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WWF Byte This! by E.C. Ostermeyer




This is the WWF Byte This report for Friday, 6 April 2001m and I'm your recapper, ol' E.C. himself.

This show is telecast live every Friday afternoon from 4 PM to 5 PM Eastern on the site.

Opening credits. The Rock asks Vince McMahon a question, and doesn't care for the answer he gets. One "Rock Bottom" later, and ol' Vince is kissing canvas.

Your hosts are Kevin Kelly and Dr. Tom Prichard.

On today's show, Kevin Kelly smarts off to Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, with predictable results. Mick Foley plugs his new book, "Foley Is Good!" that goes on sale May 6th in bookstores everywhere. WWF World Tag team Champions Edge and Christian drop by along with their pal Rhyno, and regale us with what it's like to snort gasoline fumes at 50 below.

Opening topic is Wrestlemania 17. "It reeked of complete 'awesome-osity'!" said Kevin Kelly, in honor of today's special guests, Edge, Christian, and Rhyno. "Awesome-osity?!" retorts Dr. Tom Prichard. "Is that even a word?"

Droz (Wrestler Darren Drozdov) who normally sits in with the guys each week is under the weather, and, wouldn't you know it, tomorrow (7 April) is his birthday! "Get well" and "Happy Birthday!" wishes from the fans can be emailed to

Back to Wrestlemania, where Tom says that you couldn't get any better than last Sunday. "From Axxess to Wrestlemania X-7 itself," said Tom, "The people were outstanding, the wrestlers were outstanding; it was just an all-around outstanding show! It was electric! You could feel it in the arena, you could feel it backstage! And for the Main Event, who would have thought that Mr. McMahon would end up drinking a cold one with Stone Cold Steve Austin?"

Speaking of Austin, Kelly, like a lot of the fans in Houston, still has a problem with Austin's heel turn and sudden alliance with Mr. McMahon.
"It's an insurance policy, Kevin," said Tom, "Austin's just following his policy that says "Don't Trust Anybody," and this was the one way where Austin could be assured of winning the World Title."
Kelly says that the new faction of McMahon, Austin, and HHH is so powerful that it has no serious challengers as of yet. Add to that the fact that WWF Commissioner William Regal is in McMahon's pocket, and there are hard times ahead for the WWF. Prichard retorts that Kelly had better watch what he says, because William Regal might not take kindly to being referred to as "...McMahon's stooge, no better than Patterson or Briscoe!"
Kelly and Prichard then grade Wrestlemania as the best one they've ever seen, "At least until next year's", says Kelly.
The discussion turns to Wrestlemania's "Gimmick Battle Royal." Both Kelly and Prichard had Michael P.S. Hayes as the favorite, (as we see a pic of Hayes strolling down the ramp to the ring. "But everybody in the Battle Royal got a warm reception from the fans. Kelly was still pondering why the Iron Sheik wouldn't take a knee, even when Sgt. Slaughter had the "Cobra Clutch" on him. "The former World Wide Wrestling Federation Champion does NOT take a knee, " said Prichard, "and will NEVER take a knee!"
Kelly gives the run-down on what's on today's "Byte This", with an aside on how the fans at the Oklahoma City Smackdown reacted to Steve Austin's manhandling of "good old J.R."
"Well, Austin made it clear," said Prichard, "The WWF Championship was a must for him, and he was going to do whatever he needed to in his personal and professional life to win that Title."
"So, when J.R. got in Stone Cold's face, " continued Prichard, "there are no friends!"
"I haven't seen this side of Stone Cold since the days of his rivalry with Bret Hart." Said Kelly, "and I enjoy seeing this side of Austin, where he hates everybody. It's true vintage Austin, And I think it's always been there, it's just that he's never voiced it. It's almost a cleansing thing to be able to just come right out and tell people exactly how you feel about them, and I think it's a good thing for Austin to be able to do this."
Kelly segues to a comment about how Michael Hayes was another one who didn't hold back anything, either.
"Michael Hayes is great!" said Prichard.

