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/4 November 1999

WCW Thunder by Mike Mousseau




What's this? A new Thunder guy? Yep. No third rate CRZ wannabe this week. After plying my craft on Worldwide for 3 1/2 months, I figured I'd try my hand at a new show. When you reach your dream of getting four emails in one week about Worldwide, you know it's time to move on. So here we go.

Thunder is taped (28.10.99) in front of a live studio audience (San Diego, CA).

Announcers this week are SCOTT HUDSON, filling in for Mike Tenay, and LARRY ZBYSZKO. Nice sign in the crowd: "IT'S STIIL OCT 28." Music starts up, and that can only mean one thing.

Match #1: EVAN KARAGIAS v. JUVENTUD GUERRERA - Quick clip of BRET HART interrupting a previous attempt at a match between these two guys a couple Nitros ago. Then SID did the same thing, with a little more violence, last Thursday on this very program. There's the bell, and here we go. Juvy mounts a turnbuckle and taunts the crowd. Referee is Mickey J (in her eye). Kick to the gut by Juvy before a lockup. Knife-edge chop, and Juvy kicks Evan down in the corner. Evan to the opposite corner, nope, reversed, and a charging Karagias eats a boot. Juvy runs out, but jumps into a powerslam. Early cover gets a two count. Suplex attempt by Evan, Juvy slips behind. To the ropes, both off, and a double clothesline. A minute in. Crowd is dead, but the heat machine picks it up a little. Juvy blocks a punch and thumbs an eye (Hi Ronnie!). Slam by Juvy. Evan with a couple punches to the gut, but Juvy hits a big chop. Evan with one of his own. Trade a couple more, and Juvy ends it with a kick to the gut. DDT by Guerrera. Evan to the ropes, reversed, and Karagias catches Juvy with a press . . . onto the top rope throat first. Evan in control now. Kick to the gut, and a snap suplex on the luchadore. Evan springs up to the middle rope and misses a moonsault. Juvy does the reverse traveling signal and heads up top, only to be crotched by Karagias. Evan climbs up to the second rope and hits a suplex from there. Hooks the leg and gets two. Crowd looks to the entrance, and sure enough, here comes NORMAN SMILEY. The music guy is on his toes and hits his music. Kicks and punches exchanged in the ring until Smiley gets on the apron with a microphone (NO CONTEST 3:30). "Hey, hey, hey, hey. Take it easy. This will take just one moment. When you people first laid eyes on me, I knew exactly what you were thinking. You were thinking that that man is hardcore to the bone. It's taken me a little time to convince The Powers That Be in WCW to bring back the Hardcore division, and let the wiggle loose. NOW that I have found my speciality, if you will, there is no stopping me. When you think of 'tough as nails', think of 'hardcore,' think of one man. Think Norman. And I'm predicting, I am predicting here and now, now and here, that every wrestler in WCW will be at the receiving end of a hardcore wiggle." And Evan and Juventud put the boots to Mr. Smiley, who of course does his screaming thing. Karagias and Juvy come off parallel ropes for a double dropkick, but Smiley moves so they crotch themselves. Smiley proceeds to hit the wiggle.

Backstage, the REVOLUTION discusses the merits of 'drafting' a new member.


Backstage, a walking SID VICIOUS is told by MIKE GRAHAM that he will team with PERRY SATURN against CHRIS BENOIT and RICK STEINER. Sid counters with, "But the DFG is my friend!"

