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CMLL on Galavision by The Cubs Fan




This is actually a double edition, making up for the one week delay behind the Mexican feed, since there was that Tuesday where we had better things to do. Given that it's three hours, I don't think I'm gonna mention every single strike, especially when the director doesn't see it important enough to stick to for more than two seconds.

We open with shots of Los Nueveos Infernals (Ultimo, Magica, Bucanero) brawling with Satanico and his Infernals. The announcer indicate that these two factions are going to settle it all in a big match coming up with stakes on the line.

The announcers runs this down in the midst of some partying fans.

Then we get this bumper which we see all night, CMLL highlights (with a green, red and translucent border) and happy music. Un girto en la arena mexico . I dunno.

¿Que Paso Con Los Campeonatos Mundiales De Parejas? - That, I do know: Who are the World Pairs Champions? We go to a (small) CMLL meeting room, with Negro Casas and someone old person I don't know speaking for his side (El Hijo Del Santo is busy making a movie or something) and Ultimo Guerrero, Mascara Magica and Rey Buccanero for the rudos. Casas claims they should have the titles because Magica ran in and got them DQed. Magica and Rey both go over once again that it was just Satanico in a Magica match who was trying to cost them the match, so the title should be. The suit comes up with a decision, but I'm not sure and both sides seem to be wanting more. For some reason, we zoom in on a magazine headline saying Hasta que la comision decida el titulo mundial de quplas del CMLL esta a en mano de quein lo merezca. Pierroth dimigio a sus Boricuas which seems to translate to: "CMLL will hold the belt till they decide who deserves to hold it and then some stuff about Pierroth that doesn't matter much for this." Then the end of skit screen says Los cinturones de campeones en custodia de la comision... which means they're holding the belts for a while longer.

Leobardo Magadán and Miguel Linares are our hosts. Leobardo is tall. Miguel is short. They work well together. Coming up, Shocker!

Shocker is out. They weren't kidding. Shocker's music is "Rock DJ" by Robbie Williams. Shocker starts talking about how he is guapo (good looking lady's man), which endears him to everyone. Then he snaps his fingers to get some people in the back to bring out a present. While they're doing that, Shocker goes to the floor, and helps (carries) the woman we only know as Emilio Charles' Girlfriend. And then he tells Emilio to watch as he presents the girl with a huge vase of flowers. Los Guapos are out, and Scorpio Jr. is wearing a shirt that makes me realize I had the wrong person as Scorpio Jr. last week. And the whole Brazo de Plato mess. Anyway, Emilio wants a piece of Shocker and Shocker's even opening a rope from him but his partners must not think this is the time or place because they're holding him back. Shocker escorts the girl out of the ring and then goes back in to say some more taunts. Emilio tries to go again but his friends stop him - there's a match about to happen, anyway.

Shocker, Blue Panther y Black Warrior con El Hijo Del Santo, Negro Casas y Juventued Guerrera - Black Warrior sure wears a lot of green. I'm just saying. Juvie's wearing a partial version of his mask, but takes it off. He's also wearing a "United States Light Heavyweight" belt but I can't figure out what federation it's from. (On further search and after stumbling over this thread, it appears Juvie borrowed the belt from Big Time Wrestling and never gave it back.) Shocker comes over to push him before I can get a good look, so Juvie rips of his mask and spits water at Shocker. Shocker pushes back again, but it doesn't go further. We get no graphics this week for whatever reason. 

Primera Caida: Casas and Warrior start this off, with Warrior battling on the mat for position, Warrior getting a one count at one point, then a zero, but eventually an armdrag into an armbar to slow this down. Casas escapes but Warrior grabs a leg, takes him down, and puts on an STF inches from the ropes. Both up, wristlock, double wristlock no Casas is gonna come up short and just go for an armbar. Warrior reverses, takedown, battle and both people get one count. No one can get ahead there, so we switch to Juvie and Shocker. That's not a nice gesture, Juvie.  They try to fake each other out. There's shoves. Now slaps. Headlock by Juvie, off the ropes, shoulderblock and no one's going down. Off the ropes and into a powerslam by Shocker. Look at the lady. Juvie stops (or maybe avoids) something, off the ropes, dropkick. Off the ropes, legdrop. Juvie looks more "US" than anyone I've seen so far, and I guess that shouldn't be surprise. Okay, moving on, Panther and Santo Jr. Panther off the ropes, Santo drops down so Panther elbow drops him. Chop, chop, whip, head down too soon, so it gets. Twisting headscissors, bodyscissors into an armdrag, crucifix into an armdrag and Panther is too the floor. Santo gets out and we start back at the beginning, Casa and Warrior. Exchange of chops. Warrior switches to a neckbreaker and it proves effective. Off the ropes, shoulderbreaker, no one going, so they're both off the ropes, clothesline, and they're both staggered but not going down. Casas charges with a clothesline, Warrior ducks it and hits a floatover DDT and Casas is hurt. Either I've watched too much WWF and have forgotten the other way of taking that move or Casas got seriously spiked. It's probably not a coincidence he just got a neckbreaker moments earlier, though. Both refs check on him and Warrior backs off. Juvie is in to screen of any sneak attack as Santo helps his partner out of the ring. Shocker attacks Juvie from behind and the match is back on. But while that's going on, let's take a look at the replay. Casas landed right on the top of his head. Kicks in the corner by Shocker as we come back - there's Casas getting to his feet and being check by the doctor on the floor. Corner whip, follow in clothesline, pull out vertical suplex. Casas is getting himself back together on the outside as we watch a replay. Corner whip by Shocker, Juvie gets the boot up, slides under Shocker and hits the spin kick. Off the ropes, Juvie faceslam. Juvie's pumped. Suddenly Casas is back in, pushing Juvie out of the way and clotheslining Shocker hard. Huh? Casas is holding his head so maybe he's still confused. At any rate, Panther comes in so Santo does as well, get a side headscissors takedown into a leg sleeper, and Casas puts the camel clutch on Shocker. A beat late, Warrior is back in and Juvie gives him the bodyscissors into a bulldog and a Dragon Sleeper, but by the time he has it on, Shocker and Panther are already giving up. (6:15) Oh well. Juvie doesn't want his hand raised and is happy enough to celebrate by himself. Look at those fans with "SANTO" shirts. Here are some replay, concentrating on the hard clothesline. Is Juvie not on the same page as his teammates?

