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/6 December 2000

WCW Thunder by E.C. Ostermeyer




"Yes, Mr. Peabody?"
"Set the Wayback Machine for two nights ago, and aim it at Lincoln, Nebraska. It's time for WCW Thunder. Oh, and bring along that Oscar Mayer fella who's jumping up and down over there."
"Sure thing, Mr. Peabody. Does he fly First Class or Coach?"

Video footage of this past Monday's Nitro.
Ed Ferrara's back in fine form as "Oklahoma," though he decides to pick on Sid Vicious right off the bat.
Good one, Ed.
Walk up to the bear and poke it with a stick!
Mr. Vicious ain't havin' any o' THAT, and Okie gits chokeslammed into a thin paste. Handcuffs and a police escort for Mr. Vicious' trip to the pokey.
Tag Titles are stripped from Nash & DDP by Commissioner Sanders. This action is confirmed by a reluctant CEO Ric Flair, who then sets up a Starrcade Tag Title match between Nash & DDP and the Perfect Event. Perfect Event are understandably unhappy about this turn of events.
M.I. Smooth + spear/jackhammer = "Luger, You're Next."
Arn Anderson gets Steiner Recliner-ized. Goldberg attempts the save, only to eat a steel chair courtesy of Lex Luger.

Backstage, Ric Flair makes his way to the arena.

Your hosts for the evening are Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, Mark Madden and
(cue the "Harlem Heat" theme music)'s Stevie Ray!
The crowd's cheering like crazy. He's got a piece of paper, and a big ol' smile on his face as he slaps hands coming down the ramp.

Opening credits.
Juvy's still there, though I think they got rid of Vampiro.

Stevie Ray's telling Madden to get out of his seat.
"Did Tenay tell you I retired?"
Tenay (outraged): "WHAT?"
Stevie Ray: "Git up, Madden. You're in my seat!"
Madden does so, and scampers off.
"By the way, Mike, I heard a few of the things you been saying about me..."
"I never said anything of the...!"
Schiavone: "Uhh, guys, Ric Flair's in the ring..."

Flair's nearly seething over what happened to Arn Anderson at the hands of Scott Steiner. Sid Vicious' treatment of Oklahoma is also touched upon. Mr. Vicious is banned from the arena for the evening, as is Mr. Steiner. In addition, Mr. Steiner's actions are so heinous that Flair has no choice but to suspend him indefinitely, and strip him of the World Title belt
Out comes Mike Sanders, who emphasizes that in Flair's 75-year career, he never had a body like Scott Steiner's, nor did he ever have a coterie of freaks like Scott Steiner. "I thought you were above all this jealousy and fear. You're the CEO! You leave the disciplinary action around here... to ME!"
Tenay: "Does this guy know who he's talking to?"
Stevie Ray: "He's suffering from an extreme case of dipsydoodle-itis!"

Flair, grinning nastily, says, " You know, you're getting' pretty good in your role there. But don't walk on my career. You can't see the top of it, and you can't see around it from that little position you're holding."
He then says that Steiner's Title is still stripped, end of story.
Up on the ThunderTron, Arn Anderson pleads with Flair to let Steiner keep the belt. "I saw something in his eyes I'd never seen before. There's an animal lurking there in that body. I'm asking you, Ric, Don't fire him, don't fine him, and don't even take the Title from him. Steiner's made lots of enemies, and he's gonna lose the Title anyway. With all the notoriety, and all the fame, he lives for that Belt. So leave him alone so that we can get at him. When he loses the Belt, and he will, everything will fall apart for him."
Flair, after due consideration, relents on both Steiner and Sid.

Backstage, Goldberg's talking with the Power Plant's Sarge. Goldberg's setting up an angle, and needs Sarge's help. "I got it under control, Sarge."
"Hey wait a minute. I gotta be my own man, Bill."
"It ain't about being your own man. We got all the time in the world here." growls Bill, "You know, in the beginning of this angle, it was my job. Now, it's my pleasure!"


Mean Gene Okerlund's got Ric Flair back stage. Flair's being real cool, but you get the feeling that he's just barely keeping his anger in check. Sid Vicious and Scott Steiner are both off the program tonight. Neither is suspended, and Steiner keeps the title. However, tonight's Flair's got a Cruiserweight Title defense match for Commissioner Mike Sanders against Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

Daffney's getting a slurp backstage.
Up comes Crowbar who tells her to take off her clothes.
"Well, what you are wearing's not very hip. So I brought you a surprise." (hands her a trashbag).
"I gotta go get ready. See ya."
Daffney sets down her coffee, gingerly opens the bag and peers in side.

