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This time, I'll remember to put in the explanations!

CMLL Line - 10/30/01

Competitors Key:

EX 1. A, B, C
2. D, E, F
1 1. Pierrothito (w/Boricuas)
2. Ultimo Dragoncito (champion, w/Tiger Blanco)
2 1. Ultimo Guerrero (w/Mascara Magica)
2. Villano IV (w/Villano V)
3 1. Dr. Wagner Jr. (c), Shocker y Satanico
2. Mr. Niebla, Hijo Del Lizmark y Atlantis (c)
4 1. Black Warrior
2. Negro Casas

# F Type Time Momentum Finish Comment Rating
For the CMLL midget title
1 mano
1:58 1-2-E-E-1-2 2 armdrag into rollup 1 good matwork, quick 72
2 2:11 2-1-2-1 1 mask pulling camel clutch 2 quick again
3 3:12 2-1-2-1-2 1 Standing figure four with facelock 2 a killer moonsault, literally
T 7:21   2-1, NEW CHAMPION considering time, injury, good 
Villano IV and V discuss the next match
2 1 mano
1:25 1-2 2 Gory Special-like 1 way too quick 40
2 1:17 E-1 1 Inverted STF 2 quick, okay plancha
3 1:49 1-2 Mask Pull  see above, cheap finish
T 4:31   Guerrero, 2 to 1 had promise, not time
Shocker and Dr. Wagner Jr. go bowling and talk about the people they hate, pretending they're the ball. Strike! +
3 1 trios 4:40 M-1 B+C deathlock/armbar combo E
ref stop for F
total rudo beatdown fall 75
2 4:40 1-2-E-1 E Gory Special C
D 'rana B
Atlantis and Wagner good
anti-climatic finish 
3 3:01 1-2-1-2-1-2 (DQ) A low blow F Heated up but wanted more
T   12:21   Atlantis, 2-1 first 2 falls long + predictable
last fall fun but short
Spectacular Moments
Negro Casas gets check out by the Doctor  
Final of the "Leyenda De Plate" (Legend of the Silver Mask) tournament
4 T mano  6:22 E-E-1-2-1-1-2-1 1 Powerbomb 2 Have I said too short yet? 77

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches, ++ for extremely good skit, + for really good skit, - for really bad skit, -- for extremely bad skit.

Momentum: A number indicate that side is in control, E is for even, M is for Mixed. 

Match Notes

First Match: They make title defenses a big deal and it's really kinda neat. Pierrothito is the guy carrying the flag whose name I haven't caught before. Dragon and Pierrothito missed each other on Dragon's Asai Moonsault, Dragon going face first onto the unpadded floor (knees landing hard on the metal stage) and came up bloody and disoriented. Dragon was a slower for the last two minutes but going on at all was very impressive.

Second Match: They didn't shy away from showing Villanos' face here. Every fall was quick - maybe they were cut down? These two can do a lot better. Post match, Villano IV put up a Mask vs Mask challenge but Guerrero didn't seem that interested.

Third Match: Unseeingly amounts of rudo beatdown without much hope for the babyfaces. It centered on Atlantis and Wagner and went on too long, though Wagner had fun and even made a trip to the announcers to commentate on it. When the tecincos came back, they came back strong and just as dominant. The winning side took advantage of the break to beat. Wagner rather kill Atlantis with a sledgehammer than win the third fall, but the ref knocked him out trying to stop it. Atlantis ripped Wagner's mask to shreds, causing Wagner to react, but in front of the other ref.

Fourth Match: Reports of fans digging Warrior and booing Casas sure seemed accurate. Did Casas do something to annoy everyone? Warrior was going after the head and neck of Casas the whole match, hitting a DDT (with Casas taking his weird bump) right before the finish. Warrior was limping from a STF after the match. Casas watched in some disbelief as Warrior was presented with the plaque. Warrior had a cool mask and his kid with him.


1. As a gringo, I keep expecting a lot more flying and a lot less submissions than I get from these guys. 
2. Weird to get so many singles matches in one night
3. Seeing "Dr. Wagner" and "Shocker" on the computerized scoreboard was really funny for some reason. Dr. Wagner seemed to be a good (or at least lucky) bowler; they didn't need to cut and insert strikes like they seemed to do with Shocker. 
4. I hope we get more of Wagner/Atlantis.
5. What's next for Warrior?

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