Rey Mendoza talks about what the CMLL's 68rd Anniversary means to him.

Segunda Caida: Black Warrior and Santo are going to start, no, wait, Warrior's just gonna get a cheap shot in on Casas (still rubbing his head) on the apron, and Shocker is gonna jump Santo from behind. While Juvie checks on Casas on the floor, the triple team is on in the ring - double whip, Panther charges in with a clothesline and goes down on four so Shocker and Warrior can hit double jumping clotheslines. Whip, armbar by Panther, and Shocker is kicked out of the ring. Shocker hits Eye of The Hurricane on Juvie. Double whip for Juvie, Shocker drops down, Warrior and Panther with back elbows. Wheelbarrow suplex by Shocker, with Warrior and Panther pulling on Juvie's hair to make the impact stronger. Shocker poses for the crowd (and his lady.) Maybe those are supposed to be Juvie poses? Here's a replay because Juvie is down. Casas is in and Panther is going after him with headbutts. Shocker with kicks, now Panther taking back over. Juvie is out of the ring but laying on the floor. Warrior with a top rope legdrop - this guys are SMART! Cover, one two three. Shocker with a Death Valley Driver on Santo. Panther and Shocker with a double cover, one two three. (8:45) Panther doesn't stop to celebrate that much, going on to run Juvie's head into the ring post. Shocker stomps on Santo for fun - he's down and out too. These guys sure like breaking necks and perhaps, cashing checks. Here are some replays.

Tercera Caida: Well, it is time for the third fall but Santo's still out on the mat and the doctor is in to check on him. Shocker looks at Santo and surprisingly opts not to stomp him. Warrior beats up Juvie on the outside. Panthers is trying to put Casas in a cross armbreaker but he's resisting. Shocker seems to be asking the fans what he should. The doctor is trying to carefully roll Santo out. Blue Panther helpfully dropkicks Santo in the head to push him all the way out. These guys are RUDOS. Juvie checks on Santo, while Blue Panther looks for something to beat up. I think he tracks down Juvie and jumps him from behind. Throwing him back in to get beat up. Warrior holds Juvie for a Shocker superkick. Double reverse faceslam, thrown down by the hair. Now they're just kicking him around. Panther holds up one leg so Warrior has a free shot to the inner thigh (and beyond) and Warrior kicks him hard. Does Juvie owe to these people money? "This is for going to WCW and losing your mask so cheaply!" Second rope jumping kick to the leg! "This is for Australia!" Juvie rolls out and Santo ties to get revenge on everyone, but they're smart and team up. Double corner whip, whip shocker in, Santo moves out of the way! Casas back in with a big boot. Santo with high knees for Shocker as all the tecincos start their comeback. Juvie hits a DDT on Warrior. Santo with a DDT on the floor for Shocker. Juvie with a suplex in the ring on Warrior while Santo throws Shocker some seats. Juvie with a dropkick to the head for Warrior. Juvie kicks Panther out of the ring, Warrior tries to ambush him but Casas ambushes Warrior, eventually hitting a reverse DDT. Now Warrior may be hurt. Casas is backing off.  Juvie walks over, looks at Warrior, and helps him up to continue. Hard chop in the corner. Corner whip, splash in comes up empty, Warrior goes for the back suplex but Juvie flips out and lands on his feet, Warrior is quicker and dropkicks the knee. Open hand slap. Double underhook by Warrior. Casas is in before he can do whatever, but Warrior wont' let go. Chop, and he won't let go. Another, and even though Warrior is now bent over in pain, he won't let go. So Casas goes to the second for a dropkick that for sure will take Warrior down. Warrior does the only sensible thing - let go, but push Juvie in the way of the kick. Juvie gets nailed, and Casas is too busy getting kicked by Warrior to worry about it. Warrior tries a takedown, but Casas moves out of the way and Warrior goes to the floor. Casas turns around, right into a Shocker big boot. Shocker dances as Casas is out, not seeing Santo come off the top rope with a tope! Panther in, Santo off the ropes, there's his 'rana into a sunset flip cradle, but that only gets one before Shocker dropkicks that up. Shocker with a corner whip, close follow in clothesline, bulldog out. Oh wow, he watched WOW too. Shocker dances, chop, off the ropes, and Santo backdrops him to the floor! Backdrop for Panther as he comes by. Now it's Santo charging Panther and Panther backdropping Santo out of the ring, but he aims and hits Shocker on the way down. Panther sizes up the situation and hits a suicide tope onto Santo. That leaves Juvie and Warrior in the ring, drop toe hold by Warrior and a running dropkick to the head. Warrior celebrates, pulls Juvie up, whip, pick up into a big face slam. One two three. Casas is in for his team, pulling Warrior up from the corner, whip, reversed, Warrior tries for the dropkick to the knee but Casas sidesteps and hits his own. Off the ropes, and another takes down Warrior. La Majistral - no, Juvie breaks it up! Why? Juvie then gets to stomping Warrior so who knows what side he's on. It does mean, since he's out of the match, he just cost his team the match. (DQ 14:16) Juvie's ticked at his teammates and leaves all by himself. No, he's sticking around to yell a little more. I guess he's made about that dropkick and doesn't want any part of Casas any more. Even Warrior's confused. Warrior's looking for a handshake and gets it from Casas, but not Santo. And then Shocker refuses the handshake. What the heck is going on? I really wish I knew more Spanish right now. Here's some replays.

