brawling. Bell rings. Match is over. Security do the keep 'em separated thing with Meng and Tank.

NO CONTEST (Under 2) ~?~?1/2

Let's go to footage backstage of Sid and Hogan brawling. Hogan with punches on the world champ, weak slam of Sid onto a table, more punches by Hulk. Cameraman falls down and goes to black.

Back to the ring, Gene interviews Fit. Tank is green, he doesn't belong in WCW and Fit's going to beat some respect into him. Translation: "I'm going to job to Tank for the next month until WCW figures out what to do with him." Then down the aisle comes Hogan and Sid, still a-brawlin'. Hogan whips Sid into the unsafety rail a few times. Sid escapes into the ring where Fit and Gene are still hanging out. Fit shoves Sid, Sid chokeslams Fit. Sid grabs Gene by the tie and threatens to break his neck. Sid explains the heel turn. "The voices, they won't leave me alone. I keep hearing the voices, the voices saying, 'softball season...softball season...' " Look out, he's got a squeegee!

Ok, here's what really happened. He said he's had the company on his back since day one. Video is played of Sid and Hogan from Uncensored and the press conference and Nitro. Sid doesn't like Hogan showboating. Hogan was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Hogan on the mic challenges Sid any place anytime. Of course that place and time isn't here or now. (Gene, btw, is in such mortal danger that even when he pulls his tie loose, he stays in the ring, Sid puts a hand on Gene's shoulder and Gene is so paralyzed with fear he basically just stands there.) Remember when Mr. Wonderful Orndorff turned on Hogan? That was pretty cool. And Andre's turn was one of the biggest angles of the 80s. I'm sure critics will agree that this angle with Sid ranks right up there

I think we get the "Wrong place, wrong time" catchphrase five times this segment. I'm sure I'll not be the only thinking, what is the right place right time? UPN Thursdays at 8? TNN Fridays at 8? USA Mondays at 9?

Oh boy! All night we get reactions to Sid's turn! First up is Bagwell. What does Buff think about the Sid turn? Well, you never turn your back on your tag partner. And he should have beaten up Jeff instead of leaving him in the ring Monday night.

Cut to nWo in their locker watching the monitor. 'What a kissup.' 'He sucks.' (You can't say sucks on TBS!) 'What a loser.' Hmmm, Buff mentions tag partners and Jeff and then they cut to a shot with Scott Steiner and Jarrett. It's almost like someone has put some thought into this! -break-

As we come back, Sid talks to WCW security. It's still the wrong place and time or something. January 16, 2000 in Cincinnati, OH was the right place and time if you ask me.

Gene's with Dustin. He's mad that Hogan interfered in his beatdown of Hennig on Nitro so tonight Hogan will bite the dust. Hogan's a vampire! He's a disease and Dustin's the cure!

Cut to Hogan with Jimmy Hart. 'What's going on? They're coming out of the woodwork.' Hogan, remember beating up Dustin on Monday? Jimmy theorizes everyone is jealous.

JUNG DRAGONS vs. 3 COUNT - Hey alright. Three Count already in the ring 'singing' and 'dancing.' Helms and Kato compare masks. Dragons broke Helms's nose, right? Helms tries a kick but gets caught by the ninja master. Spun around into a headlock, into the ropes, shoulderblock puts Helms down. Flying head scissors sends Helms out of the ring. Kato going for most likely a tope of some sort but Moore jumps in and hits a leg lariat to stop that. Yang dropkicks Moore out of the ring in retaliation. Evan hits a crossbody on Yang, only to receive a missile dropkick to the back from Kaz. Triple somersault planchas by Dragons on 3 Count. Cool! Back in the ring Helms superkicks Kato, haikiba! Moore misses a twisting moonsault on the prone Kato.

Tag to Kaz. Leg lariat takes Moore down. Moore comes back with a knee to the gut, punches, tag to Evan, double team on Kaz in the corner as Evan distracts the ref by attacking the two Dragons on the apron. Helms suplexes Kaz onto Moore's knee for a backbreaker then Evan does an atomic dropish move with Yang, using Yang's leg to deliver a vegomatic legdrop on Kaz. Supercool! Kaz into a corner, Evan charges in but is met by a double boot to the chest. Kaz attacks but Evan lifts him into a press and drops him face first. Evan does a little dance, chop on Kaz, Victory roll attempt ends up with a backdrop flapjack.