Conversation shifts to the bout between Shane McMahon and Vince McMahon, and how absolutely fearless Shane has become in the ring.
"Shane stepped right up to the plate, "said Prichard, " and what about that finish, where he leapt right across the ring and, feet-first, smashed a garbage can into Vince's face."
"It never ceases to amaze me what Shane McMahon will do, " said Kelly, "He's just incredible!"
Prichard said that he worked with Shane to get ready for the match, and "...the guy does not know when to stop, he will NOT give up! Obviously, hew had something to prove to his Dad, and he proved it at Wrestlemania."

Talk turns to what the now-unmedicated Linda McMahon has in store for Vince on the upcoming Raw show, and her slicing of the Mick Foley-provided grapefruits on Smackdown.
"That made me hurt!" said Prichard, "I kind of drew up inside myself."
"Vince has always been proud of him, ummm, 'grapefruits'..." begins Kelly.
"...and it's obvious that, even while she was under medication, Linda knew what was going on around her!" concluded Prichard.
"I think we will discover that it was Trish who may have been the one responsible for not supplying the proper dosage, " said Kelly, "because I remember Vince saying to Trish, as she was wheeling Linda down the hall, "Make sure she gets the double dosage!" Well, Trish slapped Mr. McMahon, so she's through being Vince's plaything now."
"Who's plaything do you think she will be next?" asked Prichard.
"I dunno," said Kelly, "Probably yours?"
"Yesss!" grins Prichard.
"How about Michael Hayes?"
Michael Hayes and Trish would make a great pair!" said Prichard, though with less enthusiasm than earlier.

Discussion turns to a run-down of the bouts of Wrestlemania, and the new story arcs generated.
The fans and the wrestlers all got into the match between Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit, both because of Benoit's reputation, and Kurt Angle's impressive in-ring prowess.
Chyna won the Women's Title from Ivory, while Eddie Guerrero took the European Title away from Test.

And speaking of Test, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley joins Kelly and Prichard.
SMH sits down, but only after giving Kevin Kelly a look.
Kelly doesn't help things by starting right off with how Wrestlemania was a tough night for Vince and Stephanie both.
"Well, Vince McMahon CREATED Wrestlemania, Kevin Kelly, and what happened last Sunday night was completely ridiculous! My mother is now completely un-medicated, and we don't know who gave the order stopping it! And then for Trish Stratus to slap my father in the face, and then have the nerve to take me on in a whipping match, and spank me...I don't know if you saw that or not...!"
"Oh, we saw it, all right," said Kelly, " and then, later on, when Shane was victorious over your father, and then there was HHH's incredible match with the Undertaker..."
"Where HHH was COMPLETELY screwed!" said SMH hotly.
"Well, he made no excuses the following night on Raw, did he?"
"Huh! Okay..." said SMH.
"I mean it couldn't have been that nice an evening for you. You got slapped around, your father got beat, you rolled around on the floor, your mother's un-medicated..."
"Unlike you, Kevin, " said SMH, " I don't live in the past. And right mow, HHH, my Dad and Steve Austin are all aligned!"
"Pretty darned good..." begins Kelly.
"Pretty DAMNED good!" returns SMH. "And I wouldn't get to uppity with my little interview there, if I were you, Kevin Kelly! And unlike, the Rock, who's now, suspended..."
"...and what a crock THAT is!" retorts Kelly.
"I...y'see, Kevin, it's comments like that that'll get you slapped across the face! And I won't hesitate! Okay?"
"I just think," said Kelly, "that it's unfair that the Rock's not going to get a chance at revenge..."
"The Rock got beat at Wrestlemania, and the Rock got beat on Monday night, and the Rock lost his chances because the Rock is BEAT!" sneers SMH.
"Well, the only reason the Rock's not fired is because Shane's lurking out there with the 'Competing Wrestling Organization'!"
"Well, that's your story, Kevin Kelly, and maybe you're not given enough information!" said SMH, getting more provoked by the minute. "Business is business, and My Father, who's a smart man, is not about to let anything happen to his top talent."
"So Vince is NOT going to allow the Rock to come back and get revenge," said Kelly, summing up, "and he's NOT gonna allow the Rock to join WCW, either..."

"Y'know, I'm sorry, but this interview is OVER!" said SMH, who then gets up and lunges at Kevin.
Kelly, moving with surprising speed for one of his size, sees what's coming and bolts off the set!

