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CMLL on Galavision by The Cubs Fan




CMLL Line - 11/13/01

This was the Halloween Episode and they do a lot of Halloween type goofing around throughout the show.

Competitors Key:

1 AC R. Tarzan Boy, Mascara Magica, Fuereza Guerrera 
T. Villano IV, V, Blue Demon Jr.
2 AC R. Los Guapos (Emilio Charles Jr. (c), Bestia Salvaje, Scorpio Jr.) 
T. Rayo De Jalisco (c), Super Porky, Mr. Niebla 
3 AM R. Virus, Juventued Guerrera, El Nicho, Black Tiger (c)
T. Antifaz, El Felino, Rey Mysterio Jr., Black Warrior (c)
4 AM R. Apolo Dantes, Mascara Y2K, Universo 2K (c), Cien Carras 
T. Villano III, Lizmark Jr., Giant Silva (c)
5 AM R. Rey Buccanero Jr., Ultimo Guerrero - challengers
T. El Hijo Del Santo, Negro Casas - champions

AC means Arena Coliseo, AM means Arena Mexico.

# F Type Time Momentum Finish Comment Rating
Apolo Dantes, dressed up like the announcers, does the opening introduction (with the announcer's voice)   
Dr. Wagner in "Fraken" "Wagnerstein" - or he dreams he's in it, at least
His creation tries to choke him to death but then he wakes up but then maybe it wasn't a dream 
1 trios 6:10 R-T-E-R-T7 IV half Boston MM
V Torture rack-like FG
mat wrestling
mostly tecinco, outsmarting
2 4:15 T-R-T-R3 FG abdominal stretch V
MM & TB double ab. stretch BD
rudos took back control
nothing great, solid
3 5:03 R-T-E-T MM inside cradle IV
TB low blow BD
okay, but not great
expected more given time
T 15:28   Rudos, 2-1 wow, 15 minute match
"hombre lobo" "Emilio Lobo" Emilio and his girlfriend talk about Shocker.
The full moon turns Emilio into a wolf and chokes his girlfriend. But he was dreaming. Maybe.
Apolo's had enough of this annoucing gig and is turning in his suit coat
2 1 trios 3:42 E-T2-R-T4 Porky reverses slam S
Niebla top rope cross body BS
eh. Porky is fat.
Jalisco's tope isn't great
2 3:30 T-R-T-R-T Porky running splash S, BS director liked Shocker more 
rudo beatdown
T 7:12   Tecincos, 2-0 next, please
In other recent action:
A guy with a black mask came in to aid the Boricuas in beating down after a match
"El Jorbado De Notre Dame La Arena Mexico" Shocker is ambushed and beaten down, leaving him a hunchback
Later, he finds out his face is ruined too. Horribla! But it was jut a dream.
3 1 quatros 6:05 R-E-R-T4 Rey bridge cover, reversal of reversal Juvie
Antifaz inverted powerbomb Virus
 Felino second rope bomb Nicho
awesome, lots of spirit
Rey is still Rey
Everyone else is good too
2 0:41 R Tiger second rope moonsault Warrior very very short
3 8:06 R2-T-R-T4-R-
Warrior DDT, Figure Four & Wristlock Tiger An ocean of greatness
T 14:52   Tecincos, 2-1 really really really good
Spectacular Moments
"Sexto Sentido" "Sin Sentido" Pierrothio sees dead people. Co-Staring Pierroth as Bruce Willis
Also, Veneno as the goon that gets yelled at. Veneno wakes Pierroth up from the dream. Must've been bad cigars.
4 1 handicap
4T vs 3R
7:18 R2-T-R2-E-T-R-T5-R Silva falling top rope splash AD, U2K nice rudo team moves
not much else
"Scream" "Ice Cream" New midget Ice Cream Man (really) gets strange phone calls, Scream mask stalker.
He's got a knife! The chase is on. Oh no he got it. Oh it was just a dream. Here's his sub sandwich. Oh, wait, maybe not a dream.
CMLL Tag Team Titles
5 1 parjes 5:53 E-T-E-R-T-R Ultimo modified back suplex Casas
Buccanero Camel Clutch Santo
lots of mat wrestling
2 2:21 R2-T Ultimo COR
Buccanero COR
Santo topes are cool
unique finish, for me
3 9:13 T2-R-T-R-E
Casas La Majistral Ultimo
Buccanero COR
Lots of near falls
endings set up previously
T 17:27   Champions (T), 2-1 slighty better story
no obvious missed spots