Tags for each team, Yang with the Shaolin thrusts on Moore and Helms. Turn into a dragon and bite his head off! Wait, that was a video game. Evan has Yang in a full nelson but Yang is able to thwart 3 Count's attacks, kicking Helms, backdropping Moore, back elbow on Evan and Koregous gets tossed from the ring. Meanwhile a charging Kaz gets droptoeholded out of the ring by Helms who then attacks Yang from behind with a forearm. Evan powerslams Kato on the mat outside the ring. Helms works over Yang, Yang with a comeback, flying kick on Helms. Full point. But Moore attacks from behind, huricarana on Yang, decent frog splash by Moore (A D'Lo Brownish one, not the swank Eddy style.) and 3 Count gets the 3 Count.

The music plays, the green circles are set up, but before the party can begin the Dragons hit stereo (trio-eo?) dropkicks from behind sending 3 Count out of the ring. And now the Dragons are stealing the green circles! Ha! If anyone at WCW has half a brain we'll next see those circles painted red.

WINNERS OF THE MATCH: 3 Count (Moore pins Yang at 3:31) ~!~!~!1/2

That was fun, wasn't it? Cut to Gene who interviews Hard Knox Holly, I mean Candido. He thinks WCW should hand him the cruiser title but instead he has to wrestle Chavo to get to Prince. Story of his life, it's always been hard for him. Like the time he was wrestling in Japan against Thesz and Gotch in a handicap match and - Gene cuts him off and says the story can't be true. Candido replies he's not stretching the truth but he will stretch Chavo. - break-

We're back with Hugh's thoughts on Sid's turn. Sid's looking out for himself and Hugh found out that nice guys finish last so he thinks Sid made the right decision.

#1 CONTENDER MATCH - CHAVO GUERRERO, JR. vs. HARD KNOX CANDIDO - Footage from Candido's debut win on Nitro over Lash. Now here's Chavo. Shot from Prince's dressing room, Paisley decides to leave. Lockup, Candido with the go-behind, standing switch, Candido with a take-down, (two points!) Chavo escapes, to the ropes, clothesline ducked, Chris with a sidesuplex? No, Chavo gets a headlock on. "Scoop" Tenay tells us that Hogan has agreed to a match against Dustin tonight. So Sid goes free but Hogan will wrestle Rhodes. Chris with shoulderblocks to the midsection of Chavo as Paisley has arrived to ringside. She joins the announcers and says the same stuff she did Monday. OH MAN did Chris just do a sweet looking bump, Chavo was in the corner, Chris ran in but Chavo backbodydropped him over the top rope and Candido dropped out of sight face first to the floor below. Reverse camera angle probably wouldn't have looked as cool but what the hey. Chavo with a plancha from top rope to the floor. Latino uppercuts on Candido but Chris hits a uranagebuster (uranage hold, pivot, 180 spin, slam). 2 count twice. Suplex by Candido, Chavo held vertical a long time. 1, 2. Chop, punch, Chavo fights back but gets the worse of it. Punches exchanged again, Chavo gets the better this time. Spineslam (it's not a buster without the pivot) by Chavo, now a floatover DDT, sorta. Paisley to the apron, Chavo argues with her, Candido rollup form behind for two, powerslam on Chavo, to the top rope, Artist is out to shove Candido down. Artist of the top rope coming nowhere near with the jumping DDT, that Chris has to sell anyway. How do you screw up a move where you jump three feet at a guy who's standing there waiting? Postmatch Candido attacks Chavo with a slam and a swandive headbutt.


In the back Miss Hancock lets down her hair. 'They drive me wild.' "Scoop" Tenay wonders who she's talking about. It can't be Los Fabulosos. C'mon Mike, Silver King is the Mack Daddy! (which I guess makes El Dandy the Daddy Mack.) -break-

We're back. In the nWo room Scott Steiner warms up by benchpressing silicone implants.