SMH calms down a bit, then draws everybody's attention to what a wuss Kevin Kelly is.
"Was that not a total puss reaction?" laughs SMH. "I think that was WAY better than a slap!"
"Hey, "said Prichard, " I've FELT your kicks and slaps...!"
"I am a total coward," said a wary Kelly, putting his headset back on. "I can cower with the best of them!"

Conversation turns to Trish Stratus, who SMH says is always trying to get involved in her family's business. "Trish has got to understand that there is one dominant female!" said SMH.
Kelly asks what actions SMH thinks we can expect from Linda McMahon.

"Why don't you just take your headset off and let ME do the talking, Kevin?!" said SMH, and the screech-tone is becoming evident.
"Hey, fine," said Kelly, taking off his headset and leaving. "I can just be right over here" (voice fades as he walks off the set) " and you two can do the work."
"Hey, you gotta stay and work, man!" said Prichard. "You're not done yet! Your work day's no over!"
"What my mother said, Tom," said SMH, "is that she's still using the name McMahon, but that she's contemplating a change. So, read into that what you will!"
"I mean she's back in power as the CEO," whined SMH, " and she's making my life HELL! "
"And..." (SMH begins to take off her headset and get out of her chair.) "I'm sorry, I have too much work to do..."
"I myself was upset with what Linda McMahon did," begins Prichard.
Off-stage, Kevin Kelly hollers something that doesn't sound too complimentary.
"I thought you LEFT!" screeches SMH.
Prichard toadies a bit, playing the crawler to try and get SMH calmed back down.
"It looks like Vince McMahon, your husband HHH, and Steve Austin will be running roughshod over the WWF, " said Prichard, "as a sort of "Unholy Trinity..."
"Hey, I like that!" said SMH, "'Unholy Trinity!' That's good!"
"...and you'll be riding right there with them!" Prichard concludes, a bit awkwardly. "Do you see any reconciliation with your mother at all..."

"'Mommie Dearest?'" sneers SMH. "My mother has never treated me the way I deserved to be treated when I was growing up. Constantly overbearing, and telling me what to do! I'm starved, you understand? So, no there's no reconciliation between my mother and I!"
Prichard kept toadying right along, telling SMH what she wanted to hear. He even got in a compliment on how SMH is helping Steve Austin become allied with "the most powerful man in Sports Entertainment, Vince McMahon!"
"My dad!" says SMH proudly.

SMH then tells Prichard that she's got a high-level meeting upstairs she has to attend, "Cocktails, meet 'n' greet, that sort of thing, you know..."
Prichard thanks SMH, who in turn thanks him for getting rid of Kevin Kelly.

After SMH leaves, the "Byte This!" producer, "Big Country", showed up to say that Kevin Kelly "wouldn't be back until Stephanie has left the building!"
Prichard pointed out that SMH was part owner of the company, so she could do pretty much whatever she wanted.
After much coaxing, Kelly returned to the set, only this time wielding a steel chair. SMH shows up again and takes the steel chair away from him, as Tom Prichard runs for cover. We go into "Please Stand By" mode while the staff is busy separating the SMH and Kevin Kelly. Prichard resumes his seat as the floor personnel put the set back together again.
Kelly resumes his seat with the comment that "She wants me in the worst way!" Prichard looks incredulous, as we get a BIG grin from Kelly, who then observed "You could cut the sexual tension with a knife here! She's a married woman! I'm a married man! Gotta learn "hands off"!"
"She had you beat, man!" said Prichard, disgustedly.
"Hey, like I'm not gonna run from HER slaps?"
"Her forearm shots are worse!" said Prichard.
"It's like getting kicked by a mule!"

More posturing from Kelly, who wants to know if SMH left her phone number with Prichard for him.

At this point, Mick Foley calls in to comment that even HE has run from one of SMH's slaps.
"Well, I'm not taking it," said Kelly, "Because I know how hard she slaps!"
"Kevin, if the other guys are ragging you about, if Stephanie tried to slap you, then you ran like a woman? Well, I've been slapped by Stephanie, and if millions of fans out there weren't watching me, the Hardcore Legend, at the time, then I too would have run like a woman. Though, even with those millions of people in attendance, I still screamed like a woman..."
"Yeah, but those forearm smashes of hers..." added Prichard.
"I know what you mean, " says Foley, "But it turns out I wasn't the first person Stephanie slapped. That was Joey Abs, and I think she also slapped Test."

