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I really should be plugging Mr. JF and his fine fine forum of a lucha thread so I am. 

TV PG L - how do they get away without having Viloencia? He's on the show!

Recently, Santinco and his Infernals have been reappeared and they want a piece of the Nueveos Infernals. So, tonight, they'll be facing Negro Casas, Atlantis and Blue Demon. I guess this is a tune up match for the big match to come - and by the looks of things, the Nueveo Infernals don't feel like waiting.

Alfonso Morales hypes up the big Infernals contra Infernals match and sends it to a video package "Infierno En El Ring". 4 on 3! Sep 28! Hmm, this show is Old.

Mr. Niebla, Olimpico Y preparan. I bet you don't need the translation there. Niebla's lifting weights. The other two are spotting him. Why is the screen flashing Niebla blue? Weird. Safari's turn. Still random blue flashes. Talk turns to the Boricuas, the recent match and the upcoming win. !Con Todo!

Now both of the announcers debate who's the better team - the Boricuas or the champs. I think we're about to find out.

Poder Boricua, Violencia y Gran Markus Jr. (c) contra Mr. Niebla (c), Olimpico y Safari - Violencia not only has a hot woman walking to the ring with him, but he has a Violencito (who he kisses on the mask and tells to go to the back - maybe it was hid kid?) Niebla's side doesn't wear belts this time, so I guess they can't be on the line - no mention of them during the introductions, and off the brawl goes.

Primera Caida: Standard "rudos jump the techincos but don't do much but brawling" opening. Olimpico gets left along in the ring and Violencia and Olimpico rip at his eye holes for a while, really opening up one half. Hey, there's Pierroth. Now it's Niebla turn. Did Violencia just try do the Niebla dance? For shame? That shot really shows Niebla talking to the others. Violencia with a senton bomb on Niebla and Markus with the one foot cover one two three. (1:27) Safari in and getting beat up but the refs want it to be stopped - Niebla is the captian so I think it should be but sometimes I get this all confused. At any rate Poder Boricua is out and talking to Pierroth and we watch him and not Safari getting beat but they're now actually getting their hand raised (and I don't think they had time to get another fall in there) so I'll keep that time. Replay of the senton bomb, and this time I catch that Safari is tapping out to a modified camel clutch, just barely on camera, so there's your second fall. I feel much better now, thank you. Violencia's senton is pretty cool.

The Doctor of Lucha Libre (not Dr. Wagner) talks about the upcoming CMLL 68th anniversary.

Segunda Caida: CMLL may indeed have the hottest women, or at least they do this week. Anyway, the rudo beatdown picks up right where it left off- there's a double clothesline for Niebla. Safari trying his chance against all three and getting clotheslined. Pierroth in the crowd. Nice running senton by Poder Boricua. Olimpico and and Olimpico running into the ref and then Olimpico. everyone goes to work on the eye holes, ripping them even more. Poder holds Olimpico for Violencia to hit, and they drop him out. Safari in, but his kick is caught and he's taken down. Now they're going after his mask while Violencia makes sure no one else comes in. Poder is vicious with the mask, ripping a huge whole into it. Pierroth is emotionless. Violencia getting the cheap shot. Niebla getting up on the apron but Poder is ready for him. He's whipped and smashes in the corner by Markus. Another corner whip, another charge by Markus, Niebla moves out of the way and starts laying in the slaps everywhere. Now all the techincos are turning the tide  - Safari and Poder having fought into the crowd. And somehow it settles down into just Niebla and Violencia in the ring, with the rest ending up in their rightful corners. Violencia gets a cheap shot in gets in control and mocks Niebla so more, more, but then he's silly enough to do a corner whip into the techinco corner and miss the charge, making it his turn to get the triple team beat down. Double whip, double leap frog, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Niebla. Markus in, knocking Niebla out of the ring and double clotheslining the other two. Double clothesline is ducked the second time and Markus gets a double BIG backdrop. Pierroth still expression less. Double armbar by Safari and Olimpico, while Niebla recovers to cross body PB to prevent him from breaking it up.  PB goes after Niebla and accidentally hits Violencia, before getting beat up himself. Olimpico with a corner tope on Violencia, nailing him on the outside, and Niebla hits a handspring back elbow on Markus. Safari going up - splash and that's enough for one two three.  Niebla with a weird variation in the La Majistral cradle and that's good for one two three (5:39) It's all tied up and Pierroth is now showing plenty of emotions to PB. None if it happy. Now he's yelling at Markus. Where's Veneno when you need him? No replays

