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WWF Byte This! by E.C. Ostermeyer




This is the WWF Byte This! Report for Friday, 20 April 2001, and I'm your recapper, ol' E.C. himself.

Opening credits. Steve Austin practices his own version of "anger management." A steel chair is involved.

Your hosts are Kevin Kelly and Dr. Tom Prichard. At present, though, only Mr. Kelly is present, though he makes up for Prichard's absence by wearing one of Jim Ross' snazzy black Arrow 'Single Needle' shirts, with it's "WWF" logo prominently displayed.
On today's show, the Undertaker waxes prosaic, Tazz goes online, and Dr. Tom shows up gassed.

Kelly opens with an apology to Chris Granger, the WWF Byte This! "Phone Guy," whom he blasted sarcastically last week for the show's appalling telephone situation.
Well, Mr. Granger's not happy with being singled out, and worse, having his work ethic publicly dissected on the Internet.
Wouldn't you know it, Granger has a "Nobody-Can-Mention-My-Name-Or-Call-Me-Incompetent-In-Public" clause in his contract.
(And ain't THAT something?!)
Anyway, Kelly is appropriately contrite, especially about threatening to give Granger's home phone number out on the Internet. (Granger's got a clause about that, too, apparently.)
Or as contrite as can be when he's trying hard not to bust out laughing!

First up Darren Drozdov has some thoughts about dysfunctionality in the McMahon family.
Kelly tells Droz that this week's dysfunctionality was caused by Debra McMichael-Austin slapping ol' Daddy Vince across the chops. "There seems to be an aura of dysfunctionality surrounding the McMahon family, doesn't there, Droz?"
"That's what makes it so fun!" says Droz. "They keep us laughing, and entertained, and you never know what's going to happen."
Next up is The Big Show, "...torn between two companies, torn between two allegiances," says Kelly, "at least, until Mr. McMahon's plot really came to fruition, with Shane McMahon the victim of a chokeslam."
Droz says that the political war between the McMahons is starting to heat up, and spill into the locker room. "We are starting to see the WWF wrestlers begin to take sides in this," he says. "Vince is worried about what's going to happen when WCW does come back."
Droz sees The Big Show as just an enforcer for Vince McMahon to use to intimidate any WWF wrestlers who might be thinking about hooking up with Shane McMahon. "Just like the 'Last Man Standing ' match between Shane and The Big Show at the Backlash -PPV," says Droz, "Shane is gonna do whatever he has to do to protect WCW."
Kelly asks Droz where his allegiance lies, to which Droz rejoins that his allegiance is with whoever signs his paychecks. "I'm gonna just keep doin' my job. Nobody's asked me to pick sides. Yet."

Topic shifts to the Undertaker and the upcoming match at Backlash between the "Brothers of Destruction," and the HHH/Austin "Power Trip."

"'Taker's got ten years of championship work behind him," says Droz, "and the Tag Title match on Smackdown was just unbelievable! I mean, you had HHH & Austin interfering, you had Rhyno interfering, and Kane was working hurt, but the Brothers of Destruction still took the Titles! "Taker's been around a long time, so he's very much on top of his game, as well as being on top of everybody else's!"
Steve Austin's heel turn is the next topic for discussion, and Droz thinks that "because of his alliance with HHH and Mr. McMahon, ol' Stone Cold's been given pretty much free rein to do whatever he wants to whomever he wants! I think he's gone over the edge with some of the things he's done, especially the Lita incident, but he's still the same old Austin. Times two, I guess!"

"Who changed, Droz? Austin or the fans?"

