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How were your holidays? Mine were good! Let's check the news.


  • If you're a Kevin Nash fan it looks like Christmas 2002 is coming early for you. According to just about every source in existence, he hasn't dotted the t's or crossed the i's yet but it's just a matter of time. Much like death. The Pro Wrestling Torch newsletter is reporting that we could see Nash as soon as this Monday's MSG Raw, as his return could be tied into the return of Triple H. If you ask me they should save Nash for another show and have consecutive big returns, but nobody did ask me.

    Political observer Dave Meltzer says Nash and HHH will no doubt work together to wield power and hold down young guys. Wade Keller has said repeatedly that, if anything, Nash acting all Cliquey backstage will only distance him from Hunter because HHH is in the WWF for the long haul and he won't appreciate Nash gumming up the works. Dave and Wade sure are on opposite sides of the "HHH stands for Hunter Hearst Hogan because he plays politics and holds people down" issue. Actually, Dave is on the opposite side from pretty much everyone on that issue. The point is that nobody's debating whether or not NASH will be a problem and that may pretty much say it all.

    If you're wondering about Scott Hall, according to Dave Scherer the WWF is only interested in Hall if they get Nash. And even then they aren't that interested in Hall.

  • There's a PPV this Sunday. And it's not by the WWF! Goodness, two PPV's a month, the glory days of wrestling are back again. This PPV is by the WWA, which is led by an Australian bloke named Andrew "don't call me Tim" McManus. Remind me to one day talk a lot about McManus and how he does business and that sort of thing, it's really interesting if you like things that aren't interesting. This weekend's show was taped back in October, but WWA will be doing a live PPV in February and will apparently have 8 shows over the course of the year. Good for them!

    But I'll be watching NEW EPISODES OF OZ this Sunday. Did Luke Perry get out of the wall, I must know!

  • There's trouble in paradise between the Hardy Boyz & Lita and the WWF. What's known for sure is that those three have apparently been removed from TV for the next 6 weeks. Jeff Hardy has been showing up late to arenas here recently, and he apparently missed a TV taping, so people are saying that maybe Jeff needs a break and maybe this time off is a way for them to recharge and whatnot. But on her official web page Lita has made it known that she thinks the 6 weeks is a suspension. Dave Scherer said a few weeks ago that Vince McMahon was unhappy with the Hardy vs. Hardy match at Vengeance because he'd told them to do a fast-paced high flying type of match and they didn't. I was unhappy with the match because it sucked.

    In any event, be on the lookout for the Hardys and Lita in several weeks. Either on WWF TV or maybe on a WWA PPV.

  • Maniac Mike Davis died. On Christmas Day no less, ain't that a bitch? That name may not mean anything to you, but oh, the afternoons I'd spend running home from school to catch the GWF on ESPN. I hope there's those bungee shooting rides up in heaven, Mike.


  • The Torch newsletter had some exclusive comments from Bradshaw about the "ribbing" debate that flamed up thanks to Billy Silverman. Basically Bradshaw said that Billy is only telling half the story and that he outright lied about some of it... such as being told to carry alcohol across the border. Billy was actually told it'd be stupid to do that, says ‘Shaw. Disco Inferno also commented on the story, on the same radio show that Silverman spoke to, and said he'd never seen someone take a joke worse than Billy.

    The Torch also said that the example of hazing given by Bob Ryder, someone being tied up in the shower and rubbed with baby oil and threatened with rape until he cried, is not a regular occurrence and that this particular incident involved someone who had gone around bragging that he drugged women's drinks in bars and then took them to his room. The "shower rape" was meant to send him a message that those sort of actions weren't tolerated.

    Hey, didn't Ryder's description of that situation say that the person being tied up had recently jumped from another company? Ooh let's try to guess who it was! Jericho? Nah, they wouldn't give the unified title to a rapist. Big Show? Tazz? Justin Credible? One of the Radicals? It was Benoit, wasn't it. That sick sumbitch. Let's just hope it wasn't Eddie, lord knows he's got enough problems.

  • Speaking of people with problems, that'd bring us right to Juventud Guerrera. His history of running naked through hotel lobbies while hopped up on De Juice is well documented, but now it looks as if Juvi has found a new vice: stealing title belts. Apparently Juvi lifted a cruiserweight title belt from a California promotion and has been using it as the WWA cruiserweight championship belt. On the latest WWA tour the wrestlers heard about the belt and teased Juvi that the promoter in Cali had put a bounty out on the belt, which led Juvi to become paranoid enough that he starting sleeping with the belt to protect it.

    But it doesn't end there, oh no. People from the XWF think Juvi tried stealing their cruiserweight belt, too. It seems that after Juvi won the belt at their TV taping, he asked if he could take it home to have pictures taken. Someone said no and then Juvi was asked for the belt, but he claimed to not know where it was... only the person who asked for the belt saw it in Juvi's bag. Juvi said he forgot it was in there, but apparently they don't believe him and the XWF is said to be "down" on Juvi as a result of this.

    Oy vey.


    Trish likes vegetable dip... maybe too much - Justin Shapiro


    Buh bye.

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