Tercera Caida: Niebla and Violencia to start. Violencia is still mocking the Niebla dance. Now Markus is in and helps jump Niebla, with a big clothesline. Now he's going after Niebla's mask and he's managed to rip the face visor part off. Big slam, big elbow drop. PPB and Violencia are in the beat down, so Olimpico is  in but not very successful. Niebla is thrown out and he gets the triple team beatdown and PB has about ripped the mask in half. Same thing for Safari - that thing is in pieces and barely covering anything on. The rudos are just beating the crap out of the techincos and making them look bad. Big clothesline for Niebla. They should be winning the match already but they're more interested in missing up the masks - whip, double big boot to Olimpico. Now Safari brought in and beat. Violencia is pumped. You can see about half of Safari's head. Slam, splash by Marks, triple cover one two three. Olimpico in, double whip, double double spinebuster, triple cover and it's over. (9:19) The Boricuas looked strong. Pierroth is pumped and gloating to the crowd. Interview time for him - he talks up Puerto Rico and trash the other team. The techincos are ticked - I think Olimpico just said they'll put the titles on the line just to get them back in the ring, and Pierroth agrees. And thus, it becomes a match for Sep 28, but now, here's some replays. The techincos are still in the ring, so let's go to break.

Coming up - who is more guapo, Emilio Charles O Shocker? Also, SANTO SANTO SANTO y Hijo De Lizmark y Juventud Guerrera contra Tarzan Boy, Salavaje, and Fuerza Guerrera - that should be interesting.

Oddly enough, as we come back from break: Fuerza Guerrera Preocupado Por Juventud Guerrera. Fuerza pulls up in his SUV and gets a welcome from Tarzan Boy, but it's obvious he's got mixed feelings about the upcoming match. Fuerza is Juvie's dad, in case you were unaware. Tarzan seems to back him whatever he decides to do, and Fuerza seems to decide to do what he has to do. Fuerza Guerrera vs. Juventud Guerrera.

B. Salavaje, Tarzan Boy (c) y Fuerza Guerrera contra El Hijo De Santo (c), El Hijo De Lizmark, El Hijo De Fuerza Guerrera - Tarzan Boy bought Alex Wright's jacket off E-Bay. Juvie takes his time to come to ringside, wears his belt and his half mask and bumps Lizmark Jr. for no reason. They announce El Hijo as just Santo, I hadn't noticed that before. And I'm just being silly with Juvie there. 

Primera Caida: Tarzan Boy says a little prayer before getting into the ring. Juvie's stalling is slowing everything down - he has to take out his earrings. Why did he wear them? Fuerza wants a handshake but Juvie is busy right now. We get crowd shots and then all the sudden Tarzan Boy has Hijo Del Lizmark into a headlock so who knows what happened. It is nice to get some action after a minute of Juvie and earrings. Off the ropes, shoulderblock by Tarzan Boy, who then goes on to Mock, somebody. Ropes end with a Tarzan Boy armdrag and he thinks this is too easy. Lizmark kicks him away, spinaroonie! Tarzan Boy charges and gets dropped on the top rope, then a faceslam, then outside and Lizmark opts out of the top rope. Santo and Salavaje (BS) in now. Cue the Santo chant. Ropes sequences ends with Santo hitting a monkey flip, then a headscissors and out goes Salavaje. Next guys in, and Juvie's ready to go until he realizes who's left and then he just kinda sits down. Fuerza is no more eager. They discuss, willingly stand close to each other so a picture can be taken, then head opposite ways. The crowds digging this. Circle. Lockup - no, they kiss each other on the cheek. Juvie laughs about it and Fuerza goes to talk to his partners, but Santo is in and pushing Juvie to go fight his dad. Juvie's not happy and doesn't really want any part of this (like the last few weeks) and Santo just want shim to go wrestle. Santo leads Juvie over to the other corner - I'm not sure if he wants Juvie to go fight Fuerza or just join the other side, but Juvie gets annoyed and walks out of the ring. He stays around ringside but he's upset about this turn of events, so Santo goes out to argue with him. That leads to pushing, and that leads to Fuerza attacking Santo from behind and Juvie cheering his dad on! Hmm. A five man brawl breaks out (Juvie content to sit back and watch as Lizmark is double teamed on the outside) in the chaos. Fuerza works over Santo in the ring, sneaking in a low blow when both refs are otherwise distracting. Boot choke. Lizmark is deposited in a first row seat. Juvie just stands in the ring and watches as Fuerza and Salavaje double clothesline Santo. Here's a replay of the low blow. Now Tarzan Boy is in and helping on the beating while Lizmark and Juvie discuss current events on the outside. Lizmark makes the mistake of getting on the apron, which get s him beat (including one the fakest pole shots ever.) Santo gets beat while Lizmark and Juvie argue more - he's just getting mugged. After getting kicked in the back and the front repeatedly, the refs just stop the fall and award it the rudos. (6:20) Break.