Backstage, Chavo's talking with Cpl. Cajun. Lots of back-slapping and knuckle-punching. Sgt. A-Wall arrives to tell Cajun that he's wanted by Gen'l. Rection. As Cajun walks off, Chavo asks A-Wall, "How you doin', man?"
"FINE!" says A-Wall, getting right in Chavo's face. "And what were you doing talking with Lash?"
"He likes my new attitude."
"Attitude?" growls A-Wall, " well I DON'T like your attitude." He stalks off.
"Easy there, buddy, " says Chavo.

Starrcade promo featuring the Triple Ladder Match between Three Count, the Jung Dragons, and Knoble & Karagias.

Speaking of which...

Match #1: Jindrak & O'Haire d. Knoble and Karagias, (O'Haire w/ "Sean-ton Bomb" on Knoble/pin, 6:49)
The match opens with K&K being tossed out to the floor by Jindrak & O'Haire. Pier Six brawl at ringside before they finally all crowd back into the ring. Karagias attempts some offense, only to get a double-team powerslam ("H-Bomb?") by Jindrak & O'Haire. Jindrak is just shellacking Jamie Knoble, who finally breaks free with a desperation enziguiri, and makes a tag to Karagias, who's all over Jindrak with punches in bunches. Outside, Karagias and Knoble get a ladder from under the ring, and ram it into O'Haire's breadbasket a couple of times. Karagias with a double-team "Van Ladder-nator" on Jindrak. Knoble grabs the ladder and goes one way, only to have Karagias try and take it another. We get a heated conference at ringside, which degenerates into a shoving match between K&K. Which ends with a double clothesline delivered with authority by Sean O'Haire.
J&O get a running start, and double-team "Super Beal" Karagias over the top rope from the floor! Jeez, what a power move! Ditto for Knoble, who lands on Karagias.
Back in the ring, and a gorilla press-slam by O'Haire sends Karagias crashing to the floor at ringside.
Double-team powerslam on Knoble sets up the "Sean-ton Bomb" finisher for Jindrak & O'Hiare to get the pin and the win. Good match, with plenty of action. The Triple Ladder match at Starrcade should be a hoot.


We're backstage again. Kronik's Brian Adams is on the phone again. "Hey, B.C. Looks like we got another job. Same guy as on Nitro. Let's make some money!"

Pamela Paulshock's interviewing Shane Douglas, who says he's not forgotten how Hugh Morrus hurt Torrie Wilson. Tonight, however, it's Goldberg who gets Franchised. And at Starrcade, Hugh Morrus gets Franchised. Grrrrr!

Match #2: Sgt. A-Wall v. Bam Bam Bigelow (Interference by Mike Awesome, Double count-out, 5:42) WCW Hardcore Title Contender match.

Prior to the match, out comes Crowbar, clad in his 70's attire.
And out comes Daffney, clad as a 60's hippie chick. Bell-bottoms, orange peasant blouse, beads, trinkets and all.

"Aww, would you look at this!" says Schiavone.
"Somebody needs to call the Fashion Police," chuckles Mike Teay.
"She looks like a refugee from 'Josie & the Pussycats!" chortles Stevie Ray.
Daffney, to say the least, is not happy.
"Far out," says Tenay.

We get a camera shot of some part of the ramp area for about thirty seconds because THIS IS WCW! while the MIA's theme music plays.

Crowbar and Daffney join the announce team for color commentary.
"Hello Daffney," says Stevie Ray.
"Hello," says Daffney in a small voice.
"Like your outfit there, Daffney," says Stevie Ray.
"I DON'T!" says Daffney.
"Tenay thinks you look hot!" says Stevie Ray.
"Hey, don't be putting words in my mouth!!" hollers Tenay.
"It wasn't my idea, it was Crowbar's," whines Daffney.

