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CMLL on Galavision by The Cubs Fan




Let me say that this is the first time I've tried doing this, I don't know most of the people or Spanish, so this might not be so great. I'll try anyway. I may get a name messed up here or there, so be kind. A good project for anyone who knows their lucha would be an introduction to the luchadores - mask descriptions to match the name would be oh so helpful. The trios falls rules you can find anywhere (and you should probably read up on it if you haven't before and want to understand why there's all these two out of three falls matches - though they don't seem to enforce the captian's rules or maybe I don't get it.) La Arena has come in happy in doing this and JF and his fine forum are inspiring.  

This is actually the 8/31 going by Mexico air-date, but I'm sticking with the Galavision date to be consistent with what I get. So you know.

Open - this is TV PG (L - not Violence?) and these are some clips of the Hijo Del Santo/Ultimo Guerrero tag team feud.

Our Host (doesn't have a name, yet) sits in the crowd to talk to (probably ex-wrestler) Alfonso Morales, who shares his thoughts on that feud. And then we take a break.

Back from break, Poder Boriqua, Veneno and Violenca are relaxing in a gym, not really working out. 

In walks Pierroth, his bodyguard (who's name I never do catch, but it's something Boriqua) and another person who kinda disappears as this bit goes on. Heck, there are other guys in this gym who seem part of this then disappear, so who knows. Anyway, I know Pierroth is the leader of the Boriquas and I guess he called everyone here so the goons could get in better shape. Veneno and Violencia talk up their strength, and maybe fib about how hard they've already been working out. Veneno gets a little to friendly, putting his arm on Pierroth's shoulder, and it gets knocked away. Pierroth says he wants all of them to get to work.

Cut to Veneno doing bench presses. Poder Boriqua (who's name will now be PB because I'm lazy) and Violencia (abbreviation to come) spot. Not that Veneno really needs it, since he has no weights on the bar. Over walks Pierroth and his bodyguard, who decide that Veneno needs a little more weight. A lot more weight. Actual Veneno quote, as he tries pressing: "Ay yi yi yi yi yi!" He does manage to do some reps, even though it sounds like it's killing him. Repeat that bit with Violencia and the chest pull. 

Now Poder Boriqua is lifting and doing it quite well, with some weight on it. Pierroth and the bodyguard approve, but Violencia and Veneno make fun of it. That ticks of Pierroth, who yells at them - I think he wants them to be stronger, more serious and more aggressive goons. The anger is mostly directed at Veneno. Break.

Veneno, Poder Boriqua (c) y Viloenca vs Brazo de Plata, Psicodelico (c) y Tiger Blanco - It takes me about a half hour to figure out the tecnicos names, and then the rudos beat them up before they even get to the ring. I'm pretty sure I have no idea who's the captian and I'm just guessing based on what happens. The rudos jump the tecnicos while they're standing on the ramp attached to the ring, and we start there.

Primera Caida (First Fall) While the other four are going at, Veneno whips Psicodelico  into the ropes and gives him a back elbow. That's the most interesting beating, that I noticed. Now Brazo de Plata is getting choked on the ropes by Poder Boriqua and Viloenca comes over to help. The other two having been thrown out of the ring, all three rudos focus on Plata, choking and pulling him around the ropes. Now Psicodelico is back in and Viloenca is over to take care of him. Chop, open hand slap, kidney punch, big kick from Veneno. The time keeper is ringing the bell to try to get this to turn into a normal match but the Boriquas don't seem to care. Plata's getting beat on the outside. Hey, there's Pierroth and his bodyguard in the crowd. His guys are strong and angry and out of control. Veneno with a snap suplex (announcer actually says suplay) on Psicodelico back in the ring. Viloenca is working on Tiger Blanco on the apron while the other two work on Psicodelico in the corner with a  double team choke. This is less of a match and more of a mugging. Now Poder Boriqua has take Psicodelico to the floor and working there, while Viloenca gives Tiger Blanco a spinning Samoan Drop. Plata back in and beat up. Senton on Plata. Here's another by Veneno. While Blanco is getting a mudhole stomped in him, Veneno has the Texas Cloverleaf hooked on Plata and Plata gives up in no time. Veneno takes his sweet time letting go. Meanwhile, Tiger Blanco is taken down and gets something like an Indian Deathlock and an armbar put on him at the same time. He also gives, and that's fall one to the Rudos. (3:00

