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December 30, 2000 (first aired October 28, 2000)

With new episodes starting next week, I figured I'd go back and recap the one show I haven't done yet. I was out of town when this episode first aired, but it was rebroadcast this week.

Dusty Rhodes welcomes us to another edition of WCW Classics, this week spotlighting "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. Dusty actually refers to Piper as "this young man." In the main event, Hotrod battles Jay Youngblood. But first, Roddy teams up with the man "nobody likes:" Ole Anderson. I know it's been said before, but you've got to love shoots that aren't meant to be shoots.

Match 1: September 1981
Roddy Piper & Ole Anderson vs. Paul Jones & Frank Monte

Roddy and Ole don't need an introduction, except for the fact that Roddy is wearing the ugliest trunks I've ever seen. The trunks have a green and yellow checkerboard pattern. Maybe the color scheme is meant to represent Piper's Scottish heritage, but if so, it's the single worst Scottish fashion statement since the Bay City Rollers wore plaid bell-bottoms. On the other team, Paul Jones was a veteran wrestler who would go on to manage all of the mid-card heels in the NWA that no one cared about (Teijho Kahn, Shaska Whatley). As for Monte, I've never seen him before in my life.

Jones and Ole hook up to start. Ole backs Jones into the corner and tries to punch him. But Jones ducks and fires back with punches of his own. Ole tags in Piper, who also fails to get the better of Jones and decides to step out for a few seconds. They exchange hammerlocks. Piper sends Jones into the ropes, but Jones comes back with a cross body block for one. Piper takes Jones to the evil corner and tags Ole back in. But Jones quickly escapes and tags Monte in. Ole goes for an arm wringer. Monte does a flip to escape and follows with an armdrag. Ole quickly counters with a head scissors. Ole tags Piper back in. Monte applies a leglock on Piper, leading to a near fall. When Piper escapes he takes over with a thumb to the throat ( a Piper favorite, we'll see that move more than once tonight). Monte gets sent to the bad corner, allowing Ole to pound on him while Roddy distracts the ref. Monte fights out of the corner, and Jones and Anderson tag in at the same time. Jones hits a brief flurry of punches, but Anderson stops him with a knee to the gut. Ole applies a chinlock. Jones escapes, but Piper tags in. Piper hits some punches, then follows with a snap mare and a knee to the head for a two-count. However Jones suddenly clips Piper's knee and tags out. Piper tries to trap Monte in his corner, but when Ole tags in he loses the advantage. Monte punches both Ole and Piper, then drop kicks Ole. Soon all four men are in the ring and the ref loses control, calling for the bell. Ole and Piper get the better of the brawl, until Rick Steamboat and Ron Bass chase them off. The ref declares Jones and Monte the winners (4:51 shown).

Next up are some classic clips of Piper. First Piper plays the bagpipes. Then Piper goes on a rant, referring to himself in the third person and declaring that "Roddy Piper has the mind of a genius." Then we see Piper hitting the announcers desk with his belt.

Now it's time for our main event:

From October 1981:
Roddy Piper vs. Jay Youngblood (impromptu match)

This match leads directly from a controntation at the interview desk. Piper gets in Youngblood's face to brag about beating up Wahoo McDaniel. In the process, he calls Jay a squaw about a half-dozen times in less than a minute. The two wind up agreeing to a match right then and there. And so it goes to the ring. As a side note, Piper is wearing plaid trunks this time.

They start with a hook up, followed by an exchange of chops. Piper does a waist lock takedown, and we go into a bit af mat wrestling, with the advantage going back and forth. At one point with Youngblood on top, he antagonizes Piper by messing up his hair. When Piper regains control he grabs Younblood by the hair. But Younblood gets a running start then drops down, sending Piper through the ropes to the floor. The show then cuts to Piper re-entering the ring. The two engage in a test of strength, with Piper getting the advantage. Youngblood eventually escapes and they exchange arm wringers. They hook up again. Piper tries to pound on Youngblood, who responds with chops. Youngblood goes for a headlock, but Piper counters to a head scissors. Piper steps out to the apron to buy some time. Piper gets a headlock, then transitions into a hammer lock. Youngblood counters with a drop toe hold. Youngblood goes to work on Piper's knee, including dropping a leg on it. Piper heads to the floor again and we go to commercial.

During the break we get a promo for next week's episode (now airing Sundays at 7:30 PM). Next week it's Ric Flair vs. Barry Windham. That should rock.

After the break, Piper and Youngblood hook up again. Piper applies a headlock, but Youngblood sends him into the ropes. Piper knocks down Youngblood with a shoulder. He then runs into the ropes again and catches Younblood with a sunset flip for two. Piper takes another walk, then after returning takes over with a back breaker. Piper gets a two-count. Piper pounds on Youngblood's back, then drives him back first into the corner. Piper applies a bear hug. Youngblood head butts Piper repeatedly in an attempt to escape. Piper tries to ram Youngblood's head into the turnbuckle, but it gets reversed. Piper is bleeding a little. Piper gets Youngblood with the thumb to the throat. Piper hits a body slam followed by an elbow drop for two. The two fight it out. Piper slips out of a slam attempt and applies a sleeper hold. At this point, I swear the referee checks Youngblood's arm four times. On the fourth arm raise Youngblood responds and gets his foot on the bottom rope to force a break. Piper goes for a suplez, which hurts both of them. Younblood recovers first and covers for two. Younblood hits a cross body block for two. They exchange blows, but Piper takes over by poking Youngblood in the eyes. Youngblood responds with an eye rake. Piper counters a slam attempt with a small package for two. Piper sends Youngblood into the ropes and the two collide. They cut to both men getting up. Youngblood blocks a Piper kick, then spins him around and nails him with a Benoit-worthy chop. Youngblood follows with more chops to the head. A groggy Piper swings wildly, and gets flattened by another chop. Youngblood covers for two. Piper once again turns a slam attempt into a small package for two. After a brief exchange, Piper hits a knee lift and gets another two-count. Piper goes for another suplex, but Youngblood lands on his feet behind him, then rolls him up for two. Piper connects with a head butt, and both men go down. Before either gets up, the bell sounds and this match is a time-limit draw. An angry Piper pounds on Youngblood after the match. (9:32 shown).

That ends this week's installment of WCW Classics. So, to paraphrase Dusty, see you next week when I get me some of that.

Mike Regan
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