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches, ++ for extremely good skit, + for really good skit, - for really bad skit, -- for extremely bad skit.

Momentum Key: A number indicate that side is in control, E is for even, M is for Mixed, * for Interference


5 Matches with 0 No Contest (62:17), about 34.6% of showtime

5 R vs T, 0 T vs T, 0 R vs R
1 Quatros, 2 Trios, 1 Tag, 1 Handicap (1 4 vs 3)
Average Match Rating (5 Matches): 74.4, Weighted 79.2
Overall Match Rating: approximately 85
1 Title Matches (5, Champions Retain)
1 instances of interference (1 meaningful, Shocker )
Match 2 (Shocker)
Show Assessment: 2 really really good matches and eh

Match By Match: 

First Match: While he was stalling outside, Tarzan Boy's foot got caught in a cable and he threatened the camera man with violence, which was funny. Then he got a crushing knee to the head from IV and it was not so funny. Magica went for Demon's mask in the third fall and got it untied. Mascara Magica accidentally (?) punched a ref's foot. He didn't look all that sorry. Weird stretch where they were just leaning Villano on the ropes and talking to him - just before they started the babyface comeback. Magica took a weird (but cool) bump into the side of the apron while halfway in the ring. Villanos repaid the mask untying by untying Fuereza's - it totally got knocked off by a punch and he tries using it to cover his face but wasn't that successful - his partners helped him stall to get it back on. Tecnicos were cruising to a win till Tarzan Boy's low blow turned it around.

Second Match: Niebla must've lost a bet to be in this match. Scorpio tried to slam Super Porky but Porky ended up on top. In between the first and second fall, Shocker strolled out with a Muppet's Animal doll to mock Emilio and grabbed a seat in the crowd. Director was more interested in his exploits (playing with the doll, going over to talk to Emilio's girlfriend to draw Emilio out of the match) then the match itself.

Third Match: You would not believe that he used to be Psicosis unless someone told you - short hair, different look. Weird. The ring announcer accidentally calls Black Tiger "Black Warrior" and has to fix it. Rey stole Scott Steiner's pop can headdress. Tiger and Warrior didn't wait for introductions to finish before beating each other up. Black Warrior has the awesomest tope of all awesome topes. This match is play by play worthy, which isn't that big of a surprise.

First Caida: Even before we get started, Black Tiger and Black Warrior meet on the ramp and rumble, because they want to kill each other, but the rest sit back and wath. Tiger gets the better of it, working over the left leg before thrown punches to the head. In the ring, the teams try to psych the other side out, and the rudos try form a wall around the ramp entrance so Tiger and Warrior can go at - that is, if Tiger hadn't backed off and a ref gotten in the way. Warrior's paying attention to Tiger and whatever he'll do next, which allows Nicho to sneak attack him from behind and push him into a Tiger superkick. Now the tecincos really want to get the rudos but they're all outside the ring and I guess that's too far to go. Rudos pose on the ropes and turnbuckle for quite a bit and Antifaz bounces off the ropes to at least get their attention back to the match and maybe sneak a hit if Nicho didn't move. Tiger doing the Rock pose. Finnaly everyone's set up, but the rudos have no man in and are getting the count, but they don't really care so they just break the count a couple times till they're ready. 