Se Reune La Fuerza Boricua. All the Boricuas hang around with a new guy, Pierroth does his evil Puerto Rician speeches, Venemo comes inches away from being killed and yes we've seen this before. The goofs are all running late which gets them in trouble. Con pierroth la fuerza boricua amenaza... 

Poder Boricua, Violencia y Gran Markus Jr. (c) con Mr. Niebla (c), Olimpico y Safari - Gran Markus is a fat guy. The tecincos are wearing a set of six man belts but they appear to be not on the line, because the refs don't hold them up.  (I'd assume they were CMLL but Juvie was random before and I don't think they're even listed as the champs.)  Tecincos get out of the ring to yell at Pierroth in the stands, and that gets them punked out to start.

Primera Caida: General Boricua beating to start, as they take control of the ring, then go out to beat the tecnicos more. Olimpico gets slammed on the stage by Markus. There's a look at Pierroth. Niebla is in and getting beat on by all three boricusa - there's a double backdrop followed by a Markus splash for one two three. Safari in and Poder and Viloencia don't hit right whatever they're going for. We cut to Pierroth and Violencia is hitting a top rope somersault senton on Safari, then Poder puts Safari in a submission hold (I guess - his shoulders are down but the refs don't even bother to count.) (2:10) Rudos take the fall, but Poder is still beating Safari out of the ring. The refs hold up Markus and Viloencia's hands while Poder continues to beat on Safari on the outside. Pierroth is over to the ring and continuing the fight to go on - the rudos are still in control. 

Segunda Caida: I just caught on that between falls break is one minute. Boricuas still dominated but it's mostly strikes. One tecnico will come in and get beat up by all three. Like Safari right now, who got a spinebuster from Markus. Then he'll roll out, and someone else will jump in. This time, it's Niebla, who tries a sleeper on Markus but is quickly pulled off. Poder holds Niebla for slaps from Violencia, and then Poder lets go so he can kick and punch. Corner whip, squash. Markus with a whip, backdrop. Viloencia off the ropes, one foot dropkick. Niebla out, Olimpico in, he gets in one slap before he's worked over by Viloencia and Poder. They go for a double whip, but Olimpico is standing right at the far ropes and not paying attention to what's going on. Here's a quick Pierroth shot so we don't show how that ends up looking, I guess. Back in the ring, Olimpico uses being stopped by Markus to get out of the way of the double big boot that was planned, then it's open hand slaps for everyone. Now Safari and Niebla are back and they're taking back control. Olimpico and Poder battle to the ramp, where Poder gets a snap mare. Look at Pierroth. Look at the ring, and we finnaly have a standard match breaking out, with Markus and Olimpico in. Markus with a clothesline, whip, head down too soon, Olimpico flips over it, to the ropes, using them to lift up and headscissors Markus. Markus rolls out, Olimpico teases tope, Markus moves back and Olimpico aborts, tagging in Niebla instead. Niebla does the Frog Dance and Viloencia is in. Viloencia gets the better quick, corner whip, miss, Niebla charge sin and gets a boot, Violencia charges out and gets a backdrop. Safari in, with a right, snap mare, twisting splash, Poder in to elbow drop break it up but Safari moves out of the way. Now Poder and Safari battle into one corner while Niebla and Violencia battle in the other. Niebla and Poder get the best of their battles and Poder tries to jump Niebla but Niebla ain't having any of that and knocks him down, then backdrops Safari onto Violencia, cover one two three. Poder back in, shoulderblock Niebla with a handspring elbow in response. Niebla ties up Poder in his Nelbina pretzel hold and gets his submission while Olimpico dropkicks Markus off the apron and makes sure he doesn't break it up. (6:29) Here are some replays of the finishes.

