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WCW Thunder by E.C. Ostermeyer




This is the WCW Thunder report for Wednesday, 21 March 2001, and I'm your reporter, E.C. Ostermeyer.

We are live on tape again from Gainesville, Florida, and opens with some great pyrotechnics.
Next is the footage of what went down on last Monday's Nitro, viz;
Ric Flair and Jeff Jarrett broaden their, umm, "romantic options", courtesy of Dusty Rhodes' pet donkey, "Silver Dollar."
Eric Bischoff phones in the ground rules for the "season finale" of Nitro, and Sweet Fanny Adams, but he sounds OLD!

Opening credits are in here somewhere.
Yep, there's ol' "Big Ron Harris", still getting his residuals.

Your hosts are a surprisingly chipper Tony Schiavone, and a slightly morose-sounding Mike Tenay, who are both nowhere near the arena, as you well know.

The new Cruiserweight Tag Division is discussed, with special attention given to the current Champs, Prime Time Elix Skipper and Kid Romeo.
All this sets up for a whiz-bang of a match between the newly-named Air Raid, (A.J. Styles and Air Paris) and the jung Drqagons.
Air Raid heads down the ramp. They are dressed in fighter jock flight suits and with a new pyro-enhanced entrance video and music. Hey, they showed that B-52 "Arc Light" bombing sequence from "Apocalypse Now!" Man, Bob Banks is doing his job to the very end, all right!
(Good sweet golly, is it only NOW that WCW has finally heard about "Unka Ted Turner's" massive film library, and decided to partake thereof? Sheesh!)

Match #1: Jung Dragons d. Air Raid, (Kaz w/ running inverted neckbreaker on Styles/pin, 9:20)

The whiz-bang gets under way real quick with a fast chain wrestling sequence between Styles and Yang. We get four quick pin attempts in the space of about a minute from these guys, before Styles spins Yang off with a hurancanrana. Yang counters with a zippy belly-to-belly suplex that squashes Styles into the corner. Tag to Paris who nails Yang right in the noggin with a superkick, but Yang hits a power surge and ducks the tandem clothesline. This allows Kaz Hayashi to come in and hotshot both members of Air Raid across the throat with the top rope. Springboard moonsault by Kaz flattens Air Raid again, but Styles recovers first and takes it to Kaz. Styles blocks the hurancanrana attempt by Kaz and converts it into a STIFF face-first powerslam. Tag to Paris, who launches a towering springboard cross-body block on Kaz. Paris' follow-up gets countered by a Kaz hurancanrana. Yang enters the fray with a nasty scythe kick to paris and a snap clothesline to Styles. Yang gets a counter from Styles in the form of a giant splash, a hammering from Paris, and gets finished off with a Styles' DDT. Air Raid hits a tandem move called the Crash and Burn (tandem front slam with authority!) on Yang but the pin attempt goes nowhere. Clothesline by Paris sets Yang up for the Ten-Count Punch-Down, but Yang escapes via a running sit-out powerbomb. Yang tags in Kaz, who unloads with the buzzsaw kicks, as Paris counters with a Death Valley Driver. It gets shortstopped y Yang's interference. Paris snapslams Yang, then sets for his "Auger In" finisher, only to get shot down in mid-air by a Yang leaping drop-kick. Styles tags in , but gets walloped and dumped in the far corner. Yang goes up top, but gets crotched when Styles shoves him off the turnbuckle stack to the floor at ringside. Tandem powerbomb on Kaz from Air Raid, and Paris covers for a two count. paris gets dragged off Kaz and out of the ring by Yang. Michinoku driver by Yang finishes off Paris, as Kaz nails Styles with a running inverted neckbreaker for the win.

Superb match from both teams, and it's good to see Styles and Paris finally getting an angle they can run with. Kaz and Yang are right up there with the best WCW has to offer in the Cruiserweight Tag Division.


We get a recap of the Rhodes/Flair feud with footage supplied from the past two or three Nitros and Thunders. Dustin Rhodes strolls out to the ring with a Texas-sized grin on his puss, and a Vermont-sized duffel bag in his paw.
Once in the ring, Rhodes asked that the footage from last Monday's Nitro be shown. You know, the footage where Ol' Naitch and the Chosen One get their, ummm, "horizons broadened!" Rhodes said he felt bad for the Nature Boy, and to make up for it, he had some lovely parting gifts for him.

