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/29 November 2000

WCW Thunder by E.C. Ostermeyer




This is the WCW Thunder report for Wednesday, 29 November 2000, and I'm your (very own) E.C. Ostermeyer.
For two hours of this, at least.

Footage of last Monday's Nitro.

Opening Credits.

Your announcers are Mike Tenay, Tony, and Mark.

Opening bars of the "2001: a Space Odyssey" are heard as ol' Naitch himself ambles down to the ring.
If you will recall, WCW tapes the Thunder matches AFTER the Nitro shows in front of the Nitro crowd. These Rockford, IL folks have already had 2 hours plus of wrestling, and are looking at 2 hours more. Even so, the crowd gives a HUGE pop as the WCW CEO climbs into the squared circle.
We get the usual inane commentary from Mark Madden, only this time, he's shilling for the upcoming Starrcade PPV, and what a great tradition of outstanding matches could be found therein.
Uhh, Madden, didn't the last Starrcade stink?
And the one before it, as well?
Not much of a tradition, is it, round boy?
Flair says that WCW is on the rise again, and that Scott Steiner, as the World Champ, is The Man who will take the company right to the top.
Flair then books Steiner in a match against his ol' NWO buddy, Buff Bagwell.
Flair also decrees that Steiner's opponent at Starrcade will be none other than Sid Vicious. Sid's music plays, and out comes the big man.
The crowd gives Mr. Vicious a good pop as well.
Mr. Vicious procures a microphone and we fans learn that:

1. He's been at home, all out of sorts since Vince Russo stripped him of the World Title last April 10th.
2. However, since others who stayed in WCW have been standing up to Russo et al, notably Rection and Booker T, Sid wanted to get back into the company, but couldn't as long as Russo was in charge.
3. With Ric Flair becoming CEO, Sid got a call from the nature Boy telling him to c'mon back and take his title back from Scott Steiner.
4. Scott Steiner was a foul-mouth, and not a good role model for little kids, and therefore not fit to wear Sid's Title belt.
5. Evoking the shades of Orville and Wilbur Wright for some reason, Sid said that he would regain his title at Starrcade.


Pamela Paulshock is looking particularly lovely tonight.
And particularly pneumatic as well.
Pam could give Torrie Wilson some competition in the pulchritude department, even though Pam's nearly a head shorter.
Pam's interviewing Torrie and Torrie's trained primate, Shane Douglas.
Douglas says that there is more to life than just punching holes in The Cat and Ms. Jones.
Douglas has a taste for gold, and General Rection's got the US Title belt that he wants. After the US Title, it's on to the World Title for the Franchise.
Torrie infers that Pamela is just jealous of her, says "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful..." then walks off.
Ms. Paulshock: "Oh PLEASE, like I'D be jealous of her...!"

Back to ringside, as Team Canada comes down the ramp.
Tylene "Major Gunns" Buck is adding additional hip action to get additional "crowd" reaction.
Lance Storm wants to be serious for a moment. Has this guy EVER smiled in his life?
Team Canada's loss earlier on Nitro was due to poor teamwork, but he's been assured by a certain teammate... (Hacksaw Jim Duggan? Madden seems to think so.)... that it will NOT happen again. Duggan, meanwhile, is strutting around the ring, brandishing his 2x4 and hollering "Ho-o-o-o-o-o!" at odd intervals.
We get about four bars into the Canadian National Anthem before the music changes to that dumb ass fake oriental music that WCW plays whenever the Jung Dragons, (or ANY Asian wrestler for that matter) comes to the ring.

Match #1: The Jung Dragons (w/Leia Meow, but without Kaz's facial foliage) d. Team Canada (w/ loads of abdominal tape, Major Gunns & Hacksaw Jim Duggan as "Gabby Hayes.") (Tidal Wave double-team by Yang & Kaz Hayashi on Skipper/Kaz w/ pin, 5:53)

Great curtain-jerker from two of the best tag-teams in WCW. Action starts with Prime Time Elix Skipper and Yun Yang, as footage from Nitro shows Storm jobbing to Yun Yang in a wild, whiz-bang match.