Segunda Caida (Second Fall) Pierroth is up and waving his time over from the crowd. I think he wants them to keep it up. After that conference breaks up, Brazo de Plata perhaps decides to get a move on someone, anyone, and swipes at Pierroth, but the bodyguard stops it in time and pushes him down. That creates a standoff between the bodyguard and the tecnicos, which is a perfect distraction for the rudos to attack by surprise. This time, they're even more violent - Psicodelico gets thrown hard into the ring post. Poder Boriqua and Tiger Blanco are in the ring having what appears to be a match, while the brawl (with the bodyguard pitching in) continues on the outside. But we're looking at three fights at once which makes it hard to see much of any of it. Psicodelico's taking a trip to all the ring posts. Chinlock on Tiger Blanco, and Veneno is in to hold down Blanco's legs - now he's biting Blanco's fingers! Finnaly the tecnicos are making a comeback, with Viloenca caught and double teamed on the outside before Brazo do Plata rushes in to make the save for Tiger Blanco. There's a big right for Veneno, whip, tilt-a whirl backbreaker. There's more going on, but we're watching a lot of the tecnicos getting revenge on the outside. This isn't the best match to follow, but it looks like people are going to their corner and we're going back to a standard match. Phew. Viloenca and Brazo de Plata to start - Plata with a shoulderblock, off the ropes, over, under, big clothesline. Cover for zero. Big open hand slap by Viloenca and then he charges Plata, who ducks down and pulls the top rope with him, causing Viloenca's cross body to land on the stage attached to the ring. Tag to Tiger Blanco, who flips into the ring, tight into a Poder Boriqua chop. Chop, whip, flapjack. Look at Pierroth. Whip again, but this time Tiger Blanco reverses the flapjack into an armbar. PB charges, over the drop down, TB tries for a monkey flip but PB stops short and stomps him. Pick up, chop, corner whip, charge, right into the boot, Blanco with the second rope 'rana and PB goes all the way to the floor. TB follows him out and hits a swinging headscissors from the apron (and maybe from a headstand, couldn't really see) to take PB down. Psicodelico and Veneno are in the ring now, Veneno dominating. Off the ropes, Psicodelico side steps him and then hiptosses him. Charging kick by Veneno, chop, corner whip, reversed, Psicodelico charges, right into a boot, Veneno goes to the top rope for a moonsault but Psicodelico dropkick him off and to the floor. Psicodelico off the ropes, and right into a powerslam by PB. One Two Three. Psicodelico rolls out, Tiger in but he gets shoulderblocked, PB off the ropes and right into a backdrop by Plata. Dropkicked out and TB with a somersault plancha to take him out. Viloenca in, 'rana by Plata, one two kickout. Plata quickly gets a abdominal stretch - will he give? He's taking his time, so Plata rolls it into the cradle and gets the one two three. Meanwhile, and it takes me like five times to pick this up, Veneno is getting counted out - then ten comes just as the pinfall does, so that's the fall. (9:32)

Tercera Caida: On the outside, Pierroth is having words with Veneno and so is the bodyguard. I'm not sure why they blame him for this but maybe he's the whipping boy of the group. Plata and Blanco mock the coach and his body guard. After stalling, it looks we're ready for the third fall. Tiger Blanco is in, and so is Viloenca, who sidesteps a dropkick. Now all the rudos are in - corner whip, one splash, two splash, three splash. That's team work. Boot and beating for Psicodelico when he comes in. Let's do it again - one splash, two splash, three splash for him. Does Plata want some of this? Corner whip, splash no it misses, double elbow (maybe, didn't look great) for Veneno and Viloenca. TB and Psicodelico back in - double backdrop for Borqiua, then a clothesline. Then another clothesline. A TB finishes it with a dropkick. Veneno back in with a shoulderblock on Plata, off the ropes, over TB, grabbed in an elevated bearhug by Psicodelico, Plata helps lift up TB and he hits an elevated dropkick on Veneno.  Now Viloenca is in and getting beat - there's a big dropkick from TB and a tilt-a-whirl back breaker by Plata. In the crowd, the bodyguard has been sent to the back for something. Viloenca seems to have escaped the ring and gone with him, as the other two are getting stretched in the ring. Plata has Veneno in a camel clutch, while PB is in a double team abdominal stretch. Viloenca and the bodyguard are back, with someone else and a bat. One bat swing later, we have a DQ. This was a whole bunch of effort for nothing. (12:50, 2-1) The rudos might have lost but they're doing a fairly good job with the bat and the numbers. The boss is even up to watch. The techinos might have won but they're kinda dead. Pierroth gets on the mic to talk and enrage the crowd. Cut to him talking right to the announcers - hey, there's a graphic. It's Pierroth, who seems to be talking about how great Puerto Rico is compared to Mexico. Fans throw garbage and Veneno swings the bat in their general direction. Who's gonna stop them? There were a few cuts around here, but Psicodelico's still around ring area. He gets another clothesline. Now they're gonna beat all over again. No, they're just going to stand in the ring. Alright.