Finally, Virus finnaly decides to start, with Antifaz standing is his own corner ready to go.He charges out, sliding dropkick but Virus dives and rolls over. Virus off the ropes, over, under, wheel kick (nothing actually connects.) Quick celebration, as you might if you could knock someone down without hitting them. Open hand slaps, then a corner whip, but it's quickly reversed, Antifaz charge comes up empty but he quickly jumps to sitting on the top rope. Virus tries to stun him with a slap but gets a kick that turns him around, then Antifaz's weird second rope headscissors. A standard spinning headscissors follows and Virus is out of the ring. Antifaz teases the dive but elects to do his quebrada fake out and muscle pose. Because he has muscles.

Felino and well Juvie's thinking about it but he really doesn't want to get in - so Felino slaps him across the face and now Juvie's good. Felino poses, and everyone ends up in the ring. We get a couple crowd shots, which makes me think they're covering some cut up, and by the time we get back, Warrior and Tiger are on opposite ends of a ring apron with Warrior looking like he'd really want to charge him and Felino and Juvie are the only ones in the ring. Tiger teases walking out, Warrior is asked to go back to his corner, and Tiger goes back to his (consoled by Juvie.) Now Juvie and Felino go at it, with Felino diving and hitting his left knee. Juvie is stumbling but still up right, so Felino puts on a headlock, Juvie pushes him off, Felino comes back off the far ropes, over, under, a dropkick to the left knee. Warrior is pumped. Off the ropes, pause to hold the ropes, Juvie charges with a clothesline and it's ducked under as Felino goes the other other way, and back again for a clothesline that gets Felino halfway out of the ring and Juvie all the way out. Felino points up, then goes to his corner to get out.

Rey and Nicho. Rey tries a quick dropkick but Nicho sidesteps. Rey gets up but stumbles into the corner, chop, corner whip, rebound clothesline. We get a replay of that Felino clothesline to note that Juvie's back went into the ropes first and then he got lifted over the top. Back to live action, Nicho tries to push Rey off the ropes but Rey leans back awkwardly and his head slips under the top rope. The top rope ends up in his face and Rey sells it nicely before getting whipped out. Nicho with a somewhat lame clothesline attempt that misses, then watches as Rey comes rolling off the far ropes, jumping on him in Victory Roll position and spins around into a 'rana, no cover. Nicho recovers and charges, tilt-a-whirl but Nicho lands on his feet, Nicho's follow up clothesline misses but Rey's open hand slap is dead on. Whip, but instead of releasing, Rey grabs Nicho by the head and throws/slides him underneath the bottom rope all the way out to the floor. Classic Psychosis. Juvie leans in the ring and points at Rey, Rey points back and seems to say "another time." 

Antifaz rolls in, so Black Tiger elects to jump in. Antifaz motions to the rowdy tecinco section before he gets going - unfortunately, Black Tiger gets going a little quicker and hits the dropkick to the left knee. Tiger grabs Antifaz's left arm with his own right arm, pulls him up, chops him down, pulls him up, chops him down, pulls him up, chops him down. With Antifaz out of it, Tiger turns and spits at Warrior, who wants in to take care of him right now, but he's cut off by the ref. Tiger, satisfied with getting the better of him, goes back to Antifaz, swings, and misses. Antifaz gets a series of open and slaps, whip, Tiger with the tilt-a-whirl but Antifaz lands on his feet (but not as well as Nicho just did), Tiger's clothesline misses and then he charges right into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. A standing enzuiguri continues Antifaz's momentum turn, and he goes to the second rope headscissors to take Tiger all the way out. Antifaz seems to think about doing a dive, but really just provides a screen so Tiger can't see Black Warrior coming off the far ropes with his super cool bullet tope till it's far too late to do get out of the way. Warrior takes Tiger, himself, and about eight seats out. (Luckily, the first row of people were smart enough to get out of the way, lest they be killed.)

