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2001 R.S.P-W Awards

Worst Announcer


Award Description:

To be given to the commentator/announcer who makes the dumbest comments
while pushing his product. This person probably gets you to turn down the
TV when he/she is announcing. As of 1992, the difference between this and
colour commentator will be enforced.

Previous Winners:

  1990: Vince McMahon
  1991: Vince McMahon
  1992: Vince McMahon
  1993: Vince McMahon
  1994: Eric Bischoff
  1995: Eric Bischoff
  1996: Eric Bischoff
  1997: Tony Schiavone
  1998: Tony Schiavone
  1999: Tony Schiavone
  2000: Tony Schiavone

**2001**: Tony Schiavone

248 first place votes
221 second place votes
203 third place votes

101 53 25  714   Tony Schiavone
 58 49 31  499   Michael Cole
 18 31 33  249   Jonathan Coachman
 12 16 30  168   Kevin Kelly
 17  5 14  128   Jim Ross
  9 18 12  123   Lee Marshall
 11 11 16  118   David McLane
  6 15 16  107   Scott Hudson
  2  8  7   48   Kris Kloss
  3  3  4   32   Joey Styles
  2  0  0   10   Jerry Lawler
  0  2  2   10   Mike Tenay
  1  0  0    5   Paul Heyman
  1  0  0    5   Joel Gertner
  0  1  1    5   Eric Gargiulo
  0  1  0    3   Lilian Garcia
  0  1  0    3   Gene Okerlund
  0  1  0    3   Carlos Cabrera

REJECTED - not play-by-play announcers

  6  4  7        Kane 
  1  0  0        Lilian Garcia 
  0  2  2        Duplicated votes
  0  0  1        Stevie Ray 
  0  0  1        Dan "The Dragon" Wilson 
  0  0  1        Arn Anderson 

RYAN HALL: Schiavone looks like a beached whale

TEDB512: Michael Cole is unbelievably awful. He doesn't talk about the
matches. It's not like he even adds a single thing.

CHIP BOOTS: I had to put ol' Tony on there one last time.

SCOTT WORDEN: Th winner of the Tony Shiavone Award is??  Tony Schiavone

CANZ:  The best run the WWF had was when Jim Ross had lockjaw or whatever
and couldn't talk let alone announce. Here's a toast hoping he drowns in
his own slobber and shameless shilling.

DONNY L: So many to choose from here, K.Kelly and Coachman on Metal or
jakked whatever it's called is just the most awful thing you could ever
hear. Cole has been doing play by play for the longest time and hasn't
improved at all.

SIMON GRIER: Kevin Kelly is an awful announcer. He can never decide
whether to do PBP or colour, has no knowledge about wrestling and instead
stinks up UK Heat and Metal with stupid jokes about some producer named
Tommy Carlucci who no viewer is likely to know. He's now spread this to
Coachman, Cole, Hayes and Tazz as well. He also has a face you just want
to punch. Go away, Kelly you suck. We all know how bad Schiavone is, he
isn't even worth the effort of thinking up a joke about the greatest
whatever in the history of whatever. I hate Jericho, but feel the need
here to leech one of his catchphrases :  Mitchell Cole, would you please
shut the hell up? Please?

ESTRAGAND: Ross continually ridiculed WCW and its wrestlers. Take a drink
everytime Ross uses the phrase "HELL" "BYGAWD" "DAMN" "SOUL" or
"SONUVABITCH" Not even a drunken Southern Baptist preacher uses these
phrases at such a rate.

JOE GENTILE: Come on! We HAVE to give this to Tony one last time!

CHRIS LENING: Tony wins just for old times sake. I mean, not that he
didn't blow in the waning days of WCW, but really, we should establish
this category to him in memoriam. Eric Gargiulo of CZW somehow did the
impossible and made bad matches seem even more terrible, thus edging out
XPW's Kris Kloss, who falls to third mainly because the episode of XPW I
stupidly decided to recap saw Kloss absent from the party. He nonetheless
sucks, though.

RYAN FAULCONER: Michael Cole gives me seizures and makes me wish I was
deaf too.

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