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/11 November 1999

WCW Thunder by Mike Mousseau




We're at the Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, Indiana for Thunder! Tonight Sid Vicious faces Revolution member Perry Saturn, Rick Steiner defends his TV Title against Booker T, and Curt Hennig tries to keep his career alive against Dean Malenko! Hosts are MIKE TENAY and LARRY ZBYSZKO. Music is on, that means we get a match!

Match #1: LASH LeROUX v. EVAN KARAGIAS - Remember Monday on Nitro when Karagias fought with referee Johnny Boone? Tenay announces a match between those two for next Monday. Get those VCR's ready! Out comes DISCO INFERNO to add some commentary. Shot from Monday of Disco getting belted with a bucket of concrete by Rick Steiner. Referee is Johnny Boone. I'm sure Boone will be impartial for this one. Nice mat sequence to start, Lash in the ropes, Karagias kicks away, and Boone steps in. MADUSA saunters down to ringside. Head scissors by Evan. Disco says he can get a date with Madusa. Lash backdropped over the top, skin the cat back in, now clotheslined back over and to the floor. Camera sees DI and Madusa face to face gettin' snuggly, while Karagias hits a plancha in the background. Evan hits the ten punch countalong. Lash grabs a 3/4 nelson and hits a Russian legsweep. Crowd is silent. Hey, somebody turn that heat machine up! Lash hits his Northern Lights power slam for two. Meanwhile, Disco is trying to close the deal with Madusa. Karagias eats boot on a charge attempt. Snap suplex by Evan. 1,2, no. Disco keeps going back to the announcer's table with updates. Karagias hits a Thesz press. Karagias sees Disco with Madusa, breaks 'em up, and Madusa slaps DI. Now Evan stomps away on him. He's back in, and Lash catches him with a kick to the face. There's the Whiplash, and the pin. (4:36) Disco has the mic outside the ring. Smack is talked. He bets Evan $25,000 that he can beat him at Mayhem PPV. Evan says if the belt is on the line, he has a deal. And there you have it. Apparantley Disco needs some big cash to pay off that Tony Marinara guy. Evan and Madusa leave, and here's Lash back in with a kick to Disco's gut and a Whiplash on the champ.

Our hosts formally introduce themselves and run down the matches listed earlier.

Backstage somewhere, "MEAN" GENE OKERLUND is standing by with BERLYN and HIS BODYGUARD. Gene tries to ask Berlyn if he used to dance as -- but Bodyguard covers his mouth. Berlyn says he must have him mistaken with someone else, you American scum. Berlyn runs down Gene a little, and also Curly Bill, and says that Bill will have Gene to thank for what he does to him tonight.


Backstage we see Sid and Terry Taylor. Sid asks him what he's doing here, wait, don't answer that. Then he asks where Steiner is. Taylor tells him, and Sid shoves past the ex-Rooster on his way by.

Match #2: BERLYN (with His Bodyguard) v. CURLY BILL - We see action from two weeks ago on Nitro, where the Misfits helped Vampiro beat Berlyn and move on in the tournament. Then on this past Nitro, Berlyn hit Vamp with a chain, allowing Buff to defeat him. Look back at last Thursday, where Bill and Berlyn were tag partners. They didn't get along. Berlyn all over Bill to start. Bill back with punches. Zbyszko finally outs Berlyn as Alex Wright. Here's JERRY ONLY, the leader of the Misfits at the top of the rampway. He calls out someone to a fight out back. Bodyguard heads up that way. Now VAMPIRO has hit the ring from behind, and he's all over Berlyn. (DQ, 1:26) These two will fight in a steel chain match at Mayhem. Bodyguard is on his way back, so Vamp ducks out. Bill covers Berlyn, counts to four, and Bodyguard tosses him out.

Okerlund is with SILVER KING and LA PARKA. Gene says that those two, especially Parka, have been the butt of jokes by TPTB lately. King says that they are better than the one. (?) Over to Parka, who's wearing a killer red and black outfit. "What Kingfish means to say is that tonight a new day dawns for the international specialists in WCW. The joke with the subtitles during my promo last week was cute. I got the point loud and clear. You want me to speak English, you got it. Now let's get down to business. Enough of these Tijuana carwreckers, now I'm ready for anything they wanna throw at me. They may be the Powers That Be, but I will always be the Chairman of the Board!" "La Parka, how do you do that?" I didn't recognize "Parka's" voice. Brad Armstrong, maybe? Nah, don't know.