Coming up, Gigante Silva, Mr. Niebla and Olímpico vs Dr. Wagner, Shocker, Cein Caras, Satanico and Felino, Anitifaz, Safari vs Emilio Charles Jr., B. Salvaje and Scorpio Jr.

In the locker room, Los Guapos prepare for their match. They're missing something. Slavagje and Scorpio talk about a wrestling magazine and it's article about Shocker, which angers Emilio. Emilio rips up the magazine in anger, and we wonder what this all means. 

The announcers talk to another fan who enjoys cheering for the rudos, apparently. And ringing his bell.

El Guapos (Emilio Charles Jr. (c), B. Salvaje and Scorpio Jr.) vs Felino (c), Anitifaz y Safari - El Guapos (guys who think they're pretty boys but are like Duggan ugly) come out to Backstreet Boys' "Backstreet's Back" which is scary. Emilio Charles makes a big deal about giving his flowers to someone in the crowd - I guess that's his girlfriend. Or is now. Anyway, here are the tecnicos and it may be a rule that the rudos punk them out before introductions can be finished because it happens again. I ain't falling for describing brawling that goes nowhere twice so I'll just lay out for a bit and, oh yeah

Primera Caida: There we go. Guapos still in control. Guapos (who are all maskless) are focusing on the masks of their tecnicos rivals Safari takes a ring post shot. Are we down to two men in the ring? Yes, but it's just a choke by Emilio. Salvage is in - double whip for Safari, followed by a double kick (weird "tree falling" sell there) which knocks him out of the ring. All three Guapos are holding the ring, with the tecnicos reeling on the outside. Now Anitifaz is up on the apron and in but the numbers don't work for him. Check out the Emilio's girlfriend. There's a back elbow, now you roll out. Felino's turn, as Safari becomes the first person to actually go to their corner, and he gets forced into the corner. Emilio and Salvaje hold him their with a boot, leaving him open for a Salvaje dropkick. Double whip, double clothesline. Elbow drop by Emilio. Senton by Salvaje. Elbow drop by Emilio. Safari comes in as Felino's body is shoved out of the ring, and he gets beat up some more. Salvaje with a bodyslam and holds Safari in place for an Emilio frogsplash. Triple cover/pose and that's the coolest thing so far - one two three. (2:55)  Anitifaz is back in and getting the triple team. - Salvaje with the powerbomb, Scorpion with the legdrop, Emilio with the senton. Now they tie Anitifaz up with a multi-person submission hold - Salvaje grapevines the legs, Emilio with a simple knee on the chest and Scorpio sits down pushes his feet into Anitifaz's shoulders while pulling out his arms. Anitifaz gives up in far less time than it took me to describe that. (3:30) First fall to the rudos, and they're happy about it. Here's a replay of the frogsplash. And here's how they put away Anitifaz. Let's take a break.