Before anyone gets a chance to catch their breath, the match picks up in the ring with Rey and Juvie. The crowd seemed to be happy to see Rey back off most, and cheered for this particular matchup. Juvie with knife edge chops, but Rey ducks under one (only Rey), whip, reversed by Juvie, Rey comes off the far ropes and starts with a spinning front facelock and ends up hooking his legs into a spinning headscissors. Juvie is up but disoriented, so Rey goes for a German suplex. Juvie has enough into him to block, then let loose with elbows from both sides to break the waistlock. Juvie reaches both hands between his legs, trying to grab and perhaps trip up Rey's legs, but Rey sees it coming and grabs Juvie's hands with his own, flipping Juvie inside out and on his back. Rey quickly in front of Juvie, then bridges back, grabbing Juvie's legs and forcing him down to the mat for a one two three count. (I believe this was used into the aborted best of five series, but I can not recall right now.)

As Rey was going for the cover, Virus saw the situation and attempted to come in the ring, but was quickly cut off by Antifaz. Antifaz ducks a clothesline and misses one of his own. Virus goes off the far ropes and tries a body scissors, but Virus catches him, locks on a waistlock and flings him backwards, bridging for a one two three count. That's a wheelbarrow suplex, if I recall. Two men eliminated, but because this is a quatros, we need three (or the captain) so the tecincos need one more victory..

That comes quickly - while we were watching that, Nicho had some how deposited Felino on the top rope, and is now going for a top rope 'rana, but Felino was apparently not as out of it as Nicho had hoped, as he easily reverses to a second rope powerbomb and that's an easy one two three. Antifaz was nice enough to come help cover. Nicho is dead. The refs raise Antifaz and Felino's hands (the other two busy outside the ring - perhaps Warrior was fighting with Tiger), then all four. The rudos stagger and recover on the outside, though Nicho takes a while to roll out and get there.

Replays of the killer bullet tope, Rey's unique pinning combination, Antifaz's suplex and Felino's powerbomb. We do get to see that Felino had missed a corner splashing axhandle previously to when we picked Nicho and him up.

Still during the fall break, we find that Warrior unwisely went after Tiger on the outside and just got a massive shot into the ringpost. Virus, Juvie and Tiger take a turn stomping on him (Nicho out on the other side of the ring still feeling the pain from the powerbomb.)  

Segunda Caida: Warrior gets in the ring, despite obviously not being in good shape, and Tiger wastes no time in taking advantage of it. Another superkick and Warrior is down. Snap mare, into a chinlock position so Tiger can enlarge the eye holes in Warrior's mask. He does a pretty good job of it, and starts to pick up Warrior by his mask before slamming him to the mat. Warrior is out of it, and a lighting quick second rope moonsault doesn't help - cover one two three. They're captains, so we're done just like that. Tiger goes back to the mask as Rey comes into to complain. Juvie comes into to antagonize (he does it well), and Antifaz tries to push Tiger away from Warrior. Rudos gets their hands raise, and Warrior unwisely (again!) charges at Tiger. He's ticked, and this is a horrible time to go to replays, because Warrior is in the wrong neighborhood. Replay of the nice moonsault. As we go to break, it looks like the fight has picked up between falls, and the rudo are definitely getting the better of it. The last thing we see is Juvie laying out Felino with a punch on the ramp... it's good that the first thing we see coming back is Juvie standing over Felino right where we left them. Juvie's blocked off attacking by the tecinco ref (I assume), but that doesn't really do much for the three other battles. Nicho does a great Falcon Arrow on Rey and Virus stomps Antifaz hard into the mat. Everyone else heads out of the ring as Black Tiger has Black Warrior on the top rope and goes up as well - top rope (snapping) superplex! Awesome. We take a look at the ring girl in the middle of it all and Tiger tries to get the cover to win it, but the fall hasn't actually started yet. Nearby, Juvie stands on the second rope for more pressure as he chokes Felino in a corner. Virus and Rey exchange slaps on the outside, Virus getting in a hard one that knocks Rey silly. Antifaz is down and Nicho is in the area.

