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CMLL Line - 01/15/02 (17)

Competitors Key:

Match Arena Date Sides
1 Coliseo 01/01 R. Mascara Y2K (c), Bestia Salvje, Scorpio Jr.
T. Original Infernals (Averno, Memphisto), Shocker (c)
2 Coliseo 01/04 R. Boricuas (Violencia, Gran Markus Jr. (c), Killer)
T. Antifaz, Blue Demon Jr. Mr. Niebla (c)
3 Coliseo 01/04 T. Atlantis, Felino, Negro Casas
R. Rey Buccanero, Black Tiger, Fuerza Guerrera

# F Type Time Momentum Finish Comment Rating
Shocker (from his office?) wishes us a happy 2002. This year, he's going to be 1,000,000% Guapo and even more awesome.
1 1 trios
1:39 RB MY2K step over armbar Memphisto
Scorpio double underhook suplex Averno
nothing special 80
2 3:22 RB-TC-R-T4 Averno 'rana MY2K
Memphisto bodyscissors roll up Scorpio
better moves, pace
3 4:41 R-T-R-T4-M-R-T-M-D DQ (Bestia low blow Shocker) nice work
eh finish
T 9:42   T (2-1) acceptable random match
Gran Markus holds a meeting of the Boricuas - he's unhappy about the way things are going. 
No Pierroth, no Pierroth Jr, no Killer, no bodyguard. Pierrothiro (the midget) is there, though.
Veneno is the most vocal trying to convince Markus to stick around. 
There are two guys with horned masks - which one if Violencia?
Anyway, the story is that Markus is perhaps trying to get the other grunts to ditch Pierroth. 
2 1 trios
2:03 RB-M-R Violencia powerbomb Antifaz
Killer electric chair suplex w/bridge Niebla
decent beatdown
interesting finish
2 3:01 R-T2-R-T3 Blue Demon small package Gran Markus fun tecinco offense
story actually being told!
3 3:11 T-R-T2-R-T-R2-T Gran Markus powerbomb Blue Demon
Antifaz 'rana Gran Markus
first pitch out of nowhere
story continued!
T 8:15   T (2-1) decent match and a story!
Veneno and Violencia talk about the new year. I think Veneno thinks it'll be his year.
Feliz Dia De Reyes!
In Other Action
Olimpico's leg (or maybe foot) was broke by the Original Infernals a while back, you may remember.
Here are some x-rays Looks like it's just a toe. Eww, surgery scars. Yes, Olimpico wears his mask in the doctor's office.
Hey, it's Zumbido. 
I think this is just Zumbido showing us that he's back and his arm is fine, though I'm not sure I'm convinced seeing as he's only using one.
Feliz Dia De Reyes!
Rey Buccanero continues the parade of interview of talking. I wish I knew more Spanish.
Feliz Dia De Reyes!
3 1 trios
3:20 T2-R-T2 Atlantis Mexican surfboard Black Tiger nice spots 72
2 1:55 T-M-R Black Tiger superplex Negro Casas
Fuerza Guerrera low blow Felino
okay, but not very intersting
nice cameraperson
3 2:23 RB Black Tiger mask pull pin Atlantis
Rey/Tiger double cradle Casas
fell apart when the ring did
T 7:18   R (2-1) could have been a lot better

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.

Momentum Key: A number indicate that side is in control, E is for even, M is for Mixed, * for Interference. To save some time, B indicates a beatdown fall, C indicates the start of a comeback. 


