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2001 R.S.P-W Awards

Worst Second


Award Description:

To be given to the manager whose presence at ringside and during
interviews is really unnecessary. This person does little to enhance the
matches in which his/her wrestler(s) participates.

Previous Winners:

  1990: Mr. Fuji
  1991: Coach John Tolos
  1992: Harvey Wippleman
  1993: Harvey Wippleman
  1994: Harvey Wippleman
  1995: Harvey Wippleman
  1996: Teddy Long
  1997: Uncle Cletus
  1998: Eric Bischoff
  1999: Curtis Hughes
  2000: Mae Young

**2001**: Sara

254 first place votes
244 second place votes
230 third place votes

 55 53 22  478   Sara
 37 21 35  318   Debra
 35 25 29  308   Moppy
 37 22 15  281   Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley
 13 22 23  177   Terri
 17 13 13  150   Lita
 15 13  9  132   Shane McMahon
  6 15  7   89   Steven Richards
  5 11 14   86   Nidia
  7  8  9   77   Jackie
  2 10 10   60   Torrie Wilson
  5  3  5   44   Goon
  4  5  3   41   Sal E. Graziano
  2  4  7   36   Mighty Molly
  2  3  7   33   Ivory
  1  6  5   33   Tori
  3  3  2   28   Bill Alfonso
  2  4  3   28   Trish Stratus
  3  1  4   26   Stacy Keibler
  1  1  2   12   Jade's grandmother
  1  0  0    5   Kevin Sullivan
  1  0  0    5   Kenny Bolin
  0  1  0    3   Lizzie Borden
  0  0  1    2   Vince McMahon
  0  0  1    2   Tiger Ali Singh
  0  0  1    2   Kat
  0  0  1    2   Dew


  0  0  1        Judy Bagwell
  0  0  1        Duplicated votes

RYAN HALL: Debra, Sara, Moppy.  Debra gets worse every time.  I had to
watch her 'cry' for nearly 10 minutes in Toronto when TNN was having
technical difficulties.

EDDIE BURKETT: Lita draws TOO MUCH heat for her T&A and detracts from the
Hardies wrestling abilities.  Also, she generally helps them cheat to win,
which is a trait I like in my heels, not my faces.  Trish and Torrie also
tend to be there just as T&A and aren't particularly useful.

SCOTT CRAWFORD: Can I just tell you how much I HATED Moppy? I'm not
kidding, Moppy burned my ass to grandiose new heights. I hated Moppy so
much that I couldn't even get into Moppy being destroyed. Moppy made
Ernest Miller and X-Pac both look like La Parka. Die, Moppy, die.It was
one of angles where you're watching it, and you can't even justify to
yourself why you're watching wrestling. Lots of people make the Chavo/Pepe
comparison, but Pepe was a much better worker. Chavo pulled off "crazy"
better than poor, lost Perry Saturn, too. Perry, when your contract's up,
please, go to Japan where you can just shut up and wrestle without being
humiliated by crap angles that are worse than a lot of Vince's "gems" from
years past like Matilda getting kidnapped, Bossman/anyone in 1999-2000,

KEN DREILING: Why have a second that does absolutely nothing.  Sara bad
angle, and UT said he didn't want his family involved in wrestling,

CHIP BOOTS: Terri is just horrible.

SCOTT WORDEN: I never liked how Big Sal would take Guido's heat.. I mean,
fans would chant at him instead of giving Guido heat..  He took more away
than gave.  What does Terri do other than get her nipples hard? And what
did Sara do,other than pin DDP?  ugh..politics right there with Sara.

F-MAN: Whoever thought up this gimmick for Saturn should be fired, NOW!
The worst thing is, Russo didn't think of it.

OTTO "HACK-MAN" HEUER: Worst Second? Easy: Debra, Sara, Fonzie.

CHRIS BIRD: Okay, why am I supposed to care about the Undertaker's wife
again? Oh, wait. I don't.

KEVIN WONG: In direct comparison to #30, "bad" seconds are everywhere.  
Narrowing it down to Steph, Moppy and WOW's Goon was tough.

DONNY L: Has Terri ever helped someone get over since Goldust, Sara was
annoying as hell and Torri Wilson should be happy her presence made Tajiri

PAUL PROSE: Debra and Sara both do not belong in their husband's corners.

JOHN C.: Aside from Cloudy and Nicole Bass, Sara Undertaker was the worst
female in WWF history. Yeah, I'm even including Bertha Faye in this. Does
Terri Runnels ever do anything?

JOE GENTILE: If there is one person I miss LESS than Chyna, it may be

YNAE316:  Goon (WOW):  What the hell was this guy anyway????????

RYAN FAULCONER: Lita's constant interference has turned the Hardy Boys
into a very stale act.

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