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Hey yo. Let's check the news.


It's on. I don't know what to make of it, but it sure is on. On the one hand I saw Vince spin around to show the "nWo" painted on his chair and, even though I was well aware of the spoilers and I was watching this at on Friday because I don't get Smackdown, I got all goose bumped and excited. Wow. The nWo. Wow.

On the other hand, it could lead to a whole bunch of problems. But you know what? I don't care. Yeah, that's right. I don't care. It's not MY problem. I'm tired of all these fruity little Sally boys getting their panties in a twist about what MIGHT happen. If you ask me, this is either going to rule or it's going to suck. If it rules, and if the TV shows are strong and compelling, what do I care that Christian is being buried in the midcard? And if it sucks do you really think we'll be stuck with it for long?

Almost as bad are all the people trying to fantasy book the upcoming months. Why are you trying? STOP IT. I tried coming up with a card for WrestleMania and once I got past Jericho/HHH and Rock/Austin, my head exploded. There's nothing we can do now but sit back and see what happens.

According to everybody Hogan and Hall and Nash were at Titan Tower on Friday to discuss things. Hogan was expected to sign his contract if he hadn't already, says Meltzer. Hall and Nash are already done deals. I wouldn't complain on Monday if all 3 showed up, but I really hope the WWF does a slow burn with this. Why pee it all away at once? WCW had to start slowly with the Outsiders because Hall was able to appear on TV before Nash was, but now they could both show up at once. But I hope they take it slow. I just wanna take it niiiiice and sloooowwww.


According to the Pro Wrestling Torch newsletter, we can add Sean Michaels and Shawn Waltman to the nWo roster. They didn't actually say "nWo" because that probably happened after this issue went to press, but you know. Wade was confident and assertive in declaring that HBK would be returning to TV. I kinda hope he's wrong just to see his reaction.

And after saying last week that X-Pac was not being considered, this week he's gone into the "yes" column. Hogan is expected to round out the group, but if the deal with him falls apart at the last second then they have back-up plans. One of those includes Triple H taking Hogan's spot.

I don't know WHY I'm telling you this. Remember last week when I compared what Meltzer was saying about this to what Keller was saying? Well, the ONLY thing they both agreed on was that Vince didn't want to use the "nWo" name. But he did! So what do they know? Nothing!


  • This week's Smackdown did the biggest overnight rating in the history of network television or some such. Maybe not that great but it was well above average. Regarding this topic I'll make fun of Dave Meltzer a little later.

  • Matches have been announced for Monday's Raw! They include:

    • Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle - #1 contender match
    • Chris Jericho vs. Maven - Unified title match
    • Kane vs. Big Show
    Hahaha Maven, that is awesome.


  • The WWF will be on Weakest Link again soon. This time the contestants will be Austin, Jericho, Debra, Lawler, Edge, D-Von, Buh Buh, and Terri. Just imagine the hilarity.

    Anne: Stone Cold, what is the capital of Norway?

    Austin: What?

    Anne: What is the capital of

    Austin: WHAT?

    Anne: Grrrr.

    Remind me to one day re-create my hilarious "Kurt Angle on Wheel of Fortune" bit. "Yes, Kurt, there are 3 I's." Actually, that's the joke, so you don't have to remind me now.


  • Regarding this week's Smackdown ratings, Dave said "the big bump short-term appears to have started". Isn't this the same Dave who constantly points out how spoilers mean nothing in relation to Smackdown's ratings? And then he picks on Linda McMahon to boot? So how has the big bump already started if the spoilers don't have any impact? EXPLAIN YOURSELF, Dave.

    Actually, it doesn't matter. But calling Dave out like this will guarantee us all another fine column from Justin Shapiro this week! Some people are SO predictable. I am the Puppet Master. I have THE JUICE.


  • Everyone's probably seen Booker T's mug shot, as it's been floating around lately. But you know what my favorite mug shot is? That's right!

    The classics never die! Welcome back, Scott!



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