Sgt. A-Wall comes out carrying a table.
Crowbar slides into his hilarious Gordon Solie announcer voice: "Hello-o-o-o from the Sunshine State!"
"Sunshine State?!" says Tenay, "We're in NEBRASKA!"
"Crowbar, why do you talk like that when you come out here?" asks Daffney. "You don't normally talk like that!" she says. "I don't know..."
"If I could get a word in between you four nincompoops..." says Schiavone, as Mr. Bigelow makes his entrance. "This is for the #! Contender's spot for your Hardcore Title, Crowbar."
Crowbar, who's been doing Stone Cold Steve Austin's "Eh-ehhhh" every five seconds for the past three minutes, says that "this promises to be a contest replete with souffles and crimson masks."

Jeez, he's got Solie down to "T"!

Daffney says that Sgt. A-Wall looks like he's got a solar fart coming out of his butt!
"I'm trying real hard here, guys..." says Schiavone, who lost control of the show about four miles back.
Face it Tony. As announcers, Crowbar and Stevie Ray are running rings around you tonight.

As Bigelow and A-Wall bash each other with the usual assortment of plunder and makeshift weaponry, Crowbar segues smoothly from announcing to directing, with a "Can I get a zoom shot on that one, Jerry?"
Crowbar then asks for Stevie Ray to give him an "eh eh-h-h-h!" and Stevie Ray obliges.
As A-Wall's busy setting up a table at ringside, Tony and Tenay give a short bio on A-Wall, liberally punctuated with Crowbar and Steve Ray's "eh-eh-h-h-h's."
A-Wall gets bounced off the steel guardrail by Bigelow, who then heads over to the announcers' table. Schiavone and Tenay bails out because they know what's coming next.
"Lo-o-o-k out!" hollers Schiavone.
A-Wall comes flying across the announcers' table, nearly landing in Stevie Ray's lap, while Crowbar "Solie" continues to do the play-by-play. "These bloodthirsty fans sure enjoyed that move!"
"Holy Smokes!" hollers Schiavone.
"That was a doozy..." says Daffney, as A-Wall wallops Bigelow across the face with a headset. "...Oh my GOD!" (Fair imitation of Joey Styles.)
"Welcome to the broadcast table, A-Wall, this happens a lot!" says Schiavone.
"This is a Pier Sixer! This is carnage!" hollers Crowbar, as A-Wall picks up Crowbar's gold monkey wrench and clobbers Bigelow with it.
"Put my wrench down!" hollers Crowbar. "Oh my God!" screeches Daffney.
A-Wall's trying to lift Bigelow's bulk up onto the desk for a powerbomb, but the task seems to be too great. Punch in the jimmies by Bigelow, followed by a facebuster on the broadcast table.
"The broadcast table is in bad shape," says Crowbar "Solie". "We may need help from the back. Can we get some wrestlers from the back?"
Brief glimpse from Mr. Cameraman shows Tenay losing it, just laughing like hell. Off mike, of course.
Chair shot from Bigelow on A-Wall's noggin.
"Can we get some help from the back, please?"
Cross-floor whip by A-Wall into the steel guardrail. Charge-in by A-Wall gets a double boot to the gut by Bigelow.
"Tony, where's my monitor?" asks Stevie Ray.
"Eh-eh-h-h-h!" from crowbar.
"I feel like I'm at home with my kids, here!" whines Schiavone.
Back in the ring, where Bigelow tries for a clothesline, only to run right into a chokeslam set-up from A-Wall. Both men brawl on th ring apron, for a bit, until Mike Aweosme arrives with steel chair in hand. One wallop, and both A-Wall and Bigelow go through the table at ringside.
Daffney's got something to says about Awesome's togs.
"What's up with his clothes? He looks like a doofus! Where does he shop?" Awesome, meanwhile, is busy trash-talkin' the incapacitated Bigelow at ringside.
"Eh Eh-h-h-h!" goes Crowbar.
"Eh Eh-h-h-h!" goes Daffney.
"Eh Eh-h-h-h! goes Stevie Ray.
"Oh, for cryin'..." says Tony, disgustedly.
"So lo-o-o-ng from the Sunshine State." Says Crowbar.

Now THAT'S the way to do a Hardcore Match!


We're in the arena garage once again, as the Filthy Animals arrive. Just in time to get plastered by Jeff Jarrett and ther "Will-work-for-food" Harris Boys.
Rey Mysterio Jr. gets splattered on a windshield, while Billy Kidman eats a bumper. Konnan goes dumpster diving without a helmet.
"You boys want a street fight?" hollers Jarrett, "You got one. Now choke on that!"
To the Harris Boys: "You guys hungry?" He gets smiling faces. "Let's go get something to eat."