Tercera Caida: Violencia and Niebla start. Exchange of strikes, Niebla off the ropes, handspring, stop, armdrag Viloencia. Violencia tries a hiptoss but Nielba lands on his feet. Big chop takes him down, Niebla charges but Niebla monkey flips him to the floor. Poder in, Safari in. Poder with chops. Whip, running clothesline. Kick. Whip, clothesline is under, Niebla with the headscissors into the bulldog. Dropkick and Poder goes out, then Safari his the dropkick through the ropes. They fight on the floor, Olimpico is in and missing a dropkick on Markus. Markus takes care of him with punches and then goes for the mask - that's not right at all. Violencia in, double whip on Olimpico, and Poder is whipped into squash him. Now Safari is in and he gets the same corner whip, Violencia with a clothesline follow in, then Markus to squash him. Niebla in and he quickly gets stomped.  Corner whip for him, but he moves out of the way of the Violencia charge, takes down Poder and then dropkicks Markus. Then Safari dropkicks Markus but he still won't go down. So all there of them do and Markus is out of the ring. Poder in and dropkick Niebla out of the ring. Double whip by Safari and Olimpico, they put their heads down too soon, Poder grabs the ropes but is slow following up so Safari and Olimpico double clothesline him out of the ring. Viol back in, but a missed dropkick ends him. Safari holds Violencia for a running kick by Olimpico and you can here the fans start screaming "no no no no NO!" because Viol moves out of the way and Safari gets the dropkick. Viol quick squashes Olimpico in the corner, then sees Markus holding Safari on the outside and tries a pescado, but Safari gets out of the way and it's Markus who gets hit. Stereo topes by Safari and Olimpico! (They squash someone who wasn't quick enough to get out of their seat.) That leaves Niebla and Markus, and Niebla is taking control backdrop, dropkick zero count. Niebla off the ropes and right into the powerslam. One two three. Niebla's the captian, so that's it. (9:56) That was sudden. Boricuas celebrate a job well done. Here are some replays. Here's Pierroth to say whatever it is he always says. I think he wants the belts - or he should want those belts. "Viva Puerto Rico!" Announcer: "No no no, Vivo Mexico!" 

Signo pide apoyo al sindicato negro. Someone unlucky soul is being lead to a dark basement. Oh, they even blindfolded him so he wouldn't find their secret basement hideout. It's a man with a scary cane and a scary mask, and another in a cowboy hat and they're up to some dark, evil things, no doubt.. Giant Silva's name is dropped in this. El Sindicato Negro Apoya A Signo...

Our announcer friends are relaxing in the concession area while hyping upcoming events - actually, Julio was a while ago so I don't know. Oh, Tall Guy is mooching off his Short friend. Maybe he is the rudo after all.

El Signo y Universo Dos Mil con Villano IV y Lizmark Jr. - Okay, now I'm just cheating and cribbing the match lineup from because we have guys I don't know (though Signo might have been the blindfolded guy in the last segment and Universo as one of the guys he was talking too) and no graphics. But hey, it's Villano IV. Lizmark Jr. seems a lot bigger than what I remember him as, so maybe it's someone else. The match (no primera caida sign) starts and the typical brawl breaks out. They just take turns punching and kicking each other and who's in control and there doesn't seem to be much into wrestling - oh, the tecincos with a double back elbow, but then spent too much time a waiting to do something with Signo and got a double clothesline from behind. Lizmark and Villano quickly recover, go for their own double clothesline for Dos Mil, he ducks, Signo tries to double boot them from the corner but they stop short and push Signo over the top. The ref indicates one - oh, I guess you can win by over the top rules (in this match, at least) and Signo is eliminated. Double whip, double something (looking at SIgno) for Mil. Double whip, double head down too soon, double dropkick. Mil trying elbow drops but Lizmark takes back over. Corner whip, handspring elbow but Universo moves out of the way and clotheslines Lizmark out. So now it's down to Universo and Villano. Who's it going to be? Villano with an armdrag and Universo almost slides out. Some dropkicks by Villano and they exchange chops. Now the ref is trying to break them up - huh? (2:30)

And then suddenly, we're get a graphic stating Signo y Apolo Dantes con Hijo De Lizmark y Tinieblas Jr. as the semifinal of a pairs tournament. Hmm - my best guess is that battle royale (and maybe another one we didn't see) were used to set up the partners and order of this tag team tournament. I guess we'll find that out later, but right now, we'll just worry about this match. 

