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1999 Rec.Sport.Pro-Wrestling Achievement Awards

Wrestler of the Year
Chris Benoit
General Comments
Best Wrestler
Best Tag Team
Best Heel
Best Babyface
Best Worker
Best Jobber
Best Jobber to the Stars
Best Flyer
Best Technical
Best Brawler
Most Favourite
Most Improved
Most Overrated
Best Gimmick
Best Move
Best Match
Best Feud
Worst Wrestler
Worst Tag Team
Worst Heel
Worst Babyface
Worst Worker
Least Favourite
Most Deteriorated
Most Underrated
Worst Gimmick
Worst Move
Worst Match
Worst Feud
Most Disappointing News item
Most Obnoxious
Best Second
Best Announcer
Best Colour
Best Interviewee
Best Angle
Best Organization
Best TV Show
Best Major Show
Best Promotional Move
Worst Second
Worst Announcer
Worst Colour
Worst Interviewee
Worst Angle
Worst Organization
Worst TV Show
Worst Major Show
Worst Promotional Move
'netter Suggested Awards
Welcome to the 1999 r.s.p-w Awards on [slash] wrestling!

Turning these into HTML was a pain, and even now they're only in a quick'n'
dirty format...sooner or later I'll get around to making them look a bit nicer,
but for now, click away! Here's the intro I used for the Usenet version:

For those of you just joining us, these are the*
Year-End Achievement Awards.  They celebrate the excellence and the...other
side of the year in professional wrestling.

The Awards are decided by the readers of r.s.p-w, voting for a 1st, 2nd, and
3rd place in nearly fifty categories.  This is the TENTH year for the Awards,
which is rather amazing in itself (if I do say so myself.  :) )  The first
six years were run by Herb Kunze ( - from 1996 on, I have
somehow managed to churn this thing out even as it's grown into the monster
you now read today.

This year we top out at just under 575K, up about 40K from last year.  We
didn't get as many ballots this year (I *believe* the final total settled
around 383) but we DID get more comments!

Sadly, I received around a hundred ballots which were illegible to my
scripts or sent in a format I couldn't read.  Several of these people
eventually submitted readable ballots; however, many did not.  Still others
tried to send in ballots after the 6 December deadline, by which time I'd
already started counting and couldn't include their votes.  If they included
comments, however, they WERE added later.

Thanks to James Brown, Telex, Banco de Gaia, Loop Guru, and Way Out West for
providing music to crunch numbers to.  Thanks also to Dr Pepper, Cherry
Coke and 7-Eleven (home of the Slurpee) for providing me with the necessary
caffeine to complete this project by my second deadline.  ;-)

Special thanks to John C. and Selena Kyte for plugging the Awards.  Special
raspberries to Rick Scaia for trying REALLY hard to sabotage the smartness
level of the voting pool like he did last year.  ;-)  I have a feeling I'm
forgetting some thanks here - email me if I was supposed to thank you and
didn't, and I'll put you in the "corrected" version that'll come out
sometime in early 2000.  Oh, and thanks to Sven Mascarenhas - at least I
didn't forget HIM.  

And EXTRA special thanks to Kim - just because.

The following pages provided invaluable assistance with research.  Bookmark
them ALL right now:

  The Wrestling Supercards & Tournaments Web Page

  The Great Hisa's Puroresu Dojo

  The Official RSP-W Finishing Moves List

  the Other Arena

  [slash] wrestling - a good site to check up on Mondays past ;-)

If you are interested in the whole shebang as opposed to however many chunks
your news server turned this thing into, I recommend the following FTP link
for your Web browser:


There will eventually be a web version of these awards, but not until next
year.  I imagine Herb will also archive it for me on his page as well.


And so, without further ado...

Click something! ;-)



Copyright (C) 1999, 2000 Christopher Robin Zimmerman & KZiM Communications