"The fans changed because Austin is now associated with HHH, the super heel," says Droz. "To see Austin, the down home beer-drinking good old boy teaming up with the likes of HHH, well, maybe it was always there with Austin, and it took the chairshots he gave to Lita to make the fans finally see it."
Kelly recalls the Austin interview with Jim Ross where he said, "I turn up the volume, and suddenly you don't want to be my friend anymore?"
Droz says that that statement of Austin's was very much in character for the new Stone Cold.
The subject changes to who Droz likes in Saturday's "XFL Million Dollar Bowl," and Droz is rooting for LA, since he once worked with the LA Xtreme's quarterback, Tommy Maddox back in Denver.
Droz departs, and Kelly takes the show's first caller, Rosa, who wants to know who's going to kick who's butt in the match between HHH/Austin and Undertaker/Kane at the Backlash-PPV?
Kelly seems to think that HHH/Austin may have picked a fight with the wrong guys when they interfered with 'Taker and Kane's Tag Title match with Edge & Christian.
Caller Matt wants to know who's next for the Brothers of Destruction after they finish with HHH & Austin?
Kelly thinks that it may be singles competition between the four combatants, and teases the four of them putting all the Titles belts on the line at Backlash.

Tazz joins the show with his "Tales from the Hook," (the "Hook" is Tazz' neighborhood of Red Hook, in Brooklyn, NY.)
Apparently, Tazz went down to the corner store to get wheat bread and some skim milk, and the neighbors started shooting at him again.
"These guys said 'Hey, you SUCK on Smackdown, Tazz!', Boom, Boom Boom!"
"Wow!" says Kelly.
"Just another day in the 'Hook!'" says Tazz.
"We'll tell Kevin Dunn not to drive by the 'Hook' anymore," says Kelly, to which Tazz laughs.

Subject changes to what happened on Smackdown, starting with Kurt Angle's five-minute exhibition submission match, and what Tazz thinks Angle's chances are against Chris Benoit in the upcoming 30 minute Submission marathon at Backlash. Tazz doesn't think that Angle's chances are too good.
I've got a lot of respect for Kurt Angle and his gold medal in wrestling. But that's free-style wrestling, which has nothing to do with submission wrestling.
"I don't know if Kurt is too well-grounded in submission-style wrestling," says Tazz. "He showed some promise in that exhibition on Smackdown, but those were BASIC submission holds. Chris Benoit has spent a lot of time, a lot of time in the dojos in Japan learning tons and tons of submission-style wrestling. Kurt Angle may have some training with judo and jiu-jitsu dojos, but he's not as well-rounded in the field as Benoit is."

Talk shifts to Trish Stratus and her appearance on Tazz' show, WWF Sunday Night Heat. "I sent the memo out yesterday, " says Tazz, "tellin' everyone 'Hot Soup! Hot Soup on Sunday!' And even more, because there's something even more exciting and heavy coming down on Heat!"
"Yeah, word about something involving Kane, the Undertaker, HHH and Steve Austin," says Kelly.
Tazz agrees, then runs the fight card for Heat.

Kelly then asks Tazz a question, but Tazz gets busy on his end with what sounds like a small child, and misses the question entirely.
"I just got an 'Instant Message' here. What was that you said, Kevin?"
"How about choking out Michael Cole this week?"
"I would love to do that tonight! Right now, in fact!" laughs Tazz.

Topic wanders back to Smackdown, with comments are made about Mr. Cameraman getting a shot of Chyna admiring her own behind, then switching immediately to a full-face shot of Kevin Kelly. (You fans can make what you want of that little "coincidence.")

"Hey, wait a minute!" says Kelly, "'Instant Message'? You mean to tell me you got a computer? They got computers there in the Hook?"
"I just bought one on the corner from this kid." Says Tazz. "He was sellin' 'em as I was goin' to work..."
"Hey, wait a minute," says Kelly, "There's a BIG hole here in our console where there was a computer system just last week..."
"Wait a minute, this 'Instant Message' guy is back, I gotta answer this," says Tazz... Dr. Tom Prichard walks on-stage and plops down in his chair.

Prichard appears to be somewhat the worse for wear, as Kelly asks him where he's been.
"I, uhhhh, had, uhhh, things to do," says Prichard, with a slight slurring of speech.