Over to CHAVO GUERRERO, who is trying to sell various sprays to VILLANO V. Chavo talks him into five cases of bug spray, for the cockroaches.


RICK STEINER is questioned backstage by Okerlund about his blown-up friendship with Sid Vicious. DFG hits his two lame catch phrases, and in comes Sid from behind! They brawl for a bit until security breaks them up.

Match #3: LA PARKA & "STOCKY" SILVER KING v. VILLANO V & LIZMARK JR. (no entrance) - Parka is wearing a skeleton mask over his other mask. Parka struts and poses on his chair. Tenay says Parka has a microphone before he gets one. Oops. "You have got to be kidding me. I mean I go through all the trouble learning how to speak English and cut a promo, and they're still sticking me in the same crappy matches!" He turns his back, and Villano and Lizmark attack from behind. I'm clueless on his voice. Referee is Mickey J, who narrowly escapes a bump in the corner. Tenay announces Vampiro and the Misfits versus Berlyn and His Bodyguard for Nitro. Nice oversell of a chop by Parka. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Lizmark. He has longer hair than the last time I saw him. Parka and King rough up Lizmark behind J's back. King and Villano in now. Nice sequence ends with a Villano clothesline. King misses a moonsault, but lands on his feet and hits a superkick. King does his little dance and tags in Parka. Lizmark back in too. Big slap to Lizzie's chest. Parka out to the floor, and Lizmark out with a running springboard plancha. King with a run-up-the-turnbuckles plancha on Villano outside. Lizmark sends Parka back in. Liz up top, and misses a splash. Parka up top, and hits a twisting corkscrew moonsault for the pin! (3:42) Nice highspots there. Parka chairs Lizmark post-match. And there's one for Villano. Parka plays a little chair guitar to celebrate.

Backstage, our camera is jogging over to see something. It's Bodyguard stomping on Curly Bill as Berlyn looks on. He gets a few shots in as well.

Gene is with CURT HENNIG, who talks a little about not getting pinned and being forced to retire by TPTB. He is, afterall, the best athlete and the best wrestler in WCW.


Chavo is now selling plates and diapers to KAZ HAYASHI. This is much better than having to watch those two wrestle.

Recap of tournament matches from Nitro. Check CRZ's report for details. Kidman over Smiley, Benoit over Madusa, Bagwell over Vampiro, Bret Hart over Perry Saturn, Scott Hall over Lash LeRoux, and Jeff Jarrett over Hennig. There's a look at the brackets. We're down to eight men left. Hart/Kidman, Total Package/Sting, Benoit/Hall, Buff/Jarrett.

BOOKER T is with Gene. Okerlund asks about that woman who came out and took a guitar shot from JJ. Booker says they go a long, long, long, way back, if you know what he's saying. She knows all about bustin' heads and rearranging somebody's grille, if need be. Just ask that [fruit booty], that straight up punk Jeff Jarrett, if you know what I mean. Now can you dig that?

We watch Sid watch Rick Steiner on TV. Sid: Why? Me: Why?


Disco Inferno is on the phone and tells someone that he will get him his money. And something about getting Hennig out to be in the good graces of TPTB.

Match #4: BOOKER T v. RICK STEINER for the WCW Television Championship - Booker is introduced as a six-time TV title holder. Clips of Steiner and Sid's burgeoning feud. Referee is Billy Silverman. Steiner controls early with punches. Booker off the ropes, ducks a clothesline, and nails a standing burrito. T hits his armwringer into a back kick. Chop!, chop! Booker off the ropes, and Steiner sends him down with a shoulder block. T off the ropes again, and there's Steiner's catch-him-and-dump-him. Grinding his face on the mat. Belly to belly gets two. Booker back with punches, but Steiner catches him with a knee lift, another. Outside the ring now; Booker to the barricade. Back into the ring, and Steiner sinks in the Steiner Recliner! This one's over! Wait, wrong Steiner; Booker powers up and elbows out. Steiner no-sells and clubs him with a forearm. Rot in hell, Rick. Booker takes charge with a knee and a kick. There's the Harlem Sidekick! Kick to the gut, pause, off the ropes, axe kick! Spin, breakdance up, raise the roof! Top rope, missile dropkick on the ref, thanks to DFG. Sid is out, and he's chewing gum! DDT by Steiner on T. Rick up top, but Sid shoves him off. Sid in, and there's a powerbomb on the champ! He puts Booker on top, throws Silverman back in, 1 . . . 2 . . . 3! New TV champion! (4:19) That makes it seven. Works for me. Wait, here's Johnny Boone, who raises Steiner's hand. Shouldn’t have done that. Powerbomb! Now one for Billy Silverman! Steiner from behind, and lays in some punches. Here's security once again to break them up. Well, I guess Booker T ISN'T the champ.