XS (LANE & RAVE) vs. LOS FABULOSOS (w/ MISS HANCOCK) - See, before you could be clever and have a sign saying "Lodi is my Idol." Then there was the name change but you could be even more clever and make a sign saying "Idol is my Lodi." Now we're stuck with "Rave is my Evar" and I just don't know what to make of that. No word either on who Enal is or why Lenny would pick a pseudonym to honor him. Los Fabulosos are Latin America's most desirable men, you know. Miss Hancock says Los Fabulosos will make the ladies squirm, squeal and do things you've never done before. Dandy and King have new outfits, fullbody suits not unlike something say Psicosis might wear. Silver King's suit is silver, Dandy's is gold and I'm so impressed WCW didn't give Silver King the wrong color suit.

Match starts with Lodi attacking Dandy and Lane hiptossing King out of the ring. Doubleteam on Dandy, to the corner, Idol with a back elbow, Lane springboards off Rave's back and hits the sideleg but ends up out of the ring. Lodi hits a bulldog on Dandy off the top rope, snapmare. Tag to Lane, punch to the stomach by Lane and Lodi hits the high knee lift, shades of the Midnight Express. Some might be interested that Miss Hancock joins the announcers to put over her team. WCW certainly thinks so as we get more shots of her standing at the announcer's table than of the match. Silver King hits a five-star spinning DDT. Dandy gets the 2 before Idol makes the save. More doubleteam action as we get the Fabuloso double leap frog, droptoehold, midheight superkick combo. "Power Rangers" chant by the crowd. Lane counters a victory roll attempt by Dandy into a face first slam, Rave comes along to add a legdrop to the back of Dandy's neck. Count broken up by King, hotshot on Lane, airplane spin, elbow drop, La Magistra cradle for 3! Miss Hancock in the ring to dance with her men.

I don't mind the added heat for Los Fabulosos but shouldn't the joke be they Just think they're hot but they're really not? Though I guess 3 Count has that one already covered. Besides who would believe Silver King couldn't steal your girl? I guess WCW knows what they are doing.

WINNERS OF THE MATCH: Latin America's Most Desirable Men Los Fabulosos (Dandy pins Lane at 2:36) ~!~!1/2

Steiner is out of the nWo lockerroom with three of the nWo girls who admire his muscles. -break-

We're back with Disco on the phone ordering a pizza. He uses Vito's name (LaGrosso for the curious). The Lukes are upset that Disco hasn't gotten them a return match for the tag titles against the Harris Brothers. He should have had it done two weeks ago. Of course, they only lost the titles 3 days ago, but what can you do? The Lukes have booked their manager a match against Vampiro tonight. Meanwhile they'll be out with some goombah girls who will bathe them and take care of them and do all the good things that Disco can't do for them. Hey Mamalukes, you just lost the tag titles to the Harris Brothers. What are you going to do now? We're going to Disneyland! World. Whatever. Break his thumbs! We're Paisans, not Mamalukes!

CHUCK PALUMBO vs. SCOTT STEINER - Scott lets the ladies stay at ringside, so he's a face? Superman logo on Steiner's tights. Remember when Palumbo had his own TV show solving mysteries? Yeah, that's a very poor and obvious joke. But I don't roll up woolies so I can't go that route. Think I'm doing play by play for a jobber match? Guess again. Chuck does hit a nice superkick followed by a shouldertackle from the toprope that'd turn Kane green with envy. If Steiner stays healthy, I wouldn't be surprised to see him with the world title by the end of the year. Heenan displays that long term memory by bring up the Psycho Scott stuff from years gone by. Chuck also gets a good dropkick in. If he had a better look Chuck might make something of himself a few years from now. Steiner recliner is an awful finisher.

WINNER OF THE MATCH: Scott Steiner (4:00) ~!1/2

In the back, Disco's getting ready to face Vampiro who's also getting ready.

Hennig's take on Sid's turn. WCW used to be big enough for guys like Sid and Hogan but not any more. I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere. -break-

Ready to Rumble ad. The movie Vince McMahon doesn't want you to see!