Segunda Caida: The fight goes on the outside, even up to the announcers. They let Salvaje talk into the microphone. Rudos still dominate. Back in the ring, there's a double clothesline on Safari. I think we have a clip somewhere in here, because we get a shot of Salvaje posing, and look back at the base shot and all the sudden the Guapos are in their corner and Anitifaz is in the ring. Anitifaz and Salvaje have a pose off. No, really. Salvaje's sneak attack falls and he gets dropkicked, then Salvaje grabs the headlock, off the ropes, over, right into the back elbow. Chop, chop, corner whip, Anitifaz jumps on to the second rope and turns around, Salvaje stops his charge when he sees that but then starts charging again. Anitifaz gets in a boot, Salvaje turns around on the impact and Anitifaz jumps and hits a flying headscissors from behind. Springboard dropkick and Salvaje goes out. The announcers start talking about Scorpio Jr. and I get a bad feeling that I've switched up the two non-Emilio guys. I'll stick with what I've got, and you can make fun of me later. Scorpio in the ring with an open hand slap that takes Anitifaz to his knees. Then he tries a corner whip and it all backfires from there; springboard armdrag, then a wacky handspring off the rope bounce one from Anitifaz, with Scorpio ending up out of the ring too. Emilio attacks Anitifaz from behind with a forearm to see if he can put a stop to this. Right. Whip, reversed, Anitifaz with the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. They should just call that the lucha backbreaker. Enzuiguri from behind for Emilio and Anitifaz has taken out everyone. Here's a pose. He tags in Felino, who narrowly avoids a dropkick from Salvaje, then hits a whip, reversed, back elbow. Felino charges at the stunned Salvaje but it turns out he's not so stunned as he catches Felino in a full nelson and holds him for for a shot from Scorpio. Felino gets out of the way and Salvaje gets hit, of course. Felino charges at both of them, Scorpio toss him but he still manages to dropkick Salvaje, who rolls out. Safari in, Safari out with a running plancha, nailing Salvaje (and the first row.) Back in the ring, Felino manages a spinning armdrag on Scorpio and Emilio is back in. Rights, corner whip, reversed, crucifix roll up by Felino while Anitifaz comes off the top with a cross body for Scorpio Jr. The ref (white shirt, dunno if he's the rudo or techino) is slow to count because he doesn't want to be knocked silly by Anitifaz, but does count one two three. Meanwhile, Scorpio absorbs the impact but Anitifaz bounces off and keeps on going - bad camera angle but that's looks like a twisting senton. Safari is over and they both cover - one two three. (6:30 shown) It's all tied up. Felino came over to make their own trio cover/pose at the end there. Here's a replay of the dive, the roll up and a much better shot of Anitifaz's dive - I missed that he shoulderblocked Scorpio Jr. before doing a top rope moonsault senton (actually maybe more of a bodyblock.) 

Tercera Caida: I've just figured out that you're only supposed to do the time after the whistle. I'm learning! It'll be Safari and Emilio to start, and the crowd has a negative chant for Emilio. Emilio off the ropes, over, under, misses with the clothesline, pushed into the ropes, lucha backbreaker by Safari on the fifth trip by. Quebradora con giro is too much to type. Maybe giro backbreaker? I'll have to think about this. Emilio rolls out, Salvaje rolls in, and pushes down Safari. Whip, clothesline misses, Safari up and over with the armbar. Salvaje rolls out, Safari readies the dive but hesitates when he sees that Salvaje spots him, then runs over and dropkicks Scorpio off the apron when Scoprio's looking the wrong way. Safari is happy. The tecnicos come in and tease a triple dive but hold up at the last second when the Guapos get in order and move away. So they do celebratory rolls in the ring instead. Anitifaz and Salvaje (maybe another cut) square off, exchanging slaps. Salvaje seems to be winning but elects to go off the ropes instead, and gets a dropkick for his effort. For no particular reason, Anitifaz goes does a springboard moonsault off the second rope, landing on his feet (way to kill your knees), then is off the ropes and nailing Salvaje with a corkscrew plancha. Anitifaz landed on his feet without hurting things - here's a replay, maybe to cover up another cut. When we see the ring again, Scorpio and Emilio are laying out the other two tecnicos. Emilio gets a spinebuster and then a crab on Felino, while Scorpio puts a reverse bow and arrow on Safari. Quick taps and that's that. (8:32, 2-1 rudos) Guapos celebrate but the fans let Emilio and company have it. Bell guy rings his bell for the winnings rudos. Emilio gets a hug from his lady. Salvaje lays in some boots for Safari while Scorpio reminds everyone that they're the Guapos. Here's a replay of the finish - looks like Emilio got in a low blow as he lifted Felino for the spinebuster. Here's Scorpio putting on his finishing move, and you can see Salvaje taking it to Anitifaz outside the ring.