First, a "Pin the 'Naitch' on the Jack Ass" game, with Flair's "screamy face" pic stuck to a prominent part of the jack ass' anatomy. "This is my favorite!" said Rhodes. Next out of the sack of goodies was a tube of ChapStick, and ("Who let the dogs out?" said Rhodes) a bottle of "Scoop" mouthwash. Oh, and Flair and "Silver Dollah" have a "special suite" booked at the Holiday Inn, just in case there's romance involved, and Ol' Naitch wants seconds!

Well, Ric Flair ain't havin' any of THAT, by gum, and Foom! Here's his big, ravaged, fiftysomething face forty feet high on the ThunderVision.

Y'know, it kind of reminds me of...


Whoops, had a nasty "Wizard of OZ" flashback there!

After sneering at Rhodes for a bit, Flair started working himself up to a fever pitch, just getting madder and madder. Rhodes thought that was funny, does he? Well, Flair's the 14-time World Champion and CEO of WCW, and the Boss!
Because of what happened on Nitro, Flair's booked Rhodes into a handicap match in tonight's Main Event against Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner, and that Rhodes would be hurt as a result. Rhodes smirked, and said he never walked away from a fight in his life, then held up four fingers and asked Flair if he remembered it?. Flair, who's temper is at critical mass just about now, says yes. Rhodes says that from now on, the "Four Horsemen" symbol will remind folks that Ric Flair (Rhodes ticks off the each finger) "Kissed...My...Daddy's...Ass!"

Anybody wanting to see Ric Flair's head explode, now's your chance!


Match #2: Jason Jett d. Kid Kash ("Crash Landing" finisher/pin, 8:03)

Huge "ECW! ECW! ECW!" chant greets both wrestlers as they come to the ring, in homage to the heritage of both the participants. Kid Kash is now known as Cash, for whatever reason I am still unsure of. And boy howdy do these two pros put on a show "par excellence" for the fans. We start out with a really fast chain-wrestling sequence of holds, go-behinds reversals, flips and armbars. This goes on for almost two minutes, and the crowd is just loving the heck out of the whole show these two are putting on! (The shadow of Paul Heyman and the ECW training program will loom large over this industry for a long time to come!) Tenay put in that Cash broke into the business under the tutelage of the Rock & Roll Express' Ricky Morton! Cash throws Jett out of the ring, then nails him with a headscissors takedown. Both men roll back into the ring, where Jett boots Cash in the gut, then locks on a neat submission move called the "Pendulum" that leaves Cash swinging back and forth between Jett's legs. Cash won't submit, so Jett releases, then makes a near fall out of it. Cross-corner whiop by Jett, but Cash reversed the whip and sent Jett over the turnbuckle stack , and out to ringside once more. Cash does a flat-footed standing leap top the top turnbuckle, and then hits a towering maximum air somersault tope that squashes Jett on the floor. Big "ECW! ECW! chant starts up again, as Cash tosses Jett back into the ring and tries but fails to get a pinfall. Cross-ring whip by Cash, but Jett converts it into his "Shockwave" signature move, sling-shotting a handspring lariat across Cash's throat. Standing moonsault (!) by Jett comes up empty. Cash hammers Jett with a boot, then goes up top once again. Flying clothesline attempt by Cash meets another one in midair coming back from Jett, and both men go down. Cash recovers first but misses getting the pinfall. Cash up top once more, to nail Jett with a corkscrew/somersault plancha that momentarily confuses even Mike Tenay's descriptive talents. Victory Roll by Cash gets rolled right on through into Jett's "Money in the Bank" finisher, but comes up empty. Cash recovers and uses Jett's ponytail as a convenient handle while raining rabbit punches to the back of Jett's noggin. Springboard hurancanrana by Cash spins Jett to the mat for a near pin. We gets a series of roll-up/reversals, including Cash locking on a by-God "Octopus" submission hold that would make Yoshihiro Tajiri green with envy! The crowd's just going nuts, as Cash breaks the hold when Jett won't submit. Some more quick chain wrestling moves before Jett unloads his "Afterburner" on Cash. Jett's attempt at his "Crash Landing" finisher gets thwarted when Cash reverses it into his "Money Maker", a modified Pedigree, but done piledriver-style. Cash gets a two and a half count before Jett kicks out! Cross-corner whip by Cash gets reversed, and Jett gets in a stiff boot to the gut before finally nailing Cash with the "Crash Landing" once again, and getting the win.
Man, another good match. Incidentally, Kid Kash once held the ECW World Television Title belt, after taking it away from no less an opponent than Rhino, (who's now with the WWF.) Two good matches in a row!