Match #2: BOOKER T. (with Stevie Ray) v. KAZ HAYASHI - Oh my. Now I KNOW that I was meant to do Thunder. My first week, and I'm rewarded with Kaz Hayashi. This is good. Quick clip from Nitro, as Booker is wrestling JEFF JARRETT. CREATIVE CONTROL interferes, and Jarrett smashes a perfectly good guitar to score the pin and advance in the tournament. Handshake, and the match is underway. Senior official Nick Patrick will officiate. Circle, lockup, and the much bigger Booker T. pushes Kaz to a corner. Clean break on four. Is Booker T. a heel? Anyway, lockup, knee to the gut by Booker and a big forearm to the back sends Kaz down. Kaz to the ropes, ducks a right, and jumps into the arms of Booker. Up on his shoulder, and a running powerslam. Booker off the ropes and misses an elbow drop. Kaz up, right, kick, kick, kick, chop. Booker to the ropes, reversed, leapfrog by Booker, another, Kaz stops and dropkicks the knee! A dropkick to the chest sends T down! He rolls outside to recover. Stay on him Kaz! Kaz hits a slingshot senton!! Kaz tosses T back in. Stevie grabs Kaz before he could go in though and beats him up a little before sending him in. Big uranage by Booker lands Kaz on the back of his neck. HUGE spinebuster by T. Booker to the top rope, and nails Kaz with a missile dropkick. That's all for Kaz. (3:18) Replay shows the end. Quick! Backstage is

TORRIE WILSON AND THE ANIMALS, and DOUG DILLENGER at a laptop. KONNAN picks Dillenger's pocket while the other animals distract him. They all get a share of the proceeds. I guess they're just finding other means in case their contracts are restructured.

GENE OKERLUND is standing by with RICK STEINER. Gene brings up the tag match against his buddy Sid, but Steiner assures him that when the smoke clears, he and Sid will be left standing.


Last week on WCW Saturday Night, STEVEN REGAL, DAVID TAYLOR and FIT FINLAY ran amok on TBS. No, not The Big Show, the Superstation. We also saw SCOTTY RIGGS, NORMAN SMILEY, THE ARMSTRONGS, AND JIMMY HART AND THE FIRST FAMILY. This week, you will see Power Plant graduates MARK GIDRACK, CHUCK PALUMBO, JOHNNY 'THE BULL' HUGGER, FELIX SKIPPER, MIKE SANDERS, AND DEVON STORM. Spellings are approximate, thanks to lack of closed captioning. Hey, does anybody recap that show for the [slash]? Not that I want to--I'm just asking. (I think another guy volunteered this week - we'll see - CRZ)

Match #3: THE FILTHY ANIMALS (with Torrie) v COACH BUZZ STERN (with Luther Biggs) - Eddie with the stick. "You know, I'm a filthy animal, and I'm damn proud of it. You see, this pack runs wild. We want it, we take it. It's yours, it becomes ours. And if you want it back? Hey! No problem--try it!" Quick cut back to Monday night, where the Filthy Animals got Torrie Wilson back from the Revolution, as Eddie beat Saturn in a 'Key on a Pole' match. A shark cage was involved. Back to Thunder. I guess Eddie is wrestling Stern. No opening bell. Once again, Mickey J (in her eye) is the referee. Side headlock by Eddie, but Stern reverses that into his own headlock. Eddie shoots him off into the ropes, and Stern hits the shoulderblock to take him down. Stern tells Biggs to write it down. Lockup, kneelift by Stern, right, Eddie sent to the ropes, and Stern hits a sidewalk slam. Outside the ring, the animals harass Biggs. Inside, Eddie hits a head scissors takeover. More harassment outside. Stern comes out to defend, but is beaten down by the animals. Konnan sends him back in. Eddie and Konnan distract the ref so Kidman can hit a Rydeen bomb on the coach. Frogsplash by Eddie ends this farce. (2:20) Postmatch, Biggs tries to stand up for his coach, but the animals schoolboy him, and then beat the crap out of him. Hudson says, "Where's the Revolution when we need them?", so I guess THEY are the faces. Except when Malenko wrestles Benoit. Eddie dons Stern's practice T-shirt.

Backstage, Gene is with CURLY BILL AND BERLYN (with big blonde dude). Apparently, they have a shot at the tag titles later on. Bill says he has no idea why They put him and 'Squiggy' together on the same team. But a title shot is a title shot. Indeed. Berlyn tells Bill how dare he try and talk for Berlyn, and no one from Texas should be allowed to talk in the first place. Then he advises Bill to step aside tonight and watch Berlyn conquer the Filthy Animals.


