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CMLL Line - 11/06/01

Competitors Key:

1 R. Viloencia, Gran Markus (c), Poder Boricua
T. Villano III (c), IV, V 
2 R. Cien Caras, Mascara Ano 2000, Universo 2000 (c)
T. Rayo De Jalisco (c), Super Porky, Lizmark Jr.
3 R. Mr. Mexico, El Guerrero De Futuro, Pierroth Jr. (c)
T. Tony Rivera (c), Alan Stone, La Fiera
4 R. Nosawa (champion), w/Viloencia
T. Felino (challenger), w/Blue Panther 
5 R. Tarzan Boy, Black Tiger (c), Mascara Magica 
T. Black Warrior (c), Felino, Satanico

# F Type Time Momentum Finish Comment Rating
Felino, Black Warrior, Mascara Magica and Black Tiger (in English!) talk up their upcoming match 
Pierroth congregates Pierrothio on his title win, tells the rest to step it up
1 trios 0:57 T V forward legsweep cradle PB
III double underhook choke Viloencia
a nice tope by III 70
2 2:30 R-T3-R3 PB top rope senton V
Viloencia top rope sommersault senton III
returning the favor
3 2:58 -R3-T(2) III + IV double Boston crab Viloencia
V powerslam PB
true to form
T 5:55   2 - 1, Tecinos better than usual but not much there
Los Capos prepare (in their dark basement hideout) for the next match
2 1 trios 4:03 R-T-E-R-T Rayo [2nd rope springboard reverse tope] M2K
Lizmark ?? CC
clipped - slow paced, no story 60
2 2:47 R CC + M2K [double step over armbar] Porky
CC + M2K [double torture rack] Lizmark
beatdown, nice spots
3 2:40 T-R3-T All [small package reversal/triple cover] Rayo nice spots, unusual ending 
T 9:30   2-1, Rudos picked up but average
3 1 trios 6:53 R-T-E-R-T-R-T4 TR [Gory Special] Mexico
F [standing spin kick] P
Solid, not spectacular. Intro. 72
2 2:14 E-T-R3 Guerrero [German Suplex Bridge] Stone
P [vertical suplex] TR
Beatdown, double rocket launcher
3 4:04 -T-R-T-R-T2 F [camel clutch] Mexico
Stone [Majistral] Guerrero
got moving after comeback
hot ending
T 13:11   2-1, Rivera shows promise - want more
CMLL Welterweight Title Match
4 mano 7:02 R3-T-R-T2-R-T-R-T F suspended reverse figure four 
New Champion
nice spots near the end, okay 73
Spectacular Moments
Felino and Warrior talk about now being teammates; the spirit of Satanico drops in  
5 1 trios 4:00 E-T-R-T4-R-T F [Crucifix Powerbomb] TB
S [Standing Figure Four] MM
warm up fall, nice spots 77
2 3:16 T-R-T3-R BT [Death Valley Driver] BW
TB [top rope rope legdrop] F
beatdown but good
3 3:20 -R4-T-R-T-R-T BT [DQ, faked low blow] BW really good till lame finish
T 10:36   BT, 2-1 (DQ) see above

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches, ++ for extremely good skit, + for really good skit, - for really bad skit, -- for extremely bad skit.

Momentum Key: T for the Tecinos in control, R for the Rudos in control, E is for even, M is for Mixed, * for Interference


5 Matches with 0 No Contest.

Total Match Time: 46:14 
About 51.3% of showtime; 
Average Match Rating (5 Matches) 70
Overall Match Rating: approximately 73
5 Matches (4 Trios, 1 Singles,
1 Title Matches (CMLL Welterweight)
Title Changes: 1
1. Felino (CMLL Welterweight)
Turns: 0
Show Assessment: Adequate, promising

Match By Match: 

First Match: The Villanos wore the numbered tights this week, which was nice. Also, Mexican shirts to voice their opposition to the Boricuas. Kinda lame miss spot to cue the final babyface revenge. Viloenca took a nasty bump off a hot shot. Better than  your average Boricua match, maybe the short time worked in their favor there, but not enough work to make it really good.

Second Match: Rayo had a fine looking woman with him. The outfit helped. We spent fifty seconds after the bell waiting for them to get started, then they clipped ahead all match, so I don't know what that was about. Porky hit a plancha off the apron but that was pretty much it. The reverse tope doesn't look great but maybe the fans buy it. We never see how Lizmark took Cien down, just the pin.  Capos are better than my initial estimate and Jalisco is dropping down so quick.

Third Match: Guererro and Alan Stone have an issue at the arena shows but we don't see them on TV. Heck, we don't see anyone in this match all that often. The Guerrero/Stone issue was built strong throughout the first fall. First fall flowed well, especially considering the length. Rivera has nice spots. And cow pants. Pierroth Jr. isn't good - a vertical suplex for the fall? Looked like Stone landed head first on the German Suplex. Stone was oddly the one who got to start the comeback - not the captain Rivera, nor the (seemingly) elder member Fiera. Stone took control at the end at won nicely. If the second fall (and Pierroth Jr.) wasn't so basic, this would have rocked the house. Still, it's good. They advertised a hair vs hair match in the upcoming match section so that's probably why they had it get shown.

Fourth Match: Last time I saw Nosawa, he was in a Kaientai rip off facing a Jon Wayne Gacy rip off in XPW. Things have obviously improved for him. He still has XPW on his Tajiri rip off looking tights, so maybe not that much. Match seemed to be joined in progress. Nosawa was big on the funky submission holds and blatantly grabbing the ropes for leverage. Felino didn't seem to be in the best of shapes here. Nosawa used the Iconclasm and it still doesn't look convincing but it got a replay. There were some good spots near the end but it was more spots and characters than a story. Again with a big celebration over the belt being won.

That Ultimo Dragoncito missed plancha was shown again and again in the Spectacular moments and really still looks painful.

Fifth Match: Felino and Warrior invent a top rope Veg-O-Matic, which is neato. Black Tiger started the mask ripping (biting, even) on Warrior. Some nice beatdown spots make it a better beatdown. Black Tiger with triple moonsaults, Warrior gets the knees up a the end, but Tarzan Boy claims a low blow and gets the cheap win. He gets a real one after the match. With a real finish, this would have been better than the singles match.

Closing Notes: 

1. The Villanos can bring out the best in anyone.
2. There was a weird set of horror/halloween skits that didn't fit in anywhere
3. The last trios match was cooking and I don't get how that finish helps anyone
4. They seemed to suggest we haven't seen the end of Warrior/Tiger yet.
5. REY JR and NICHO next week. And we get back to that tag team issue 

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