Cross-ring action ends with Elix trying a leapfrog that gets caught, and ol' PT gets the wrong end of a nasty powerbomb. Bridge to a cover by Yang, 1,2, PT kicks out. Pt goes for an armbar, then rolls Yang into a cover,1,2, Yang kicks out. Front facelock by Yang gets reversed into a wristlock by PT. Cross-corner whip by PT gets countered by Yang, who rebounds, then scales the ropes and does a leaping sidekick to PT's noggin.
This brings in Lance Storm, who runs right into a spinning heel kick from Yang. Storm bails out, holding his ribs. A clean-shaven Kaz Hayashi's in the ring with Yang, and they are both doing a passable facial imitation of Lance Storm, much to the delight of the crowd.
PT takes umbrage and charges back into the ring, and right at Kaz, who steps to one side. PT charges past, right into the far turnbuckle stack. Kaz charges in, and rides a back body-drop to the outside of the ring. Kaz avoids a clothesline rush by PT, only to get a standing sidekick from Lance Storm, and he falls clumsily back in the ring. After a legdrop and a pin attempt by PT, Kaz gets sat on the top ropes. PT goes up top and does a nifty tightrope-balancing act for about a minute before monkey-flipping Kaz off the top rope to the canvas.
Running powerbomb attempt by PT gets countered by Kaz pushing off, then nailing a buzzsaw kick on PT that would make Yoshihiro Tajiri proud.
Kaz wins the race to tag, and Yang's a house afire with punches in bunches to PT's breadbasket. Cross ring whip by Yang, but PT ducks the clothesline with a bridge, then starts jawing with the crowd. Yang does a great mimic job behind PT's back, complete with appropriate gestures and grimaces. Yang then nails PT in the back with a double dropkick. Attempted roll-up by , Yang then nails PT in the back with a double dropkick. Attempted roll-up by Yang gets a mule kick in the ghoolies from PT, and a Victory Roll into a pin attempt. We get a Pier Six brawl for about a minute or so, which ends with a reversed mid-ring collision by PT and Storm. Kaz tosses Storm through the ropes, then goes up top. Storm crotches Kaz on the turnbuckles, and PT nails Yang with a back body drop. More Pier Six. Pin attempt by PT on Kaz gets broken up by Yang, who gets tossed out of the ring by Storm. Major Gunns spears Yang with the Canadian flag. Gunns gets swarmed by Leia Meow, and Storm's got the unenviable (?) task of separating the two wildcats. Meanwhile, ol' PT's getting' double-teamed to a fare-thee-well in the ring. Duggan tries to save the day, but The Cat does the run-in, levelling Duggan at ringside. Kaz and Yang do the Nova/Chetti "Tidal Wave" on PT, and Kaz gets the pin and the win.
Post-match, Madden's shrieking that it was Duggan's fault that Team Canada lost. This is reinforced by Lance Storm glaring at Duggan as Team Canada leaves the ring.

WCW Upcoming Events:

12/3 Kearney, NE (a freakin' WCW house show? I thought they were extinct!)
12/4 Lincoln, NE (Nitro)
12/11 Bossier City, LA (Nitro)
12/17 Washington, DC (Starrcade PPV)


Lance Storm and Duggan are arguing over who was supposed to have whose back during the last match. Duggan's using profanity? THAT'S new! Skipper's doubled over a chair, holding himself. Is that a bucket on the floor in front of him? Nice touch. "Thought you guys were gonna be there for me..." whines ol' Prime Time. "Aaaahh!" says Duggan disgustedly, and throws his 2x4 down with a clatter.

Mean Gene Okerlund's got the MIA's backstage, where the topic seems to be Shane Douglas wanting Rection's US Title. Rection takes umbrage at being referred to by Mr. Douglas as a "stepping stone." Sgt. A-Wall gets a chance to form whole sentences regarding a table match with Bam Bam Bigelow, and Lt. Loco tells Rection to send Franchise home in a bodybag.

Aw, for cryin' out loud...