Backstage, Chris Benoit is getting water! Rick Steiner walks by and tells him it'll be a long night. Benoit glares back.

Quick cut back to Nitro, as Vampiro beat Berlyn via help from the Misfits, Lash LeRoux beat The Cat via deathlock, Buff Bagwell beat Stevie Ray via DQ, Curt Hennig beat Disco Inferno via countout, Jeff Jarrett beat Booker T. via guitar shot, Madusa beat Evan Karagias via 'womanly charm,' Chris Benoit beat Dean Malenko via top-'o-the-cage flying headbutt, Scott Hall beat Sid Vicious via crutch shot, all to advance in the tournament to crown a new WCW Heavyweight champion.

Quick cut back to last Thunder, as Chris Benoit defeats Sid Vicious via DQ when the Revolution run in.

Backstage, the Revolution and Sid discuss the teaming of Sid and Perry Saturn.


Okerlund is backstage with LA PARKA for an interview. Gene asks if La Parka can make it two victories in a row. Subtitled: "Gene, let's talk about something else for a change. Everyone always asks me why I dress in this ridiculous outfit. The truth is, I was always a big fan of 'He Man' growing up - especially Skeletor. And I am not ashamed to admit it. I mean who didn't love that cartoon when they were a kid? I have all the episodes on tape at my house, you know! Before long, I found myself obsessing over Skeletor so much that I finally made this crazy costume. So as far as I'm concerned, Buff Bagwell should know one thing tonight . . . Thanks to the power of Castle Grayskull and Skeletor . . . I HAVE THE POWER!" OK, I'm no Spanish expert, four years in High School did learn me a little, and I caught many words there and the English translation was way off. Must be an angle. Everyone gets one, you know. Russo doles 'em out like tabs of acid at a Dead concert.

Match #4: BUFF BAGWELL v. LA PARKA - Sure enough, Hudson takes an issue with the translation. La Parka will not at all be happy when he finds out how that went down. Hey, Buff grew his Fu Manchu back already! Major boos for Parka from the heat machine. Quick cut to 18.10.99 Nitro, where Buff sloughed off, and La Parka beat him. Then 25.10.99 Nitro, Buff whines about the writers, and Creative Control take him out. THEN, last Nitro Buff beat Stevie Ray by DQ, as Creative Control interfered. Back to Thunder. Parka strut right off the bat. Lockup, armdrag by Buff. Buff struts. Lockup, kneelift and a hiptoss by Buff. Buff mocks the Jarrett strut. Lockup, slam by Buff. And another strut. Lockup, armdrag by Parka, and a hiptoss. He follows up with a bodyslam. Another Parka strut. Bagwell claps. Shove by Parka, but Buff fires off the rights. Choke in the corner by Buff's boot. Muscle pose in the middle. Parka misses an enziguiri, and Buff hits a clothesline. Another clothesline, and Buff stomps away on La Parka. Buff calls for the Blockbuster, goes to the middle rope, and hits it. That's the match? (3:30)

Gene once again backstage, now with the Filthy Animals. Kidman rips on he and Konnans opponents, Curly Bill and Berlyn. Konnan says stuff too.

WCW Thunder Ringside Release is Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, for Playstation.