Backstage, Leia Meow's doing an "Aunt Bea ear-grab" on Kaz Hayashi and Yun Yang, and just tearing both of them a new one.
Enter The Cat w/ the lovely Ms. Jones in attendance.
The Jung Dragons quickly move into Deadly Pounce.
The Cat says he's not there to beat them up, but to get a game plan for their match with Team Canada. As he talks, Kaz and Yang are busy looking words up in a translation dictionary.
"What the hell are you doin'?" demands the Cat.
"Uhh, Cat," says Ms. Jones, "I don't think they can understand English."
"WHAT??!!" He rounds on the Jung Dragons. "You mean when we were workin' out and I was teaching you all those new moves and stuff you didn't get ANY of it?"
Kaz raises a fist. "Ret's go, brother!"
Yun Yang does likewise. "Right on!"
The Cat stares for a moment in disbelief, then stalks off, muttering.

Sid Vicious gets the "Pulp Fiction" treatment this week, complete with Apocalyptic theme music. Yawn.

WCW Upcoming Events:

12/10 - Monroe, LA (House show0
12/11 - Bossier City, LA (Nitro)
12/17 - Washington, DC (Starrcade PPV)
1/7 - La Crosse, WI (House show)


Mean Gene's got Buff Bagwell. Buff says that he's gone from the "big house" of wrestling Scott Steiner, to the "outhouse", in wrestling Alex Wright. Alex is one of those guys who just come and they go, where I come, and I stay! Why? Because I'm Buff, and I'm the stuff! Alex hasn't got a chance, 'cause I'm gonna show him why I am... Buff Daddy!"

Match #3: The Cat & Jung Dragons (w/ Leia Meow) d. Team Canada, (Unintended interference by Hacksaw Jim Duggan/ "Fe-liner" finisher, Cat pins Skipper, 3:34)

As Team Canada makes their way to the ring, Mike Tenay recaps the feud between Team Canada and the Jung Dragons with footage from recent Nitro and Thunder broadcasts.

Lance Storm wants to be serious for a moment. Mis-communication has been the problem of late within Team Canada, but, unlike the presidential election, Canadians handle their problems quickly and efficiently. Duggan, meanwhile, is pacing around behind Storm and periodically making faces at him.
All rise for the Canadian National Anthem, of which we get about two stanzas before that lame-ass WCW Asian music gets cranked up, and out come the Jung Dragons.
Leia Meow's wearing a tight T-shirt that says "Hello Boys!" and she's carrying a riding crop. Yang and Hayashi hang back for a moment to watch Ms. Meow's, ummm, "action." Leia turns, and tells them to hurry up.

Next out is The Cat and Ms. Jones.
"Team Canada, I am gonna come in that ring and beat everybody's ass, but not all the way. And then I'm gonna throw what left of you to the crowd, and let them beat on your sorry asses."
"Sounds like a good game plan to me," says Mike Tenay.
"Tony," says Stevie Ray, "How you like that dress Ms. Jones got on?"
"I like it a lot!" says Tony.
"You wanna touch it?"
"Enough! I can steal that from that other lame-brain," growls Schiavone.
Must mean Madden.

The two factions put on one heckuva fast-moving match, with a highlight move being a DDT from "Prime Time" Elix Skipper on Yang, that Yang sells the hell out of.
PT tags in Duggan, who stomps around the ring brandishing his 2x4 and hollering "Ho-o-o-o!" The crowd hollers "Ho-o-o-o!" right back. Duggan goes to work, and does running slams into the turnbuckle stack with Yang's back. Powerslam by Duggan and a tag to Lance Storm. Cross-ring work by Storm and Yang ends with a Yang cross-body and a cover, 1,2, no!
Cross-corner whip by Storm, but Yang gives him a Big Boot to eat on the charge -in. Yang charges out fo the corner, only to get rolls up with a drop toe-hold into Storm's "Maple Leaf" submission hold. Kaz breaks this up with an enziguiri kick to Storm's noggin, and down he goes.
Now we have a race to see who tags first. The crowd's hollering "UWSA! USA!" as Yang tags The Cat, and Storm tags Prime Time.
The Cat's just all over Team Canada. A superkick sends Duggan tumbling through the ring ropes to the floor. Back body drop by the Cat, and Prime Time tries for a Sunset Flip. However, the Cat does that "jiggety-jiggety-BOOM!" thing of his, and PT's down for the count. Elbow drop from the Cat is included as a courtesy. Lateral press, hook the far leg, 1,2, Storm leaps in to break up the pin.
Attemted double-team on the Cat gets blocked, and lance Storm gets a foot in the face that tumbles him to the mat. As Storm gets dragged outside by the Jung Dragons, the Cat sets up PT for a cross-ring whip. Skipper hits the far ropes so hard he nearly tumbles over them...
...only to get walloped right in the head by Duggan's 2x4!
"Fe-liner" finisher from the Cat, and that's the match.