The discussion then turned to Wrestlemania once again, with Foley saying that it was his favorite Wrestlemania ever, because he had all the benefits of being a part of the show, without having to take any of the bumps, or deal with the pressure of winning.
"Not only that, but I got to ride seven roller coasters with Al Snow the day before!"
When questioned about his last statement, Foley said that he had used his "pull" as three-time WWF Champion to get Al Snow out of an appearance so that he could ride the coasters.
"So all those people who were waiting for Al to show up at the appearance were disappointed?" asked Kelly.
"!" said Foley. "It was a fan club of some kind, but I think they were expecting somebody other than Al Snow!"
Lots of laughter at Al Snow's expense, and the topic turns to Mick's role in assisting Linda McMahon. This naturally leads to the infamous "grapefruit" incident
"Mick," asked Kelly, "as a man, when she sliced through the grapefruits, did you recoil at all?"
"The person I felt sorry for, " said Foley, "wasn't Vince. It was Stephanie, because she had to look at her father look at his testicles!"
Much hilarity from this, and it's a good minute before Kelly and Prichard can get themselves back under control.
"I mean, there's Vince's reaction shot," Foley continues, "and I thought 'Aw, no daughter should have to look at her Dad look at his testicles!' Or worse, have those testicles threatened!"
Foley then recounts an anecdote about sending his son, Dewey to the store to get grapefruits, with the description that "they look like Vince's testicles."
Dewey was perturbed, and told his dad that he had never seen Vince's testicles, and furthermore, he was going to make sure that he would never EVER see Vince's testicles.
Prichard lost it at this point, as Kelly brought first Edge, and then Christian into the conversation by phone.
Edge was very happy to win the WWF Tag-team Titles once, and being Champs with Christian for the seventh time is even better.
Foley thinks he has to leave, but all concerned beg him to stay around. Foley agrees, and takes the opportunity to promo his upcoming book, "'Foley Is Good!' which will be in bookstores on May 8th!"
What's that date again, Mick?" asks Edge.
"May 8th."
"And where could I find my copy of your book?"
"Bookstores everywhere."

Well, Foley gets in at least six more plugs for his book because first Kelly, then Prichard, and then both Edge and Christian keep batting the above series of Q&A's around like a shuttlecock:
"May 8th, and it's called "Foley Is Good!"
"Bookstores everywhere."

The conversation then shifts to how much fun Edge, Christian, and Foley have in disemboweling Al Snow. "We were brutal before," said Edge, "but now, we are just like surgeons dissecting him with scalpels."
"But fans, " said Foley, "Al enjoys his role, as I extensively cover in my new book..."
"What's it called?" asks Edge.
"When's it come out?" asks Kelly.
"Where can I get it?" asks Prichard.

"...although the person who clearly doesn't enjoy his role is Test!" continues Foley.
"Yeah, " said Christian, "when I read about Test in my copy of Mick's new book," (guess what this statement starts off?), " I said to myself, 'What did I ever do to Test to deserve this?"
"It's kind of like I'm a pitcher, " said Foley, "with Al Snow at the plate, there's always a chance he's gonna line the ribbing right back at me. With test, it's like he's LEANING IN, just wanting to get hurt! In a worst case scenario, he's gonna dribble one back to the box. He just doesn't have any ammunition!"
"He's, he's pretty much of a smartass, isn't he?" retorts Prichard.
"The problem is," continues Foley, "Test thinks he's slick, but only when he's not around a couple of the boys. He needs a chance to grow, and I'm there to do my job."
"Yeah," says Christian, "You're, like, pinning him in the batter's box, right?"
"Exactly!" says Foley. "I'm just serving up a little chin music. And a couple of balls to the chin is nothing Al Snow hasn't been through!"
Sounds of rupture from everyone within the sound of Foley's voice.
"I can't get any better than that!" says Kelly.
Foley gets in two more plugs for his book, ("Foley Is Good!" May 8th. Bookstores everywhere) and then signs off.

Conversation then turns to Edge & Christian winning the Tag Titles in the Tables, Ladders, & Chairs, Part 2" match at Wrestlemania.
"I'll never forget it, "says Christian, " especially getting to wrestle in front of 68,000 fans. Just awesome! I was trying to soak up enough of the crowd noise and excitement on my way to the ring so I wouldn't freeze up in front of all those fans. Just an unbelievable experience!"

