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Me: aw jeez
Me: you went and linked to the free blowjob picture
Me: I was gonna make that my TITLE
CRZ: If only you'd been able to finish ahead of me!
Me: Me and Albert had it all planned out in chat, you should have been IN there
CRZ: Ah, but see Albert blew it by making it publicly available to me
Me: Albert````
CRZ: You could still use it, of course
Me: but that will look unoriginal and queer
CRZ: My friend, blowjobs are NEVER queer

It's hard to argue with that! Hey, it's been a big week. Let's check the news.


Whoa. That was something. I started off just liking the fact that Hogan came out alone to talk. It's HOGAN, you know? Give him some promo time. And then he turned his "we fought the Russians" speech into "kiss my ass", and I still liked it. I liked that even after he turned on the crowd, he was still talking normally and didn't turn into the "WELL YOU KNOW SUMTHIN', MEAN GENE" Hogan. It made it seem like he really believed the crap he was saying (probably because he does).

Then came the Rock. Wow. WOW. The Rock is magical. The confrontation with Hogan was amazing. The "Rocky" chant turning into "Hogan" and then back into "Rocky" while both guys looked out at the crowd. Wow. THEN Rock cupping his ears to the fans, then the handshake, "brother", ROCK BOTTOM ON HOGAN. Wowie wow wow.

If that had been it, it would have ruled. But that wasn't it! The punkin' they put on Rock afterwards was equally tremendous. In a perfect world this would have been how the PPV ended, although it would have made it less awesome to see it again on Raw. But it was great stuff. If that had been it, it would have ruled twice as much.

But that wasn't it! Then came the truck business. I thought this was hokey. It was hokey when Austin did it to Triple H on Smackdown years ago, and it was hokey now. But I can see the point in it, it made them look a lot more dastardly and heinous than just beating Rock up. It just was too close to that "okay this is gay" line. But I still liked, nay LOVED, the whole thing.

And the best part of it has to be the various reactions stemming from it. For the most part, it seems it's getting praised from most circles. But there are some who didn't like it for various reasons, some of which are GAY. To wit: people making Owen comparisons.

Oh man, Lawler's got his serious voice on! THEY'RE RIPPING OFF OWEN! JR is talking about it like it's serious! I AM OFFENDED! Who came out next to wrestle? THE GODFATHER. And who was Owen going to wrestle that night? Exactly! HAVE THEY NO DIGNITY?

If you have said anything resembling the above, I invite you to stick your head in the nearest oven. You pathetic Sally boy. Not as annoying but still funny are the people talking about how the nWo needs to be more evil because they were cheered while beating up Rock in the ring, then lamenting about the overkill of what they did with the ambulance. Or the amateur lawyers wanting charges brought up. Leave me alone.

A bunch of other stuff happened on Raw, too! Triple H won back his #1 contender spot in a really good match with Kurt Angle. Read CRZ's recap!


Hey, there was a PPV on Sunday. It sure seems like old news now. It was... okay. Not anything special. I was pretty disappointed with the Austin/Jericho match, but it seemed like everyone was having an off night. Maybe they were FULL from that awesome CATERING in Milwaukee that has told me about.


  • WrestleMania will be headlined by Triple H vs. Chris Jericho for the undisputed title, and Hogan vs. The Rock. We found this out on Raw, of course. Steve Austin vs. Scott Hall is also expected, but Austin is supposedly not entirely thrilled about having his match at the biggest show of the year with someone he thinks may not even be around by the time the show happens. So things may still change.

    The thing is, with Hall in a singles match with Austin, what do you do with Nash? Popular opinion seemed to be having Nash fight the Undertaker, but Meltzer says that's not in the plans. Taker may fight Flair, judging by Raw. Splitting up the Outsiders for singles matches, especially when there's no obvious opponent for Nash, seems kinda strange. I'd rather see a tag match, but then Austin needs a partner. Who's he going to team with? "Dude Love!" Aw shut up.

  • A group called Women's Extreme Wrestling is running a show this Friday that they're taping for PPV. It'll be an adult natured show, meaning lots of NAKED BOOBIES I would imagine. It'll be at the ECW Arena in Philly and they're promising FREE BLOWJOBS to the first 150 people there. Boy, if that blatant and pathetic attempt at trying to hook people doesn't work, nothing will. "Like you did with the name of this column?" Aw shut up. Thanks to Albert for telling me about this!

  • The WWA has a PPV this weekend! You can add Jeff Jarrett vs. Randy Savage for the WWA title to the card I ran down last week.


  • Regarding the upcoming split of the WWF, Dave says it looks like Raw will be loaded with stars while Smackdown will be loaded with good matches. The nWo guys will be Raw exclusive, it seems. The split should be coming right after WrestleMania, since the WWF already has their split schedule in place.

    There have been rosters released for the first Monday (March 25th) where there will be a house show on the same night as Raw, with HHH and Y2J and RVD among the non-Raw crew, but Dave says those rosters aren't official yet.


    Credit, as always, goes to the Pro Wrestling Torch newsletter. It's just 2 sweet.

  • DirecTV apparently gave into everything the WWF wanted in order to reach an agreement, so the WWF holding out paid off. But now Vince wants to re-work his deal with In Demand PPV and get a bigger chunk from them, too.

    In Demand takes about a 10% cut of the profits as a "distributor fee", and it's the WWF's position that PPV is a lot easier to handle than it was 10 years ago and so there's really no distributing being done. So they want that 10% for themselves, which would be a pretty good chunk of change since In Demand PPV buys make up the vast majority of the WWF's PPV business.

    But In Demand said no, and the WWF taking their shows off PPV like they did with DirecTV would result in serious money losses, so it may be a dead issue. But Vince is trying!

  • Over on the Torch website, Wade said he believes the WWF has decided to use Shawn Michaels in the nWo. But it won't happen until after WrestleMania, due to the WWF not wanting to rush the storyline. It seems to be expected that X-Pac will join, but nobody is saying when.

    Wade also says there's "definite talk" of Eric Bischoff being involved in the nWo shortly, and that it's considered a "virtual lock" that he'll be involved sometime in the next few months. That will be one for the ages.

  • Scott Hall didn't make a great first impression on the WWF guys in LA the other week. He was RUDE and made comments suggesting that he couldn't wait to bury certain guys. He might have been a wee bit tipsy on the spirits, but now he's taking medication that he can't mix with alcohol and so drinking shouldn't be a problem.

    You know, I have an uncle who had a heart condition and he took pills that said he wasn't supposed to drink any alcohol while he was on the medication. But he still drank. And he didn't die! What's up with that?


    Hey, it's Stephanie's nipple! (Allegedly.)

    Remember the colum right here on /slash about Terri's nipple? Those were the days.


    Buh bye.

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