Match #2 Lex Luger d. Norman Smiley ("Torture Rack" submission, 4:48)

Madden, taking inspiration from Flexy Lexy, claims to have lost three pounds. This week asks Schiavone? This month says Madden.
Smiley does a great job of carrying ol' Luger, just doing a wrestling clinic on the big lug. Luger works like an elderly horse, very slow and deliberate. He's breathing real hard after about two minutes. Smiley does his "Big Wiggle" and that "doin' it up the butt, and smackin' my bitch up" move on Luger that is both hilarious and appropriate. Smiley then allowed himself to be put in the Torture Rack, even hopping up to help Luger lift him, at one point. Smiley sells the Rack, just screaming his fool head off. Luger continues to Rack Smiley after the bell, to the booing of the crowd.
All this noise brings Bill Goldberg to the ring, and Luger escapes into the crowd.


Mean Gene again, this time with Bam Bam Bigelow.
A-Wall? Bad!
Table match with A-Wall? Good!

Backstage, Crowbar's getting a rubdown from Nitro Girls Chiquita and Baby, and can't believe his good fortune. Crowbar gets a package. Baby and Chiquita open it. It's a gold monkey wrench. (Wouldn't a gold crowbar be more fitting?) "Cool," says Crowbar. (To Chiquita): "Put it over there, would you?"

Ms. Paulshock's interviewing Reno. Vito's sister Marie is in attendance. She's fiddling with Reno's pigtail. Pam asks if Reno and Marie are an item? Marie looks incredulous, Reno looks outraged. "An ITEM? You ARE a true blonde, aren't you, Pam? Marie... is my sister! You're a sick girl, Pam..." and walks off.
"What?! But she's Vito's sister...that means that...!"
Pam looks so cute when she's puzzling something out, doesn't she?

Backstage, Brian Adams is doing some cold-calling. "If you want the best, you got to pay the price..."
Partner Bryan Clark arrives with a "done deal, all cash, all up front!"
Adams, grinning, picks up the phone.
"Uhhh, listen, we just became unavailable. Hahahaha. Sorry" [click].


Mean Gene's got Jeff Jarrett backstage (and this is the first time I've seen the "Iwatch" bug tonight. WCW's made it smaller and less obtrusive. Nice touch!)
He's grilling Jarrett about who his partners are going to be in his match with the Filthy Animals?
Jarrett cuts Okerlund off. "Tonight, the Filthy Animals are not gonna pull on me what they did on Monday night. Heavy D, Big Ron..."
And in walk the Harris Boys. Both are eating sandwiches.
First Luger and now this. My evening is complete.
"Yeah, " says Jarrett, "The Harris Boys. And believe me, I paid a steep price."
What, he bought 'em two Happy Meals instead of making them split just one?
The Harris Boys offer Mean Gene a bite.
Okerlund gags, then says NO thanks, he just had lunch.


"Nintendo Shock of the Week" time, as Nitro Girls Baby and Chae bring out the Nintendo game system and a "Banjo & Tooie" gamepak.

"Shock of the Week" is from Nitro, showing Chuck Palumbo walloping DDP with a steel chair, allowing Sean Stasiak to get the pin. As DDP writhes in pain, Nash stands over him looking puzzled and angry.

Baby and Chae present the Nintendo system and the Banjo & Tooie gamepak to a stunned, but happy lil' kid at ringside. Some guy's WWF shirt gets pixellated by the WCW post-production folks, who succeed in pixellating the Nintendo box as well.

Match #3: Crowbar (w/ '70's togs & monkey wrench) d. David Flair ("Mindbender" finisher w/ monkey wrench chaser/pin, 6:05) WCW Hardcore Title defense.

We get a recap of how Crowbar came to be in WCW, something about a Maryland gas station. Once again, trashcans o' doom are hangin' from the ringposts. We get the usual mayhem and carnage associated with a WCW Hardcore match. While this is going on, Mike, Mark and Tony run the litany of the Flair/Crowbar angles we've seen so far. To hear it all laid out by the likes of Mark Madden is just too embarrassing for words. Even referee Charles Robinson looks like he'd rather be anywhere but here. Action continues in and out of the ring, with Flair gutbusting Crowbar on a trash can, than locking on a Figure Four. Crowbar escapes through judicious application of a paint tray to Flair's noggin, then nails Flair with the Mindbender onto a trashcan. One wallop with the monkey wrench to make sure, and Crowbar goes for the pin.
Post-match, Stacy Keibler comes to the ring (Madden: "Snoochie boochies!") and checks on David Flair. Stacy's starting to show. David shoves her away.