Tazz appears to be talking with the small child again.
"Two seconds, and I'll get right to it..." he's heard saying.
The small child isn't happy about the delay.

"Who sold you the computer, Tazz?" asks Kelly.
"'Tommy the Hat' sold me this thing..." says Tazz, who sees an opportunity to change the subject. "Hey, Dr. Tom, what's goin' on?"
"It's all, uhhh,," says Prichard, "I'm jus' mindin' my business...and...uhhh..."
"Ooh-kay..." says Tazz, as the penny finally drops.

Kelly moves on to promo the Lugz new I-X-L shoe style, and great is the approval from all concerned.
"Hey, let's talk about Tazz, shall we?" says Tazz.
"Man, if we put some orange on this shoe, you'd be all over it like crazy, Tazz!" says Kelly.
"Yeah, yeah," says Tazz, "but let's get back to Tazz, and what Tazz has going on this week. Speaking of which, who's on your show this week?"
"The Undertaker," says Kelly, eyeing Prichard, who seems to be engrossed with something stuck to the bottom of his Lugz I-X-L's.

Tazz's recent lack of appearances on Smackdown is next up, with Kelly saying that, if Tazz wants to put himself over on Smackdown...
"I don't EVER put myself over, Kevin Kelly," says Tazz, who then proceeds to do just that.
"Boy, Tazz, you and Don King!" laughs Kelly.
"Hey, TOM!" hollers Tazz, "What's cookin'?"
"Well, y'know," says Prichard, "iss been wun o' thoze dayz..."
"It's been one of those decades for Tom..." says Kelly, who's doing a passable imitation of WCW's Scott Hudson giving Bobby Heenan "The Look!"

The "Tough Enough" promotion is next up for discussion. "Any of these idiots left, Tazz?" asks Kelly.
"The beatings have just been continuous," says Tazz, "and several people have walked away. But there are some people left, and they're shaping up real good! Looking at who's left, I don't know who is going to win this contest."
Kelly wants Tazz to find a way that he (Kelly) could go through the same program that the "Tough Enough" contestants have gone through.

Tazz scoffs at this idea, saying that Kelly would get hurt, and badly.
"I don't think you're actually doing anything with these people, are you, Tazz?" sneers Kelly.
"Man, I come on 'Byte This!' to help you guys out..." says Tazz, "and oh, by the way, thanks for NOT doin' my theme music at the top of my segment here..."
Now, Tazz, I'm not saying that YOUR effort is lacking," says Kelly, "I'm just saying, well, how hard could it be? I'd be more than happy to go in there and roll around with you, Tazz, and..."

"Don't you drive a '78 Volkswagen, Kevin?" asks Tazz.
"Hey, a '78 is a good year!"
"Then pop on down," says Tazz, " and we'll get it on..."
"I'm just kidding with you, Tazz, I know you've put a lot of eff-"
"Can I just finish talkin' here, please..."
"Hey, I'm puttin' YOU over, man!" says Kelly.
Tazz laughs, delighted at the chaos he's unleashed.

More about the "Tough Enough" contest, with Tazz putting Al Snow over for all the work he's done making sure the contest is a success. "He's not just polishing the contestants up," says Tazz, "Al is really working with each of them, improving what skills they have, and adding new ones on top of it all."
Kelly asks if "Byte This!" could do a tour of the facility where the contest is being held? "We'll do it on a "Tough Enough" day so it doesn't eat into any more of your busy schedule, okay, Tazz?"
"Fine, lookin' forward to it," says Tazz.
As Tazz, departs, he puts in another plug for Sunday Night Heat, and "Somethin' special that's gonna happen on the show!"
"By the way, Tazz, " says Kelly, "If you want to return that computer, the guys here would sure appreciate it!"
Tazz laughs, then is heard talking with the small child again, as Kelly and Prichard discuss Tazz' newfound computer literacy.
Discussion wanders into the length of download time some websites require of you.
"Sittin' there waitin'," says Kelly. "waitin', waitin', waitin'..."
"Waitin', waitin', waitin'..." adds Prichard. "...Huh?"
Kelly and Prichard both promo the new Lugz I-X-L shoe, as Prichard proudly displays his pair for the fans at home.

