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2001 R.S.P-W Awards

Worst Angle


Award Description:

To be given to the worst angle you've seen in the sport this year. It may
be the worst because of taste or because of execution.

Previous Winners:

  1990: Earthquake breaks Hulk's ribs & get well card drive /
        Black Scorpion (tie)
  1991: WWF exploits the Gulf war
  1992: Papa Shango curses the Ultimate Warrior
  1993: WCW's Cactus Jack gets amnesia; search leads to Cleveland
  1994: WCW gives Hulk Hogan the WCW Title
  1995: WCW bills Giant as Andre the Giant's alleged son
  1996: Jim Ross announces return of Razor Ramon and Diesel to WWF
  1997: Brian Pillman claims paternity of Dakota Runnells
  1998: "Mysterious laughter" source revealed as Chucky the doll
  1999: Big Show's father stricken with cancer; Big Boss Man exploits it
  2000: Mae Young's pregnancy results in birth of hand

**2001**: Triple H quickly returns from fall inside car dropped from forklift

261 first place votes
256 second place votes
251 third place votes

 25 22 25  241   Triple H crushed inside dropped car....but survives!
 22 26 15  218   Chyna, Lita feud over spankings
 16 15 18  161   Vince McMahon's divorce request leads to Linda being committed
 21 10  7  149   Chyna suffers "neck injury" at hands of Right to Censor
 21 11  5  148   Sara's stalker revealed as Diamond Dallas Page
 22  6  5  138   WCW, ECW form alliance
 13 14 10  127   Vince McMahon has Trish Stratus bark like a dog
  8 16 14  116   Perry Saturn meets, loses Moppy
 10 11 11  105   Booker T impersonates Rock, auditions for a movie
 10 10 12  104   Debra named Rock's manager at Wrestlemania X-7
  9  8 15   99   Stacy Keibler's baby revealed as stack of Sean Stasiak photos
  5 15  8   86   Mystery Man Revealed as Road Warrior Animal
 10  5  7   79   Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley buys ECW
  6  5 11   67   Steven Richards brings in Kronik to battle Undertaker
  5  8  3   55   Jimmy Hart challenges radio hosts
  5  4  8   53   Ric Flair forced to kiss an ass
  6  4  4   50   Billy Gunn, Big Show form team, search for respect
  5  1  7   42   Right to Censor tries to clean up WWF
  4  4  5   42   Kurt Angle defects to Alliance
  6  1  3   39   Triple H joins Steve Austin; they form Two Man Power Trip
  4  2  3   32   Goldberg's next loss is his last
  1  6  4   31   Debra's cookies taste bad
  3  3  2   28   Spike Dudley, Molly Holly really, really like each other
  1  2  8   27   William Regal invites Duchess of Queensbury to PPV
  4  0  2   24   David McLane courts Lakers exec Jeannie Buss
  1  5  2   24   Magnificent 7 take over WCW
  2  1  5   23   Kurt Angle copies old Steve Austin angles, catchphrases
  0  3  6   21   Steve Austin joins Alliance as Leader
  2  3  0   19   Kurt Angle obsessed with breaking ankles after title loss
  1  3  2   18   Torrie Wilson seduces Vince McMahon
  1  3  1   16   Steve Austin throws Kurt Angle's medals into river, 
                 piledrives him
  1  1  3   14   Superhero-obsessed Shane Helms becomes Hurricane
  2  1  0   13   Kurt Angle threatens to throw Steve Austin into Detroit River
  0  3  2   13   Molly Holly becomes Hurricane's sidekick "Mighty Molly"
  1  2  0   11   Chris Jericho urinates in William Regal's tea
  2  0  0   10   Test joins Alliance, wins IC title
  1  0  2    9   Jade can't win a match; grandmother sad
  0  3  0    9   Genichiro Tenryu & Yoji Anjoh destroy AJPW Title Belts
  0  2  1    8   Maven, Tazz clash
  0  2  0    6   Torrie Wilson courts Tajiri
  0  2  0    6   Chris Benoit steals Kurt Angle's medals, hides in trunks
  1  0  0    5   Shane McMahon buys WCW
  1  0  0    5   Nonsensical face/heel turns during WWF/Alliance feud
  1  0  0    5   Misfits In Action
  0  1  1    5   Undertaker squashes everybody
  0  0  2    4   Undertaker won't leave Steve Austin's dressing room
  0  1  0    3   X-Pac unifies Cruiserweight and Light Heavyweight titles
  0  1  0    3   Vince teases return of "The Old Stone Cold"
  0  1  0    3   Kanyon joins Diamond Dallas Page to take on Undertaker & Kane
  0  1  0    3   Someone is beating up the Magnificent 7
  0  1  0    3   Jealous Christian turns on Edge
  0  1  0    3   Chris Jericho reveals Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley had surgery
  0  0  1    2   Tazz becomes Austin's whipping boy
  0  0  1    2   Supreme's burn injuries made a joke by XPW
  0  0  1    2   Rock taunts Booker T with a midget named Booker Wee
  0  0  1    2   Rock on "suspension"
  0  0  1    2   Patti Pep becomes Lana Star's personal assistant Patti Pizzazz
  0  0  1    2   Mystery steals Terri Gold's WOW Championship belt
  0  0  1    2   Jim Duggan joining Team Canada (eligible?)
  0  0  1    2   ECW vs. Network
  0  0  1    2   Chris Jericho dresses up as "He Hate Me"
  0  0  1    2   Beckie the Farmer's Daughter, Jungle Grrrl feud over who 
                 has best splash
  0  0  1    2   AJPW vs. WAR