Coming up, seven man match we talked about earlier. 

When we come back, we're at a luchador office. Actually, this might be the rudos corporate office, because Dr. Wagner, Cien Caras, and Satanico all meet there and start to check out the contract for that next match. This gets more surreal because they're talking about their opponents and the camera's not supposed to exist (I think) but Cien Caras starts staring into to cut a promo on Giant Silva. Anyway, the only thing left to figure is who gets to be captian - I guess since Shocker is the young guy (and isn't here at the meeting), he's automatically eliminated. They all toss coins and I guess Dr. Wagner was the one who got the different outcome, because he wins.

Dr. Wagner (c), Cien Caras, Satanico y Shocker vs Gigante Silva (c), Olímpico y Mr. Niebla en a una caida match (one fall) - Every time I hear a place over head, I want to dive under something sturdy. The rudos come out to an '80s metal song I've heard but can't name. I guess I need to watch more Behind the Music. Silva looks more mature since I last saw him, if that makes much sense. Because the rudos don't jump the gun this time, we actually have time to get the lineup one good time. Thank you rudos. RUDO RUDO RUDO RUDO RUDO. The fans start a "Gigante" chant. These graphics are helpful, let me tell you. Shocker and Niebla exchange chest slaps, so I think they're starting. They battle for position - wait, now Dr. Wagner is in to exchange open slaps with Niebla. Wagner's slaps win out, knocking Niebla down. Wagner takes his leave while Shocker picks up Niebla, and promptly gets armdragged. Face off, battle for position, lockup, Shocker goes behind and trips up Niebla, headlock on the mat but Niebla quickly escapes to an armbar, headlock on Shocker but Shocker escapes to an armbar. Shocker to his feet and twisting the arm, but Niebla rolls forward out of it and armdrags Shocker to the mat. Pose. Circle again. Niebla stops to listen to the crowd, then charges and takes down Shocker by his left leg. Niebla tries to grab the leg for some purpose as Shocker tries to close his legs around Niebla's neck for a sleeper. Niebla is trapped for a short time, but breaks the leg hold, ducks it when Shocker tries, rolls Shocker on to his stomach and grabs on to the armbar. Niebla forces down Shocker's neck but Dr. Wagner's back in and slapping Niebla, which breaks Shocker free. Stomp. Whip, clothesline misses, Niebla with a shoulderblock (Shocker flips on impact) and a surprise slap for Dr. Wagner on the apron. Niebla celebrates and notices Satanico in the ring, so he tags out to Olímpico. Circle. Santiago goes for the mask but Olímpico armdrags him. Repeat. Right by Santiago, another staggers Olímpico. Santiago tries for an armbar, but Olímpico manages to break it before it's even on and armdrags Santiago once more. Right by Satanico again, whip, reversed, hiptoss by Olímpico. Olímpico charges at Satanico, lands on him in victory roll position, then turns around and falls forward for another armdrag. There are a thousand ways to armdrag a man. There's also a good way for Cien Caras to run in the ring and give Olímpico a big boot, which he demonstrates. Kick to the back of the leg. Whip, flapjack, no reversed into an armdrag. Flying forearm by Olímpico attempt comes up dry, Cien Caras tries a big boot but it's avoided and the momentum takes him out, Olímpico off the far ropes and then decides that he rather just tag Gigante Silva. Let's take a paragraph break to make everyone getting in.