We get a Lugz' I-X-L commercial, that segues to footage of the Brothers of Destruction winning the WWF Tag Titles from Edge & Christian, despite massive interference on the part of, first Rhyno, and then HHH & Austin. Ring announcer Michael Cole just about collapses his colon hollering the play-by-play.

Prichard says that the "Two Man Power Trip" (HHH & Austin) are sending a message to Undertaker and Kane. Kelly adds that HHH/Austin also were instrumental in Kane losing the WWF Hardcore Title to Rhyno earlier in the evening.

Line One has caller Cory, who wants to know what the status of Shawn "HBK" Michaels, his showing up in an "unfit working condition" on Smackdown and causing an altercation. "Will he be back on TV in the near future?"
Kelly says that he knew nothing about it, only that he heard that the HBK had shown up, and then that he was gone. "I think we can attribute this rumor to Internet gossip," SAYS Kelly, "because there's no substantive evidence about anything. We don't know what the creative plan is for Shawn Michaels, yet. Hopefully, that will unfold in due time."
Prichard says that it's gonna take a long time for Michaels to be able to physically get back in the ring, let alone wrestle. "Any time you have an injury like Shawn got, you want to perform at your best, and Shawn is not at that level yet. He has to believe in himself, first of all, and..."
"You think there's some doubt there," asks Kelly, "You think there's some doubt within Shawn?
"I think so," Says Prichard. "I think Shawn Michaels believes that, if he steps in the ring, he's going to be less than...perfect."
"So he's not worried about re-injuring himself, " says Kelly, "so much as he's worried about not being able to work up to the mark that he has set for himself, kind of like Stone Cold Steve Austin?"
"Exactly," says Prichard.
"Interesting," says Kelly.
Kelly then tells Cory that, although Michaels recently signed a new deal with the WWF, that's really all the info that's available, and that everything else about the situation is just Internet gossip and rumor.

Kelly checks with Byte This! producer "Big Country", who says that the Undertaker should be on in a couple of minutes.
"The phone system is working, it seems, " says Kelly, "That means Chris Granger's job is safe for another week!"
"That's good, " says Prichard, who's slurring his words a bit less.
"Serious, serious doubts about Chris Granger's job picture early on in the show, Dr. Tom."
"Hmmmm," says Prichard sagely.
"It was not looking good for him earlier in the week. He'd put a lot of time in on this show..."
"No doubt," adds Prichard.
"...But he wasn't working out, so we really seriously thought about firing him."

At this point, the Undertaker is on the line.
Right off, he wants to thank all the folks at the WWF who stood behind him during his recovery from his injury, and all the fans that supported and continue to support him. As for the folks who said he was all washed up, and would never make it back, "I'd just like to say 'Kiss My Ass!"

After reminiscing about Wrestlemania X-7 for a bit, ("Houston was the biggest Wrestlemania moment in my career," says 'Taker. "Nine and Oh is your winning streak," says Kelly, "The best in the WWF for any event at Wrestlemania."), Kelly asks if 'Taker had any fears about not returning to the ring?
"You have to be a realist, " says 'Taker. "When you get to the latter stages of your career, and you get injured, you have to think, 'Am I gonna be able to come back?' You have to use those fears to motivate you. In the eight to nine months that I was off, the tempo and character of the game changed, and I knew I had to get back quickly, or everything would pass me right by. Yes, I was concerned that I couldn't stay healthy, but I never thought I would never get back to where I was. All things considered, right now, I'm in the best shape of my ten years with the WWF."