Terecera Caida: Juvie works on Felino with kicks in the ring, while Nicho hits a dropkick on Antifaz out of the ring. Looks like Juvie hit the Juvie Driver while we were looking the other way. Nicho is warned to get into the ring, while Tiger makes a cover on Felino, one two he's up. Tiger might have tried to pull Felino up there and he got up anyway; it looked a little muddled. Tiger waves Nicho over, and he takes control in the ring. 

Quick tag to Virus, slam by Nicho, Virus with the catapult elbow drop. Felino quickly rolls himself out before Virus can follow up, so he starts attacking Rey as he's coming in the ring. Armbar, hard knee to the gut. Virus doesn't seem to do many flashy things but the things he does, he does hard. Whip, super high flapjack, Virus pushes Rey down as he falls back to Earth. Rey recovers to his knees, but gets obliterated with a running dropkick to the head. Cover, one two no shoulder up. Antifaz is a second late but in regardless, chopping away. Whip, diving forearm. Snap mare, and Antifaz locks in a standing surfboard. 

Unfortunately for him, Antifaz has his back towards the rudo corner, allowing Nicho to slip in undetected and nail him with a spinning heel kick. Nicho taunts Felino, then gets a slam on Antifaz. Going up - Tijuana Jam! Nicho looks really good here. Nicho covers but Felino breaks it up quickly. Felino forces Nicho in the corner and slaps him hard in the face many many times. Corner whip, follow in clothesline. Corner whip, reversed by Nicho, and he hits the follow in clothesline. Now it's his turn to hit his hard slaps to the face. Felino has enough and takes down Nicho. Felino grabs Nicho's left leg and yanks it down to the mat hard and lets go to do it again.

Juvie saves his friend with a kick to Felino's left leg before he can do any damage. Quickly, both Nicho and Felino are heading out of the ring and Rey takes his place in the ring. The crowd reacts strongly again to this matchup. So do they. Juvie with a kick, chop, chop, whip, Rey slides underneath, Juvie charges and Rey gives him a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Juvie charges again and again receives a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Again! Cover one two Tiger breaks it up. Juvie grabs Rey by the head, then slowly backs him into the ropes, reversed, Juvie tries for the dropkick to the knee but Rey moves out of the way, kick by Rey, powerbomb try but Juvie flips out and lands on his feet, kick, powerbomb! Both men are down and covering each other with a leg - one two both shoulders up! 

Virus calmly comes in, stomps Rey, picks him up in a fireman's carry and drops him forward. Going to the top - moonsault! One two broken up by Warrior. 

Virus rolls out, and in comes Black Tiger. The crowd reacts strongly here too. They have words, then Tiger hits a dropkick. Whip, reversed by Warrior, split legged flapjack, almost the X-Factor with a lift before hand. Warrior off the ropes and a dropkick to the face. Now he's going revenge, pulling the mask, while Tiger desperately tries to get free. Felino comes in and holds Tiger's legs as Warrior pulls the mask. Felino is eventually warned out of the ring and Warrior stops, trying to get the crowd railed. Tiger is tired and needs the ropes to get up. Warrior looks at the crowd, then looks at Tiger charging him, catches him, and drops him over the top rope on the floor. Nicho charges over and he gets hiptossed to the floor. Warrior off the far ropes - another bullet tope to take them both out, with Warrior landing on his feet and holding the other two up. Rey with a springboard somersault plancha on the rudos on the floor! 

In the ring, Virus comes in and gets clotheslined by Antifaz. Off the ropes, over, sunset flip but Virus breaks free, off the ropes, elbow drop. Again with the forward fireman's carry drop, and a standing moonsault for the cover one two no. Virus off the ropes, Victory roll is stopped and Antifaz holds him in position for a Felino missile dropkick! Antifaz sets up and sets Felino on the way - assisted high dropkick and Virus is swatted out of the ring - running corkscrew plancha by Antifaz!