Post match, as Team Canada staggers back up the ramp, blaming each other, the Cat puts on his red dancin' shoes and cape, and really cuts a rug. Yang and Kaz Hayashi are spellbound by this, then attempt to "bust a move" of their own.


Pamela Paulshock's got the unenviable task of interviewing Team Canada. Strm's really p.o.-ed at Duggan , and tells him to "hit the showers."
Duggan's not having any attitude from THIS guy, hollers "Who d'you think you're talkin' to?!" and stalks off in a huff.
"When Jim's ready to be a team player," growls Storm," we'll deal with him!"
Storm then challenges the Cat to a match at Starrcade.
Maj. Gunns tells Pam "Don't blame Canada, blame yourself!" and walks away.
Pam parrots Maj. Gunns tirade right back. It's a pretty good imitation, too.

Backstage, Marie's pleading with Big Vito, her brother, to have an open mind about Reno, her other brother.
"The guy means nothing to me," says Vito, "The only reason I helped him out on Nitro was because of you. You're family."
"He's family, too, Vito."
"No, he's a piece of garbage."
"He's been through so much."
"I don't care how much he's been through."
"Would you just talk to him? For me, Vito?"
"I gotta match coming up. See ya, Marie."

Welcome to "One Man's Family."

Match #4: Chavo Guerrero Jr. d. Mike Sanders, (Brainbuster/pin, 5:25), WCW Cruiserweight Title Match.

As Chavo makes his way to the ring, we get a video recap of how Chavo's victory over Kwee-Wee got him tonight's match.

Chavo gets started early, just pounding on Sanders all around the ring. Sanders hits a power surge, and whomps Chavo with a pumphandle slam. Sanders with some jukin' and jivin' followed by a Big Right Hand to Chavo's forehead. We get a power surge from Chavo, but Sanders gets control again. There's a series of chops, then a chicken wing hold while Chavo gets his breath back. Some more chops, and then tosses him over the top rope to the floor at ringside. Sanders goes out, and whips Chavo into the steel guardrail. Sanders then jaws a bit with Mike Tenay, telling him to stop talking and call the match.
"That's what I was DOING, Mike!" hollers an exasperated Tenay, who's clearly not having a good night.
Sanders grabs the Cruiserweight Title belt off the broadcast table, and tosses it in the near corner.
However, Chavo sees what's coming, and nails Sanders with a spinning heel kick. Cross-ring whip by Chavo gets reversed, and Sanders sends Chavo headfirst onto the top turnbuckle. A Tornado DDT by Sanders gets blocked, then countered with a Northern Lights suplex from Chavo. Sanders kicks out, tries for a clothesline, which Chavo ducks but the referee doesn't. As Sanders turns back, he get walloped with the Championship Title belt. Chavo tosses the belt out of the ring, then plays possum, until the referee comes to. Chavo then scores a hit with his "Brain-buster" finisher, and we get a new WCW Cruiserweight Champion, Chavo Guerrero, Jr.


Backstage, Mean Gene interviews the new Cruiserweight Champ. Chavo credits just about gimmick and angle he's worked with from Pepe (remember him?) to selling Amway products on the show. Cheating to win is a good thing. As for Hugh "Gen'l. Rection" Morrus, he's lost his edge.

Also backstage, Mike Sanders is throwing stuff and cussin' up a storm.

