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It seems there's been a big falling out at the /slash. See, the boss wants news updates every week with no bullcrap excuses about why you can't do it, and the other news guy feels the exact opposite. Thus, it's not the weekend, but here I am.

Yeah, it's all politics around here. But where there's chaos, there's opportunity. Let's check the news.


I thought it was a good show. Among the highlights a HHH/Angle match has been made for No Way Out with the WrestleMania title shot on the line, a Rock/Undertaker match will also happen at the PPV, Goldust's "him" was Rob Van Dam, Stephanie McMahon is pregnant, there was an awesome main event, and we heard the names "Hogan", "Hall", and "Nash" for the first time in regards to the nWo. AND some fag came over the railing and hit Jericho and promptly got his ass kicked, it was funny.

Since we already knew of the nWo roster, the biggest development had to be the situation with Stephanie. Boy that HHH is a sucker, isn't he? What a punk. How's he gonna let his woman play him like that? I don't know what to say. DAMN.

If I had to guess, I'd say next week's wedding vows business will result in somebody being there to take out Hunter while we learn that the whole pregnancy mess was a setup by Stephanie. HHH rejecting her vow renewal idea may have been the last straw. You just know something is gonna happen, like an event ever goes down without somehow being interrupted?

The problem, although I guess it's not really a "problem", is that you have two ideal candidates as to who Stephanie's accomplice should be. Kurt Angle makes the most sense, and he's fighting Hunter at the PPV, but then there's the big match with Jericho looming on the horizon and... who knows.

But what I'd really like to see...

Next week on Raw there's clips of Stephanie's baby shower. Mae Young and Moolah and Stephanie's friends are there and Stephanie drinks this cocktail, full of juice and not alcohol because she's pregnant, that the bartender gives her.

Then they go to the ring for their vows.


Test: I just thought you'd want to see this.

::a video plays:: ::Test is humping a passed out Stephanie::

Test: I'm part of the family now... DAAAD.

::Test says that last line while looking into a mirror, because he's the dad and he's saying that to himself. Also, looking in mirrors is what Test does::

JR: My GOD what has happened here!

::Raw ends::

Wouldn't that be awesome? I submit that it would.


  • Everyone agrees that the nWo isn't going to be on TV until the PPV. Although Dave Scherer is reporting that Scott Hall is in LA, sight of the Smackdown tapings, so maybe we'll get somebody on TV a little early.

  • There seems to be a lot of WWA problems floating around lately. First was the bogus story that they'd gone out of business, which Meltzer picked up on and reported without checking out. Meltzer also said that not only didn't they have the MGM Grand booked to do a show, Andrew McManus didn't have a license to promote in Las Vegas.

    Then reported that the show was moved to the Aladdin Hotel & Casino, which Meltzer said wasn't true before later saying it was. Then there was some confusion with the advertised appearance of Scott Steiner, as his website posted a note apparently saying he wasn't part of the show, and everyone picked up on the story. But Bob Ryder got comments from Steiner and he said it was a misunderstanding and he'd definitely be at the show.

    Then, according to the Torch, after tickets for the PPV went on sale things were quickly shut down due to McManus still not having a promoter's license. But Ryder says that has been cleared up and tickets are now on sale at all your usual outlets.

    This whole thing is pretty queer. Why does 1wrestling seem to be the only site checking into this stuff? Why couldn't anyone else ask Scott Steiner about his appearance? Why couldn't the Torch keep up-to-date on the story and let us know that tickets were back on sale, after posting a story that the PPV was in "grave jeopardy". And Meltzer, jeez, don't even get me started.

  • I mentioned a week or so back that Chris Jericho was going to be taking part in a Charity hockey game or two. One was with his dad and another was with Goldberg. If there was any tension between Jericho and Goldberg after their WCW days, it seems to have been smoothed over since they did a little skit together at the show. Jericho went crazy and started attacking a referee when Goldberg, who was the assistant coach for Jericho's opponents, came out and carried Jericho to the penalty box. Big laughs were had by all.