3 Matches with X No Contest (25:15), about 35.4% of showtime (71:21); 

Average Match Rating (3 Matches) 76.7
Overall Match Rating: approximately 80
3 Matches (3 Trios)
2 Tecinco over Rudo wins, 1 Rudo over Tecinco wins
0 instances of interference (X meaningful, )
Title Changes: None
Turns: None
Show Assessment: Fine matches, actual angle development

Match By Match: 

First Match: Wonder if Emilio didn't show up, or if we're getting an angle later. Shocker's stopped wearing the two toned tights and opted for black with "Shocker" down the side, better. Bestia attacks Shocker as he enters, and the (induced) rudo team does the whole beatdown thing. Nothing pretty captivating - Scoprio doing a snap suplex and MY2K following with a top rope splash is pretty much it. Beatdown continued between falls. Oh wait, those were just like chaps after Shocker's real two toned tights. The green and black combination is better than same of the others. Shocker starts the comeback, of course. Bestia is pretty much filling the role of Emilio here, doing all the big feud spots with Shocker. Shocker with a nice slingshot headscissors. MY2K ended up looking like he put himself through the 'rana, not so good. Some nice team work by the tecincos and Shocker hit a cool corkscrew elbow drop. The finish was weird - Mascara put Averno in abdominal stretch for a long time, grabbing on to the top rope (which the ref should've seen but "did not".) While that was on, Bestia and Shocker were fighting, and Bestia got in a low blow - right when the ref looked that way. Hand raised.

Second Match: Mr. Niebla's James Bond song rules. "VIVA Puerto Rico." That's all he says! Pierroth and the bodyguard stick around for the match - the other horned guy brought out the flag but I believe he lost. Decent beatdown. Demon hit a nice tope on Markus. Markus tried to duck another Demon tope in the second fall, but Demon just slid under the bottom rope and popped him in head. Antifaz's "jumping over them headscissors" never looks good. Niebla was awesome in his sequence with Killer. Anitfaz hit the corkscrew plancha. Markus went for a slam and it got reversed into the second fall finish - Pierroth is less than happy. Killer wanted a handshake to start the third fall but Niebla wanted nothing to do with it. Niebla hit a sequence of moves and covers and Killer finally slowed it down with a surfboard, so Antifaz very calmly (and funnily) walked over, set up, and kicked Killer hard in the back of the head. The powerbomb and pin on Demon was very out of nowhere. Everyone else ended up in the ring, Killer held Niebla for Markus to low blow, but Niebla jumped and Killer got it. Markus, for blowing in all three falls and before in Arena Mexico, was yelled at some more after the match. Wait, was the guy with the horned mask the midget? Markus (safely) threw him out of the ring. Markus was angry and left that way, alone. I think the flow of this match being very similar to the one just before it hurt it, otherwise it was fine.

Third Match: No entrances for this match - I'm not sure about captains but I guess we'll find out. Felino hit a monkey flip on Rey on the apron. Then everyone gets far more interested in the scantly clad valet who takes over for a cameraman. I don't think we actually get to see the view from her camera - plenty of shots of her with the camera. In the third fall, Tiger was biting Atlantis's mask off - it totally came untied and came half way off. And then the middle rope broke and the rudos used it to choke people. Looks like Felino just took a normal whip and it gave and he fell out of the ring - that can't be a good feeling, falling through the ring and hitting the ground like that.  We get a replay and he's look to fall on his back and not head. Eventually, the middle rope was just taken out, giving the ring a weird empty look. The corner bolts all got ripped out. Doctors came out to check on Felino as the Rudos continued the beatdown in the ring. Tiger went quickly to the finish - someone pulled Atlantis's mask and he covered his face while Tiger pinned him, and then Buccanero and Tiger got Casas a double cradle. More beatdown after the fall - they tried to stretch Felino out but he got beat up with the stretcher by Tiger. Replay makes it look like Felino was trying to fall out of the ring and just hit the middle rope to high, pulling it down and out. Atlantis eventually got his mask back, but Rey was too busy choking everyone with a cloth tie. Felino eventually got on the stretch, but then got taken off and beat more. 

Closing Notes: 

1. Pierroth is totally justified to kick Markus out.
2. He's so in the right, I wonder if this is a set up.
3. That main event match might have been good if we got a second fall and not a broken rope.
4. I don't really have five notes this week.
5. Maybe next week?

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