Backstage, Rick Flair is apologizing (eh?!) to Rick Steiner for all the bad things he and the rest of the Magnificent Seven had accused him of last Monday. Steiner shook Flair's hand, and all is right with the world, isn't it?

Isn't it?!

Also, in a dimly lit corner, the Cat (w/ Ms. Jones, who's looking extra fine tonight) is talking with M.I. Smooth. The Cat's got a way to get Kris Kanyon, and to do that, Smooth has to stay cool ("Uh HUH, baby!" says Ms. Jones). Everybody's momma's gonna get a call tonight, especially Kanyon's momma.


Kanyon comes down to the ring, as footage is shown of his wasting Smooth on Nitro, thanks to Road Warrior Animal's interference.
Speaking of which, out comes Animal, still in his 80's wrestling togs, with "Iron Man" blaring away at war emergency pitch.

Smooth and the Cat make their entrance.

Match #3: the Cat (w. Ms. Jones) & M.I. Smooth d. Animal & Kanyon, (Smooth w/"Smooth Splash" on Kanyon/pin, 7:02)

Kanyon and the Cat square off first, with the Cat just kicking the stuffing out of Kanyon right off the bat. Ten-Count Punch-Down in the corner with the fans counting along with the Cat's punches. STIFF standing side kick by the Cat knocks the wind out of Kanyon,and the Cat covers, but only gets a near fall. Tag to Smooth, which had Kanyon backing off real fast. Smooth doesn't want to fool with "spoon vittles" like Kanyon just now, he want's MEAT, and motions Animal into the ring. Animal charged in, trying to level Smooth with a shoulder block and an elbow smash, but Smooth no-sold better than Rick Steiner. An Animal shoulder block decks Smooth, but he bounces right back up to reverse a suplex. Animal got up, and tried a lariat that just rolled off Smooth with no effect. Tag to the Cat, who rode out a powerslam from Animal, and then kicked the daylights out of him so badly that Kanyon had to make the save. This brought in Smooth who walloped Kanyon but good. Powerbomb with no teeth in it by Animal, but the Cat necessarily sold the heck out of the move, allowing Kanyon to tag back in. Swinging neckbreaker and a fisherman's suplex gets Kanyon a near fall, but the Cat got a shoulder up. Tag to Animal, who gets in a big boot, but the pinfall attempt goes nowhere. Animal tags in Kanyon, then cross-ring whips the Cat. Kanyon nails the Cat with an elbow shot to the face, but only gets a near pin. The Cat's attempt at a hiptoss gets blocked, then converted into a neckbreaker, two count only, though. Kanyon goes for the top rope legdrop, but the Cat blocks it and reverses into a powerbomb! Time for some jukin' & jivin' as the Cat chops a big hole in Kanyon's neck then sticks his James Brown legsplit uppercut in the hole! Boogie woogie elbow drop gets shortstopped by Animal entering the ring for the save, and nailing the Cat with a running forearm smash. Ms. Jones distracts Animal, who leaps out of the ring to pursue her. The Cat tags in Smooth, and Kanyon gets more than he can handle. Clothesline, scoopslam, and a shoulder tackle put Kanyon away, but Animal makes the save just in the nick of time. A smashing forearm from Smooth kayoes Animal, rolling him from the ring. Smooth powerslams Kanyon, then sets up a cross-ring whip. The Cat whips a video camera cable around Kanyon's ankles as he rebounds off the ropes, tripping him up hard. Smooth hits the Smooth Splash on Kanyon for the pinfall.
Very deliberate match when Animal was in the ring, but not bad, all in all.


