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Good evening, I'm Seadawg, and what can I tell you...


The Royal Rumble is this weekend! Although by the time this is posted, you've probably seen it! Well, let's run down the card anyway.

Royal Rumble:

  • Chris Jericho vs. The Rock - Undisputed title match
  • Ric Flair vs. Vince McMahon - Street Fight
  • Edge vs. William Regal - Intercontinental title match
  • Spike/Tazz vs. Dudley Boyz- Tag Team title match
  • Trish Stratus vs. Jazz - Women's title match
  • Royal Rumble Match has the entry list for the Rumble, and apparently they have scrapped the random drawing and are entering everyone alphabetically! Let's have a look.

  • Al Snow
  • Albert
  • Big Show
  • Billy
  • Booker T
  • Boss Man
  • Bradshaw
  • Christian
  • Chuck
  • Diamond Dallas Page
  • Faarooq
  • Godfather
  • Goldust
  • Jeff Hardy
  • Kane
  • Kurt Angle
  • Lance Storm
  • Matt Hardy
  • Maven
  • Mr. Perfect
  • Perry Saturn
  • Rikishi
  • Rob Van Dam
  • Scotty 2 Hotty
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • Test
  • The Hurricane
  • Triple H
  • Undertaker
  • Val Venis
Predictions? Well, I'll bet Triple H wins the Rumble. I'll bet Jericho keeps his belt. I'll bet those two fight at WrestleMania. I'll bet Jazz, the Dudleys, and Edge leave with belts. The street fight is the hardest to call, but I say Vince since their feud is probably far from over. Although if Flair wins I will surely not complain.

I can't wait to see the Godfather! I love him. Also, it'll be cool to see Mr. Perfect. And Val and Goldust, too! Will Nash or Hall or both show up? I don't know but I doubt it.

  • Chris Jericho was scheduled to play in some hockey games for Charity this weekend. I've seen footage of previous games on the "Break Down The Walls" tape and other sources, and they always seem like a fun time. It's neat seeing superstars from the world of entertainment such as Cuba Gooding Jr. and Denis Leary and various Baldwins talking about how they'll rough up Jericho, or how they want him on their team, and all of that. Now that he's the undisputed world champion he really oughta get some respect, I'd think.

  • The WWF will be in Japan in early March. Rock vs. Jericho will headline, Tajiri and Funaki have nice spots on the card, and Ric Flair should appear. Tajiri, Torrie, and Chris Benoit are over in Japan as we speak doing promotional work for the tour.


  • "Hi, I'm Dave, I'm quite gay." Hahaha. Seriously, what is up with Dave? What was that rant about the ratings this week? I couldn't even read all of it, but then he closes by saying that analyzing one week of ratings is also bad. So what was he just doing? Wasting all of our time? What gives?

    Really, though, we've just scratched the surface. If you listen to Dave, the impending Hogan/Hall/Nash returns are just a step shy of the seven seas boiling while fire and brimstone fall from the sky. All hope is lost, young wrestlers may as well retire now, the WWF will be destroyed from the inside, and so on and so forth. Jeez, Dave, take a pill.

    Not that he doesn't make valid points, because he does, but a lot of things are being ignored. For example, Shawn Michaels. Here's a guy with a history of backstage problems, politicking, not wanting to lose, all of it. And what happened to him? He was brought back and the very second he became a problem backstage, he was back at home sitting on his couch at the expense of who knows how much main event level booking. He never even made it to TV the WWF acted so fast.

    But you won't hear Dave talk about this while he's going on about how Hogan and Nash will destroy the company while Vince is helpless to stop it. You won't hear Dave talk about how even a friendship with the Undertaker that got them jobs didn't keep Kronik from getting canned. Vince has had a "taking shit" policy of ZIP over the last year, but Hogan and friends are going to run out of control? And does nobody think that the WRESTLERS like Austin and Rock and HHH and Taker and Angle and the rest might do something if these guys show up and destroy their locker room? Do they not want to make money? Do they want to see everything they've worked for fall apart? It just boggles the mind.

    Not to mention that Jim Ross has repeatedly said that nothing has been signed or agreed to yet, despite what everyone is saying. When's the last time JR worked us for an angle? Two years ago with the Radicals? We're getting worked up over NOTHING.


  • Wade's take on the nWo is that it should be good for business initially, and if things aren't allowed to get out of control then it could provide the boost the WWF has been looking for. My, what a calm and rational opinion, Wade.


  • Dave and Wade have some different facts regarding this whole nWo thing. Just for fun, let's see who's saying what and one day later we can see who was right.

  • Dave: "HHH will be part of the nWo-ish group." Wade: "HHH will be a babyface opponent for them."

  • Dave: "There is no serious thought to using Shawn Michaels." Wade: "There is serious consideration being given to using Shawn Michaels."

  • Dave or Friends of Dave: "Hall and Nash and Hogan have agreed to contracts for blah blah dollars for blah blah years." Wade: "The contract rumors are uncorroborated, may be pure speculation, and might have been passed around by WWF office types who are against bringing these guys in and who want to create tension."

  • They do both agree that while Vince likes an nWo/Outsiders type angle, he isn't big on using the "nWo" name and that he may prefer something new or a "DX" type thing. I say if you've got Hogan and Hall and Nash, just bring out the nWo shirts and get it over with.


  • A guy I work with has been buying a lot of old WWF magazines off Ebay. The old merchandise catalogs are really cool, not only for the cheap-ass t-shirts the WWF used to sell, but also for pictures like this.

    Real American? More like Real American BADASS! You go, boy! BOOYAH!

    Awwww! Wasn't she adorable? I am simply in awe of her cuteness.


    So long!

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