DISCO INFERNO vs. VAMPIRO - Disco on the mic. He's a manager, he's big money, he's not a wrestler. Tenay quips, "I've been saying that for years." Footage of Vampiro from Uncensored. Critics complain about all of the jobs Vampiro's been doing, gas face given, I beg to differ. Vampiro has been elevated because even though he's lost the matches, he's been booked as the guy who *should* have won the matches. You don't push a guy by just having everyone job to him. I remind everyone that Jericho's star turn in WCW years ago started out as a streak of losing matches to big names. I remind WCW of what happened when you put a ceiling on Jericho.

Match begins, Disco, already on the floor after complaining to the announcers about being forced into the match, pulls Vampiro out of the ring. Vamp hits a chop and tosses Disco onto the announcer's table. Tenay and Heenan scatter. Vampiro beats Disco up, punch, slam on the desk, toss into the unsafety rail. Back in the ring, Vampiro with a kick to Disco's leg, to the side, reverse heel thrust sends Disco to the mat. Stomp on the head, ouch! Chop (whoo!) Hey, no commentary. I like this. It's like that silent football game telecast they did a few - oh they're back. Ligerbomb, er, no, more just a toss powerbomb by Vampiro.

Telegraphed backdrop, Disco throws Vamp down by the dreads, clothesline that Vamp sells with a twist, stomps in the corner puts him down. Toss to the other corner, and back, and a third whip, and a fourth. Italian legsweep, Vamp kicks out at 2.5. Inverted atomic drop, swinging neckbreaker combo, another 2.5. Announcers talk about Vamp liking pain. Sweet lovely death, I am waiting for your breath, come sweet death, one last caress. Vamp dumped to the floor, Disco follows to put him back in the ring. Backbody drop attempt sees Vamp leapfrog, Vamp kicks, Disco grabs the leg, Vamp hits his gymkata-enzuigiri. Kick to the stomach by Vamp, whip to the corner, clothesline followup, whip to the opposite corner, coming in Vamp catches a back elbow.

Disco's axehandle attempt is caught and countered with a uranage, the First Nail in the Coffin. 2.8 count, Vampiro to the top for a spinkick, the Final Nail in the Coffin. Before anything else, Team Package hits the ring. Luger first with punches and kicks. Liz with the paintbrush slap. Sting hits the ring and Team Package heads out. Team Package is sporting their beach gear for those wondering. Tenay rattles on about brothers in paint which always brings to my mind fond memories of the Road Warriors in their prime punking out Sting because Dusty Rhodes was off doing a charity event and couldn't make a match against the Varsity Club.

WINNER OF THE MATCH: Vampiro (4:34) ~!~!3/4

Gene interviews the Cat. He's now got Virgil Vince Shane Curly Bill Mike Jones in his corner to be his lackey. Miller should be Jones' lackey, ya ask me. He'll fight the Dogg tonight, do what he has to do, and then get the hell out of town. -break-

We're back with Gene interviewing US Champ Jeff Jarrett. Tonight Jeff will cuff Buff, stuff Buff (say what?) and then Buff will have had enough, choke on it, slapnut. Is Jeff still chosen?

THE CATT (w/ Mike Jones) vs. THE DOGG (w/Brian Knobbs) - I refuse to play along. Tain't funny, McGee. Knobbs whips the Dogg with the chain. Someone call PETA! Cat on the mic, 'Leave your love affair at home you perverts.' Funny thing happened during this match. My cable went out just as the match started and didn't come back until the Cat pinned the Dogg. Too bad, I'm sure it was a **** classic.

WINNER OF THE MATCH: The Cat (3:05) ~?~?~?~?

Tank tells us why Sid turned, 'Simple, you can't beat 'em, join them.' If ANYONE has a clue please let me know. -break-

Knobbs discovers the Dogg has made a mess of Knobbs' stuff. Hey at least he's housebroken!

Gene interviews Smiley. He's being attacked by ruffians and hooligans. He needs someone to watch his back. How about J Biggs? I think Norman and Ahmed would be a great team! (I know I shouldn't joke like that.)

