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There's not a whole lot to talk about this week, but maybe we can find something. Let's check the news!


  • This week's show was a... well... you know what, I haven't actually seen Raw yet. I was reading to the blind and coaching young orphans, as I often do, and I just lost all track of time. And my co-worker who tapes everything called in sick today, so I'm unable to see the tape. Ain't that about a bitch? Hopefully I'll get it soon.


  • Former world champ Lou Thesz passed away on Sunday at the age of 86. There's a nice write-up on him right on the main /slash page, so I dunno what more I could add. He had quite the career, he did.

  • In more unfortunate news, Lita is undergoing spinal surgery this week that will keep her out of action for 6-9 months. Scotty 2 Hotty may be out a YEAR with similar surgery. And DDP has also suffered a neck injury, one that may force him to retire.

  • The Scorpion King remained the #1 movie in the country for the second straight week. They might already be planning a sequel.

  • The WWF announced that the July PPV will now be called "Vengeance", and the December PPV will go back to "Armageddon". What happened to Fully Loaded? I liked that name. Remember when Jackie challenged Sable to a bikini contest and Sable was like "my bikini will be Fully Loaded and ready to drop the bomb on you!" and it was so cheesy and awful? The hand-print thing on Sable's boobs more than made up for it, though.

  • The Raw roster is heading overseas for some shows, starting in Germany and ending with the Insurrextion PPV on Saturday.

  • The WWF held another tryout camp last week. Daffney, Josh from Tough Enough, and former nWo hoochie April Hunter took part, among others. No announcements have been made as to who was signed, as far as I know.


But I gotta fill space with something.

  • I caught some of that Japanese Hardcore Wrestling PPV on Sunday. It was rather... strange. Joel Gertner was one of the hosts and if the way he looked was an attempt to come across as the world's biggest homosexual, then mission accomplished.

  • There's a story floating around that Kurt Angle's wife is pregnant. You go, Kurt.
  • I came across a bunch of nifty WWF themes the past week. I heard they were taken from the Gamecube game that's coming out sometime. There was some good stuff, like Billy & Chuck and the nWo theme with the WWF added intro and Christian's music. So keep your eyes peeled for those if you're into that kinda thing.

  • Right now I'm downloading the segment from Nitro where the nWo impersonated the Horsemen and Arn's retirement speech. But it's a HUGE file and it's going reeeeallly slooooow. I hope it's as good as I remember it being. Not yer dog Spot! Not yer liver spot!


Very very little. But don't forget to subscribe to the Torch!

  • The decision to put Big Show in the nWo was made due to Kevin Nash's injury. Nash, Hall, and X-Pac weren't big on expanding the group, but they understood the circumstances and are all okay with Show joining.


That's all I got. Hopefully next week will be jam-packed with news. Adieu.

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