Juvie nails Felino with a spin kick as he's watching that plancha hit. Kicks to the gut, off the ropes, Felino tries a powerbomb, Juvie tries to reverse it into something but it fails and Juvie ends up landing on his feet, Felino unhurt. Juvie quickly works in another spin kick to stun Felino, then off the far ropes, Felino with a hiptoss that takes them both to the floor.

The only two guys ready to come back in are Tiger and Warrior, which Tiger really doesn't seem in favor of. Nor the "Warrior" chant. Tiger makes the first move, charging with a spin kick, and comes up only with turnbuckle. Warrior charges, but Tiger sidesteps and smashes him into the turnbuckle. Forearm to the back, then pushing him on to the second rope, Tiger loads Warrior up on his shoulders and tries for the spin around powerbomb, but Warrior reverses to 'rana, with cradle, one two NO. Both need time to recover. Warrior up first, off the ropes, right into a fireman's carry - Death Valley Driver and harsh! One two Rey breaks it up with a flying legdrop! Rey checks on Warrior, who tells him he needs a moment to recover from the nasty shot his head just took, and Rey takes his place in the battle. 

Tiger chops Rey before he can do all that much, corner whip, Tiger with a splash but no one's home. Tiger ends up beached on the top rope, and Rey forces him to stay there as he goes up as well - reverse 'rana! Isn't that Silver King's move? Fantastic. 

And then Juvie nails him with a picture perfect dropkick. Rey out of the ring, Juvie going up - and Felino crotching him. I guess that's part of the "low blow is a DQ" rule, because Felino hurries out of the ring and hides, pretending he had nothing to do with what just happened. Back in the ring, Warrior is back up and Tiger is after him - charging clothesline is turned into the DDT that won the Legend of the Silver Mask tournament. Warrior locks on a standing figure four and lifts up Tiger by his wrists. The tecincos keep the rest of the rudos at bay, and Tiger has no choice but to give. Tecincos win, but Warrior is too spent to celebrate. At least right away.

Tecincos celebrate, while the rudos sneak in to recover Silver king. Replay of King being thrown to the floor, Nicho to the floor and the bullet tope.

We get words from the winners. Rey is proud of Black Warrior, and annoys the rudos enough that they come to the floor. Warrior talks trash about Tiger and doesn't appear to be happy and the shape his mask is in. Nicho holds Tiger back. Antifaz wants to get words in but the microphone keeps getting pulled from him. Here's replay of Rey's dive, Antifaz's dive, the DDT, the submission, and Juvie getting crotched. Rudos celebrate in the ring.

Fourth Match: Silva slips on the second rope while trying to pose to the crowd. He blames the ref. Capos love the team moves - the quadruple dropkick to the head is nice. Silva as a giant is incredible limited - reminds me a lot of the Big Show and I bet that doesn't really make me alone. 

Fifth Match: I figured this needed commentary too. Of note, after the usual high profile title match ceremonies, we notice a "Saludos A Promociones Baja California. Tijuana #1." We last saw this match on the first CMLL report I did, 9/18/01, and the titles were held up (or something like that) because Satanico dressed up as Mascara Magica and interfered to try to cost Guerrero and Buccanero the match.

Primera Caida: Ultimo and Santo circle. Lockup, and it's even for a bit, then Santo with an armdrag out, into an armbar. Guerrero with a headscissors to reverse. Santo breaks out, both their feet, Santo with the single leg take down and a single leg grapevine. After a beat, Ultimo turns it into a cross armbreaker. Santo tries to bridge out of it and moves it enough to grab the ropes. Break, they're both up. Santo with a leg trip, headlock, reversed into the headscissors, cover one two shoulder up by Santo. Both up, circling again. Lockup, Santo with a waistlock, take down, front face lock, armbar by Santo, Guerrero rolls through out and out, single leg trip, picking Santo up by his legs but Santo reverses it into a headstand headscissors. Both up, circle. Reaching for each other's hands, double wristlock, Guerrero turning into a hammerlock. Take down, Guerrero goes for a knee breaker but he doesn't have a tight enough hold so Santo is able to roll on to his stomach to prevent the hold. Guerrero rolls on top of Santo to keep him there, quickly turning it into an Indian Deathlock. Guerrero lets go but quickly gets a front facelock. Santo rolls over and reverses to a headlock of his own, but in the process puts both shoulders down on the mat, one two Santo lets go for the headlock to avoid the pin. Guerrero tries to force both arms down for the pin one two Santo is too strong. Now they have a double wristlock on as they battle to their feet, trying to out maneuver each other, and Guerrero eventually tries a whip. Santo comes right back with a spinning headscissors into a spinning armdrag and out Guerrero goes.