The Doctor of Lucha Libre (not Dr. Wagner) talks about the upcoming CMLL 68th anniversary. More. 

Segunda Caida: Meanwhile, Lizmark and Santo continue to get beat up as Juvie relishes his new found belief in passivism. Tarzan Boy has enough time to go hit on the ring card girl. Santo tries to come back so they start ripping at his mask - the techinco refs tries to pull them away Lizmark yells at Juvie on the outside. Santo starts another comeback but gets beat down more. Lizmark is up in the corner and and ready to go in if he ever gets the tag - it looks like he's convinced Juvie to join him. High kick by Tarzan Boy to Santo. We look at the crowd and now all the sudden Lizmark has Tarzan Boy by the hair, Santo is choking Fuerza and I hate clipping. Tarzan Boy is looking for help from Juvie but Juvie's claming his elbow is hurt, or something. Juvie encourages Lizmark to keep on keeping on (while staying out of it himself). And then we get another clip and Santo's in a different position but giving Fuerza a high knee, a dropkick and the SILVER BULLET TOPE! Juvie's in, Juvie's pumped, Juvie's waving Lizmark to come in as well. Lizmark is like "whatever dude" and just comes in to shut him up, but by them Salavaje and Tarzan Boy are organized and beating down people. Juvie and Lizmark are whipped into each other, Salvage hits a back suplex on Lizmark and gets one two kickout, while Tarzan Boy hits the over the shoulder slam for a one two kickout. Whipped at each other again, Juvie and Lizmark manage to avoid each other and hit spin kicks on their opponents. Hey, Juvie did something. Lizmark helps him hit an elevated sunset flip on Tarzan Boy, then calmly does a pescado on to Salavaje. One two kickout on the sunset flip, Juvie follows it with a dropkick and a turning pescado. Santo and Fuerza back in the ring. Dropkick by Santo misses. Kick by FG is caught but a follow up is not. Whip, reversed, backdrop. Santo up to the top rope- tope hits! Now Santo is going for revenge with the mask and does it too well (Fuerza's face is completely exposed to the camera for a second), then turns him over to put on the camel clutch. Juvie in - running kick to Santo's back! Stopping and I think Juvie's made his decision. High five for Dad. Tarzan Boy covers Santo while Salavaje downs and covers Lizmark, one two three. (10:51) The rudos win in straight falls, but that's not as much the story as Juvie's actions are. Santo gets beat up even more after the match, with the Guerreras going to rip off the mask, or at the very least, whip him really hard into the corner post. Now Fuerza is going for the mask again but is stopped from getting it. Juvie and Fuerza talk about Juvie being a rudo and their general dislike of Santo. "Once a Guerrera always a Guerrera", I think Juvie says. Santo tries to attack them and gets beat down and bad. Hug. Santo wants more but he wisely decides this isn't the best time to try. Here's a replay of the turn. Hugh for Tarzan Boy.