Backstage, The Revolution is going somewhere! So is Curt Hennig!

WCW's Ringside Release is Tom Clancy's Rogue Spear.

Match #5: CURT HENNIG v. DEAN MALENKO (with The Revolution) - Moments ago, Disco Inferno watched Hennig walk. Back to Nitro, where CREATIVE CONTROL put Hennig through the announcer's table. Ring introductions are louder this week, I think. Douglas joins the announcers, of course. Referee is Nick Patrick. Lockup, standoff. Chain wrestling leads to the ropes; playful slaps by Hennig. Dean controls with a knee to the gut. Nice sunset flip gets two for Hennig. There's some more mat wrestling with near falls. Dean heads outside and consoled by Saturn. Malenko back in. Hennig catches a kick - waiting for an enzuigiri - hop, hop, hop, hop, hop. Hennig punches him down. Asya is the unofficial fourth member of the Revolution, says Shane. Malenko back outside, drawing some boos. OK, back in. Power test? No, Malenko gets a kick in. Belly to back by Dean. That gets a one count. Snap mare into a rear facelock. Jawbreaker by Hennig. HUGE knife-edge chop by Hennig in the corner. Kneelift, somersault-over neck-snapper. Camera misses a low blow. Hennig sent to the ropes, leg lariat by Malenko. Cloverleaf attempt is reversed into a small package for two. Saturn is putting the moves on some chick outside. Suplex attempt blocked by Hennig, tries his own, go behind by Malenko, back elbows by Hennig, backs him into the turnbuckle. Chop!, chop! Whip, reversed, charge, move, and Dean goes shoulder first into the post. Asya distracts Patrick so Douglas can blast Hennig with his cast. Disco Inferno out now, moves Malenko off, covers Hennig himself, but the ref is still distracted. Dean and Disco argue, while Hennig recovers. Shove on Disco, and Hennig belts him from behind. Malenko hits a jackhammer suplex on Hennig, but Patrick is involved with Asya and Disco. Hey, there's CHRIS BENOIT on the top rope! Swandive headbutt on Malenko! He takes out Shane! Hennig covers for the 1,2,3! (6:57) Meanwhile, Perry Saturn plays Santa Claus to that chick.

Quickly, we go backstage, where security has separated Sid and Steiner. Anyone care yet?

Okerlund is now with THE MAESTRO, who will be taking on Brian Knobbs in a hardcore matchup. Gene wonders if he has much experience in that kind of thing. Maestro says he can handle it.


Need a little excitement?! Have your friends put you in a straight jacket!

BRIAN KNOBBS now has his chance to rebut Maestro. Surprisingly, Knobbs yells a lot during this interview. Norman Smiley is a topic here, too.

Match #6: THE MAESTRO v. BRIAN KNOBBS (with Jimmy Hart) in a hardcore rules match - There's a look back at Nitro and Knobbs beating Smiley with a hockey stick. NORMAN SMILEY is out with a violin case and joins the announcers. Trash can shot on Maestro. Another. Broomstick, another garbage can, cookie sheet, smelly armpit, folding chair, chair again, trash can lid, Jimmy Hart trips up Maestro, trash can, chair, lid, lid, lid, 10 more lid shots, broomstick, choke with the chair. Ref is Mark Johnson. More with the cookie sheet. Smiley with the violin case on Hart and a lead pipe on Knobbs. Cover by Maestro, and it's finally over. (4:37)

Backstage, THE FILTHY ANIMALS are headed somewhere.


Replay from Nitro shows the debacle that was the mixed tag match between members of the Revolution and Filthy Animals.