SPECIAL MAIN EVENT MATCH - THE DEMON vs. HUGH MORRUS - You know I've blown off play by play for two matches so far and I think I like it. Hugh with forearms and punches and kicks. Clothesline. Ministry of Funny Walks elbow drop. Demon's attempts to clothesline and shoulderblock Hugh don't work but the enzuigiri does. Spinning backelbow does as well. Spineslam by Hugh leads to No Laughing Matter.

WINNER OF THE MATCH: Hugh Morrus (2:44) ~!1/2

Knobbs is taking the Dogg for a ride, he puts Greene into the car and drives off. Dogg hangs out the window with tongue dangling.

Gene interviews the controversial door of Sid Vicious. Stick around and maybe later Gene will talk to Sid and ask him why he threatened his life earlier in the show!

Kidcam gives us a different view of Buff's interview from earlier. After Buff delivers the lines we saw earlier, he hits on the lady reporter. 'What are you doing after the show.' 'Not you.' I don't suppose there's any point in asking what happened to nWo girl #4? -break-

Gene breaks into Sid's lockerroom. Sid's not there. You waited for a commercial break for that? Sucker!

Special vid package of the Wall getting over by other people's bumping.

Gene interviews Hogan. Say what you will about the Yapaparapapa Strapapapa Match interviews, they were fun, what with the talk of strap action and such. This is the same generic Hogan spiel he's been doing for almost 20 years now.

There's Buff walking. And there's Jeff talking to Harris #2. US title match next. -break-

We are back with Knobbs out in the middle of nowhere. 'So long you mutt.' He drives off leaving behind the Dogg and the cameraman. The Dogg howls at the moon. Nice knowing ya, Al Greene! Nice not knowing ya, Mr. Cameraman!

I'm sure WCW management is surprised and at a loss to explain why the Dogg didn't get over with the fans. Then again how do we know this isn't just the start of some new nonsense?

Maybe he'll go to the WWF who could get the gimmick over. You start with him humping the legs of refs, then you take him to the vet to get neutered. Then you find a girl for him to fall in love with and film corny skits "The Dogg and his Bitch" where they do things like share a plate of spaghetti in a back alley behind a restaurant. Actually, I just described the Mark Henry/Mae Young angle didn't I?

U.S. TITLE MATCH - BUFF BAGWELL vs. JEFF JARRETT - Jeff tries the blindside but Buff ducks and hits a punch or two. Shoulderblock sends Jeff to the canvas, Jeff back up, some more ducking and running, Buff hits a kick to the midsection, swinging neckbreaker that's actually decent, not one of his usual world's worst variety. Buff strut lets Jeff take over with punches and kicks. Backelbow and Vaderbomb gets a two count. Here are the Harris Boys and that's it for play by play from me in this match. Tenay complains no one can take on three of the nWo. No sir, not Buff, not Hogan, not Sting, not Goldberg. Hennig comes out and Tenay says that Hennig's presence evens things up. Well yeah, I suppose one Hennig does equal two Harris Brothers. But then Jeff Jarrett > Buff Bagwell these days, though I guess if Hennig > Harris Brothers. Where's my calculator? This is all filler till the screwjob finish. Buff hits the blockbuster but Steiner rushes the ring and hits a Steinerline. Then they go to work on Hennig and his broken wing. Tenay gives us a JResque "Damn the New World Order!" The timekeeper rings the bell 207 times in under a minute. Scott pulls off the cast and then rams it on the turn buckle. Jeff with a guitar shot on Curt, Ker-blam! Brain calls Mike "Slap announcer."


Cut to Hogan talking to Jimmy Hart. He tells Hart to get out of the red and yellow, put on a business suit, and get the contract for the match against Sid. Dozens of internet smarts pop when Hogan drops the name of Bill Busch who resigned about 5 hours earlier this day. Ah, the dangers of taping. -break-

For those who haven't heard Eric Bischoff is back as Vice president of WCW. Call me old school, but I wouldn't mind hearing Eric B. is President. While I'm on it, I can't wait to have Goldberg and Bret Hart back in action and Paid in Full. (C'mon on, I know at least ONE of you out there knows what I'm talking about.)