"Hunt for Red October" movie promo.
I would say something about Alec Baldwin, but why bother?

Backstage, David Flair's being seen to by the trainer. Stacy Keibler's looking concerned.
"What are YOU doing here?" snarls Flair.
"Well, I was worried about you. Are you all right?"
"I'm HURT...but it is kinda nice to see ya..."
(suddenly concerned)"...How's the baby doin'?"
"Real good," says Stacy with a smile, "Are you okay?"
"Yeah, I'll be all right," grumbles Flair.
Stacy puts a companionable hand on David's shoulder.

Match #4 General Rection (w/ MIA's) in a no contest match with Shane Douglas (w/ Torrie Wilson) or the US Heavyweight Title (call it 3:30 or so).

Douglas is absolutely one of the best stick men in the business.

Give a listen: "Now what I want you low IQ Rockford morons to do, is to sit down and pay attention, while a REAL woman talks!"

Tony (reverently): "She (Torrie) is spectac-ular!"

Torrie says that the Franchise going for the World Title via the US Title is just fine by her, and that
"there's nothing these MORONS can do about it! Shut up, you cows, while I speak! I know you're all just jealous, but don't hate me because I'm beautiful!"
This last gets lots of boos and catcalls from the more discerning of the Rockford, IL fans.
There follows a series of coarse, (for Rockford at least) jests at Torrie's expense.
Mr. Douglas gets provoked. "Okay, ROCKFORD! Now you got me ticked off!"
"Rection, you know, sometimes a man's destiny has to wash over another man's dreams! Now you've got something I want. The US Title! This waist was born and bred to carry gold, and THIS woman (points) loves it ... all night long!"
Douglas then compares the MIA's to some fans at ringside, saying the fans are more men than the MIA's are. He finishes with: "C'mon down to this ring, and get yer ass... Franchised!"

As the MIA's come to the ring, we get a slide show montage of Rection winning the US Title from Lance Storm at the Mayhem PPV, then footage from Nitro showing Rection defending the Title against Bam Bam Bigelow.
Rection's wearing his ol' Hugh Morrus duds again. What's up with that?
Douglas clips Rection's knee as he talks to the crowd, and we are underway. It's all Douglas from the get-go, as he concentrates on punishing Rection's knee. Figure Four leglock, and Rection's just selling the heck out of it. He finally wriggles around to get a hand on the ropes, and Douglas breaks the hold. Rection hits a power surge, and comes battling back with lefts and rights, a reverse Atomic Drop, and a clothesline. Torrie clims onto the turnbuckles and leaps onto Rection's back. Rection promptly "Backs Up the Truck" and slams Torrie into the turnbuckle stack. Torrie sells the move like a pro, snapping her head WAY back, and then collapsing on the mat. Rection turns, then realizes what he's done, and drops to his knees in horror.
At ringside, Lt. Loco's hollering for Rection to finish Douglas off. Rection hollers for Loco to "Shut UP, man...!"
The referee's calling for help from the back.
Loco's in the ring, and starts putting the boot in on Torrie before he's restrained by Cpl. Cajun.
Loco keeps trying to shove Torrie out of the ring with his boot.

Tenay: "Would SOMEBODY tell Chavo, er, Lt. Loco, that she's hurt?"

Douglas is back up, winding the chain around his fist. He then sees what the commotion is about.
"Torrie! What the HELL did you DO, Hugh?!"
"I'm sorry! Torrie!" wails Rection.
Out come the EMT's, as trainer Danny Young slowly rolls Torrie on her back.
Loco's heading up the ramp, just cussin' up a storm.
Torrie's awake but looks REAL scared as the EMT's strap on the neck brace.

Madden: "She is so beautiful, even in a neck brace..."
Jeez, Madden, you're creeping me out!