Negro and Rey in as we check out a replay of that armdrag. Crowd behind Casas. Lockup, no Casas goes for the left leg. Leg trip to take down Buccanero and now a modified half Boston but far too close to the ropes. Casas takes his time letting go, so Rey reverses into a cradle for one two no. Rey stands up and forces Casas into the mat for another one two no, then turns it over into a half Boston. Casas is able to get some leverage and reveres it to a leg hold of his own, but Rey gets on a chin lock, then turns it into a front facelock. Casas uses an armbar to get out, into a headlock, off the ropes, shoulderblock but no one's going down. Both with clotheslines but neither goes down. Rey with kicks to the right elf, head lock, off the ropes, shoulderblock and now Casas goes down. kicking the right leg, off the ropes, big boot to the nose. Off the ropes, big boot caught, Rey escapes, Rey tries a punch but its' blocked, Casas tries a punch but it's blocked, Rey hits a clothesline. Off the ropes, dropkick, Casas out.

Rey baits Santo in, then doesn't want him. Now he's ready - kick to the chest, slaps to the chest. Santo fires back with his own. Whip, reversed, Santo with a dropkick and Rey is out.

Casas back in, and so is Guerrero. Exchange of chops. Casa goes to the kicks, left leg ones. Corner whip, charge but Guerrero gets a boot up, Guerrero charges out and Casas gets in a clothesline. Whip, dropkick to the left knee. Casas tries to go for the La Majistral, but a kick to stun Ultimo does seem to work, and Guerrero lifts Casas up by the barred arm, turning into something like a super back suplex. Cover one two three.

Meanwhile, Rey came in but was no match for Santo, who tried to put Rey in the camel clutch. However, Rey slipped out from underneath Santo's legs, and put his own camel clutch on him - Santo has no choice but to give up. Fall to the rudos, and they are one fall away from winning the titles.

Replay of the winning combinations.

Segunda Caida: Ultimo and Rey are on Santo before the last whistle has rung. Double whip, double drop toe hold, double elbow drop. Double whip, double dropkick. Celebratory posing. They do the Steiner pose! Wacky! 

Casas attempts to break up the fun, but gets a back elbow before he can get there. Rey with a sleeper so Ultimo can kick him. Double armbar, double kick to the stomach, double dropkick to the head. Casas is rolled to the floor.

Santo back in. Double whip, double flapjack. Double dropkick to the head but Santo moves out of the way! Casas is back in now as well and the tecincos are coming out strong. Santo with knees and Casas with punches. Santo takes Rey to the apron with a slap, then runs him into the turnbuckle. Ultimo is held on the apron for a dropkick, then Casas goes to the outside to hold Ultimo up for a Santo bullet rope! Replay, and then Santo is up on the top rope - plancha onto Rey and Casas! Here's a replay of that. Casas and Ultimo celebrate in the ring - looks like Rey and Ultimo just got counted out.

Rey and Ultimo are checked on as we check the replays.