Coming up, that big six man - Blue Demon, Atlantis y Negro Casas contra Satanico, Averno, y Memphisto. Also, Emilio Charles y Shocker - who is more guapo?

Sep 28. hype.

Who is more guapo? Shocker talks. He fights Satanico. This seems to be part of a match and has lots of looks at the girlfriend, who seems pleased with Shocker's antics and win. Let's use as many camera angles to show the same thing as possible. This a whole bunch of nothing and doesn't make any sense if you don't understand Spanish and nothing is settled so let's move on.

In a moment, Blue Demon, Atlantis y Negro Casas contra Satanico, Averno, y Memphisto.

Bienvendia A Blue Demon - Negro Casas, Atlantis and Blue Demon all enjoy a quick breakfast. This was the same restaurant Silver King didn't like his food at. Anyway, they're welcoming Blue Demon to CMLL and talking about the upcoming match. Negro Casas asks for the bill. Blue Demon En El Consejo Mundial De Lucha Libre.

Announcer hypes up tecincos and Gran Markus Jr. and Mr. Mexico walk out and aren't happy. Announcer tries to talk his way out of it but eventually gives the microphone and leaves.

Satanico (c), Averno, y Memphisto contra Blue Demon (c), Atlantis y Negro Casas - not that song. We get the video clips for each person, but Mephisto and Demon only have stills because they haven't got their video done yet, I guess.

Primera Caida: You'll be happy to that that the guy with the M on his body suit is Memphisto. That means it's Averno in the ring right now against Casas (no brawl start! yay!) and they circle. Lockup, waistlock by Averno, Casas closely breaks out into a hammerlock, Averno goes for the leg trip but Casas avoids, but Averno manages to spin around out of it and to Casas's side for armdrag. Armbar, but Casas gets up, twist, Casas reveres, twists, and takes Averno down. Averno brought up, twist, Averno looks for a reversal and finds it with an armdrag, but Casas is up and quickly hits the shoulderblock. Casas off the ropes, shoulderblock. Off the ropes, armdrag by Averno. Casas runs, ducks under a leapfrog, off the far ropes, Averno goes down for a monkey flips but Casas stops and stomps him in the head. Whip, armdrag no Averno hits his own, Casas goes out and thus ends this matwork exchange. Let's look at the fans - looking back in the ring I guess they cut out the Memphisto/Blue Demon sequence because those two are tagging out Satanico and Atlantis. They circle, size each other up, Atlantis lunges, Satanico with the waistlock, Atlantis goes down to get out, they battle over the arm on the mat, with no on holding and advantage for more than a second (lots of reversals) and Atlantis hooks in a headscissors while grabbing an arm. Satanico tries to bridge out of it and succeeds in freeing his head by turning himself over, but his arm is still locked.  Satanico rolls forward and he still can't get loose. Atlantis has it an armbar, but if he's just turn his body a little bit, he might be able to pull off a cross-arm breaker. Satanico reverses with his own armbar before that can happen, but Atlantis is up to his feet. Now he's pulled back down. Battling up, getting yanked down. Satanico twisting the wrist to work multiple joints. Atlantis tries to push him away but that just prompts Satanico to try to tighten the hold, then go for an abdominal stretch. Atlantis tries to block and Satanico ends up rolling into a cradle for one two escape. The escape allows Atlantis to get back to the arm, this time falling backwards and locking on the cross-arm breaker. Not tight enough, though, as Satanico rolls out and grapevines the legs. They're right near the ropes so I wonder why Atlantis just doesn't grab them, but Satanico pulls Atlantis to the middle of the ring around by his legs so that can't happen. Atlantis somehow rolls forward to get loose, then takes down Satanico when he charges at him. Now battling leg holds I don't understand from this camera angle - Satanico reverses Atlantis once but puts himself in a pinning position so he has to give up, then they both have their legs tangled and try to headstand up. It's all weird mat wrestling that I have no idea to describe. Eventually, the legs hooked double headstand works for both of them but I guess Atlantis' legs are stronger because he pushes Satanico over and lands on top. Atlantis with an armbar, but Satanico armbars out of it. Whip, no Atlantis breaks, free, hits an armdrag, off the ropes, armdrag. Atlantis running, Satanico leg trip, cover for zero, Atlantis up and another Satanico takedown, cover for zero, both men charge and hold up - this is clapping stare down and it actually deserves it. They go out, Averno and Casas in - Averno going for kicks to start off. Off the ropes, clothesline. Yelling to the crowd. Slap, slap, corner whip, corner clothesline is avoided and Casas with an awesome looking armbar takedown into the Fujiwara armbar (it's like Benoit turned Mexican and didn't feel like putting on the crossface!) and gets the submission. Meanwhile, Blue Demon is in to protect the hold and Memphisto gets backdropped, then a Northern Lights Suplex one two three. Satanico came in at the very end but Atlantis held him up and Satanico decided that it wasn't worth the fight. (6:05) Replays of the armbar.