Rection and Douglas are trying to help, but Terry Taylor's at ringside, and he tells them both to "back off and let these guys do their work, okay?"
Cajun and Douglas get into an argument momentarily.
Rection's got his head in his hands, leaning on the top rope. "Shane! Shane! I didn't know, man! I'm sorry! I didn't know!"
One of the EMT's says "One...Two...Three!" and they roll Torrie on her side and slide the backboard under her.
Rection's hollering "I didn't know it was her! I didn't know it was her! (dives back in.) "Torrie! Torrie, I'm sorry! Torrie!"

Given the current status of Ms. Wilson's contract with WCW, this may be the last time we see her.
Boy, talk about having your character being "killed off" the show!


Slo-motion instant replay shows Torrie getting slammed into the turnbuckles. When they go to the second camera angle, it confirms this whole thing to be one well-done and quite realistic work.
Backstage, Torrie's being stretchered to the ambulance. "What was that IDIOT thinking?" growls a concerned Shane Douglas, who's helping guide the gurney.

Also backstage, the MIA's are in a big argument.
Loco: "You got the guy down, you finish him off!"
Rection: "That was TORRIE WILSON, man! That wasn't supposed to happen!"
"I don't care who it is," sneers Loco. "Don't you remember 'Take no Prisoners'? 'You mess with us, you get what you deserve?'"
"That was TORRIE WILSON!" Rection is incredulous.
Cajun and A-Wall support Rection, which prompts Loco to storm off, after saying that maybe he needs to part ways like he said a couple of weeks back.

Tony shills for the Goldberg book, claiming it would make a great stocking stuffer.

Match #5: Jeff Jarrett (w/ El Kabong-er and, oh yeah, the "We-will- work-for-food" Harris Boys) d. the Filthy Animals (w/ Tygress), ("El Kabong" with the Guess What by Jarrett on Kidman/pin, 4:48).

Footage from last Monday's Nitro (i.e. earlier in the evening for the Rockford fans) shows Rey Mysterio Jr. getting a mid-air "El Kabong" from Jarrett. Rey goes down like a sack of potatoes. This prompts Jarret getting a powerbomb from Kidman, and a whole lot of collateral damage from Konnan.

Tygress is looking especially fetching tonight.
You just want to grab two big handfuls of her and go "Brrrrrrrr" into 'em.
Uh, where was I?

We get a Pier Six Brawl to start things off, as Tygress slides into the announcers table to provide color commentary for the match.
Tony and Madden turn into a couple of fourteen-year-olds for a bit, as Tygress pays them some attention.
Tony's going on about the recent "Women of WCW" on A&E, and gets the thing wrong, as usual. (It's on E! Entertainment Television, Schiavone! Scott Hudson and Larry Zbyszko reviewed it on last Saturday's freakin' WORLDWIDE show!)
Eventually, we get the Pier Six resolved, and its Jarrett and Konnan starting things off. Ron and Jarrett work Konnan over, and Konnan tags in Rey Mysterio, Jr. Rey leaps the top rope and lands with a towering guillotine leg drop on Jarrett. Cover ,1,2, Jarrett kicks out.
Jarrett hits a power surge, whips Rey nto the ropes and drops him with a toehold. Tag by Jarrett to Don Harris, whom Rey nails with a spinning facebuster. Tag to Ron Harris, and Rey gets the wrong end of a double team spinebuster. Spinning spinebuster by Don Harris and a cover, but Kidman makes the save. Tag to Ron Harris, and Rey gets a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Cover, 1,2, Konnan breaks it up.
Spinebuster again, and Ron tags Jarrett. Rey tries for a reaching tag, but Jarrett breaks that up, then socks Konnan so hard he falls off the ring apron.
Cross-corner whip by Jarrett, but Rey leaps to the top rope and wallops Jarrett with a springboard missile dropkick, then rolls over to tag in Billy Kidman. Kidman hammers Jarrett with a flying elbow just as Jarrett gets to his feet. Running clothesline levels Jarrett once more. Standing double dropkick, and Jarrett's on the canvas again.
Snap powerbomb by Kidman and Sunset Flip, 1,2, but Don breaks it up.
Jarrett gets to his feet, only to be clotheslined out of the ring by Konnan. Don Harris and Kidman are going at it, with Kidman nailing Harris' face to the mat.
Jarrett goes for the guitar, then wallops Kidman as Billy tries for an Acid Drop on Don Harris. It's academic at this point: 1,2,3!