Tercera Caida: Ultimo and Rey pump themselves up on the outside, while Casas whispers advice to Santo. Ultimo and Santo start. Ultimo charges, over Santo, both hit clothesline and Guerrero is slightly better off. He's staggered and looking at the crowd when Santo trips him up, though. Santo with the "step on the back of the legs and pull by his hair/mask" submission, then turns it into a chinlock. A Romero chinlock, I do believe. Buccanero stomps to break it up, but Santo quickly locks it on as Casas gets a waistlock on Rey to prevent him from helping his partner. Guerrero gets the ropes to save himself and Santo takes a second to let go. Ultimo rolls under the ropes, so Santo with a snap suplex on Rey. Cover one two dropkick by Ultimo.

Whip by Ultimo, bearhug hold then thrown down like a spinebuster. Ultimo grabs the left leg and puts on a half crab. Santo tries to reach the ropes but Ultimo pulls him back. Casas comes in with a kick to break it up and is clothesline by Rey. Cover one two Casas kicks out. 

Casas with a chest kick, and another. DDT. One two shoulder up. Suplex, bout both block - Rey hits his own for one two no. 

Tag to Santo, Ultimo in. Whip, Santo with the flip to 'rana position into a sunset flip one two broken up by Rey. Replay, and then Ultimo with a powerslam, one two broken up by Casas. Casas goes after Rey and all four fight in opposite corners. Casas and Santo are whipped into each other, then Casas is double whipped into to Santo. Whip for Casas, spinebuster by Rey. Rey holds Casas - Ultimo dropkick hits Rey! Rey's knocked out of the ring.

Casas with a hard kick, hard chops. Ultimo calls him on and gets kicked in the face. Casas with a waistlock and takes Ultimo down to the mat so he's facing up - Santo with the flying senton running into the bullet tope into Rey's back!

Back in the ring, Casas tries to clinch it with a La Majistral, but Ultimo pushes him away, warns him, and we see a replay of Santo. Back in the ring - Ultimo chokeslam! One two NO! Ultimo with an armbar, then an exploder suplex! one two NO. Ultimo sets Casas up on the top rope, but Cass is getting his strength back - top rope superplex! If Ultimo can cover - he does after a pause one two Santo breaks it up, but quickly leaves. Ultimo with a whip, head down too soon, kick wham DDT. Desperate tag to Santo.

Santo pauses, then goes to the top - bullet tope on Ultimo! One two Rey breaks it up! 

Rey with a senton, cover one two NO. Whip, clothesline misses, Santo 'rana one two NO! Knee lift by Santo, but a second is caught and turned into a side slam one two NO. Both men are tired, but Rey charges, arm is caught by Santo, leg DDT and both arms are scissored on the mat. Rey tries to break free but Ultimo moves it to his corner and tags in Casas. 

Casas repeats Santo's move, but Rey gets a foot on the ropes. Tag to Santo, snap mare, holding him - flying elbow drop. One two NO. Rey up first - powerbomb! He's going up top the rope but Santo catches him - second rope electric chair suplex! Santo goes for the camel clutch but Rey's fighting it - one arm hooked but the other blocked, now the other arm hooked but the first breaks free. Both arms hooked and Rey's screaming in pain but refusing to give up - Ultimo breaks it up! 

Ultimo with a shoulderblock for Santo off the ropes and Casas trips him up, grabbing a leg. Ultimo kicks to try to get away but Casas isn't having any of it. Santo runs off the far ropes and hits a through the ropes senton on Rey on the floor! In the ring, Casas finnaly gets the La Majistral on one two three! Ultimo can't believe it. Rey is out at ringside and gets the ten count - Santo and Casas win!

Belts awarded, names announced. Words with the champs. Ultimo and Buccanero come in the ring and congratulate the champions on a battle well fought. Group pose! Here's some replays. Ultimo and Negro shake hands.

Closing Notes: 

1. Not only is Rey supposed to be hanging around for a while, but more names from the group that went to WCW are supposed to be showing up.  
2. Of course Juvie blows a spot. Of course.
3. Three hour episodes are heck to recap, but this was really worth it.
4. The horror stories were all goofy and goofy is find with me. 
5. They might actually end the Emilio/Shocker story this year! We can only hope.

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