Signo y Apolo Dantes con Lizmark Jr. y Tinieblas Jr. - Apolo! You may remember him from SuperAstros. Lizmark and Junior seem to make a team. Hey, we get the graphics back for this match. But only this match. Also, they say Hijo De Lizmark, and maybe that's a different person? Lizmark used to be a small guy - this guy looks a welterweight. Maybe it's all in the surroundings, though?

A Un Caida: Signo and Junior start this off.  Junior goes high and Signo ducks under, corner whip, Junior kips up, armdrag, armdrag, armdrag, dropkick and Signo goes out. Junior out after him and Signo begging off. Junior backs off as he realizes he's getting counted out, then tags in Lizmark. Apolo in for the opposition. Lockup, leg trip by Lizmark, to his corner, handspring and flip over Apolo (for no reason but he can) but he backs right into a full nelson from Signo. No problem, he just kicks Apolo away on the charge and escapes the hold. Shoulderblock for Apolo, push off Signo's shoulders and a flying headscissors takes Signo to the floor. Did Lizmark just do the Spinaroonie into a superkick? Don't tell me he just did that. Signo is put in an abdominal stretch, Junior comes off the rope with a cross body for Apolo but Apolo rolls through, one two kickout by Junior and Apolo is over to break up the submission hold before one can be noted. Rudos double team Junior, double whip, double head too soon and Junior leapfrogs them both, then cross bodies them both. Junior goes for 'rana on Apolo but he gets rudely powerbombed to the mat and covered for the one two three. Meanwhile, Lizmark tries for a Quebrada Bodyblock but Signo just steps under it. Signo hooks on a submission and he gets his win too. (1:45) Rudos rudos replays

Shocker, Satanico y Black Warrior con Atlantis, Mr. Niebla y Black Tiger - Shocker does perhaps the coolest "look at the camera and dramatically pull of my sunglasses" bit ever.  Warrior is wearing his green outfit. We switched arenas somewhere around here. Atlantis' music is that "Blue" song which I though was dead and buried for all time. That's a new Black Tiger, I figure. [Later, I'm reminded that Black Tiger is Silver King under a mask.] The graphics are here too. Maybe we got into a new episode. There's the brawl, cue the whistle.

Primera Caida: Nice technique by Shocker by throwing Niebla into Atlantis, taking care of both at once. Different looking falls graphic too. Niebla is whipped into a corner and squashed by two jumping corner clotheslines. Now Tiger gets Shocker's Bronco Billie Special (corner clothesline, pull out bulldog) and dance. Legdrop for Tiger. Open hand slap. Warrior with a fierce headbutt to the groin. Satanico with a front suplex and an elbow drop. Now Shocker with a slam and a springboard elbowdrop for Niebla. Warrior with a nice dropkick to the head, and Satanico puts on the goofy submission hold - that's good enough for a win. Double drop toe hold for Atlantis and he gets a double Mexican Surfboard with Satanico working on the face and that's good for another one. (2:25)

Segunda Caida: Warrior and Tiger start, Warrior with a whip, Tiger gets a sunset flip but Warrior blocks with the punch to the head. Shocker in to stomp and armbar. Satanico helps and Warrior kicks the barred arm, then clotheslines Tiger to the mat. Warrior challenges his opponents and that draws Atlantis in and the ref over to stop him, allowing Warrior to drag Tiger back to his corner for a cheap shot by Satanico. Slam by Warrior, Shocker in with a slingshot senton, Warrior with a rope flip moonsault! That's a nice combo. Now Satanico is in. Knee. Right. Pulling Tiger around by the mask, teasing Tiger's corner and then bringing it back to the rudos corner so Shocker can get in a hot shot from the outside. Armbar by Satanico and now Niebla wants in so Shocker comes in to take care of him. Tiger gets thrown out, Shocker goes for a corner squash but misses and gets thrown. Atlantis in and now the rudos are getting theirs - Shocker is taken out of the ring by Niebla, and Atlantis gives Warrior a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker before kicking the rope out from under Satanico. Niebla takes care of Shocker on the outside while Atlantis and Satanico fight in the ring - split screen. Shocker gets in a big boot, so Tiger tags in to give him a break. Satanico doesn't take him seriously till get gets  a kick to the head. Satanico claims low blow but is eventually ignored. Slam, quick second rope moonsault! Cover one two kickout. Kick by Tiger, tag to Atlantis and Satanico comes out. Warrior back in. They both appeal to the crowd, then Warrior jumps Atlantis with a clothesline. Atlantis is out for a second but recovers. Cover whip, splash misses, Atlantis charges and hits a monkey flip. Warrior up and hitting a dropkick to the knee. Chop. Here's a replay of that dropkick to the knee. Back in the ring, Atlantis has taken down Warrior and he's putting on the Mexican surfboard. Satanico tries to break it up and gets nailed by Niebla with a tope. Tiger blocks a kick and does a weird take over while Atlantis gets his submission. Niebla gets one with a camel clutch and give one to the his team. (6:20) Shocker and Tiger haven't figured it out yet. Tiger wants more of Shocker but Shocker is begging off. Replays. 

