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CMLL Line - 12/11/01

Competitors Key:

Match Arena Sides
1 Coliseo T. Villano IV (w/Villano V)
R. Universo 2000 (w/Mascara Y2K)
2 Mexico R1. Los Guapos (Emilio Charles Jr.(c), Bestia Salvajge, Scorpio Jr.)
R2. Shocker (c), Apolo Dantes, Satanico
3 Mexico T. Super Porky, Hijo De Lizmark, Black Warrior
R. Infernals De Gurrero (Tarzan Boy, Ultimo Gurrero, Mascara Magica)

# F Type Time Momentum Finish Comment Rating
Halloween and Damien talk about the upcoming Universo 2K/Villiano IV match, and themselves.
1 1 mano 2:03 R half boston with arm lock not fast paced but well worked
nice near falls
2 2:40 R-T Villano Rack
3 4:19 T-R-T-R-E-T small package
T 9:02   Villano IV, 2-1
In Other Action...
Some guy named "Mr. Aguila" (no mask, seems familiar) showed and wrestled in a quatros match and won.
Looked like Misterio/Aguila/Negro Casas/Hombre Sin Nombre vs Averno/Memphisto/Halloween/Damien
That might have been fun to see. Just maybe. Stereo rope assisted somersault planchas by Aguila and Misterio.
Also, the war between the Boricuas (w/new recuit Killer) and the Niebla group continues.
Boricuas steal a win with a loaded glove.
Los Guapos and Emilio's Girlfriend celebrate their victory over Apolo Dantes in the hair match.
They do not go bowling. They do "thumbs up!" a whole bunch."
Emilio and Shocker do a mid-ring contract signing for their hair/hair match at the PPV. They both bring back up.
Apolo looks even cooler without the hair. Almost everone gets a chance to talk.
Then the fight breaks out. Shocker gets whipped into the table in the corner and the legs kinda break.
That's the first table spot in Arena Mexico EVER, though the wood didn't really even actually break.
And a match breaks out.
2 1 trios 1:36 1 BS flying senton Shocker  Table shot was really weak looking
Strong build for the PPV match
Weird that the we had a double turn somewhere along the line
Weird cheating still there.
2 4:12 1-2-E-23 Emilio DQed (reckless behavior?)
3 2:55 23-E-1 TDQ (no good reason)
T 8:43   Guapos, 2-1 
Spectacular Moments
To prepare for this match, Super Porky ate a great deal.
Black Warrior stopped by to survey the damage and talk strategy.
Porky eats some more.
Tarzan Boy and Super Porky due their own contract signing for their own hair vs hair match at the same PPV
This time, they wait till the table is out of the ring to start the fight.
3 1   2:12 R2 TB+UG double armbar Lizmark
UG+MM double Surfboard Warrior
Good build for the PPV match
Warrior's been better.
Same for the rudos.
Perfectly okay for a Super Porky match.
2 3:00 R-T2-R TB DQ (refusing to listen to the ref)
3 2:57 R-T2-E-T-R-T3 Super Porky Flying Splash TB
T 8:09 a Porky, 2-1

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.

Momentum Key: A number indicate that side is in control, E is for even, M is for Mixed, * for Interference


3 Matches with 0 No Contest (25:55), about 28.8% of showtime; 

Average Match Rating (3 Matches) 75
Overall Match Rating: approximately 74
X Matches (2 Trios, 1 Singles)
0 instances of interference 
Turns: Shocker (and Apolo) tecincos?
Show Assessment: PPV Build

Match By Match: 

First Match: Universo (the CMLL Heavyweight Champion, though he didn't have his belt and this wasn't a title match) ran Villano into the corner post twice before the match even officially started. Universo went to the mask ripping in the second fall. Villano's mask never really rip dramatically, just a small slice gets pulled up and the rest largely stays in place. It's good craftmanship. Universo dominated the second fall (including sneaking in a low blow) but got too cocky and Villano got a chance to come back. IV waited till after getting the submission to do the mask pulling. Universo's mask falls all apart, by comparison. Maybe it's just the design of the mask. Villano hit a great looking plancha from the top rope to the floor in fall three. Universo had a better than expected running off the apron somersault bodyblock. Villanos made the "we want the belt" motion after the match, and IV did an interview saying (I assume) "I want the belt." I was less sure what Universo said, so we'll see.

Second Match: Bestia throws the chair fragments at Shocker, that's a good idea. Shocker's like dead and his partners are trying to get into to rotect him but the Guapos stop them and punk out Shocker even more. The Guapos have so turned into true rudos here. 

We get the ad for the PPV during a break here - heavy heap on the eight man we saw last week (Tijuana/Juvie vs Santo/Casas/HSN/Rey.)  Slight hype for the hair vs hair match. 

Second fall continued the beat down of the first, till Shocker was able to turn it around. Shocker was doing the total babyface spots - and then an X-Factor! Emilio later got knocked in the crowd, so he picked up a set of chairs and threatened to toss them - I think that got him DQed because the fall just kinda came to a grinding halt after that. Maybe a CO? Apolo hit a nice tope in the third fall. The rudo ref (Baby Richard) started blatantly favoring Emilio in the third fall, again. Shocker hit a wonderful Moonlight Bomb (fireman's carry into a Michinoku Driver.) After the fix was too obviously in for Shocker's team, they all cornered Richard and yelled at him, so he DQed them and give the win to Emilio. Guapos lifted Richard on the shoulders after the match to celebrate. 

Third Match:  Lizmark's wearing his Spiderman outfit. Los Guerreros De Infernals pulled out the 3 Count Triple Facebuster to set up that fall. What does "I.V.Y. Gear" mean? It's kinda disappointing that Warrior is only a second for Super Porky after how he was going after his big face turn. Tarzan Boy and Porky fought deep into the crowd between the first and second fall, with Porky getting busted open. Warrior and Lizmark as a unit has some potential, though. They pulled out the "you hold the guy over the [second] rope and I'll leg drop him from the top rope" spot, but failed when they tried to do Poetry in Motion. Warrior was tied up in the Tree of Woe while Mascara Magica untied his mask, while Ultimo held Porky to be slapped and punched by Tarzan Boy for a while. Tarzan Boy pushed a ref away when he tried to stop the beating and I think they got the DQ. Tarzan Boy slamed Super Porky! Buccanero showed up after the match and made four better than three, but then Shocker's group came down to make the save for Super Porky and my head exploded. Shocker and Apolo making the save for Super Porky? I think Apolo's admission to the Capos Evil Basement Hideout may be revoked. 

Closing Notes: 

1. Shocker and Apolo are tecincos. The save confirmed it. That's super bizarre.
2. Decent job of making the Tarzan/Porky issue seem important after coming out of nowhere and being pushed so hard.
3. Strangely, there is no upcoming Villano/Universo Title match.
4. Maybe all this cheating refs will switch around at the PPV, because that'd be a terrible way for Shocker to lose his hair.
5. Next two weeks of US TV aren't gonna be big, because of the PPV.

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