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2001 R.S.P-W Awards

'netter suggested awards


BILL DEARTH: Wrestler of the Year:   kurt angle

Best Entrance:  HHH

Best wrestler autobiography:  Kurt Angle's "it's true it's true"

Best Catchphrase:   What?

Best Backstge Skit:  Sean Stasiak's tribute to Stone Cold

KERROTSNOT: Special Award Jobber to the stars:  Lil Spike Dudley

KEN DREILING: Suggestions for future categories:  I would guess since
mostly internet fans partake in these awards, that maybe some internet
related awards might be involved, although that would probably just lead
to bickering anyway:  Best News Site/Writer; Best Opinion Site/Writer;
Best Recap Site/Writer, etc.

STEPHEN TISZENKEL: Biggest Unanswered Questions Raised by the WWF vs.
Alliance Angle 
1. What do they win by beating each other?
2. What, have contracts ceased to exist? 
3. Why do WCW officials sometimes referee matches between two WWF wrestlers? 
4. Why do WWF officials sometimes referee matches where WCW titles are at 
5. So is the Alliance one organization or two? 
6. Are guys like Steve Austin and Test under contract to WCW or the Alliance? 
Or both? Or neither? 
7. Why doesn't Vince just ban them from the building? 
8. Why would a WWF or WCW wrestler ever agree to defend his title against 
someone from a competing company?

GAIL GERALD: Most Boring Wrestler:Kane

Wrestler who either needs to retire or needs a change, period 
1. Undertaker 
2. X-Pac 
3. Big Show

People who should never, ever use a mic 
1. Stephanie McMahon 
2. Chyna 
3. Team Extreme

People who probably won't be taken seriously for a while 
1. Hurricane Helms 
2. Billy Gunn 
3. Mighty Molly (only because of the gimmick)

People who should go to Ohio Valley Wrestling 
1. Chuck Palumbo 
2. Test 
3. Albert

People who Vince wasted his money on 
1. Taka Michinoku 
2. Tiger Ali Singh  
3. Billy Gunn

Wrestlers who I suspect are more talented than they appear on tv 
1. The Rock 
2. Shawn Stasiak 
3. Tajiri

Questions I like to ask Vince McMahon 
1. Will we ever see real wrestling? 
2. Will anyone whose first name is Chris ever become a champion for longer 
than five minutes?  
3. Where will the Alliance guys go?

SCOTT WORDEN: Thank You it is gone award..  Wrestline

Wish it were gone award. The Smarks

Needs to join Sean Shannon Award Scott Keith

CHARLES BOTTS: additional categories should be The person we would like to
see less of and the person we would like to see more of. my vote goes to
Vince for least of and hard core holly for more of

ROBERT VAN PEER: Best Bump Taker: Referee Josh Milton WOW

Best Jobber: Hammerin' Heather Steele

DONNY L: best quotes of the year  
1. J.R to Stephanie during the milkbath "The billion dollar princess has
just became the diary queen"
2. Austin after 'accidently" ripping Steph shirt off with the beer tray at
the beginning of the year "There's more foam in your bra then in my beer."
3. Heyman on why Christians parents didn't like him as much as Edge
"Christian's parents must have hated him. I mean I wouldn't have liked it
if my parents named me 'Jew'"

favourite female  
1.Trish Stratus  
2. Lita  
3. Molly Holly

ESTRAGAND: Worst Wrestling site: CLICK HERE to see Billy
Jack Haynes' latest online commentary!

Best Philosophical Wrestling Question: Do Wrestlers Shave their Armpits?

Most Favourite Wrestling Sites: 
1- (I'll kiss your ass and call it chocolate, dammit!)
2- (ever talked to "Crimson Mask"? he's amazing! I
shit you not!)

MICHAEL STAKELY: Most Ludicrous Commentary Moment 
1st: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman debate whether or not Shane McMahon is as
athletic as Rob Van Dam.

The "Enough Already, Get off TV" Award   
1st: The entire McMahon family.

The "Where the Hell are They?" Award  
1st: 98% of the WWF, ECW, and WCW's cruiserweights and midcarders.

TOMMY MAES: Best Mic Skills  
1. The Rock 
2. Chris Jericho 
3  Kurt Angle

Best entrance music  
1. Triple H (Motorhead: The Game) 
2. Edge (Rob Zombie: Never Gonna Stop) 
3. Kane: Out of the fire

Worst entrance music 
1. right to censor 
2. X-factor-song by Uncle Cracker 
3. The first Austin Alliance theme

Best mark-out-moment: Flair returns to the WWF

Most shocking moment 
1. Austin turning heel at Wrestlemania 
2. WCW and ECW invade the WWF 
3. Austin joins the Alliance

Hottest female in wrestling 
1. Lita  
2. Stacy Kiebler 
3. Torrie Wilson

TORYN ABRAHAM: Biggest Whinner: 
1. Buff Bagwell 
2. Nova 
3. Goldberg


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