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Welcome!  Not. 7.3.2K

Anyway, if you somehow managed to stumble upon this little section of Rantsylvania, then you probably know of my feelings regarding the esteemed Mr. Zimmerman.  This site is pretty much me letting my id run amuck, as a way of releasing the feelings I have inside.

No complaints about participating in "net feuds."

No whining to shut up and get to the recaps.

No leaving well enough alone for the sake of not pissing off my casual readers.

Just pure, unadulterated egotism.

How hard can this be?

It's quite easy, actually.  Especially when you've been up for over twenty hours because you're waiting for your Raw recapper to get his report in so you can post it and get some sleep.  It's amazing what sleep deprivation does to the mind.

I'm also used to riding without my training wheels when it comes to opinions.  Since the nWWWo broke up a week ago, I really don't have any place to act like a jackass.  I can still say whatever the fuck I want on Rantsylvania proper, but I try to keep my writings over on the mothership on a somewhat intelligent level.  Not here.

So if I say something stupid here, THAT WAS THE POINT.   This isn't supposed to be a place of high-brow wit or intelligent discourse.   This is supposed to be a site that appeals to a more base instinct.  You know, like Chris Hyatte, only without the racist and sexist remarks.  And with at least a smidge of talent.  Come to think of it that kind of describes CRZ ...

This site's a little bare bones right now, and will continue to be.  This is just a joke.  You don't see any ad banners around here, do you?  No.  Because I'm not serious about this site.  But this is a place where I can talk about ad banners freely and why I'm always talking about money these days.  And if you've complained about my recent capitalistic streak, you should read why I've gotten that way.

So that's it for now.  The site design sucks, but that's just because CRZ's site sucks too.  I'll even use all those LITTLE COLORED WORDS just to remind everyone that this is just a parody.  And a poorly done parody, at that.

And I won't bother revising this document, because if I have something to say here, I shouldn't put it in a document that you've all read already.   So never come back to this page again.  Not that I think any of you have actually read this far down already.

"Slymm" Sean Shannon
[burn] wrestling

PS Oh yeah, don't expect this site to be updated on anything more than a "once in a blue moon" basis.  This site doesn't make me money, and it's nothing more than an exercise in what fucked-up shit I can come up with when my brain is functioning at 20% capacity.  And if you're actually taking this site seriously, or you think I'm taking it seriously, call your proctologist and ask him if to please retrieve your head.

  Tyler Mane  

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