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2001 R.S.P-W Awards

Worst Organization


Award Description:

To be given to the organization/promotion that has the worst product. This
is the organization whose TV and house shows you wouldn't even think of
attending. Probably not even as a freebie.

Previous Winners:

  1990: WWF / AWA (tie)
  1991: WCW
  1992: WWF
  1993: WCW
  1994: WCW
  1995: WCW
  1996: AWF
  1997: WCW
  1998: WCW
  1999: WCW
  2000: WCW

**2001**: WCW

241 first place votes
217 second place votes
200 third place votes

 86 33 24  577   WCW
 52 37 32  435   XPW
 25 25 16  232   MECW
 16 29 29  225   WOW
 15 18 20  169   JCW
 18 14 16  164   WWF
  7 19 17  126   CZW
  6 16 14  106   ECW
  5  5  2   44   GLOOW
  2  3  6   31   BBOW
  1  3  6   26   Urban Pro Wrestling
  1  2  2   15   NOAH
  0  3  0    9   NWA
  0  2  0    6   AAA
  1  0  0    5   Stampede
  0  1  1    5   XWF
  0  1  0    3   XPF
  0  1  0    3   OVW
  0  1  0    3   NWA New England
  0  1  0    3   Big Japan
  0  0  1    2   Onita Puroresu
  0  0  1    2   Michinoku Pro
  0  0  1    2   HCWny
  0  0  1    2   CVW


  2  1  6   25   WXO (defunct - shouldn't have made nomination list)
  3  0  1   17   Alliance
  0  2  2   10   Duplicated votes
  1  0  0    5   AOL Time Warner
  0  0  1    2   any backyard feds.
  0  0  1    2   Heroes of Wrestling (defunct)

EDDIE BURKETT: WWF gets worst promotion not because its the worst
promotion, but because its the worst given the potential.  They can pretty
much have any wrestler they want, and put out whatever kind of product
they want, and while they are still entertaining, they are no where near
as entertaining as they could or should be.

STEPHEN TISZENKEL: Man, WOW was bad. Yet I loved it so much.

CHIP BOOTS: At least JCW keeps ICP away from most of us.

CHRIS BIRD: I'm not sure if I can vote for MECW in this, but hey, they
held a card once, so I figure that makes them count as an "organization".
Technically, at least.

CANZ: WCW dying was equivalent of Old Yeller being shot in the head. Too
bad Vince had the rifle.  AAA is really sad. One tape out of my archives
and I guarantee you will feel the same way, moreso if I snip the one
mini's match a month off of it.

SHOCKER 2K: How was the Alliance NOT listed as a choice for worst Org.?

MIKE JOHNSON: 3. Will somebody please tell me what MECW was?  Did it ever
have a TV show?  Did they run any more than one show?  Would anyone have
cared had it not been a slow news year?

DONNY L: WCW died and desered it.

SIMON GRIER: I haven't seen any of these three, but reading about them
gives me just cause to hate them and vote for them. I was just starting to
get over my XPW-phobia induced byt he pathetic invasion of Heatwave 2K,
when they powerbombed that guy whose name I forget through the flaming
table.  Absolutely idiotic. CZW are no better with their ridiculous antics
that are sure to end the careers of their young talent before the age of
25. Juggalo Campionshit Wrestling involves the clowns and thus gets my
vote ahead of a bunch of promotions that I've never heard of, a bunch with
good reputations (the Puro ones) and the three mainstream ones which were
all good this year.  (Even though two of them died.)

YNAE316: WOW:  Actually had tons of potential but I guess McClane just has
no luck...

MATT SPAULDING: WCW, MECW, XPW.  The first two are out of business; the
third, for the good of all that is holy, should be.

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