Kelly asks Edge if he thinks that some younger fans might try to emulate what he and Christian did during the "TLC-2" match.
Edge says that he was, for the first time in a long time, nervous before going into a match. He then attributes that to the 68,000 fans in attendance. Edge then says that he and Christian trained hard for TLC-2, so don't try this at home, kids.
Edge then says that all concerned wanted TLC-2 to surpass TLC-1 at Wrestlemania -16, or, failing that, to at least equal it in terms of intensity and high spots. "The last thing we wanted," said Edge, "was for the fans to say, 'Well, it just didn't measure up to TLC-1, now did it?'"
"Yeah, there was more storytelling involved this year," said Christian, "And with Spike and Rhyno there, we couldn't go wrong."
Kelly remarked about the stiff spear that Jeff Hardy received from Christian during the match, "He just seemed to drop out of sight there for a few minutes."
"We lost him there for a time," said Edge," and when he showed back up, we all were relieved."
"Yeah, I was relieved, even though I was pretty sore." Says Christian.
Next up, Rhyno joins the discussion.
"How did it feel to be the play-maker in the TLC-2 match?" asked Kevin Kelly.
"It felt great," says Rhyno, "especially when I got to wrestle in front of, what? 68,000 people? I'd never wrestled in front of so big a crowd!" says Rhyno. "It was just amazing! The only thing was, I had to pee as I was making that run to the ring!" This cracks up Edge & Christian.
"Where'd your friendship with Edge & Christian come about, and what's it like working with them now?" asks Kelly.
Christian says that he and Edge broke into the business on the Indy circuit, driving back and forth, the four hours from Toronto (Canada) to Detroit. Rhyno had been wrestling in the Detroit area, and had done some shows in Toronto. Edge says that Rhyno's style of wrestling is a perfect fit with theirs. "It gives an added dimension to Edge & Christian," says Edge. "plus, it breaks Rhyno into the company, so everybody benefits."
Prichard wants to know from Rhyno how being the last ECW World Champ compares with what amounts to starting all over again, breaking into the WWF.
"It's a whole new ballgame," says Rhyno. "The WWF is on a much higher level. Not to talk bad about ECW, but it's just unfortunate that a lot of guys who are coming up now didn't have the opportunity to work with Paul Heyman or Tommy Dreamer, and learn about the business first-hand like I did. The WWF is just on a much higher level. I mean, sixty-six thousand people for example! The crowd, the atmosphere, it's just a whole new ballgame here."
"Yeah," says Prichard, "well, putting Christian on your shoulders and climbing up that ladder made TLC-2 a whole new ballgame, too!"
"Yeah," says Rhyno, "I think he gained a couple pounds, too."

Kelly says that's enough nice talk about Rhyno, and asks E&C if they have any dirt on the guy?
There's an embarrassed silence from E&C, who then begin to hem and haw for a bit, trying to skirt the question.
"Look," says Kelly, "if we have to change names to protect the innocent..."

"We did ...well-l-l, everybody's heard the stories." says Edge, "We wrestled on Indian reservations, drove across lakes to make a match, and there were times when I honestly thought we wouldn't make it out alive. Times like, 'hey, it's four in the morning, and we're driving across this lake, and it's minus fifty Celsius, and there's like, NO one around!' Going through things like that, you become friends for life."
"There was this one time," says Christian, "when our truck broke down on this winter road, with trees all around..."

(at this point, Kevin Kelly darts a quick look stage left, and immediately bolts from his seat once again. Stephanie McMahon -Helmsley appears, and gives chase stage right. Prichard's got this confused look on his face, and we hear sounds of a scuffle off-camera.)

"...and you drive like fifteen miles an hour..." says Christian.

(Stephanie appears from stage right, a triumphant look on her face. "I got him! I got him!")

"...anyway, our truck broke down, and the snow was falling, and we got picked up by this guy who was hauling meat, or something, and we had to hop in the back. Well, there were these open cans of gasoline back there, and we had to drive like an hour. Boy, were we dizzy!"
"Actually," says Edge, "I think it was longer than that. Like three hours."
"That was when the ring truck broke down," says Christian, "because we were riding with, like eleven other wrestlers, and the truck went through the lake..."

