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CMLL Line - 01/28/02

Competitors Key:

Match Arena Date Sides
1 Coliseo 01/11 R. Averno, Memphisto, Zumbido (c)
T. Antifaz (c), Safari, La Fiera
2 Coliseo 01/11 R. Violencia, Veneno, Gran Markus Jr. (c)
T. Villlano III (c), Villlano IV, Villlano V
3 Coliseo 01/11 R. Tarzan Boy (c), Ultimo Guerrero, Black Tiger
T. Shocker (c), Negro Casas, Super Porky
# F Type Time Momentum Finish Comment Rating
Zumbido prepares to wrestle with the Infernals - looks like his sling is off this week.
Zumbido, Averno, and Memphisto all talk
1 1 trios 7:55 E3-T2-R-T2-E-T2-R-T Safari 'rana Averno
Antifaz bodyscissors cradle Memphisto
nice opening sequence
very good single fall
2 2:16 R-T-RB Averno/Memphisto double diving headbutt Antifaz nice spots
quick heel victory
3 4:45 RB-T-R-E-R-T2-R-D DQ (Averno low blow Fiera) oh for a clean ending
Safari should be dead
T 14:56   Tecincos, 2-1 Very good
Gran Markus has a sitdown chat with Violencia and Veneno. 
Markus still is stirring up trouble in the Boricuas.
Will Veneno and Viloencia go with Markus?
2 1 trios 2:00 RB-R (Markus splash V4)
V3 senton Veneno
V4 crucifix cradle Violencia 
Eh 65
2 3:56 T-R-T2-R-T-R2-T Villanos series of sentons on Markus Got the story across
T 5:56   Tecincos, 2-0 story match, seen better
Spectacular Moments
Shocker is stalked by Super Porky
Shocker turns the table and outwits Porky
I think Porky wants Shocker to be his partner for the upcoming match, and also help on how to dress well
3 1 trios 3:46 RB Tarzan Boy splash Super Porky
triple submission Negro Casas
All rudo
some nice team work
2 2:33 RB-T-R-T Shocker 'rana Ultimo
Super Porky sit down splash Tarzan Boy
Not much here
what was, was fine
3 4:39 T4-R-E-T-R-T-R Tarzan Boy low blow Shocker More action, as expected
Eh finish 
T 10:58   Rudos, 2-1 Seen better from this group

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.

Momentum Key: A number indicate that side is in control, E is for even, M is for Mixed, * for Interference. B is for an extended Beatdown.


3 Matches (31:50), about 35.4% of showtime (90:00); 

Average Match Rating (X Matches) 77.3
Overall Match Rating: approximately 79
3 Matches (3 Trios)
2 Tecinco over Rudo wins, 1 Rudo over Tecinco wins
1 Shutout (2)
Show Assessment: Good opening

Match By Match: 

First Match: Zumbido's back to wearing the shoulder sling when he gets to the ring. Zumbido's video shows him with more hair, too. Really good opening mat sequence with the captains. The jumping headscissors looked good for once! Antifaz is a pretty fun House On Fire wrestler. They stalled at the very beginning of the first fall, while debated who should go on, but once they got rolling, there was no slow down - Fiera did okay with what spots he did and the five others were really good. Fiera has a few kick spots that he does well - the standing side kick and the jumping enziguri especially - and he sells fine and he knows how to pick his spots, so he fit in well in despite not possessing the same high tech/high flying offense as those around him. Rudos beat the crap out of Fiera after the second fall because they forget who was captian I guess. Nice double missile dropkick at any rate. In the third fall, Safari dropkicked Memphisto out of the ring and went to hit a tope, but Memphisto hadn't got back to his feet yet and wasn't in any position to catch him, so it looked like Safari landed face first on the yellow metal ramp. Replay shows Memphisto might have caught just enough and Safari did get up (without a pool of blood) and take a moonsault plancha by Zumbido, but it looked extremely painful.

Second Match: Markus got the pin, then went to taunt Pierroth, so he got ambushed and his partners got pinned. Markus and Pierroth had another discussion after the fall - the other teammates got them separated before anything could happen. Markus looked strong in a second fall stretch - then accidentally hit a partner. Twice! Veneno and Violencia took Pierroth's side in he end and Markus attacked both of them. I think he may be out for good now - or at least he's not getting these two come with him.

Third Match: Tarzan Boy made fun of Porky's slowly growing hair before the match, then they all punked Porky out. Tiger got in a low blow headbutt on Shocker early on. Some nice triple work, including a neat triple facebuster and a double suplex on Porky. What the rudos did to Casas is tough to describe, but pretty much everyone grabbed a body part or two and twisted. Tarzan Boy slammed Super Porky in the second fall! His back was killing him after. Oh yeah, Shocker's tights didn't look ugly this week, but he's got the Lance Storm in ECW "100 different color variations of the same pattern" tights thing going. Ultimo Guerrero hit Shocker with either the worst impact looking DVD ever or it was some slam - I think the later. Casas kicked out of Tiger's DVD. Casas had Tiger in the Shaprshooter for a while but Tarzan Boy got the pin first. Porky argued with the ref that he saw that low blow. 

Closing Notes: 

1. Shocker seemed to want revenge on the ruods after the match, so maybe something's going there.
2. I wonder when/if we're getting the big Gran Markus beatdown.
3. Zumbido's cool and so are the two Infernals
4. But where's Satanico?
5. Maybe next time I'll get this done under a week - and do play by play on the real good match.

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