Match #4: Hugh Morrus (w/ Konnan) d. Rick Steiner, (German suplex/pin, 4:40)

The match starts with Morrus taking command with a series of quick rights and lefts, followed by a guilltine legdrop and a clothesline. Steienr bails out,, with Morrus right behind him. Another clothesline attempt by Morrus gets the ringpost instead of Steiner's noggin, whereupon Steiner tossed Morrus back into the ring. big overhead suplex by Steiner, followed by a legdrop of his own, and some trash-talking to the crowd. Steiner Doggie off the top turnbuckle, but no pinfall when Morrus puts his boot across the ropes. SteinerLiner on Morrus hammers him to the mat. Steiner picks up Morrus, only to get desperation clotheslined and go down for (regrettaby) the two count. Northern Lights suplex from Morrus gets another near fall. Morrus pounds on Steiner, then does a cross-corner whip and follows it with an Avalanche.
Anybody seen Konnan?
A second attempt at an Avalanche gets referee Mickey Jay, after Steiner pulled him in front of Morrus' charge-in. Steiner golotta-ed Morrus, then went for a steel chair. Morrus gets whacked on the back and drops to the mat, stunned. Steiner sets the steel chair across Morrus' arm for the "Pillmanizer", then hollers for Shane Douglas to "come get some" while standing on the chair seat, torquing Morrus' arm something fierce.
Now dog-gone it, I know Konnan's around here somewhere!
Anyway, out comes Douglas, and the brawl gets started on the ramp. Douglas wallops Steiner right across the bridge of the nose with the cast, then rolls him back into the ring for Morrus to finish off. Morrus hits a release German suplex and gets the pinfall. As Morrus heads up the ramp, Mr. Cameraman gets a shot of Morrus' wife and kids at ringside just cheering like crazy. Cut back to Morrus, who's grinning like a possum! Though I can see some tears in his eyes as well.
Steiner's still improving his workrate, I see, and even deigned to actually sell a couple of Hugh Morrus' moves. Exactly what purpose Konnan served, other than to get the exposure, I don't know, since the match wound up in a confrontation between Steiner and Shane Douglas.
Post-match, Douglas hands ring announcer David Penzer a videotape, and tells him to get it played ASAP!


We come back, and Douglas' videotape is being played.
Funny, it looks like the tape's been shot using the Buff Cam. Hmmmm.
Well, anyway, Douglas says he's going after Rick Steiner for breaking his arm (wrist?) way back when. Douglas challenges Steiner to a match at next Monday's Nitro, then says that, after he's disposed of Steiner, he's got some plans for Ric Flair as well.

Match #5: Filthy Animals & Shane Helms d. Prime Time Elix Skipper & Kid Romeo & Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ("Kid Krusher" on Romeo/ Kidman pin, 7:16) Six Man Cruiserweight bout.

Wow, this is a PPV-quality match from the get-go! Kudos and a big shout-out of appreciation to Johnny Ace and the booking team.
We've got the current Cruiserweight Tag Champs teaming up with the former Cruiserweight Champ, facing the #1 Cruiserweight tag contenders and the current Cruiserweight Champ!
Think there'll be some action and lots of it?
Show of hands?

Kidman and Chavo start off, with Kidman connecting with a neckbreaker and a quick tag to Shane Helms. Chavo goes after Helms (big surprise!) but Helms ducks to one side, allowing Kidman to connect with a reverse neckbreaker. Helms and Chavo brawl for a bit, before Helms nails Chavo with a sweet tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Chavo tags Kid Romeo, who starts in chopping at Helms. A monkey flip by Helms, but Romeo lands on his feet, then does some fancy steppin'! Helms is patient, and nails Romeo with the Sugar Smack kick. Pin attempt on Romeo gets Skipper making the save. Powerslam attempt by Helms finds Romeo escaping, and converting the slam attempt into a bulldog. Helms forestalls the bulldog, twisting into a reverse DDT. Tag to Rey Mysterio, who zooms into the ring to land a serious guillotine legdrop on Romeo. Tag to Skipper, who nails Rey with a leaping clothesline. Charge-in by Skipper misses the mark and he spills through the ropes and down to the floor at ringside. Rey does a running leap over the ropes and into a zippy Thesz Press. Chavo hits a suicide plancha onto Rey, but almost immediately gets squashed by Shane Helms hitting a towering cross-body block from the top turnbuckle! Helms in turn got a towering clothesline from Kid Romeo, again, off the top turnbuckle! Finally Kidman leaps off the same top turnbuckle to hammer all three heels to the floor at ringside with a positively stratospheric cross-body block! OUTSTANDING!
We are all witnesses to history here, folks. Remember what you see here for it is the best example of just how good professional wrestling can be.
Not "Sports Entertainment."
Professional Wrestling!