We get right to the phones, with caller Josh, who wants to know what 'Taker thinks of the WWF/WCW merger?
"It's the best thing for all involved," says 'Taker. "WCW had a bunch of assholes running things that didn't know the wrestling business. The McMahons have proved that THEY know what to do to run a wrestling business. The merger will give extended life to both Federations, giving guys who, maybe have his a wall in their current fed, building their careers further in the other one. Make no mistake, with all this new talent coming in, both feds have their work cut out for them, same as the wrestlers."
Prichard wants to know if 'Taker sees anybody coming up from WCW to the WWF right now? "Not right away. They need to work on what's happening down there first. Get that rolling first, before even thinking about coming up to the WWF."
Josh has a second question, about when 'Taker was in the USWA ("Hey, how old ARE you?" laughs 'Taker), did he ever want to wrestle Sid Vicious or Kevin Nash?
"I beat 'em all," says 'Taker, " and I'll wrestle anybody, I don't mind. Both those guys have been touted as 'The Best Big Man Out There', and they haven't beaten me, so I'd like to put myself in that same group. I got nothing to fear from anybody, other wife!" (Laughs) "I'm jus' kiddin' 'bout that..."
"Uh huh..." says Kelly.
"I've got no problem, though I don't know if Sid will ever be able to wrestle again, after he broke his leg. As for Kevin Nash, I enjoyed our match at Wrestlemania, so I'd be glad to square off against him. Anybody who puts those two guys above me, are going to be, umm, 'mistaken.'"

"I'll bet," says Kelly, who then segues the conversation to 'Taker's espousal of "Old School Values."
"There's a whole process of "paying dues" in this business that some wrestlers either forgot about, or choose to ignore for one reason or another," says 'Taker, "and Dr. Tom, you know what I'm talking about."
"I sure do," says Prichard.
"You fight and you battle your way up," says 'Taker, " and you pay your respects to the veterans in this business. We didn't get the opportunity like these kids have today. And I'm not taking anything away from them, but guys like Dr. Tom and Austin, and myself have more respect for the business, where it's at, and where it comes from. A lot of people getting in the business today are getting in while it's hot, while it's such a big business. I remember working when there's nobody out there. You are working your ass off to perfect your craft, to work hard and get better, and making those houses grow. That's just a little but of what I call 'Old School Values.' It's a matter of respect, and our guys have a great deal of respect for the guys who've been around, but overall, there's a whole different way of thinking between when I came up, and a lot of the guys that are here today."

Kelly asks how it feels to be the pacesetter for the rest of the WWF roster?
"I take that as a huge compliment that the players regard me in that manner," says 'Taker. "It's like that because everyone knows that I deal with business first. Whatever's best for the WWF is what you're going to get from the Undertaker. The thing I'll be the most proud of when my career is over, is that I've never had to stab anybody in the back, never had to bury anybody to further my career. I took what was given to me, but I earned the breaks that I got. I've never had to lie cheat, or connive to get to the top."

Caller Rose wants to know 'Taker's thoughts on teaming with Kane.
"Of all the people," says 'Taker, "I feel honored that Kane has taken some of my guidance, and furthered his career because of it. On this past Thursday's Smackdown, Kane took it to another level. You saw a whole different side of Kane that nobody has ever seen before. The sky's the limit for that guy. Given the opportunity, Kane is gonna be a huge star for a long time, and it has nothing to do with the Undertaker, I'll tell you that!"
Kelly says that the story that unfolded over the course of that night, with Kane's arm being wounded, and then during the interview, you could hear the pain in his voice. "And then, going into the ring, and getting the arm worked over, it was a defining moment for Kane."
"When we left the arena that night," says 'Taker, "we rode together. He was almost like my son, and I'm not belittling him at all by saying that. I was proud of Kane for that whole night. It was a testament to Kane, proof that he could stand on his own after Thursday night's performance. He has transcended...he has come so far in his career, in developing into such a top star. Thursday was just a small indication. I am so happy for him. I am his biggest fan, and he's just barely scratched the surface of the star that he'll become."