Tercera Caida: So, Shocker's going to the top rope to yell at the fans. He gets one foot on the second rope, quickly puts the second foot up there but it slips and he crotches himself in the corner. I don't think I've ever seen someone hurt themselves so bad celebrating. Even his own team is embarrassed about that one. Shocker's had enough of this, he's going home. Oh let's watch a replay. His teammates have convinced Shocker to come back. I guess he's okay for real. Shocker sneaks a punch in on Niebla and starts talking to the crowd about how that was all a set up, I'm sure. Of course, he's too busy talking and gets attacked from behind. After a couple tries, Niebla hiptosses him in and does the Niebla dance. Off the ropes, right into the big boot. Corner whip, and now Shocker into the big boot. Monkey flip try by Shocker but Niebla lands on his feet, off the ropes, big shoulderblock. Shocker deciding to leave again, so Niebla changes with Atlantis. Satanico in with punches, and gets an armdrag. More strikes, Satanico with a whip, Atlantis fires back with an armdrag and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Change, Shocker and Niebla. Shocker gets a flying forearm to win that and he's happy. Corner whip, reversed, Shocker with a big boot on the charge but misses a dropkick. Niebla nearly misses a handspring back elbow and tag out to Atlantis, who immediately hits a tilt-awhirl back breaker on Shocker. Tag to Black Tiger - double springboard moonsault hits, cover one two Satanico breaks it up. Satanico with rights, whip, dropkick to the knee. Warrior in, dropkick to the head. Atlantis tries a dropkick but it misses. Niebla hits his handspring back elbow on Satanico to take him out, but the rudos take control of the ring and Niebla and Tiger are whipped into each other. Double whip for Tiger, and Niebla backdrops him to the apron. Warrior charges Niebla and he ducks so Tiger can get in a right. Niebla covers Warrior, but moves out of the way of Shocker's legdrop try, and he connects with Warrior. Both move out of the way of Tiger come in, but Tiger goes off the far ropes, gets lifted up by Niebla and hits a dropkick on Shocker, knocking him to the floor. Niebla with a moonsault to the floor on Shocker! Warrior with a whip, reversed, Tiger gets a split legged faceslam. Warrior of the ropes - tope to Niebla (and the first couple rows!) Tiger with a running springboard plancha! Atlantis and Satanico facing off, Atlantis hitting his tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Satanico kicks Atlantis into a ref, pressing him in the corner, then charges with a low kick in mind, but Atlantis moves out of the way and the ref gets it. That's a DQ and it's over. (10:37) Satanico can't believe in and the refs finnaly get to checking on each other. Niebla has to go dig his partners out of the crowd so they can celebrate. Niebla is still staggered from his dive but they're happy.

Satanico talks to the Tall Guy, about how great his three were today, and how unfair that decision was - it was all Atlantis' fault for baiting him into the low blow on the ref, I gather.. Satanico continues to protest the result as we get a replay of the finish. I think Atlantis says that if he really has a problem, why doesn't he get in the ring and finish it right now. This doesn't seem to get far as people have second thoughts. SO let's watch that great moonsault form Niebla, and Warrior's dive into the second row. And the plancha. And the low blow.  

Tarzan Boy (c), Black Warrior y Blue Panther con Negro Casas (c), Hijo De Rayo y Juventued Guerrera - Warrior switched to a yellow and black color scheme during the break. Also, this arena did major changes. Juvie comes out all by himself and separate from the other people. He and Warrior have a stare off. Juvie's a rudo trapped in a tecinco world and seems to interested in posing with his belt than getting on the same page as his side. Casas wants a hug or handshake or something, but Juvie wants no part of getting back on the same page. He's doing it for himself. Juvie again brushes off handshakes with his teammates. This doesn't seem to be working.

Primera Caida: It'll be, well, they can't decide because Juvie's not being a team player. Warrior in and slaps Juvie when he's not ready for it and the crowd seems to enjoy that quite a bit. Juvie signals to Casas to watch this, runs in the ring and drops Casas with a back elbow. Chop, chop chop, whip, reversed no more chops from Juvie, off the ropes and right into a powerslam. Warrior with a dropkick to the head and a little celebration. Off the ropes, clothesline is under, Juvie hits his Juvie faceslam. Off the ropes, clothesline and Warrior is taken out. Juvie invites Casas in, but Casas doesn't want anything to do with Juvie. Rayo is in, Panther is in, over, under, and Panther with a clothesline. Powerbomb, no Rayo with an armdrag. Rayo charges Panther in the corner, Panther backdrops him, Rayo lands in the corner, Panther walks away then turns around to see Rayo on the rope, moonsault by Rayo but Panther moves in to avoid but Rayo lands on his feet, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, Panther rolls out. Switch, and it's Negro Casas and Tarzan Boy. Tarzan Boy shows off his surely natural body. Test of Strength offered, no Casas backs off. Tarzan with another pose and another offer, but Tarzan boy cheats and uses two arms on one. Armbar, opening him up for slaps, Casas down, Casas kips up, ducks a slap, waistlock, elbow out by Tarzan Boy, off the ropes and right into a dropkick. Dropkick again. Tarzan Boy begs off now, in the safety of his own corner. Casas want to tag Juvie in but Juvie looks like he's got better things to do. He's not accepting the tag and eventually getting off the apron to totally refuse it. Tarzan Boy jumps Casas from behind as Rayo and Juvie argue partner etiquette. Slam on Casas, big splash by Warrior, cover for one tow three. He's the captian, so that's good enough. (3:57) Here's a replay of the splash. Warrior does it oddly. Break before the next fall.