Well, once back in the ring, Rey wallops Skipper with a springboard cross-body block, getting a near fall. Skipper hit a dragon suplex, then swatted at Kidman and Helms, which allowed the heels to gang up on Rey in the Wrong Part of Town. Chavo locks on the Gory Special on Rey, and the rest of the heels pound the stuffing out of him. Cover by Chavo, but Kidman makes the save. Chavo tags in Romeo, who hit a butterfly face-jam on Rey. Cover, but Helms breaks up the pin attempt. Reverse chinlock attempt but Rey escapes, and hits a springboard DDT on Romeo. Tag to Helms, who gets going like nobody's business, with clouts and wallops to all and sundry. Romeo gets a facebuster across Helms' knee, who then tags in Kidman. Flying elbow smash from Kidman, but Chavo made the save on the pin attempt. Skipper countered off the top turnbuckle with a missile dropkick that sent Kidman spinning into the corner, and the Pier Sixer is on like gangbusters! Order was finally brought out of chaos, as Shane Helms tried for a Vertebreaker on on Romeo, but Chavo took him out of the picture by swarming him over the top rope. Romeo tried for his "Last Kiss" finisher on Kidman, but got it blocked, then countered with the "Kid Krusher", and Kidman got the win.

Post-match, you could see tears in Rey Mysterio's eyes as the faces had a group hug in the center of the ring.
Smile, guys, you've been present at the making of history!


From the sublime to the ridiculous, we get a backstage shot courtesy of Mr. Cameraman that shows Rick Steiner in an impromptu match with the Gatorade(c) table.
The table nearly wins, by the way.

Also backstage, Chuck Palumbo does this week's "Hamlet" imitation thingie, with Sean O'Haire glowering importantly in the background amongst the moody lighting effects. Palumbo has no excuse for the whupping Team Canada inflicted on the WCW Tag Champs, but he's gonna get some of it back from Mike Awesome tonight. And if Lance Storm interferes, well, Sean O'Haire's always there to "even things up!" O'Haire, at the mention of his name, grunts menacingly.


Match #6: Chuck Palumbo d. Mike Awesome, ("Jungle Kick" finisher/pin, 7:01)

Awesome and Palumbo go at it like something out of one of those "60's Italian Macho Flicks", with Awesome coming up with control. Palumbo tries for a suplex, but Awesome recovers, and nails him with a snap clothesline. Awesome pummels Palumbo in the lower back, then tosses him out of the ring. Springboard clothesline off the ropes nails Palumbo outside the ring. Awesome rolls Palumbo back intothe ring, then hits a running splash that squashes Palumbo into the canvas. Double knee shot from Awesome sets up a sleeper. Awesome holds Palumbo in the sleeper before locking on a double underhook suplex that shows you just how strong Awesome is! Cover, but Palumbo kicks out. Awesome spends some time basking in the well-deserved heel heat, before returning to the task at hand. Whoops, Palumbo rolls him up for a quick pin attempt, but only gets a two count. Quick clothesline by Awesome drops Palumbo once again, and he goes back to trash-talking the fans at ringside. Palumbo goes flying out of the ring, courtesy of Mike Awesome, who follows up with a vicious whip with authority into the steel guardrail. Palumbo tried to mount some kind of offense at this point, but Awesome kept the pressure up by spinning him into the steel ring steps and wouldn't let Palumbo get any kind of a chance. Finally, though, Palumbo found an opening when Awesome went for a steel chair. He hit a neat Van Daminator right into Awesome's face, then connected with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Awesome, staggered by this sudden reversal, gets rocked even more by a Palumbo drop kick, and we head back outside the ring again. Awesome eats the steel guardrail before getting tossed back into the ring. As Awesome staggers to his feet, Palumbo goes up top, and hits a flying shoulder block that flattens Awesome once again. Pin attempt by Palumbo, but Awesome kicks out just in time. Cross-corner whip by Palumbo, but Awesome gets an elbow up, than levels Palumbo with a stiff lariat shot. Spinebuster by Awesome and a bridge press comes up empty.
Awesome then goes up top, setting up for the Awesome Splash, but Palumbo ducks out of the way at the last moment. As Awesome writhes in pain from the missed move, out comes Lance Storm to drag Palumbo outside the ring, and wallop on him. As Awesome recovered and then hit Palumbo with a release German suplex, Sean O'Haire came out to tear Lance Storm apart up on the aisle. Awesome Bomb attempt, but Palumbo escaped, only to get clobbered with a lariat. Awesome went back up top, with O'Haire taking swipes at his ankles. Storm pulled O'Haire off the ring apron just as Awesome made his leap...
Right into the arms of Chuck Palumbo, who used Awesome's momentum to follow through with a devastating powerslam! Awesome staggered back to his feet, only to get a Jungle Kick in the forehead, and Palumbo made the, believe it or not, clean pin!