Caller Tracey wants to know when the Undertaker's autobiography will be out?
"You know," says 'Taker with a laugh, " there are some things which, for whatever reason, don't ever need to be told. I know there are a lot of folks who want to know what goes on behind the scenes in the Undertaker's life, but I private life is my private life. I truly respect and am grateful to all the fans for their interest in my life, but at this point there is a lot of my life that I'd like to keep private. I have no plans to do an autobiography."
Tracey asks if, since he won't do an autobiography of himself, how about one on the Undertaker character itself. "You've got a great history!" says Tracey.
'Taker chuckles.
"Yeah, well, that could be somewhere down the line," he says, "but that would probably be closer to the end of my career. For right now, I have no plans to do anything like that."

Prichard says that 'Taker's had a lot of great matches during his "Decade of Destruction." Kelly says that the fans voted his "Hell In a Cell" match with Mick Foley the "Undertaker's Best Match" on undertakerdotcom.
The Undertaker says that, while "Hell In a Cell" was definitely exciting, it wasn't his best match, per se.
"I dealt out a lot of punishment in that match. I took a lot, too, but I think just from the aspect of Mick getting thrown off the cage, and getting thrown through it, there were some very impactful moments in that match. It was very exciting to watch."
Kelly points out that, aside from the injuries that Mick Foley received during the match, the Undertaker was wrestling with an injured foot, and in excruciating pain. "Everybody forgets how injured you were going into that match."

"There's not too many matches over the last few years where I haven't gone into without something hurting," says 'Taker, "I had two broken bones in my ankle going into Hell In a Cell. That's part of 'Old School Values' right there, too. If I can walk, and get to the ring, I've got an obligation to the fans that have paid to see that match, especially if it's the marquee match on that event.
"It's my responsibility to get out there and do what I can do. That's just what I believe, and that's what Mick Foley believes. You put it out there on the line. It's part of the game. You have to work with injuries, and you have to deal with the injuries that you receive. You can't cry about it, and oyu can't make any excuses. You've just got to go out there and do it!"

Kelly notes that Mick Foley had to curtail his in-ring career short because of the injuries he sustained over his career, and wonders what the Undertaker's thoughts are of a career cut short because of injuries.
"That comes with the territory," says 'Taker. "You have to accept that, and you have to know when it's your time. Obviously, Mick knows his body, and what he put his body through for his career, and he knew that it was time for him to step away. I respect him for making that decision. There are a lot of times where people try to hang on too long, continuing to participate, but they are a mere shadow of what they used to be. It's quite depressing for the fans to watch somebody that they've idolized, especially families that are bringing their children
in to being wrestling fans, to have them say to their kids, "You should have seen him win." That's something I'll never stay around long enough to have happen to me. My goal now is that, I'm healthy, and I want to perform at the level that I'm performing at. When I slip, well, then it's time for me to move on. Mick taking such pride in what he did in the ring knew that, for his pride, and for his family, that it was time to move on. Like I said, I can only respect a man for doing that."

Caller Kyle wants to know what 'Taker's favorite gimmick match is, and who the favorite wrestler he's worked with is.

"Favorite gimmick match?" muses 'Taker.

"Not the 'Gimmick Battle Royal' that everybody liked," laughs Kelly. "You were a huge fan of that one at Wrestlemania?"
"Yeah," laughs 'Taker, "if only because it was on before my match, and made me look that much faster!"
Lot's of laughs at this comment.
"Let's see... I'd say 'Hell In a Cell', " says 'Taker. "It's such an ominous structure, and you usually don't get to a Hell In a Cell match until an issue has escalated to such a point that you HAVE to be put into the Cell. It's so violent, it's so physical, and it brings out the worst in people."