Dr. Wagner in for the opposition and not to happy about this turn of events. Wagner takes out his anger on the crowd first. Open hand slap for Silva, which is barely even felt. Silva asks him if he's really going try that, and Wagner ups it by asking for a test of strength. Silva takes the wristlock, though it's a lot higher than Wagner probably wanted. Silva's hands are HUGE. He's winning the test of strength when he decides to hit Wagner with a forearm before Wagner can do the same to him. Plus, Wagener moved to Cheat. Whip, double leg take down. Not really a spear because he didn't really run, just waited for Wagner to come to him. Giant Splash, but no cover. The crowd wants more, but Shocker is in to save Wagner. Shocker does muscle poses as Wagner rolls out to save his life. We're looking at Wagner, but I think Shocker hurt himself punching Silva. There's another slap. Another. Off the ropes, right into the tilt-a-whirl slam. Satanico is angry and wants his turn. Silva is amused. Right, right, right, Silva isn't hurt. Satanico goes for the single leg takedown but Silva is going down. Silva does a facebuster just to get Satanico off his leg. Satanico with a shoulderblock, but it knocks himself down. Satanico charges, right into the big boot, and now he's out. Cien Caras is in. Shocker roots him on. Muscle poses. Now yelling at the fans. There's a shove to the face, right (Silva's actually feeling these - Cien's the biggest guy on his side), right, right, corner whip, no reversed, giant corner clothesline. Silva moves towards Wagner on the apron and he backs off. Silva's had enough (I don't know why he just didn't try to win the thing) and tags out to Niebla. Wagner back in. Niebla charges and gets a backdrop. Shocker's back in and kicking and stomping the heck out of Niebla, but eventually gets asked to go back to the apron. Right by Wagner. Open hand slap. Wagner takes a moment to chat with the fans, and that allows Niebla to come back with a right of his own. Off the ropes, over, Niebla does a handspring back kick to Shocker on the apron, knocking him to the floor. That gives Wagner an opening to get in a couple more shots on Niebla, but Niebla does have the presence of mind to give Shocker a back elbow on the apron, then take advantage of Wagner being distracted by Silva to armdrag him out of the right (right through Shocker's legs.) Shocker in, and slapping Niebla. Right. Shocker mocks Niebla. Running high kick to the corner. Chop. Corner whip, corner splash comes up empty as Niebla moves out of the way, then slaps Shocker and throws him down to the mat. Satanico in and striking Niebla, but Niebla spins back to a standing position and gets in his own slap. Satanico tags in Cien Caras, while Olímpico is tagged in, but Satanico is smart enough to not leave the ring and they both double team him with kicks and punches. Double whip, double clothesline. Cien with the stomping, then a body slam, hold for Wagner splash. Wagner calls for the count one two Wagner pulls Olímpico up. Shocker over - big powerbomb, one two pulled up. Cien with a body slam, one two pulled up again. Olímpico is thrown out this time and Niebla is brought in. Corner whip, corner elbow, corner clothesline. Double whipped into a Satanico clothesline. Silva wants in (Shocker is taunting him) but the refs stop him. Seated dropkick for Niebla. Knees to the midsection. Cien with a hiptoss, and a hold for a headbutt to the midsection from Satanico. Cien slam, Shocker with a second rope elbow drop, Cien with a one foot cover one two cover broken and Niebla pulled up. I guess they want to beat Silva. Good thing, because Silva is in and tossing Cien, then a back elbow for Shocker, right for Wagner, right for Satanico, now Olímpico and Niebla are back and everyone's going at it. Lots of kicks to the back of legs. Tecincos whip all the rudos into one corner, then Silva splashes them all, except Wagner who was last in and escaped. Stereo abdominal stretches by Olímpico (on Satanico) and Niebla (on Cien.) Are they going to give? Wagner's going for something under the ring. Silva is pressing Shocker high in the air. Are those flowers? Roses, even. Shot for Silva, Niebla and Olímpico (they all sell it like death) and that's a DQ (11:52) There's a lot of effort for nothing much at the end here. I thought CMLL was the good one. I'm talking about me.  Shocker is trying to reassemble the flowers for some reason. I guess they were his? He gives it to - well, his mic isn't working. Ohhhh, they were supposed to be a surprise for Emilio's girlfriend. Well, that explains that. Now Dr. Wagner is talking trash to her and the fans. I don't think we've heard the last of this. As Dr. Wagner bugs the guy sweeping the ring, here are some replays. 

Momentos Estelares - These are some highlights of matches that didn't air. Yep. 