And backstage one more time, Alex Wright is accosted by Disqo, who has a new plan for Alex's match tonight. But before Disqo can get a word out:
"Shutt upp, Dis-qo! No more planzz, no more mon-ee. Tonight, I try some-zing new, some-zing diff-runtt. I'm gonna go out zere an' do it myselff!"
Disqo's nonplussed. "Now why would ANYBODY want to do THAT?"

Time for the "Thunder Shoot Interview" for this week. Stevie Ray interviews Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page. Both Nash and DDP make it a point to mention Scott Hall's name in just about every sentence. The WCW censors bleep it every time, too. I bet Brad Siegel's having a fit over this.
Nash, never one to let sleeping dogs lie, mentions to Stevie Ray that Mike Tenay had said that Stevie had retired as a broadcaster, too. Since this was recorded "Yesterday," this explains the hostile vibes on the announce team tonight. Can you spot the "Angle" brewing here, folks?


A shot of Lex Luger, backstage, holding Goldberg's book, and shaking his head. Probably disappointed that it's not in comic book form.
Luger's one and only line: "Uhhh..."

Match #5: Buff Bagwell d. Alex Wright (w/ Disqo), ("Buff Blockbuster" finisher/pin, 4:11)
As Bagwell makes his way to the ring, we get footage of Buff nearly winning the WCW World Championship from Scott Steiner.
Disqo comes over to do the color commentary. The announce team ignores him, until he gets obnoxious. Disqo makes a good point about Wright entering WCW the same time as Harlem heat back in 1993, and he's still on the lower rungs of the ladder. Unbelievably, Stevie Ray agrees with Disqo.
Meanwhile, we get a fairly workmanlike match from these two, with a quiet crowd that only pops occasionally. We get a spinning heel kick from Alex Wright, followed by a chinlock to slow things down even more. Buff starts his comeback with a series of armdrags. A Buff "Giant Splash" gets nothin' but knee from Wright. Posin' and profiln' from Buff wastes more time, allowing Wright to try a cross-ring whip on Buff. As Buff rebounds, Disqo catches his foot. This delay causes Wright to miss-time his move, and allows Buff to nail him with the "Buff Blockbuster" finisher for the pin.
Stevie Ray says that the way he looks at it, by interfering, Disqo cost Alex Wright the match.


Nitro Girls Baby and Chae bring out the Nintendo Game system and a Banjo & Tooie game pak for this week's Nintendo "Shock of the Week."
From tonight's show, we see Bam Bam getting payback from That 70's Guy.

Somebody's Mom gets the prize this week, with what appears to be her genetic get cheering behind her.

Match #6: Kronik d. Big Vito (Clark w/ "Meltdown" finisher/pin, 3:55) Sorta "handicap match."

Footage from Nitro shows Vito saving Reno from further damage by Kronik. This was done at the insistence of Marie.

Schiavone actually says "Suckas gots ta know" to Stevie Ray, and you can hear Tenay cracking up off mike.

Bryan Clark gets the job of walloping Vito while Adams does the color commentary.
"Can you guys believe this Vito, jumpin' us like he did? I think he's got poop for brains!"
"Can you say 'poop for brains' on the air, Tony?" asks Stevie Ray.
"I just did," says Adams.
As Schiavone asks Adams who's been hiring them, Cark gets on the wrog end of a powerslam, and Adams has to make the save. Dragged out to ringside by Adams, Vito continues a spirited defense, only to get face-busted on the broadcast table by Clark. Adams rolls Vito back in the ring as Clark getrs an earful of abuse from referee Charles Robinson. Clark rolls into the ring, only to get sandbagged when Vito hit a power surge. Vito nails Clark with an elbow drop from the top turnbuckle, but the move went bad on impact, and Vito hurt his knee. Clark quickly closed the match out with his "Meltdown" finisher, and got the win.
Post-match, Clark and Adams keep punishing Vito. This brings out Reno who's wielding a steel chair. Reno squares off at the two big men, and turn s his back on Clark. Clark promptly waffles him from behind, and Reno falls into Adams. Adams nails Reno with a full nelson slam.
This brings out Sis who, when she runs, is "all-natural", if you get my drift.
Lots of appreciative wolf-whistling from these Nebraska fans.
Marie quickly goes to Vito, then to Reno, as Kronik leaves the ring.