Prichard apologizes at this point for the total chaos that has erupted on the set, with SMH chasing Kevin Kelly all over the place. "She just slapped the living CRAP out of Kevin Kelly!"

"Oooooo!" says Rhyno, "I bet that hurt!"

"This was while you were telling the... oops, HERE SHE COMES AGAIN!" squawks Prichard, who dives out of his chair, lunging for cover. Kelly dashes through the set, holding his face, with SMH in hot pursuit. Edge, Christian, and Rhyno all giggle like somebody left the valve open on the nitrous oxide tank.

There's a loud "WHACK!" from off-stage.

"Jee-zus CHRIST!" hollers Prichard, as we hear the sound of something heavy hitting the floor. "He's down! The clown is down!"

"Who'd she smack this time?" asks Rhyno.
'She just smacked the living CRAP out of Kevin Kelly!" says Prichard, as we get a distant howl of pain from somewhere behind the camera.

"You want us to call 9-1-1?" asks Edge.
"Naw, a trainer's good enough for Kev," says Prichard.

"Why didn't you protect me?" whines Kelly, off-stage, and in obvious pain.
"I was trying to do an interview here, and was listening to this story, when all hell broke loose!" says Prichard.

"I can't even hear out of my ear!" howls Kelly.

"Uh, guys," says Prichard, attempting to salvage the interview, "who in your opinion are the next challengers for your tag team belts?"
"I don't know," says Christian. "I mean, we are gong to have to go out in different directions to keep it fresh."
"There's X-Factor, " says edge, "and there's new tag teams being formed, too. Guys like Jerry Lynn could be a factor, too."

Kelly asks if any of them have been slapped by Stephanie before.
There's some suppressed mirth on the other end of the line. "Not me," says Edge. "Ask Jericho. He's been slapped by Stephanie."

Avoid it AT... ALL... COSTS!" says Kelly.

How come she slapped you?" asked Rhyno.
"Because I was smarting off to her!" says Kelly. "And she took a swing at me earlier, and I ran off like a girl..." (giggling from all concerned) "... and I was listening to you, when all of a sudden she blindsided me and slaps the crap out of me!"

More hilarity at Kelly's expense, before the topic turns to Steve Austin joining forces with Vince McMahon and winning the World Championship Title.
"I dunno," says Edge, "I liked Steve Austin in his heel persona. That's when he does his best work. He did such a good job at it that people started getting behind him, and he lost some of the heel heat because of it. Change is a good thing, especially the change that Austin made at Wrestlemania."
"Do you think it was smart for Austin to ally himself with Vince McMahon?" asks Kelly.
"If Austin wanted to turn heel, what's the best way he could do it?" responds Edge. "If he turned heel on his own, the people are still gonna love him. the only way Austin could turn heel and make it stick, was to align himself with the most hated man in the company."
"So, by the same token, " says Kelly, "Edge & Christian matter what they do, are always going to be seen as cool. And that's why they brought in Rhyno?"
I still think Rhyno's cool," says Edge, "because Rhyno kick s ass! And we couldn't let Rhyno keep spearing people like Molly Holly and get cool that way."
"I already am cool!" says Rhyno.
"It all goes back to respect," says Prichard. "If you perform in the ring, you'll get respect from the fans no matter how you act. That's what I think is going to get you over more."
"Yeah, but there's only so much you can do as a heel." says Rhyno. "Personally, I think that Edge & Christian should go back to babyface soon, just to get over with the fans even more. If you end up being a very good heel, you'll eventually turn babyface. We saw that with the Rock and with Austin, too."

Kelly takes a call from Adric in Alaska, who wants to know how Edge & Christian prepare mentally and physically for a TLC match?
Edge starts to answer him, but there's suddenly a LOUD buzzing noise, and Adric disappears. Rhyno's still there. Edge & Christian are not, however.
"Well, it's been quite a show," says Kelly, "my jaw's unhinged, I've lost hearing in my left ear, "Big Country just got electrocuted, and we lost Edge & Christian, and our caller! What else can happen today? Rhyno?"
"Oh, God," says Rhyno, "This is gonna be a tough one..."
"Rhyno..." repeats Kelly.
" we have any callers?" asks Rhyno, somewhat apprehensively it seems.
"None who want to talk to you." Says Kelly.
"Sweet!" says Rhyno.
"I'm just kidding. Who do you look up to in the WWF, the guys you are really chomping at the bit to get in the ring against?"
Rhyno says he's always wanted to face Austin, but the list is a long one from top to bottom, and that he just looks forward to having a match, "just going out there, and doing what I do, and what I know how to do."