Lo Sensacional:  Ricky Marvin hitting a springboard dropkick and La Majistral cradle on Virus to get the pin.
Lo Espectacular: Stereo topes by the Stone brothers. (Gringos!) One goes over the top (and grabs the ropes to get a little extra height, one goes through the ropes. Both connect.
El Triunfo: Take your pick - Psicodelico doing a corkscrew pescado or Olímpico doing a longer tope to someone's back. That team wins the match.
El Lance: Tommy Rivera getting monkey flipped by partner Tiger Blanco into a somersault pescado out of the ring. Pretty neat. 
La Combinacion: Hijo De Santo hitting a top rope somersault senton and using the momentum to hit a running plancha on the other side of the ring, as someone else moonsaults to the floor.

The skits (since the first one) have titles so maybe I'll jot them down:

Los Nuevos Infernales Enterenan En El Ring. Los Nuevos Infernales are Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Bucanero and Mascara Magica, I believe. I have no idea what they're discussing, but they get a training partner and practice on him - triple team facebuster! I can't remember what Three Count used to call that - Nuevos Infernals (I think there's another group of Infernals, led by Satanico) do it slightly differently, with a triple lift so the victim is facing up, then they flip him over and drop him on his face. Los Nuevos Infernals, Listos Para Defender El Campeonato - ah, they're preparing to defend the championship.

Here's an upcoming show bit in the midst of fans having a good time. I think they'd get annoyed if I brought a drum with me to a WWF event. Anyway, the tag team titles are on the line, next. I think they've been hyping this all show but no pictures since the open.

Hijo Del Santo y Negro Casas (w/Olímpico) vs Ultimo Guerrero y Rey Bucanero (w/Mascara Magica y Tarzan Boy) (for the CMLL (4 Man) Tag Team Belts - the rudos come out to Queen's "We Will Rock You." They pose for a group picture. I love this graphics making my life easier - they've got pictures (actually the moving video clips, ala Smackdown, though not melded together - I wonder if the WWF got the idea from here?) so I even can be reminded who is who. Everyone poses for pictures - lots of camera man milling around. Here's a good shot of the belts. Now everyone poses, tecincos, rudos, referees, front office people, for one big picture. I guess this is a big match. Rudos leave the ring because the crowd's chanting at them. No, I think the front office guy (he's the only one in a suit) is telling the rudos that they can only have one person in their corner and they're protesting. Now they're all thinking about leaving. Yelling at the fans. The whistle blew a half a minute ago and we don't have everyone in the ring. Okay, Mascara Magica is the odd man out and he's leaving, stopping to yell at the fans and the officials along the way.

Primera Caida: Ready to start? We're a minute in - Rey Bucanero and Hijo Del Santo to start. "Santo" chant. Lockup, waistlock by Rey but Santo takes out the leg to take both men down. Rey quickly locks in a chinlock with bodyscissors. Santo battles out of the chinlock, so Rey repositions his scissors and grabs an arm for a Code Red. Santo breaks the scissors and rolls over Rey onto his back one two kickout. Headlock by Santo is turned into an armbar by Rey. Trip and forced to the ground with a headlock, Santo reverses with a headscissors, Rey handstands out of it and into a headlock. Again Santo reverses into the leg scissors but this time it's not tight enough and Rey can easily escape. He starts to stands up but gets caught in another head scissors, Santo lifting his legs up while he's on the mat. Rey tries to stand all the way up to break free but Santo just spins and Rey gets torqued. Headscissors still on. Guerrero is thinking about coming in. Rey standing up again but also holding a double wristlock so Santo can't spin, so Santo lets go of the headscissors and monkey flips him, still holding on to the wristlocks the whole way. They're both down flat on the mat, so both are counted - one two double bridge up. They both try to headstand to their feet (to use the momentum to pull the other up with them, but only Santo manages it, still ending up getting pulled back into a monkey flip by Rey, who lets go of the wristlocks. Rey charges Santo with a clothesline, but Santo grabs the extended arm and does something close to a Rocker Dropper, trapping one of Rey's arm in an upside down Code Red in the process. Rey is hurting but gets to the ropes, though it takes a while for that to get sorted out and broke. And Santo gets it back on so it's no big deal. Guerrero in to break it up  and dragon Santo off, but Santo's not going anywhere. Now it's broken up, corner whip, Guerrero charges in and gets a boot, then Santo takes down both rudos with a headscissors/armdrag combo move. Whip, reversed, Santo gets thrown into the air but still manages to dropkick Ultimo Guerrero. Camel Clutch (El Caballo) on Guerrero, and he gives it up - same thing with Negro Casas and Rey. First fall to the challengers. (4:56) While Olimpico comes in to celebrate, here's replays of that finish. Casas had a nice dropkick to the knee that I missed. Let's take a break.