Roberto Rangel, referee (the one that got low blowed by Satanico moments ago) gives his thought on the 68th Anniversary. 

Segunda Caida: Casas is still down and Tarzan Boy talks to trash to him. Rayo and Juvie finnaly get up on the apron, only to get knocked back down by the rudos. Casas is kicked out by Panther.  Rayo wants in and I guess he'll start. No, Tarzan Boy brings Juvie in and starting beating on him, so I guess that's it. Double whip, drop toe hold by Panther, and held for the double dropkicks to the head by Warrior and Tarzan. Reyo in and getting beat - double whip, drop toe hold, Panther picks him up in spinebuster position and tilts him over for Black Warrior to hit the legdrop in - Vegomatic! Panther helps Tarzan Boy hit the elevated dropkick on Rayo to knock him out of the ring. Casas in and he's getting triple teamed. Corner whip, follow in clothesline by Tarzan Boy, Panther on all fours to assist for Warrior's clothesline. Panther backdrops Casas into a Warrior powerbomb, and Tarzan Boy adds the legdrop! Cover, no Tarzan Boy wants more. Casas is thrown out, no Panther wants him still in. Corner whip, Panther down all fours, Warrior's assisted corner knee lift comes up empty. (Warrior gets so much air that his knee actually strikes the top rope and he might have hurt himself there.) Immediately Rayo is to dropkick Panther out., as Juvie and Warrior battle on the outside. Tarzan Boy gets dropkicks from both Rayo and Casas, then Rayo hits a springboard back elbow. Senton by Casas, standing moonsault by Victoria, double cover one two three. (6:34) Juvie stops beating on Warrior and comes back in to celebrate by himself. Again the handshake is refused. He's doing a pec flex, scary. Here's replays.

Tercera Caida: Casas wants at least a high five for a tag but Juvie was looking away. Now Juvie realizes what was going on and offers one, but when Casas goes for it, Juvie pulls it back and laughs in his face! Man, that Juvie's mean. And now he's on the floor because Panther just kicked him when he wasn't ready. The fans cheer and Juvie has word with the fans. Meanwhile, Rayo and Panther is in - Panther with a fireman's carry, front slam, calling to Warrior and Warrior hits the top rope elbow drop. Now an arm bar, Tarzan Boy going up - big axhandle. Fireman's carry by Panther, setting Ray up on the top rope and helping Warrior get some height on a big axhandle. Rayo out. Casas in, but getting beat. Whip, double drop toe hold, Panther holds for the double dropkick to the head. Juvie and Rayo are arguing more on the outside. Casas is on his own right now, and it's not that good - after an elaborate set up, here's a double whip into a double boot. Juvie's turn to come in and he doesn't seem that interested. Juvie is busy telling the fans how good he is when Panther sneaks up and slams his head into the turnbuckle. Juvie doesn't want to deal with that and laves. Rayo in, and Tarzan Boy with a kick, hanging vertical suplex, and a jumping legdrop. Tarzan Boy stands on the second rope to choke Rayo, so Casas dropkicks him from behind and out of the ring. Panther in on Casas, whip, Casas gets the ropes, Rayo gives a faceslam to Panther, Warrior in to clothesline Casas. Rey clothesline Warrior. Warrior rolls to safety but Casas goes for him. Now Tarzan Boy distracts them so Warrior can escape. Juvie thinks about helping his team but opts to stand on the apron instead. Panther back in and he gets a double whip by Casas and Rayo, double big boot. Now Juvie's in but Casas pushes him to the corner. They don't want his help. Double shoulderblock for Panther takes him down down. Tarzan Boy back in with slaps for both of them, but both of them slap back and that's that. Double drop toe hold for him and he's out. Now Juvie wants in at Rayo and pushes him but Casas tries to play mediator. So Juvie pushes him. Casas pushes back and the fans and we've got a new match breaking out. Juvie with some hard kicks as everyone stand backs and watches. Juvie off the ropes, Casas ducks, Rayo hits a dropkick! Juvie is out and it's Tarzan Boy helping him up - Black Warrior hits his missile tope to take them both out - on purpose? Talk about frayed alliances Back in the ring, Casa and Rayo work on Panther and take him out - Rayo hitting a plancha to finish him. Tarzan boy back in, off the ropes, drop toe hold by Casas. La Majistral one two three. (11:28) Casas and Rayo hug. Black Warrior seems to want to congratulates him. Juvie wants HIS arm raised but no one wants anything to do with him. Warrior does hug Rayo and Casas and wants nothing to do with Juvie - hmm, maybe we have that double switch everyone's looking for someplace else. Juvie's happy because he won but everyone's not happy with him. Warrior and Juvie, I don't think we've seen the last of those two. Especially because they're still staring at each other. Warrior makes fun of Juvie and Juvie gives him the finger, I think. Let's watch the replays. 