Segnuda Caida: Satanico and Atlantis circle, and Satanico offers a handshake. Atlantis is too busy protesting to realize where he's standing and doesn't realize Memphisto and Averno are jumping him till it's far too late. Beautiful. Atlantis gets tossed, double whip, dropkick to the knee. Shoulderblock, Shoulderblock. He's getting hit by all different directions and doesn't know which way to go. Double shoulderblock from opposite directions. Atlantis finds the way out of the ring and takes it. Casas in and Memphisto charges with a big boot, getting it caught. Before Casas can really take advantage, the other two are there and he's getting held for kicks. Double whip (watch the ref run out of the way), spinebuster by Satanico. Casas is rolled to his feet, double whip, flapjack, and a dropkick to the face. Casas out, Demon in and he's not even through the ropes before he's being held for strikes. Good thing this is the main event because this beatdown is so much more stylish than the one the Boricuas do. Double corner whip, clothesline, jumping knee (Satanico stays in the corner to hold Demon there till the second before impact - SMART!), dropkick and Demon is out. Atlantis back in and he's getting another beat down. Corner whip, splash misses, Atlantis hits the dropkick on Averno, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for Satanico. Tag to Casas, duck away from Memphisto, big boot for Averno, big boot for Satanico, kick by Memphisto stops that, whip, head down too soon so it gets kicked. Demon in, armdrag for Satanico, clothesline for Averno, dropkick for Memphisto. Running corner shoulderblock comes up empty and Demon hits the post before ending up out of the ring. TOPE by Memphisto! Casas with snap mares on Averno and he's going up for a moonsault, but Averno pushes him off the top rope and out of the ring! Averno loads it up , but slows up at the ropes and hits a pescado. Atlantis hits another tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Satanico. Atlantis signals to the crowd - Victory Roll but Satanico stops the momentum and sits down on top. The ref doesn't count but points out something to Satanico, why? Oh, los Nueveos Infernals are at ringside and beating up Averno and Memphisto. Satanico lets go off the cover and starts to head out of the ring but Atlantis rolls him up for one two three. (9:01, straight falls)  Double press slam for Averno, right on to some seats. Atlantis is celebrating his win while the numbers are far to much for Satanico and his gang. The tecincos celebrate their win but should the go help out - Atlantis seems unsure, but Casas and Demon survey the crowd. Atlantis wants no part of this and heads to go but Casas and Demon stop him and the fans convince them that they should help out - and they do! It's 6 on 4 now and the numbers are still winning. Lots of brawling around the ringside area and it's hard to follow but Tarzan Boy takes a short into a ring post at one point. Rey Buccanero and Averno battle on the stage. Tarzan Boy is brought in the ring and his shirt is ripped up and he's tosses all over the place. Buccanero doesn't seem that interested in fighting at moments. Poor Tarzan Boy is getting choked out by his own shirt. Mascara Magica and Rey Buccanero get forced to the back and the tecnicos leave, but that just allows Rey and Magica to come back and the fight goes on. Memphisto rips up Mascara Magica's mask while Buccanero tries to down the same to Averno. It takes quite a while for the four to beat three and after the original beating it's not totally surprising they don't. The fight splits across the arena and eventually wears down with Buccanero and Tarzan Boy running off and the other three getting the better of Magica and Guerrero till they take off. Satanico does an interview to hype it up a little more.

One last hype piece and that's it.

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