    This game was shown on the E! channel this past Saturday and I caught some of it, but I didn't see this Goldberg/Jericho hilarity. How could they not put that in the show? I saw the intros too and I didn't see Jericho get named, although "WWF Superstar" Bill Goldberg was. Wazupwitdat? Jericho is the by god unified champion, can't he get some love?

    I also caught this thing on E! about guilty pleasure TV shows, which put Smackdown around #8 on their list. Did you know Dick Clark watches the WWF? I sure didn't!

  • Nelson Royal, a former NWA Jr. champ, died of a heart attack on Sunday.
  • Chyna is going to be a model at a Lane Bryant lingerie show this week, joining other giant breasted luminaries like Anna Nicole Smith. Lane Bryant? Isn't that for fat chicks?


    Credit, as always, goes to the honorable Wade Keller and his Pro Wrestling Torch newsletter.

  • In this week's issue, the story of Hulk Hogan coming back to the WWF wasn't a big enough story to make the front page. What DID make the front page, you ask? Why, the 2001 Torch Awards! Where only the columnists vote! Ain't that a bitch.

    But regarding Hogan, Wade says there's no confirmed details about his contract except that it's in the same date/pay range as Hall and Nash. Scott Hall will only be working 10 days a month, the least of anyone in the WWF, as he has custody of his kids. I don't think anyone has ever said... does Hall having custody mean he's really cleaned himself up and he's got a new lease on life, or has his ex-wife hit rock bottom?

  • HHH is a-okay with the nWo guys coming in. So is the Undertaker. It's not widely known what Austin and the Rock think, but it's assumed that both are okay with it because they'll get fresh matches with big name opponents.

  • The upcoming roster split will mean some development guys getting the call. Randy Orton is considered the top prospect due to his ring work and his marketability. D-Lo Brown will also finally get pulled back up to the majors, or at least that's the word floating around. Jamie Knoble and Shannon Moore are also expected to be called up if/when the cruiserweight division gets a renewed push after the split.

  • There has been talk of having bringing in Eric Bischoff for the nWo angle, maybe to have him be what gets them to turn on Vince. Eric's pretty gay if you ask me, BUT if he died his hair black and spun around with his arms out as if he were an airplane, I could handle it.

  • Not being considered for the nWo are former members like Curt Hennig. The WWF is working on some old school "Mr. Perfect" vignettes for him. I hope they're a little more exciting than just shooting hoops or something. Today's audience likes the X-Games, they want hardcore stuff. What he oughta do is jump out of a plane with a rocket pack on his ass, fly around through some hoops, and stick a perfect landing. That'd work.

  • Officials from the XWF are claiming that Ted Turner is interested in their programming, which is interesting because if Time Warner is involved with the company then guys who are still under TW contract like Goldberg and Sting could be forced into being part of the company. Prior to now all XWF TV talk was about getting a spot on FX, so who knows.


    Credit for this news goes to David Meltzer and his ultra hip and sexy Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

  • Hogan, Hall, and Nash have signed 2 year contracts. They know they have to prove themselves to the locker room. They're apparently being sold on the idea that they can end their careers on a positive note and change their insider reputations with this final run. Most of the WWF locker room has been around for their political games, and those who haven't have heard all the stories. Everyone is staying on their toes, you better believe.

  • Right now the plan is for the nWo to only be these 3 guys. Sean Waltman isn't part of the plans anymore, nor is Shawn Michaels. People are saying that Shawn's feelings on a comeback change with every conversation, he'll be for it and then he doesn't know.

  • Brock Lesnar, Ron Waterman, Rico Constantino, and Randy Orton should be brought up to the main WWF roster after the split. There's serious talk of a cruiserweight division and guys like AJ Styles, Kid Kash, and Josh from Tough Enough have gotten feelers. AJ Styles was pretty much told that he'll be signed once the division begins.

  • More E! news: they were going to do a True Hollywood Story on Vince, but the WWF wouldn't let them use footage and pressured them not to do it and E! pulled the plug on it.


  • The WWF locker room has chilled out about the evil 3 coming in. They think the nWo guys will have to adapt to them and not the other way around, and there's a group of veterans just WAITING for them to start some shit.

    Well, that's good to know.


    Justin 3:16


    So long!

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