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It's a homage and a wacky way of feedback, not ripping someone off. Really!

CMLL Line - 10/23/01

Competitors Key:

EX 1. A, B, C
2. D, E, F
1CMLL 1. Ultimo Guerrero (c), Rey Buccanero Jr. y Mascara Magica
2. Villano III (c), IV, V
2CMLL 1. Emilio Charles (c), Bestia Salvagje y Scropio Jr.
2. Shocker (c), Apolo Dantes, Mascara Ano Dos Mil
3CMLL 1. Antifaz, Olimpico (c), Safari
2. Gran Markus (c), Hijo De Pierroth, Veneno
4CMLL 1. Black Tiger (w/Pierroth)
2. Black Warrior (w/Atlantis)

# F Type Time Momentum Finish Comment Rating
The (no longer) Infernals meet. Tarzan Boy blames (the demasked) Mascara Magica for the loss.  
1 Trios 3:30 2-E-1 A, B double armbar D a Triple Tope! 1 sided. 72
2 5:39 1-2-E-1-2-1-2-1 (E? walking powerslam B)
A toe hold E?
(A low blow F)
even, told the story,
some nice spots
T 9:09   1, straight falls a new issue?
Shocker models his CMLL LH Title, gets the girl, decides he really doesn't want her after all, keeping the title  
2 1 Trios 4:45 1-2[-1 E stepover armbar B
F stepover armbar C
long periods of total control 60
2 3:45 1]-1-2-E-1-2-2-2-1-2 (DQ) A accidentally clips ref disappointing finish after a good build
T 8:30   2, straight falls is this over now? please?
Spectacular moments
3 3 Trios 3:23 1-1-2-1 D cross body roll through (and mask pull) A joined in progress, tecincos spots but not much else 55
T 3:23   rudos 2-1 the usual  
Black Warrior listens to his rudo and tecinco self, trying to decide his path ++
4 T Mano 13:23 E-2-2-1-1-2-2-1-2-1-2 B forward roll -> head/neck submit A good when got going, expected better; spotty 80

Match Notes

First Match: Putting both masked Villanos with no markings in there is totally unfair. More mask ripping. Ultimo caught one square in the face with a high kick - good enough for a replay. III put Magica in a standing figure four but Magica held out until Ultimo could find a way to win. The first fall was too short and too squash-ish to be rated any higher. 

Second Match: The ring announcers wackily said Emilio was the rudos and Shocker the tecincos. Announcers went with both being rudos. All three Guapos tried to kill Shocker; did a good job. Both sides continued fighting between falls. In fall 2, Shocker pulled out a spinning cobra clutch on Emilio, which was neat, but which led to a ref bump, which was not. Guapos laid out everyone, refs included, to stick as heels, which makes sense but render the whole thing moot.

Third Match: Olimpico's masked was untied and pulled but they kept us from seeing his face at one point, but it was visible during the finish. Double tope is less impressive after a triple tope earlier in the show and right after the highlights. 

Fourth Match: Semifinal of the "Leyenda De Plate" (Legend of the Silver Mask) tournament, winner to face Negro Casas. You know that sitcom bit where they have an angel version of somebody on one shoulder and a devil on the other? That's what they did with Warrior. Funny as heck. Black Tiger went off on the crowd in English(!) and then apparently allied himself with Pierroth and the Boricuas. Pierroth might have also excommunicated Warrior from the tribe of the rudos. Warrior got bleeped in his rebut and introduced Atlantis as his second. Quite a bit of focus on Pierroth arguing with officials about his interference. The match stopped for a couple minutes as he protested getting thrown out. Match went "move, cover, pause, repeat" (with occasional "move -> reversal, cover, pause") for the last few minutes. 


1. Nice to see that they're giving the not-Infernals something to do, and the Villanos on TV.
2. I'd take that as the Guapos revenge as long if I don't have to see Shocker fight them anymore.
3. Same thing for the Boricuas but I'm slightly less hopeful.
4. Negro Casas vs Black Warrior should be interesting - will Warrior stay tecinco?
5. I still haven't found the great match I was looking for.

The Cubs Fan
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