A great, high-speed match with Jarrett and the FA's dong a great job of carrying the Harris Boys. There may be hope for them yet. The "will-work-for-food" gimmick is a good one, too.


Mean Gene again, and this time he's got Buff Bagwell.
Topic is Buff's shot at the World Title tonight. Buff says he's been held back a whole lot, but tonight he gets his chance because he's Buff & he's the stuff.
(Iwatch logo again. I'm not paying attention to the stupid thing anymore...)

Backstage, a somewhat battered Crowbar has Chiquita and Baby on each arm, and a fist full of gold monkey wrench. He's being real smug about still being Hardcore champ.
A too-familiar shriek, and Crowbar's got a lapful of Daffney Unger. Daffney's wearing a tight black camisole that has "Killer" written in red on it. Black pom-poms tie up her two long pigtails. Don't forget the "Gothic" makeup, either.
Baby goggles at Daffney, who hisses menacingly and scares her off.
"What are you doing here?" asks Crowbar, who's surprised but puzzled at Daffney's presence.
"I see you got my gift," says Daffney, indicating the monkey wrench.
"You sent me this?" says Crowbar, "And the flowers? Isn't that sweet! Uh, where's, ummm, whatzizname, Ozzie? How are you guys doin'?"
"Ummm," says Daffney, a bit sheepishly, "he's on the rebound, sooo..."
"So you're gonna be hanging around here?" asks Crowbar.
"Yeah, and I'll be right there with you. I got your back!" says Daffney.
"Uh, well, I gotta book," says Crowbar, "See you next week, okay? Ladies?"
Baby and Chiquita resume their roles as Crowbar's arm-candy, and all three stroll off.
Daffney, looking glum, does a little wave. "Goodbye..."

Mike Tenay interviews Stevie Ray this week.
We learn that:

1. Stevie Ray lost not only his wrestling career, but his announcing career, when he lost to Scott Steiner on Nitro.
2. As regards his actions at the Mayhem PPV, he'd do it all over again the same way.
3. Stevie Ray and Booker T came on board when Dusty Rhodes and Ole Anderson were running the show.
4. Harlem Heat had been ten-time WCW tag champs, and that he and Booker had each been singles champs numerous times, with Booker being the World champ, and that
5. up and down, win or lose, Stevie Ray has no regrets about his career
6. Stevie Ray likes drag racing, and is looking to form a top fuel race team..
7. With this chapter of his career closing, Stevie Ray will be able to spend more time with his wife and family.
8. StevieRay thanked all the Harlem Heat fans, (which includes me!) for their support, and to keep sending Booker T the get-well cards.


What the...?

Are they kidding?

Even Madden's at a loss for words.
Tenay says "I guess they weren't kidding."

Didn't Kaz Hayashi buy all of Glacier's gear and his routine and such from Sonny Onoo way back when?

Match #6: Sgt. A-Wall d. Bam Bam Bigelow (Interference from Mike Awesome/ chokeslam through table/pin, 4:18) WCW "Table Match."

As the lumber gets loaded, Tenay is queried about just what the rules are for a WCW "Table Match." Tenay's not sure either, but he makes a decent stab at explaining it.
A-Wall dominates early on, body-slamming Bam Bam to the mat. Out to ringside, where Bam Bam hotshotted A-Wall onto the steel guardrail.
Match started to slow down, as both men rolled back into the ring. A-Wall hammered Bam Bam with a body slam that probably set off seismographs across the country. Bam Bam countered with a belly-to-back suplex through a table, stunning both grapplers. After a decent interval, both wrestlers were ordered by the referee to restart the match. Bam Bam gave the ref a dirty look, which tickles me no end.
Out at ringside, Bam Bam and A-Wall are walloping on each other like a couple of Kodiaks. Bam Bam takes control by hammering A-Wall's face into the steel guardrail, and then the steel steps. Bigelow sets A-Wall up for a huge table shot, when Mike Awesome, chair in hand, lunges out of the crowd, and over the railing to clobber Bigelow a good one. Chokeslam by A-Wall ends the match.
Post-match, Awesome stands over the unconscious Bigelow, trash-talking him.