Kelly runs down the list of "Firsts" matches that the Undertaker has participated in:
First "Hell In a Cell" match.
First "Casket" match.
First "Buried Alive" match.
First "Inferno" match.

"Don't forget 'First Boiler Room Brawl' match, " says 'Taker.
"Yeah, you pretty much got the patent on "firsts" here, 'Taker," says Kelly.

As for 'Taker's favorite opponents, he really enjoyed wrestling Bret Hart, "because his style of wrestling forced me to change my style to match his."
"But, for right now," says 'Taker, "The guy I like to get in the ring most with is HHH. All of our issues aside, he is probably the best overall wrestler out there now. He has all aspects of the game at his disposal, and he really brings out the best in me. He can brawl, he can wrestle. He's got charisma. He can make people hate him. The best guy out there right now, is HHH."

Kelly says that he understands that Limp Bizkit is doing a special remix of the Undertaker's entrance music.
"Yeah," says 'Taker, " They're gonna do a remix and personalize it just a little bit more for me. I'm a huge Limp Bizkit fan myself, and I can't wait to hear what they'll do with it. If you like the Undertaker's entrance now, the new one's gonna kick ass!"

Kelly says that an email from "George" asks, if somebody's just getting into motorcycles, what type and make of bike would the Undertaker recommend?
'Taker doesn't bat an eye.
"Well," says Kelly, "Take somebody like me, Kevin Kelly, not the toughest guy around, not necessarily known for his motorcycle ability."
('Taker chuckles.)
"You'd throw me on a Hog, and have me just go to there and start riding?"
"Why not?" says 'Taker.
"Dr. Tom thinks I should maybe start out with some kind of rice burner..."
"No, no no," interrupts 'Taker, "Kevin, remember, 'You'd always rather push a Harley than ride a Honda.' If you are just starting out, and you can afford it, start out with a 1220 Sportster. It's a smaller quick bike from Harley-Davidson that handles well. Start there, and then you can move up."
"Since my Titan was destroyed," continues 'Taker, " we're coming out with a 'Rude American' bike. Though it has nothing to do with Harley-Davidson, it's a custom V-Twin bike. When this new 'Rude American' comes out, people are just gonna be floored. It's gonna make that white one look like a tricycle!"

As Kelly begins to wrap up today's show, 'Taker says that HHH has an ass-kicking coming on Raw and Smackdown. "And Kevin," says 'Taker, "about last Thursday, man, don't ask me any more dumb questions. You got me hot the other night."
I'm sorry..." begins Kelly.
"When have I ever not been ready to do something?"
"I didn't bring my 'A-Game' that night," says Kelly, "and I promise I will bring it the next time."
"I don't need to lay into you, man, "says 'Taker.
"And I don't even need that problem," laughs Kelly.

Kelly and Prichard discuss Kelly's shortcomings in his interview with the Undertaker on Smackdown the previous Thursday.
'Well, you know..." says Prichard, "Sometimes you're off..."
"But sometimes I'm ON!" rejoins Kelly.

"It's been a long day..." starts Prichard.
"Well, we won't get into that now," says Kelly.

Kelly promos the "Backlash" PPV, and the cool ticket packages at WWF New York, especially the ultra-cool "VIP Ticket Packages!" They afford you the opportunity to eat and drink in the "VIP Area" at WWF New York, plus you get a special chair to take home with you. All the info is available over at the wwfnewyorkdotcom site.

Next week's guest is HHH, which prompts Prichard to do his "You want to play the GAME?" imitation of Lenny from Motorhead. (LEMMY - CRZ)
"That's pretty good, Dr. Tom, " says Kelly. "There's a lot of similarities between you and Lenny."
"Thank you," says Prichard.

Both Kelly and Prichard like the LA X-treme in the XFL's Million dollar Championship Bowl.

Kelly wraps up with a final plug for wwfdivasdotcom, and we are done.

See you next week.

E.C. Ostemeyer
[slash] wrestling

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