Footage from the aftermath of the previous match shows Reno and Marie helping a limping Big Vito to the back.
Backstage now, as Reno gets confronted by the rest of the Natural Born Thrillers.
The question of just what is a family is tossed around, with the NBT's saying that THEY are Reno's family, not Vito and Marie. Reno walks away, fuming.
Could the NBT's be the one's who are paying Kronik?

Shane Douglas comes down to the ring for his match with Goldberg. We get footage of Douglas clobbering Rection in the match that Torrie Wilson got "injured out" with, then Douglas' vengeance on Rection that occurred on the following Nitro.

It takes a helluva lot to piss off the Franchise..."
("No it doesn't," says Stevie Ray.)
"Everyone of you low IQ Nebraska morons, that can afford television..."
Crowd heat gets really loud and raucous here.
Douglas grins nastily
"What, did I strike a nerve?!"
"Everyone of you jackasses knows what General Rection did to Torrie Wilson..." Cheers from the crowd at this. Big mistake.
Douglas gets cranked up into full-bore kayfabe.
"AWRIGHT! NOW I'M PISSED OFF! General Rectrion took away MY meal ticket, and her name was Torrie Wilson, and you jackasses CHEER HIM?!!"
More crowd boos and catcalls.
"Now they says that great things happen in great places. New York. Los Angeles. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But lemme tell ya, Lincoln, Nebraska ain't one of 'em!"
"BUT...tonight's your lucky night. Because somebody way up top in WCW must not like...GOLDBERG. "
"Gold-berg! Gold-berg!" chant starts up.

"Be careful what you ask for, Lincoln. You are leading the sheep to the slaughter. Because my destiny, and Goldberg's streak, run head-to-head, right here, in Lincoln, Nebraska!"
"If you jackasses think, for one second, that my destiny dies tonight, you are sadly mistaken. TONIGHT, Bill Goldberg's streak ENDS, in Lincoln, Nebraska!"

Huge crowd heat, and the "Goldberg" chant starts up once more.

"That' it! Chant it! Bring him out! Gold-berg! Gold-berg!," hollers Douglas.
"I stop the streak of Goldberg here tonight. At Starrcade, General Rection loses his US Heavyweight Title, and the way is clear for the greatest wrestler, not just in WCW but in the entire sport, to win the World Championship Title right in this squared circle, and there ain't a damned thing you can do about it!"
"Now, if you want to lead your hero to the slaughter, just chant loud and clear, and that bald-headed goof will be out here to give me what I want. A little louder, you jackasses. That ain't loud enough! Make it louder, because I WANT GOLDBERG'S ASS!"

Dog-gone, but Douglas can jerk a crowd around!

Nice shot of a big red door backstage, with Doug Dellinger leaning against it.


We come back to Goldberg's entrance, complete with piped-in Goldberg chant and local Security Guard entourage.

Schiavone announces that Mike Sanders has just booked Kronik against Reno "and a partner of his choice<" for Starrcade. The announce team takes bets on whether it'll be Big Vito.

Match #7: Goldberg d. Shane Douglas (spear/jackhammer, 1:38 [29-0])
Pre-match, Douglas is seen wrapping his fist with a steel chain, and grinning evilly.
Collar and elbow tie-up starts things off, and Goldberg forces Douglas back into the corner. As Goldberg breaks the hold, Douglas wallops him with the steel chain once, twice, and three times. Godberg drops to one knee, shaking the stars out of his head. Douglas, grinning like a jack o'lantern. Goes for a headlock, only to get a belly-to-back suplex from Goldberg that drives him into the canvas.
As Goldberg sets for the spear, Lex Luger appears at the top of the ramp. He's got Sarge in the Torture Rack.
Goldberg spots him, and is faced with a dilemma. If he helps his friend, he gets counted out, and ends his career. If he stays in the ring, the Sarge could get REALLY hurt by Luger. Goldberg makes his choice, but as he starts through the ropes to the outside, Douglas grabs him and drags him back into the ring. A DT attempt by Douglas gets countered with a massive shove by Goldberg.

And then guess what happened?

Spear/jackhammer, 29 and 0.

Post-match, Goldberg charges up the ramp to paste Luger a good one. Luger dumps Sarge on the ramp and takes off. Goldberg cradles the injured Sarge, glares at the camera, and bellows:


Closing credits.
See you next week.

E.C. Ostemeyer
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