I guess we missed the Segunda Caida during the break, because when we're back, it's all ready Tercera Caida. The rudos took the second fall but we're never shown how. The challengers are taking their time on the floor before the third fall, even rolling in and out to break counts. It'll be Ultimo and Casas. Exchange of chops. No one's getting the better of it, so Casas goes for leg kicks. Off the ropes, and tripped by Tarzan Boy. Um, you shouldn't have done that right in front of the suit, Tarzan Boy. He's ejected from this match. Here's a replay and that was really flagrant. The rudos are protesting this as well. Tarzan Boy has words for the people in the ring but it's over for him. Back in the ring, that's a nice chokeslam by Guerrero on Casas. Rights on the mat. Warned about the closed fists. Ultimo soaks the crowd in. Push in the corner, shots to to chest. One gets blocked, Casas takes over with some big punches that knock Guerrero down. He gets warned about the fists and now I've figured out which ref is which. An exchange of punches and Caras wins easily. Caras goes for a La Majistral cradle but Ultimo made a blind tag and Rey is in to break it up. Slam, senton, cover one two kickout. Crowd chanting for the challengers. Big powerbomb for one two. Caras crawls towards his corner but is pulled back. Chops, whip, head down too soon and it's kicked, tag to Santo, who gets in a kick to the head of his own. Knee strikes, and to the top rope - tope! Santo goes for El Caballo but Rey is too close to the ropes. Rey battles back, with a punch and a slam. Going to the top but taking his sweet time - twisting senton misses. Santo with a running elbow drop, slam. Going to the top, fans cheer, but he's stopped there by Ultimo Guerrero. Ultimo goes for something off the top rope, but is dropkicked out of the ring by Caras, who is leveled in turn by Rey. Rey loads Santo up in the Splash Mountain, but Santo reverses to a 'rana one two. Meanwhile, Caras takes a running dive onto Guerrero on the floor. Double clothesline in the ring and both men go to their knees. Exchange of slaps on the outside, both miss and both get nailed by topes from their opponent. Everyone's down on the outside and Olimpico fans Santo with his towel. Are they going to make the count? Yes, Santo and Guerrero in, but weak. Guerrero fixes his tights. Santo charges, side stepped, and does an incredible move. In a blink, Santo does a headscissors to pull himself up to victory roll position, then turns around and slides down Guerrero's back to complete a sunset flip. One two NO. Off the ropes, lifted up no Santo with the 'rana one two NO. Guerrero up with a clothesline. Lifting Santo backwards onto the top rope, Guerrero - gets taped on the shoulder by Mascara Magica? What's he doing here? Pouning Santo and Casas. Although the Infernals are happy to see their partner, they quickly realize that he just ran in right in front of the refs, they're calling for the DQ and I guess titles can change hands on a DQ. Santo and Casas sure think they're champs. (12:11 shown) Wait, there's another Mascara Magica. The first guy has disappeared, was wearing a different shirt and was fatter. So who was the first guy? Rudos are complaining they were set up. Santo and Casas just want their belts. Suit is talking to the ring announcers, but can't get much in because he's getting argued with. And I can't read exactly what he's saying, though it seems like no one is happy about it. Break.

Still around the ring, we get words from all the participants in the match. Rey, Ultimo Guerrero and Magica seem to think that the fake Magica was Satanico and they want him dead. Rey's broken up about losing his belt. But Santo and Casas don't have them either - I guess they're held up. No one's really happy. Announcers like saying "incredible!" Here's a replay of the finish. Now the fight is restarting on the outside, with all six men going at it. No one's really happy here and they're taking it out on each other. Ultimo and Rey kinda abandon Magica and leave - he's too busy fighting Olimmpico.

Next week: Shocker, Tarzan Boy, Juventued Guerrera, Hijo Del Santo, Negro Casas, Ultimo Guerrera, Emilio Charles and Satanico

That's it..

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