Now we have an in-ring contract signing for the big match between Los Infernals and Los Nuevos Infernals. It's a cage match, and the last person out loses their hair or their mask. We don't get to see the table broken, but there is a twist in the contract that gets caught at the last second - since Tarzan Boy is part of the Nuevos Infernals, it's quatro con tres [four on three]! Satanico is very upset about this turn of events, but the Nuevo Infernals are very happy.

Both sides talk about the match, and their chances of winning. "Quatro con Tres!" This is on Mexican PPV so unless you have a tape trading friend, you're not seeing this match. However, we've got a little preview right now.

Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Buccanero Jr., y Mascara Magica con El Satanico, Mephisto, y Averno - As you might expect, this one doesn't even make it to the ring before the fight breaks out. Mephisto and Averno are the previously unmentioned Infernales, and the New version is getting the better of it.

Primera Caida: Typical one sided brawl, with no real point of focus except to cause as much damage as possible. No Tarzan Boy. New Infernals are in a bad mood, really strong. Mascara Magica has the bandana Rey wears and he's using to choke people. Satanico gets beat so bad his leg gets jammed into a chair. That leaves him tied up and unable to help while the NI triple team Averno - off the shoulders powerbomb by Ultimo, face first dropkick and triple Mexican Surfboard with kicks! That's wacky! Averno has no choice but to give it up. Satanico is kept out as they triple team Mephisto - double whip, double press slam into a double side slam. And it's over like that! (2:43) And the NI go to work on Mephisto's mask, all ripping it. Satanico in he gests choked out by Magica and his bandanas. In the ring, did they just give a fall to Satanico? They're raising his hand, in response to the illegal choking. Rey works on Averno while Ultimo does succeed in ripping off Mephisto's mask! They chuck Mephisto up the stage as Magica is now refusing to let go of a choke around the ropes on Satanico. The score card comes up and that fall is indeed over turned and given to Satanico's team.

Segunda Caida: While Averno gets beat down in the ring, Ultimo Guerrero is parading around on the stage with Mephisto's mask. They're aren't fooling around. Magica is still working over Satanico and choking him with the bandanas again. They don't care. Averno gets double teamed and beat hard on the outside - double press slam into the some chairs. Inside, Ultimo is laying in the bating to Satanico. Satanico tires to come back but Rey's in and that ends that. Double whip, double big boot. Satanico is kicked out of the ring and Ultimo comes to beat up Averno before he even has a chance. Now they're ripping his mask up too. They're throwing him around by his mask, ripping his eye holes. Satanico is kept out of the ring by Ultimo Guerrero, but Satanico holds him in place - Mephisto is back (with a new mask)! He starts the comeback, slugging it out with Magica. Rey gets backdropped off the stage and into the crowd hard, leaving the OI the number advantage. Satanico is having his way with Ultimo out the outside, Mephisto and Averno hit the drop toe hold, camel clutch, dropkick to the face that TAKA and Funaki like so much. Now Averno is trying for revenge by pulling of Mascara mask while Ultimo Guerrero gets double teamed on the outside. Mephisto back in and working on Mascara, as Rey finnaly stumbles back to the ring, holding his side and looking in pain. Mephisto with a fireman's carry into a Diamond Cutter. Rey is kept out - double whip for Magica, spinebuster by Satanico. Magica brought to his feet, double flapjack by the other two. Double whip, double shoulderblock and Magica is out of the ring. Now Rey is in but he's in no shape and now match. Whipped, into a double double chop, then picked up and ran hard into the corner hung in the ropes - Alabama Slam, double top rope elbow drop. He's thrown out, Ultimo in, and he gets a triple Press Slam. They tease throwing him to the floor to the outside but thrown him inside. Triple Submission and Ultimo gives. That's it. (7:50) Straight falls! Hmm. These guys might be able to pull it off in the cage match. Wait, they're not done! Satanico is untying Ultimo's mask and trying to take it off as everyone else starts battling again. The Original Infernals keep the New Ones away from helping their friend - oh wait, it's Tarzan Boy for the save. Clothesline and right for Satanico and Ultimo's mask is safe. The other OI trey to come back and help but the numbers, it's all in the numbers and they're too much for them. Satanico gets beatdown in the ring. Rey goes for Memphisto's mask again. Who's gonna save him here? It's Shocker and Apolo Dantes! And they're here to save Satanico! Shocker goes right after Tarzan Boy. The rudo universe is falling apart. What does this mean for the match? Do the Original Infernals have the numbers after all? They beat the crap out of the NI up the stage, and they're forced to the back. Celebration all around, and all five raise hands, then go back to celebrate some more.

Coming up next week: Santo. Satanico. Rayo Jr. Juvie. Atlantis. Fuerza Guerrera! Black Warrior. Negro Casas! And more.

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