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/7 October 2000
WCW Classics by Mike Regan




October 7, 2000

First, the good news. With baseball's regular season ended, WCW Classics will no longer be delayed for Braves' games.

Now, the bad news. WCW Classics will now be delayed by Atlanta Thrashers hockey. Oh and this week's show is a repeat.

WCW Classics
It's A Damn Repeat

Dusty Rhodes is the host

February 1984:
Dory Funk Jr. vs. Dick Slater

Dory works on the arm. Both men exchange a bunch of pin attempts. Dory nails some nice forearm uppercuts. Slater blocks a suplex attempt, then hits a side Russian leg sweep. Slater gets the pin with a handful of tights.

Dusty hates Dory Funk.

Andre the Giant vs. the World

We see David Crockett intro WWF footage of Andre (with Vince McMahon announcing). Andre squashes the Black Demon (butt drop; pin). Andre squashes Jose Estrada (same). Then it's Swede Hansen with Freddie Blassie (same). Finally, for a change of pace, Andre squashes two guys (you know how it ends).

Dusty hates Tully Blanchard

May 1985:
Tully Blanchard vs. Buzz Sawyer

Magnum T. A. is the color commentator. Buzz beats the crap out of Tully. Tully briefly gets the advantage by cheating, but Buzz soon resumes his pummeling. Tully puts on the loaded elbow pad and nails Sawyer with it. Tully has seen enough and attacks Tully, ending the match.

Oh Goody, next week's a repeat too. I may be out of a recapping assignment. (Hey, Mike, you get MTV? - CRZ)

By the way, Dusty hates Dory and Tully.

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Acworth, GA
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