REJECTED - did not occur during eligible time period

  0  2  0        Vince McMahon forms Kiss My Ass Club
  1  0  0        "Anything with..." votes
  0  1  0        Test wins imunity battle royal
  0  1  0        Duplicated votes
  0  1  0        Alex Wright turns into Berlyn

RYAN HALL: Thank God they killed the 'Debra managing Rock' thing.

EDDIE BURKETT: Triple H's superhuman powers should have made him the
superhero, not Molly.  Molly should have cared more for Spike, at least
enough to give us some sort of feud between Spike and Hurricane.  Booker
auditioning for a movie was stupid, and the skits sucked to boot.

SCOTT CRAWFORD: Again, too many bad angles to possibly vote for them all.

SCOTT WORDEN: Worst angle was Kronik attacking taker..  UGH oh, Chyna and
her neck getting hurt and then hurting it again at the rumble.  double

F-MAN: Just like the whole Invasion angle, the WWF really dropped the ball
on this one. To introduce the first major WCW player in the WWF as a
perverted stalker is beyond me. DDP not only had to feud and job to the
WWF's #4 face, he also had to job to the guy's wife.

CHRIS BIRD: The DDP-as-stalker angle was simply one of the worst angles
EVER. People have wondered how they could have saved it (make DDP less
obsessive, let DDP maybe beat up the Undertaker once to show a bit of
dominance, whatever). The answer is simple: they couldn't. The stalker
angle was being rightly mocked from the get-go for being lame AND
offensive AND boring. To think that taking two respected names in the
sport and feuding them would be so misdone. (Also bad: Road Warrior Animal
as the Mystery Man at WCW Sin. Oh, that was laughable, indeed.)

SHOCKER 2K: What a steaming pile of crap the Invasion turned out to be,

DONNY L: Goldberg winning streak version 2.0 was a desperate move to get a
talentless musclehead over again..Vince making Trish bark like a dog was
the one time I actally question why I watch this..Trips being dropped from
a car, What? WrestleCrap where are you.

JOHN C.: DDP as Sara's stalker was the wrong choice. Triple H coming back
from the car dropping in eight days was way too soon. Chyna feuding with
Lita over spankings was dead before it started.

CHRIS GRIMM: Man, I wish that asskissing stuff happened a few months

BLAZEJ SZPAKOWICZ: That ridiculous Triple
H-getting-stuck-in-a-car-and-falling-to-his-untimely-not-death thing,
hands down. I mean, it was a thoroughly idiotic angle in the first place,
but having the guy come back a week later with nary a scratch made it just
that li'l bit worse. The Linda/Vince divorce and nervous breakdown saga
gets second. It also gets extra marks for kicking off the magnificent
McMahon vs. McMahon vs. McMahon vs. McMahon storyline. Third is Kurt Angle
turning alliance. Sure, they salvaged it by having him be the mole, but it
still had plot holes you could drive Jupiter through.

YNAE316: Talk about Wrestlecrap....

MATT SPAULDING: Goldberg's "new" winning streak wasn't going to get
interesting until around the 160 mark anyway, and then to have him
actually lose is a hole WCW wouldn't have been able to dig out of had it
stayed in business.  Animal was the big surprise?  And Debra as Rock's
manager never got off the ground, and she was pulled from the role before
the match.  What?

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