Match #5: KIDMAN & KONNAN (with Torrie, Eddie Guerrero and Rey Jr.) v. BERLYN (with big blonde dude) & CURLY BILL for the WCW Tag Team Championship - Kidman gets mic time. Torrie interrupts him with a big wet one. Konnan says stuff too. Challengers come out to separate entrances. Quick cut back to last Ntiro, where Luger feigned a knee injury, as he and Sting didn't win the tag belts. Back to Thunder. Kidman asks Bill if he was the sheriff in Blazing Saddles. Referee is Mark Johnson. Berlyn and Kidman start off. Berlyn dominates with punches. Dropkick by the German. Stomps on Kidman. Backdrop release suplex gets two. Kidman hits a cross body block for two. There's the whip to the corner, come off the ropes clothesline by Kidman. Berlyn begs off, and Kidman decks Bill. Powerslam by Berlyn, and Konnan breaks up the pinfall attempt. You can't powerbomb Kidman, but in a twist, Kidman just punches Berlyn until he falls. Konnan in. Double back elbows. Rolling clothesline. Mulekick, carpetmuncher. Berlyn comes back with a clothesline. Tag to Bill. Japanese armdrag on Konnan, and an armbreaker on Kidman. Bill argues with Berlyn, and the big blonde dude knocks out the cowboy. Rydeen bomb, Tequila Sunrise for the submission. (4:05) Konnan holds the move because he's a dick. Still to come, 8-man battle royal, Sid and Saturn face Benoit and Steiner. Stay here!

Okerlund now has LASH LeROUX backstage. They discuss Disco Inferno. Lash respects him, but does not trust him. He calls the CW title the 'Cajunweight' title.


Gene is with VAN HAMMER. Gene brings up the rumor that he is in line to become the next member of the Revolution. Where'd he hear that, Scoopscentral? Hammer says he's gonna give the Revolution a revelation, and he'll be the next big name acquisition. He can help them, and they know it. So, if they agree to it, for them it's gonna be like money in the bank. Whatever.

Match #6: LASH LeROUX v. "STOCKY" SILVER KING - I'll admit it, I'm fooled. Quick cut back to Nitro and Lash beating The Cat. Referee is Billy Silverman. Back and forth to start. Silver King with a somersault legdrop, called a moonsault by Hudson. Later, Bourbon Street Blues by Lash. Outside the ring, King hits a slap to the chest and sends Lash into the stairs. Back in, King puts Lash up top, stands up for maybe a 'rana, but Lash pushes him down. Off he comes with a cross body for a two count. Corkscrew senton by Silver King gets two. Sunset flip by Lash for a two count. Outside, and Silver King is sent into the guardrail. Ringside fans chant SILVER KING! Slingshot senton by King. Two count. Back body drop on Lash. Lash hits the Northern Lights slam. King misses a double spring moonsault, and Lash hits a dropkick. Back body drop by Lash, and there's the Whiplash for the pin. (5:31)

Gene with CHRIS BENOIT. Benoit says if Steiner is so worried about his friendship with Sid, he'll take both of them on himself, 'cause he dishes out more than he takes.

Meanwhile, the Revolution is going somewhere.


Match #7: DEAN MALENKO (with the Revolution and Asya) v. VAN HAMMER - Quick cut to Nitro and the Revolution beating up Benoit in a cage. Hammer has something to say. "The word is definitely out in the back. You guys are looking for another man to round out this group. I have earned it, I deserve it, and I can help you guys. That's right, me. Now we can do it two ways. You guys can welcome me into the group, give me a place to hang my hat, and we can raise all the hell we want around here like I know we can. And let's face it: you guys can use a big man in your group. That's obvious. Or, the other way, is I can fight my way in, and I can start by kicking . . . his vertically challenged ass right now." And with that, Deano dropkicks the hell out of Hammer's knee. Ring the bell, it's on. Malenko destroys the knee. Ref is Mark Johnson. More work on the knee. Malenko off the ropes, and runs into a powerslam. Hammer sells the knee. Hammer pounds him in the corner, whips him across, but dangit, his knee hurts! Malenko off the second rope with a fist. Dean distracts the ref so Saturn can get a shot in. Back to the knee. Two hamstring pulls by Dean. Hammer whipped to the corner, a charging Malenko eats boot. Hammer hits the flashback. Hammer slaps on the cobra clutch, but Malenko hits the ref. Saturn and Shane crotch Hammer on the ringpost. Cloverleaf is on, and Hammer taps. (3:16) Revolution beat down Hammer postmatch. Replay gives us the crotching and the tapout.