Great match between these two heavyweights. The ECW shadow looms large, does it not?


Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner make their entrances. Scott's got Midajah in tow again, and Midajah's got the lead pipe in tow. Jarrett snarls that Dustin Rhodes is gonna be dead after tonight's match. Scott Steiner manages to go falsetto for a bit, getting a worried look from Midajah. He's all about Booker T not learning from past mistakes, and how Scott Steiner's there to reinforce the lesson.

We come the Buff Cam? Again?
Animal walks into Ric Flair's dressing room backstage... to find WCW CEO (and Dark Lord of the Sith) Ric Flair on the floor, out cold! I guess that lets Animal off the hook, now doesn't it?

Match #7: Scott Steiner (w/ Midajah) & Jeff Jarrett d. Dustin Rhodes, ( "Steiner Recliner"/submission, 3:12) Main Event: Handicap Match

Jarrett and Rhodes open tonight's Main Event, as Mike Tenay says that Rick Steiner was the last person seen entering Ric Flair's dressing room. Rhodes cleaned house on Jarrett, even setting him up for that "Shattered Dreams" boot to the "inseam", but Steiner came in to break that up. You can tell Steiner's favoring that leg of his, because he's not as fast climbing through the ropes. Clothesline by Steiner on Rhodes from outside on the apron. Tag by Jarrett, and Steiner comes in again to another thunderous clothesline on Rhodes. Pin by Steiner, who stops to do a quick set of ten push-ups, hollering to referee Nick Patrick that he's just getting warmed up! Cover by Steiner, but Rhodes kicks out, and Steiner's mad at Patrick for a supposed slow count. Suplex by Steiner, who then ties Dustin to the Tree of Woe. As Steiner goes to argue some more with the ref, Jarrett gets both hands around Rhodes' neck and chokes him. Tag to Jarrett, who proceeds to stomp a mudhole in Rhodes. A missed pin attempt gets reversed by Rhodes, but Steiner's still arguing with the referee. As Steiner trash-talks the fans at ringside, Jarrett chokes Rhodes on the ring-ropes. Cross-ring whip, but Jarrett's splash attempt gets thwarted when Rhodes steps to one side, and Jarrett gets crotched on the ropes. Jarrett tags in Steiner, who promptly runs right into a mule kick to the jimmies from Rhodes. Jarrett is Rhodes' next target, and he gets clotheslined a bunch before Rhodes goes for a bulldog and the pin attempt. Jarrett gets a foot across the ropes. As Jarrett ties up the ref, Steiner clobbers Rhodes with the lead pipe, then locks him into the Steiner Recliner. Whoops, looks like we've got the makings of another beer cup bombardment of the ring, as Rhodes taps out, and Steiner gets the win. Post-match, Steiner re-locks on the Steiner Recliner, which brings out Booker T or the save. As Steiner and Jarrett flee for the back, Booker T got in some stick time by telling Steiner he WILL lose the World Title on next Monday's Nitro, and "Don't hate the playa, hate the game!"

We saw 46 minutes and 34 seconds of actual in-ring wrestling action, and every match had a clean finish!

After the

Closing credits

We get a still shot of the entire crew of WCW Thunder, with one word:


My thanks to Christopher Robin Zimmerman for his guidance and patience, and to Dave Richard and the rest of the staff of Wrestleline/Wrestlemaniacs for the opportunity they afforded me.

And my thanks to you, gentle readers, for your comments, your suggestions, and for reading my stuff and keeping me honest.

I await the coming darkness, in hope of the light beyond.
As do we all.

E.C. Ostemeyer
[slash] wrestling

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