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February 26, 2002: posted lengthy interviews with all 3 nWo members last week. Scott Hall's is easily the best, as he talks all about his substance abuse problems and vows not to have any more problems and so on and so forth. Either we'll one day look back on it and compliment Scott for overcoming his demons, or we'll laugh and laugh. And laugh.

Ahh hahahahahahahahaha!

You know what, though, as I was watching Raw and Scott Hall busted out the Razor Dance and then the always classic finger-wiggle, I thought "I like having him around just to do these things, too bad he's gotta do other stuff. Like wrestle." And now he's gone. Alas.

Say, how are you? I'm fine, thanks. Let's check the news.


  • Probably the biggest news in a long time is that the WWF is no more and the WWE is reigning supreme. Vince apparently chose to give up fighting the World Wildlife Fund and World Wrestling Federation Entertainment is now just World Wrestling Entertainment. That's sure gonna take a while to get used to. Most reaction to the switch has been negative, as change is an evil evil thing. I wonder what reaction was like back when they went from WWWF to WWF.

    I know you spell the word "wiener" as such with the I before E, but for some reason I like saying WWEINER. Haha they're wieners. There's been no official comment, as far as I know, as to why they didn't just go with "WWFE" instead of dropping the F. Maybe they wanted to keep the intials at 3 letters. The only solace I take in this change is that I used to think "WWFE" was the queerest thing this side of a $3 bill... I mean, a stupid E on the end, how lewd. But now it ain't no thang and I'd prefer them to use that, so maybe WWE will grow on me. Some day.

  • Goldberg got a release from AOL/Time Warner last week, freeing him up to sign with any promotion of his choosing. In the Observer newsletter, Dave Meltzer had been reporting that the WWF was negotiating with Goldberg again recently, so word of Goldberg's release from his WCW deal led to speculation that he was WWF bound. The Torch, though, said that the buyout was pushed by AOL's side to get WCW off their books once and for all. This coming after their $54 billion loss this past quarter, if you don't follow that sort of thing. And why should you?

    So Goldberg is free to sign with the WWF, and he said recently that he's not opposed to working for Vince, but it doesn't look to be a done deal to say the least. Meltzer says Goldberg is talking with Japan companies, also. And nobody's really mentioning them as a serious contender, but the Jarrett's getting Goldberg would sure be a boost to their weekly PPV promotion.

  • Tough Enough has been picked up for a 3rd season.

  • Hogan went on Bubba the Love Sponge earlier this morning and said he had trouble with the motorcycle because it ran out of gas. He also put Chris Jericho over huge, calling Jericho one of the 3 best workers he's ever been in the ring with.

  • 1wrestling mentioned something about an incident on the WWF plane ride back from England after the PPV there, and today they said that someone cut off Michael Hayes' ponytail while he was asleep. Hayes woke up pissed and wanted to kick some ass. Then, at Raw, the hair they cut was pinned to the wall in the locker room. Man, that is awesome.

  • The XFL was mentioned on the NBC 75th Anniversary special as one of NBC's mistakes over the years. I didn't see the show but it seems Saturday Night's Main Event got no love.


  • So last week I talked about wrestling themes, which resulted in some e-mails. So maybe someone can help with this: do you know that song that Rick Rude used in WCW when he first came in? It was this techno thing with a tiger growl at the beginning. It's a production piece and it's showed up in advertisements and on a Kids in the Hall sketch and in various other things. Does anyone know the name of the piece, or where someone (me) can find a copy of it?

  • Speaking of themes I recently came across this site, which I bookmarked cause it had some old stuff on it. But upon returning I saw a "sorry we're closed" page that blamed the WWF for cracking down on the site. They even printed one of the threatening letters that the WWF sent them. Check out this beauty:

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, inc.
    To: <*******>
    Sent: Monday, April 28, 2002 11:21 PM

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Since you have ignored our previous e-mail to remove all your images, Video clips and anything else that is affiliated with the from your site, we will are now going to give you a last warning to do so or otherwise we are prepared to enforce our International Law policy upon you.

    That is tremendous. First of all, even if you dismiss the fact that this doesn't quite sound like it was written by a lawyer... not to mention the odd capitalization choices in a few areas... the fact that the DATE is wrong kinda casts a shadow of doubt on the legitimacy of this e-mail. Sunday was the 28th, not Monday.

    But you do have to like the last part. It sounds like a catchphrase for a really stupid gimmick. I WILL ENFORCE MY INTERNATIONAL LAW POLICY UPON YOU!


    From this week's Pro Wrestling Torch newsletter...

  • Cable type people are saying the final buyrate numbers for WrestleMania are around 1.3 million, which is a record.

  • Christian is showing frustration about his lack of a push, according to sources. Friends say that Lance Storm is also frustrated, but he keeps it to himself.

  • Fit Finlay is getting credit for the improved workrate in the women's division, as he's in charge of it. And Dean Malenko, who has creative influence within the cruiserweight division, is pushing for the impending debut of Rey Junior to be treated as a big deal.

  • Chris Jericho allegedly told a former WCW co-worker that he does not care for Triple H and he blames Hunter for the sucky Mania angle and all that.

  • Eddie Guerrero has told people that he wishes he was on Smackdown, since his buds Benoit and Malenko and Chavo are all on that roster.



  • That's all, folks.

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