Here's a special look at what's happened in the one month since The Powers That Be have entered WCW. We see Jarrett's debut, Buff's breaking of kayfabe, Madusa's ordeal, Meng, Creative Control beat up Buff, Duggan begs for a job, Curt Hennig and Brad Armstrong, the tournament to crown a new Heavyweight Champion, the Filthy Animals' rise to prominence, the demise of Ric Flair, and other assorted stuff.


Match #8: EL DANDY, STEVEN REGAL, DAVE TAYLOR, JERRY FLYNN, CHAVO GUERRERO, JR, CHRIS ADAMS, SCOTTY RIGGS & PRINCE IAUKEA in an Opportunity Knocks, Over the Top Rope Battle Royal - Winner gets a golden opportunity on Nitro Monday, while the other seven should seek employment up north, according to Hudson. I gotta believe Chavo goes over here. Guys pair off quickly. Jimmy Hart is ringside, as is referee Billy Silverman. Two minutes in and everyone's safe. Iaukea almost has Taylor out, but Regal stops it. Riggs and Flynn eliminate Dandy at 2:49. The Brits are now fighting among themselves. Work as a team, guys! Chavo puts Adams out at the 4:00 mark. Taylor staves off a Riggs attempt. Regal and Taylor work on Chavo. Flynn kicks Riggs off the apron at 4:53. Iaukea dropkicks Flynn off the top rope after he crotched himself at 5:07. Ten seconds later, Regal sends Iaukea to the ropes and Taylor pulls the top rope down to send the Prince out. Now that's what I'm talking about, fellas. Taylor, Regal and Chavo are left. The Brits double up on Chavito. Regal with a full nelson on Chavo, Taylor comes off the ropes and Chavo back drops him over at 5:48. Two left. Chavo catapults Regal out to win the match. (6:00)

Backstage, Sid tries to talk Steiner into the finger push laydown. Rick agrees to his face, but . . .


1-800-COLLECT replay shows Hammer getting crotched on the ringpost, and the Cloverleaf submission.

Match #9: SID VICIOUS & PERRY SATURN (with Asya) v. RICK STEINER & CHRIS BENOIT - Quick cut to last Thursday, as Sid, Saturn and Malenko beat down Benoit, but Sid takes out the Rev. guys. Saturn's chyron says with the Revolution and Asya, but only Asya appears. We are treated to four entrances. Quick cut to Halloween Havoc, as Malenko turned on Benoit to rejoin the Revolution. Then, on Nitro, Benoit beat Malenko in a cage match. Steiner and Sid start. There's the finger, and of course Steiner small packages him for two. Sid gets pissed and hits a huge powerbomb on DFG. And he . . . walks out? Instead of a countout, Benoit is in for his team. Huh? Now Saturn is in, without a tag. Saturn wins a punching battle. In the corner, and more punches on Benoit, until he ducks one. Chop!, chop!, chop! on Saturn. Saturn sent to the ropes, and there's a back elbow. Double farmer's blow on Saturn. Backbreaker gets two for Benoit. Referee is Mark Johnson. Benoit stomps away in the corner. Saturn sent to the corner, but Benoit runs into a back elbow. Overhead T-Bone suplex by Saturn. Asai moonsault misses. Benoit chops him down. Steiner wants the tag, but Benoit gives HIM the double farmer's blow. Steiner in and clotheslines Benoit down. There's a belly to belly on Saturn. And now HE leaves. Crippler crossface on, but Saturn's in the ropes! Why didn't they just give us Benoit/Saturn as a main? Benoit off the ropes, running elbow drop. So when will the Revolution run in? How much time left? Benoit hits the triple German suplex, thumb across the throat, up top, and there's the swandive headbutt. OK, here's the Revolution for the DQ. (4:12) Malenko stomps away on Benoit. Here's the Filthy Animals for the save, and roll the credits, we're out of time!

Mike Mousseau
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