Mean Gene again, this time with Mike Awesome, who seems to be wearing less jewelry and chains this week. Has anybody noticed how much better Mike has been getting about cutting a promo? I'm impressed with his progress, having seen some of his earlier efforts with WCW and ECW.
Oh, and
(Awesome): "It's not over yet, Bigelow! Starrcade's next!"

Main Event time.
Buff Bagwell's on his way to the ring.


Scott Steiner and Midajah head for the ring as well.


Back to ringside, where the fans are just chewing the ear off Steiner as he walks down the ramp with the jiggly Midajah in tow.

Footage from Monday Nitro shows Steiner ending Stevie Ray's career.
Back in the ring, we get to hear Scott Steiner bludgeon the English language into submission. O joy!
He says that Buff Bagwell can bow out of the match, and he wouldn't get hurt.

Buff looks at the crowd, then says "Thanks" to Steiner.
As Steiner turns to put his microphone up, Bagwell jumps him.

Match #7: Scott Steiner (w/ Midajah) d. Buff Bagwell, ("Steiner Recliner/submission, 6:19) WCW World Heavyweight Championship Title defense.

Bagwell hip-tosses Steiner way over the top rope and down to the floor. Buff does some stylin' & profilin' before going outside. Whip into the steel guardrail by Buff. Another whip, and a choke which the referee breaks up. Steiner hits a power surge, clobbers Bagwell, and then rolls him back in the ring. Steiner ties Bagwell to the Tree of Woe, then goes back to ringside to haul on Bagwell's neck. Steiner climbs back in the ring as Bagwell falls out of the Tree. As Buff slowly gets to his feet, Steiner knocks him down with a vicious clothesline, followed by an elbow drop. Steiner does a set of ten pushups, then nails Buff with a backbreaker. Belly-to-belly suplex by Steiner, cover, 1,2, Buff kicks out!
Steiner starts hollering right in the referee's face, then locks on a modified Surfboard submission hold, only to have Bagwell power out of it. Buff does some punches and kicks, then goes for a big double dropkick, but Steiner ducks at the last minute, and Bagwell winds up kissing canvas.
Steiner capitalizes on this with a cover and another near fall. Bagwell, making a last tremendous effort, nails Steiner with a DDT. Bagwell with punches in bunches, finishing with a Pedigree. Steiner is clearly in La-la Land, but Buff would rather pose than pin, even with the crowd, the "three stooges", and me hollering at him to pin the guy.
(I am such a mark...).
Neckbreaker from Buff, and he still poses rather than pins. The crowd's going out of it's collective mind.
Whoops, too much posing has allowed Scott Steiner to recover.
Steiner comes roaring back with a stiff forearm shot to the head, and a cross-body suplex.
Sweet Fanny Adams!
Sid Vicious is up on the ThunderTron. He's hollering at Steiner about something.
Steiner, distracted, loses control of the attempted superplex, as Bagwell blocks the move, countering with his "Blockbuster" finisher.

Cover,1,2,...and a ha-a-l-l-f... NO!

Midajah leaps off the far turnbuckle stack and tries a cross-body block on Bagwell. Buff catches Midajah in mid-air, and hammers home a nasty powerslam.
This enrages Steiner, who nails Buff with a clothesline, then locks him into the Steiner Recliner for the submission win.

Post-match, Steiner is further provoked when Midajah appears to be really hurt. Mr. Bagwell clearly owes more penance for his sins in Steiner's eyes. Back into the Steiner Recliner goes Mr. Bagwell...

The house lights go out.

The "spooky-bloo" lights come on...
...and here's old "Lord of the Squirrels" himself.

Steiner, seeing Sid Vicious on the top ramp, dumps Bagwell and starts hollering at Vicious to get his ass in the ring.
Mr. Vicious is only too happy to oblige, and would do so, but for the restraining WCW Security Guys (read "Power-Plant-grads-who haven't-made-it-big-yet") who are holding him back.
More hot language between Steiner and Vicious, as Tony shrieks that we'll see you all next week on Nitro.

Closing credits.

See YOU next week.

E.C. Ostemeyer
[slash] wrestling

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