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/12 August 1999
WCW Thunder


Guest columnist: Greg Conley


1) TV Title Match- Rick Steiner vs. Spyder- Spyder is a new pissed off looking Latino guy. For some odd reason we have a heel vs. heel match. Rick grabs the mic and says he's going to kill Goldberg, blah, blah, blah, BITE ME. Rick destroys poor Spyder early on with some knees and some stiff punches. He destroys Spyder's face by literally tearing it apart with his fingers. He hits him with a huge clothesline. Rick nails him with a nice looking german release suplex. Steiner throws him outside the ring and throws him into the guardrail. He picks up the mats on the floor and gives Spyder a piledriver onto it (Even though his head was 5 inches from the ground). Throws him into the ringpost and punches him very hard once again. He throws him into the guardrail again and kicks a member of the WCW crew down. He chokes him with the TV cable. He throws him into the ring and slams him. He hits the SBOD but with Spyder facing him and applies an elbow-lock submission for the win (4:07, *3/4) I liked this squash match. He really kicked the shit out of him

They replay the transformation of Hogan and go to commercial.

They replay the angle with Benoit and David Flair and Benoit from Niro and go to another commercial. Ugh....

Replay of Sid babbling about ruling the world from last weeks Thunder.

2) Sid vs. Disordely Conduct- Another heel vs. heel match. Sid attacks the both of them on the outside of the ring. Sid throws Tuff Tom into the ring and nails him with a standing spinebuster and just as Mean Mike was getting on the apron, Sid boots him off the apron. Sid beats on Tom some more and dominates him in the conrer. Sid nails Tom with a cobra-clutch slam and then Powerbombs Mean Mike for the win. (2:10, Not rated) After the match he chokeslams Tom and babbles for a minute and a half into the camera when the lights dim.

Booker T talks about the Kevin Nash vs. Hollywood Hogan match in the back. He says until you beat the both of them you can't pick who would win.

They advertise Mikey Whipwreck, Kidman, Disco Iferno, Rey Misterio Jr., and and Vampiro on Saturday Night.

They then announce Rey, Eddie, and Kidman vs. The Dead Poll on Saturday at Road Wild. Why not just say "We tape Worldwide and just put the commentating in Friday afternoon!"

We go to the clips from Nitro setting up the above match.

Benoit says the man that wants it most will the match. And we go to yet another commercial....

They play Wrath's old music in a promo for Road Wild. The thing is five minutes just with the smelly, fat bikers, and some highlights from previous Road Wild's. Another 5 minutes of my life wasted.

We go to a Harlem Heat promo. Jesus Christ, wrestling!

>From Nitro they replay the whole god damn match between Kanyon and Booker T

WCW Motorsports Segment- Bad news, Riki Ratchman will be on it next week. Damn it, I thought he was the victim of an axe murderer.

Six Man Tag just added- The Revolution (Saturn, Dean Malenko, and Shane Douglas) vs. The West Texas Rednecks (Hennig, Duncum, and Barry Windham)

They replay Hennig's interview from Nitro and the Chad Brock segment. Ugh....I feel like I'm watching WCW Worldwide.

3) Shane Douglas/Dean Malenko vs. Barry Windham/Bobby Duncum Jr. (w/The rest of the Texas Rednecks)- Oh thank god, a match. Zybsko on Texas- "It's big." Dean pounds on Windham on him early but Windham fights back with an eyerake. Dean Malenko executes a couple nice armdrag takedowns. They go for a test of strength and Dean kicks Windham in the stomach. Windham gets a kicked in when Dean ducks and they both tag out. Shane Douglas and Dean and they hit Duncum with a double back elbow. Shane knees him in the stomach and axehandles him. Windham misses a big boot and Shane sweeps him off his feet. He hits a nice rolling snapmare on him. Duncum gets Douglas in his corner as we go to commercials... When we come back from commercials Malenko suplexes Duncum and executes the Texas Cloverleaf. Hennig helps him get out and Windham clocks Malenko. Windham hits a backdrop suplex and a gutwrench suplex for two. Malenko comes off the ropes with a sunset flip for a near fall. Windham tags out to Bobby Duncum. Duncum throws Malenko in the corner and runs into him with a boot. Duncum then hits a shoulderbreaker. Duncum overpowers Malenko from getting to the corner. Duncum tags to Windham and Windham gets back in and tags Duncum and they hit him with a clothesline. Duncum throws Malenko into the corner but misses an elbow and Malenko makes the hot tag. Backbody drop on Duncum and beats on Windham. Double headbutt by Douglas. Douglas goes for a slam byt Duncum blocks it. Douglas whips Duncum into a Thesz Press for two but Barry breaks the pin. The Rednecks get onto the apron and Malenko is put on the floor. Duncum gets the bullrope and charges at Douglas, but Douglas avoids it. Douglas executes the Pittsburgh Plunge and gets the three count. (6:48, ** 1/2) The Rednecks beat the hell out of Malenko and Douglas after the match. Saturn runs down to the ring for a breif save but he's beat and hogtied like a school girl in the 1800s.

DDP says "We'll see at Sturgis" when talking about the Hogan and Nash match.

A really, really frigging odd promo for Alex Wright's new character Berlyn...Itlease there better then Glacier's promos he had.

Long promo for the Hogan vs. Nash match.

Savage/Rodman from Monday and then they show them from the Tonight Show on Tuesday.

4) Randy Savage vs. Evan Karagias- Macho Man asks us if we want to know who the hummer driver is. But of course he doesen't reveal it. Evan takes the mic and says when he says this he means no disrespect to him he shouldn't mistreat ladies, especially Mona. Evan says Mona would do anything for him and that she didn't deserve to be treated like that. Savage tells Karagias Mona can enter the Miss Madness 2000 contest. Savage asks Karagias if he thinks he can beat Rodman and Evan tells him he knows he can. Savage says gives his props to him and offers him a handshake. He shakes his hand but Savage attacks him. Savage throws him over the top rope. He then throws Evan right into the guardrail and then back into the ring. He kicks him in the gut and punches him a few times in the gut in the corner. Mona is at ringside hoping to get his young jobber a win. He misses a charge in the corner and gets out of a back suplex and hits him with a standing dropkick. Savage goes to the outside and grabs Mona. And in the move of the night Evan dives over Mona onto Savage. Evan then threw him into the guardrail. Savage decks him and throws him back in the ring and bodyslams him. he then goes up to the top rope and hits the Top Rope Elbowdrop for a 2 count when he picks Evan up. He goes up again and Mona tries to protect him but he jumps anyway and Mona rolls out of the way and Macho comes down with another Top Rope Elbowdrop. Mona tries to run from Savage but hurts her ankle because of her heels. Johnny Boone does the most heroic and the most stupidest thing of the night by jumping on Savage's back. Savage threw him off and gave him a piledriver. He nails another elbow drop and counts the three himself at 5:41 and this match will be a No-Conest (Not rated) This match was a nice match to set up Macho as a bad ass and possibly start an Evan/Mona relationship.

>From Nitro: Kevin Nash, Sid Vicious and Rick Steiner vs. Sting, Goldberg and Hulk Hogan.

We close out the show with one last ad for Road Wild. Thank you god, it's OVER!

The good- Malenko/Shane vs. The Rednecks was a pretty good match for Thunder.
The bad- Everything else.
The ugly- Rick Steiner in general

Greg Conley

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