Match #7: KIDMAN & KONNAN (with Eddie Guerrero and Torrie's nips) v. JERRY FLYNN & BARBARIAN for the WCW Tag Team Championship - Eddie rants a bit pre-match, as does Kidman and Konnan. Anybody else hate "feel, that's enough"? Jimmy Hart is conspicuous by his absence. Tenay says the First Family may be at a severe disadvantage here. Ya think? Nick Patrick is ref once again. He sends Eddie and Torrie to the back. Flynn out to talk to Torrie, and she smacks him a good one. A pier whatever erupts in and outside the ring. Now Eddie and Torrie head to the back. Back to the ring, and no opening bell. Barbarian has Kidman in a bearhug, and Flynn comes off the ropes with a leg lariat. Tenay announces Spice versus AC Jazz for Nitro. Super. Backbreaker by Barbarian on Kidman. Flynn in, and Kidman's the Animal in peril. Barbarian in, and stays in control. Flynn backdrops Kidman into a Barbarian powerbomb! Barbarian misses a headbutt off the top - no hot tag. Instead, Kidman goes up for the SSP, but gets crotched. Should've tagged out, dude. Barbarian hits a belly to belly overhead superplex! Konnan saves. Flynn in to beat him down, switch opponents, Flynn misses something and flies outside. Barbarian superplexes Konnan, but Kidman hits a splash on him for the pin. (about 3:40)

Gene is backstage with TOTAL PACKAGE and LIZ. Gene says he should be ashamed of that macing of Sting on Nitro, and what is the deal with the fake knee injury? Luger says he was trying to hit Goldberg with the mace, but he misfired. And it hurts his feelings that Gene would insinuate that the Package would fake an injury. He's going to make things right with Sting, and he's going to know what it's like to have a fair, competitive match on Nitro.


Recap of trouble with the Nitro Girls. 'Ho' is muted.

Okerlund is with The Revolution. Malenko talks smack about Chris Benoit. Shane Douglas defines revolution for us. Saturn gives us a couple more definitions, and brings up that one chick.


Match #8: TOTAL PACKAGE (with Elizabeth) v. KAZ HAYASHI - Tenay announces Smiley versus Jimmy Hart in a hardcore match for Nitro. You have got to be kidding me. Mickey J is in the ring. Luger has the microphone. "Now I know I have a scheduled match for tonight with this fine young wrestler Hashi. I know this is your big chance against a superstar, main-event guy like myself, but I've got good news and bad news. The bad news is as much pride as I take in the way in which I've approached my profession for 13 years, the modern day Cal Ripken of professional wrestling, over 3,000 consecutive matches. (Pause for "You suck" chant) I won't be able to compete tonight. Another time, Hashi, another time. The good news from my doctors are, with proper rest, ice and elevation, next Monday night I'll be able to maintain myself, get myself ready for the huge match between Sting and myself in the world title tournament. I'm sorry everybody, I really am." Kaz grabs the stick! "Chicken[shit]!" Kaz turns his back, and Luger runs him into the corner. Whew, there's the bell, this is a match! Stomp, stomp, stomp, stand on the back of the neck. Double axe handle. Vertical suplex by Package. Kick, kick, head to the turnbuckle, choke on the top rope. Snap his neck off it. Whip, and a clothesline. Rack-em-up sign, and there it is. (1:30) Pose, show of abs, and fake the knee afterwards. So Cal Ripken isn’t modern day? Yeah, and way to use Kaz Hayashi there.

We see Sid heading to the ring, and the Revolution talking.


Backstage we see Kaz and La Parka talking about something. Tenay announces Sid versus Rick Steiner for Nitro. Yee haw.

Match #9: SID VICIOUS v. PERRY SATURN (with the Revolution) - Referee is Mark Johnson. Douglas again joins Mike and Larry. Lockup, shovedown by Sid. Short clothesline by Sid. Kick, kick, catches Saturn off the ropes, backbreaker. Dean on the apron, Sid over, Saturn runs at Sid, he moves, and Saturn flies over onto Malenko. Both outside, and Sid kicks away. Sid drops him knee first on the guardrail. Back in. Saturn catches him coming back in. T-bone by Saturn. Springboard legdrop gets two. To the corner, reversed, and Sid clotheslines him down. Right, right, right, right, sends Saturn off the ropes. He ducks a right, and hits a springboard forearm. To the ropes, reversed, and a big boot by Sid. Calls for the chokeslam! There's the choke, but a kick to the nuts stops it. Saturn heads up top, and jumps right into the chokeslam! Sid calls to the crowd, and makes the one finger round and round motion. Powerbomb on Saturn! 1 . . . 2 . . . Asya pulls out Johnson. (DQ, 3:48) Malenko sneaks up on Sid from behind, but eats a powerbomb anyway. Asya stands up to Sid, shoves him, kick to the gut, and Sid's had enough. Head between the knees, but before he can bomb her, here's RICK STEINER to brawl some more with Sid. Hey, Steiner sells for Sid! And that's the show!

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