Your reputation with Paul Heyman in ECW pretty much preceded itself," says Prichard, ": and now that you're here, do you see it as beneficial?"
"In a way, " responds Rhyno, "but I guess I sound selfish when I say that I'd rather see Paul in the WWF, and see ECW around so that guys coming up could have the same opportunity that I had to learn from a guy like Paul. Before I went there, I couldn't even do a promo. Some say I still can't" (heh heh!)" but I learned so much in the ring from the guys who worked there. Paul has really helped me to develop the Rhyno character, telling me how to act in and out of the ring, what I should do and shouldn't do, and..."

"We've got Edge back on the line," says Kelly, "and Edge, Rhyno's taken the time you and Christian were away to really put himself over! How he made ECW. How he's gonna make you guys into superstars."
"Hmmm. DID he now? says Edge, getting frosty.
"One telling statement from him," says Kelly, "'If you thought Rhino with an "I" was great, then the "Y" will be that much more!' At least, that was the gist of what he..."
"You might tell Rhyno that I've got my Edge action figure squashing my Rhino ECW action figure on my desk right now."
"Awwww, hey now..." says Rhyno.
"Just the quality of the workmanship between the Edge figure and the ECW figure should be enough of an advantage, Edge, " snickers Kelly.
"And Rhyno," says Prichard," don't think we didn't notice where you stuck your Rhino ECW action figure at the Axxess show!"
"You mean tucked into the waistband of my pants?" asks Rhyno.
"It was more than just the waistband, pal," says Prichard.
"Heh heh heh."
"Well," says Kelly, "I hope he enjoyed the ride! Hey, you looked really different from when you were in ECW. How much weight did you drop, and how did you do it?"
I dropped about 30 pounds. I've changed my training routine. I move a lot better. More cardio in the morning, prior to my regular workout."

Edge comes up with some Rhyno theme music that some fan had sent Rhyno a while back. It goes:
You can't stop the Rhi-noooooo!" and sounds even lamer than it reads.
Rhyno's squirming as Edge tells how Rhyno got the music in the first place. Everybody laughs.
"Hey, Jim Johnson studios is right outside our doors, " says Kelly, "so why don't we take Rhyno's theme there and get it multi-tracked with some music?"

"Noooo, no no no..." begins Rhyno.
"I'll make it happen!" says Prichard.

More about the Gimmick Battle Royal match at Wrestlemania. Rhyno wanted Kamala to win. "Yeah, a real nice guy, but he got dressed in the film room. REAL scary!"

Christian's back on, and says that he was disappointed that Hakeem didn't win the Gimmick Battle Royal.

More snippets of thoughts on Wrestlemania. Edge says that he only just had time to get showered and dressed before the Austin/Rock match. Christian "was so focussed on what I had to do that I missed it."
"I watched the matches, too" says Rhyno, "and then I watched the one's I missed the next day."
"There were so many different types of wrestling matches at Wrestlemania," says Edge, " from the technical bouts like Angle/Benoit, to knock-down, drag-outs like Austin/Rock. The show had something for everyone."
"Gotta make you feel proud," says Prichard.
"Every match was good and entertaining," says Edge, "and the crowd was really into it during the whole show. It's a good feeling to be a part of that!"

"Well, you guys certainly raised the bar at Wrestlemania," says Kelly, "and when you're old, and gray, you can come back to Wrestlemania 32 for the Gimmick Battle Royal there, right?"
"Yeah," says Edge, "let's see if Rhyno can get down the aisle quicker than the Iron Sheik!"

"One more thing, guys, " says Prichard, "have you heard Kaientai do your theme song?"
Lots of laughter from everybody.

Kelly closes the show, still complaining to Prichard about the punishment he received at the hands of Stephanie. Kelly then gets a dig at Tazz taking over his spot on Sunday Night Heat, and we are done.

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