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/14 October 2000
WCW Classics by Mike Regan




October 14, 2000

Here's what's going on. This week's show is a repeat. However, It's the only episode I haven't recapped yet. So here goes.

This week it's all about Wahoo McDaniel.

November 1983
Wahoo McDaniel & Mark Youngblood vs. Bob Orton & Don Kernodle (with Gary Hart)

Mark's brother Jay is doing guest commentary for this match. Orton and Kernodle cheat to win, with Orton interfering to reverse a Youngblood roll-up. This brings out big brother Jay to tell the ref what happened. The match gets restarted, with the faces making short work of the heels (Wahoo chop followed by Youngblood belly-to-back suplex). The heels launch a sneak attack and punish Jay for getting involved by giving him a back breaker-knee drop combo.

September 1983
Wahoo McDaniel & Roddy Piper vs. Kelly Kiniski & Ben Alexander

Semi-squash. Piper's offense is all punching, choking, and eye gouging, even in 1983. Wahoo gets the pin after a slam turned into a suplex.

Starcade 1983
Wahoo McDaniel & Mark Younblood vs. Bob Orton & Dick Slater

This was a nice back-and-forth match. Interestingly, the heels win clean when Orton pins Youngblood after a superplex.

The next new episode is in two weeks, but I'll be out of town. I should be back in time to see the Sunday airing that week. But there will be no report next week (It's a repeat of the Jimmy Valiant episode, and no one can make me watch that Valiant-Kabuki match more than once.

Mike Regan
Acworth, GA
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