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This is your /slash Weekend update. I Am Seadawg. Let's check the news.

But first...


  • Vengeance was last weekend.

    "I'm thinking Chris Jericho might just walk away with the belts... as for the rest, I predict... Edge - Dudleys - Trish - Taker - Matt" - Seadawg AKA Nostradamus AKA me

    Only one off. Fuck you, Matt Hardy.


  • Shawn Michaels is will be on Excess this weekend, which is his first TV appearance since... hmm, since Foley brought him in as a suspect in the Austin hit-and-run? Has it been that long? Everyone is being quick to say that this TV appearance means nothing in terms of Shawn coming back to TV on a show that people actually watch. Yeah, well, what if Excess does a good rating this week? What then, suckas?

    Shawn hosted Smackdown at WWFNY on Thursday and apparently told the crowd he was going to be meeting with Vince to discuss his future. Intriguing.

  • Former WCW and WWF referee Billy Silverman has started a big annoying debate with some comments he made about how he was treated in the WWF. Bob "Winona" Ryder of leapt onto the cause and has all but demanded that Bradshaw have criminal charges brought against him. Wade Keller tossed his two cents under the "big deal" heading and has also clarified some of the vague comments that Silverman made.

    As a board certified attorney, which I am not, I find this story slightly lacking for a few reasons. First, if you read or listen to all of what Silverman had to say, he says this about Buff Bagwell: "He is a phenomenal performer. Why wouldn't you want him working for you?"

    Now I don't know Buff. Even though there are numerous stories about him, I've never been backstage at a wrestling show to see first-hand how he behaved. But I did watch Raw on July 2, 2001, and in my opinion calling Buff Bagwell a "phenomenal performer" ought to be grounds to have someone declared legally retarded. Silverman also says it was the locker room antics that forced Buff out of the WWF, which goes against every known report that Buff was forced out because he sucked and he murdered WCW.

    Then there's Ryder. Surprisingly or not at all surprisingly depending on your view of the man, Bob has posted several nameless accounts of locker room treatment in the WWF and is seemingly taking them all at face value and offering them as proof without a second thought. If WWF wrestlers are being tied up in the shower and threatened with rape in a manner that is anywhere close to resembling serious, that isn't cool and it should stop. But Bob Ryder posting some anonymous e-mails he got isn't quite the damning evidence of this horrible and disturbing behavior that I would like before forming an opinion.

    Long story short, Billy Silverman is a wiener.

  • Vince McMahon has made a Forbes list of the 15 "most fascinating" rich people, coming in at #12. That puts him one notch below Ted Turner and well below names like Bill Gates and Oprah, who were the top two. I'm sure Oprah's had some interesting book discussions on her show this year, but has she had her head pushed into a 400 pound man's butt? I hear the X-Box is nifty, but has Bill Gates danced around while slapping his naked ass with a cowboy hat? Has Ross Perot's wife caught him with his pants down while he was trying to get with a blonde hottie half his age?

    #12 my butt.

  • Smackdown was Thursday. Steve Austin beat Booker T up at the Green Frog grocery store. RVD pinned Chris Jericho in the tag team main event. The Hurricane returned. Go read CRZ's recap. (Oops, I KNEW I forgot to write something. - CRZ)

  • It doesn't look like the Hogan/Savage match for Charity will be taking place. Hulk went on Bubba the Love Sponge and weaseled his way out of it because he hates sick kids and wishes they'd die. Shame, Hulk. Shaaaame.


  • Justin Shapiro told me that on some audio show Dave Meltzer said we might get a Chris Jericho vs. Rob Van Dam title match at the Royal Rumble.

  • There's a rumor floating around that the WWF will do some shows in Japan in March. Meltzer commented on it and said there was no confirmation from the WWF on the story. The shows are supposedly taking place in early March, but with WrestleMania on the 17th it seems kinda strange that they'd schedule a tour to Japan just 2 weeks before their biggest show of the year.


  • Rikishi apparently "went into business for himself", as they say, at an HWA show on Wednesday. After getting ticked off when Russ McCullough blew a spot, Rikishi sat on him for a while and later plastered Russ with chairshots outside the ring. Russ, you might recall from last week, is the guy who pissed off the WWF locker room and was later given notice that his development deal won't be renewed. Maybe there was no blown shot or stiff punch and Russ just made another fat joke.


Credit to the Pro Wrestling Torch weekly newsletter.

  • WWF writer Brian Gewertz and X-Pac have talked out their differences. There have been various stories about how the two don't get along, including the Gewertz-written shot that Mick Foley took at X-Pac during his final Raw promo. Brian was actually brought in to produce X-Pac's segments on Sunday Night Heat a week or two back.


  • I didn't see Vengeance live last Sunday and instead had my arm twisted into watching a Christmas movie on the Family channel. It was called "Three Days" and it was about this couple, the wife being played by the adorable brunette girl from Sex and the City and the husband played by nobody I know. About 20 minutes into this TV-G rated movie, the wife DIES... in a hit-and-run... on Christmas Eve. Then an angel played by Tim F'N Meadows gives the husband the last three days to live over again, because the husband was being a dick and the wife died mad at him, but with the condition that the wife will still die when the days are up.

    WHAT kind of Christmas movie is this? Death? Hit and runs? That's awful. Then when Christmas Eve rolls around again, the husband begs Tim Meadows to let him stop the accident, Tim agrees when the guy says he'll give anything, and the guy manages to push his wife out of the car's path... only to be run down himself. Lovely.

    This really has nothing to do with wrestling, except that I saw the weekly cable ratings and this movie did one tenth better than the first hour of Raw. My mind is boggled.


  • Seeya.

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