We're back. Tenay plugs the WCW magazine with Kevin Nash (who?) on the cover and a Torrie Wilson centerfold in the center. Too bad about the staples. Speaking of magazines, this month's Cosmo has a blurb on the cover for an article "How to Touch a Naked Man." That might not have anything to do with wrestling, but I thought you might like to know. Actually, it might have something to do with wrestling, but let's not think about that.

THE MAIN EVENT - THE AMERICAN NIGHTMARE DUSTIN RHODES vs. THE WRESTLING NIGHTMARE HULK HOGAN - Footage of Rhodes vs. Funk at Uncensored and then the Hogan/Rhodes stuff from Nitro. Rhodes on offense to start. Idiots in the crowd chant Hogan. If you've ever seen a Hogan match, you've seen this one. Hogan hits a few punches, Dustin takes back over. To the floor, Hogan's head rammed into the steps, Dustin throws Hogan on the announcer's table, Hogan lands on the floor behind the desk, Dustin with shots to the forehead, Dustin pulls Hogan by (what's left of) his hair. Hogan however has a foot tangled in some wires so he sits down on one of the announcers chairs and unwraps the wire from his foot. Dustin with the presence of mind to throw some punches to cover. Back in the ring Dustin applies a reverse chinlock. Tenay says it's like a Warzone here on Thunder. *sigh* It's just too easy. FFwd>> Hogan does the Yavaipa War Dance, Rhodes avoids the big boot and hits a lariat, Dustin hits Hogan with the cowbell, there's one for ref Patrick! Dustin driving the cowbell into Hogan. My hero! Patrick on the mic, 'I won't dq you, you've got a 10 count to get back in the ring or I'll fine you and suspend you. So of course Dustin is back in for the boot and legdrop and pin and I think they should have saved this for Spring Stampede.

WINNER OF THE MAIN EVENT: Hulk Hogan (7:46) ~!1/4

In the back Sid chokeslam's Hogan's Jimmy through a table. Jimmy either didn't change into the buisness suit as hogan asked, or he did and then went back to the tacky jacket. Sid leaves the contract on the corpse of Hart. Hogan rushes to check on his long time friend. From behind Sid hits Hogan with a chair shot. Wrong place, wrong time. End of show.

Well the show started off pretty well but just couldn't keep the level up.

3 Count vs. the Dragons worked in a limited sense, a series of good spots in a short match which is what is needed to get them over in the U.S. Kaz is the only one of the six I'd trust to give a 15 minute match to, Evan isn't that good, Helms and Moore are green indy spotmachines, and I don't know anything about the two new Dragons (aren't they Ultimo Dragon students?) but I think if you let them work some house shows together to get to know each other, you could put them on a PPV for 8-10 and have a solid opener.

Candido vs. Chavo was pretty solid, Chris is a veteran, Chavo has deserved the push since he was way over against evil Uncle Eddy. Lots of smarts whine about Candido jobbing already. The guy is a hard luck case. All the breaks go against him. Get it? People read it's a cruiserweight bully gimmick and everyone wants a mini-Goldberg (which if they got, they'd complain about just as much if not more.) Chavo over Candido by Prince interference is good booking. It keeps Chavo in the game. Heck, if Chavo wins the belt and feuds with Candido over it and the Prince fades away, that's really good booking. The match tonight had the unfortunate screwjob ending, that's the way American wrestling is these days, but the two can wrestle and I think I'd dig either as cruiser champ (I *know* I'd like to see Chavo with the belt) with more time for more matches against each other.

Los Fabulosos and Lane and Idol however could certainly deliver more than the by the numbers sub-3 minute match we got tonight. Vampiro always works stiff so he matches tend to be rather watchable and Disco hit all the moves he knows how to do well, but there really wasn't much to their match. All the rest was bad to unnecessary.

Nice to see WCW's undercard rebuilding, though it'll probably never be like it once was.

See you next week! Don't forget the Oscars where Piper gets the lifetime achievement award!

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