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CMLL Line - 02/12/02 (21)

Plea for help: If there's a Spanish speaker who reads these reports and watches the show, would you be interested in sending me quick capsules (around a sentence long) of what's been discussed in the vignettes (by Wednesday afternoons)? I think I get it right most of the time, but to have some way to confirm I'm getting the write story would be great. Drop me a line if you can be of help.

Competitors Key:

Match Arena Date Sides
1 Mexico 2/1 R. Boricuas (Killer and Violencia)
T. Gran Markus Jr. and Poder Boricua 
2 Mexico 2/1 R. Dr. Wagner(c), Blue Panther and Black Tiger
T. Black Warrior(c), Felino, Negro Casas
3 Mexico 2/1 R. Guerreros De Infenals (Rey Buccanero, Tarzan Boy, Ultimo Guerrero)
T. Atlantis, Shocker, Satanico

# F Type Time Momentum Finish Comment Rating
Gran Markus and Poder Boricua talk on the street about getting revenge on the Boricuas 
1 1 tag 2:45 RB-DQR (Killer senton PB)
DQ - attack post victory
one sided 60
2 5:00 RB-T-R Killer senton PB
Markus powerslam Violencia
Markus splash Killer
T 7:45   Tecincos, 2-0 at least it was only two falls.
Dr. Wagner and Blue Panther discuss life, liberty, and the CMLL Trio Titles. They're two thirds of the champions - their partner is supposed to be Black Warrior. But Warrior's a tecinco now, and their opponent in today's match. What's he thinking?
2 1 trios 2:30 RB Panther rolling Mexican Surfboard Casas
triple Facebuster Warrior
quick, better than above 85
2 3:28 RB-T-R-T Casas La Majistral Tiger
Warrior 'rana Wagner
nice spots
3 5:14 R2-T3-R-T3-R-E-T3-R-T-R Wagner Michinoku Driver Warrior less spotty, better flow
T 11:12   Rudos, 2-1 first two falls needed more
(promo during the a break in last match) - Rayo De Jalisco Jr. (fat) wants revenge on Universo 2K for a Tombstone some time in the past
He might have been campaiging for the Wrestler of the Year deal - part of it was shown again later 
Spectacular Moments
Shocker and Satanico wait in the park to meet someone. Oh, it's Atlantis - who's supposed to be their partner tonight. Atlantis (who shows up with some Brazo backup, just in case) asks what their deal is, and if he can trust them. Atlantis is friends with the tecinco team Satanico's Inferals are hunting (and put Olimpico out of action.) Shocker and Satanico say they're not tecincos, they're not rudos, they're professionals, and they'll get the job down.
3 1 trios 2:53 TB-RB Ultimo powerbomb Satanico
TB/RB double flying headbutt Atlantis
best beatdown on show
Lots of great team work
2 3:43 R-T-R-T9 Rey CO [Atlantis tope]
Satanico backslide Ultimo 
not as great as last
but still pretty good
3 1:57 E-T-R-T3-DQR Tarzan DQ [faking a low blow] not as much as I hoped
T 8:33   Tecincos, 2-1 every so slightly better

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.

Momentum Key: A number indicate that side is in control, E is for even, M is for Mixed, * for Interference


3 Matches (27:30), about 30.1% of showtime (1:30:00); 

Average Match Rating (3 Matches) 77.0
Overall Match Rating: approximately 80
3 Matches (3 Trios, 1 Tag)
2 Tecinco over Rudo wins, 1 Rudo over Tecinco wins
1 Straight Fall win
Show Assessment: Two good matches rubs out the taste of one bad one

Match By Match: 

First Match: I still don't get why Poder Boricua has taken Markus' side in the first place. Veneno, Fuerza Boricua, Mini Pierroth and Pierroth came out with the crew. As usual, all but the bodyguard and Pierroth left. Markus is all Viva Mexico now. I believe there's some clipping during the first beatdown - weird pause and cuts, at any rate. Killer had Markus in a surfboard, and Violencia was kicking away, enough for a ref stoppage (or maybe Markus gave up and I didn't realize it), but they didn't stop so the techno ref gave the fall to Poder and Markus. They got no offense in and won the fall. Pierroth complained to the announcer for such a long time, they had to clip out some of it. And then he wanted to beat up the tecinco ref, but that just got the beatdown restarted. There's probably been longer beatdowns in terms of time, but they never feel this long. Markus started the comeback, of course. I think they just drew straws with the Boricuas and Poder lost. The Poder Violencia sequence wasn't bad, until Killer showed up and they did a really unconvincing comedy spot - Poder was covering both Boricuas, they were supposed to push him off the pin, then would push him back on top and repeat, but it looked like Poder was jumping off the pin instead. Markus hit a double splash but didn't cover for whatever reason, and the Boricuas came back. Rudo ref was screwing Poder with slow counts for him and fast ones against him.  Poder and Killer got about a :45 sequence to set up their pin; Markus only took about :10 with Violencia. Poder tripped Killer up from the outside to set up the pin. Markus was yelling and grabbing Pierroth by his jacket post match, but Veneno showed back up and clocked him over the head with a box full of, um, something. The beatdown picked up right there. Pierroth got in some strikes to take down Poder. Markus got busted open. I think Pierroth got muted in his beatdown speech. Why does Killer have white elbow pads? That throws off everything. Poder keep trying to make comebacks and kept getting more beatdown. It's always fun to see the midgets take part in the beatdown. Pierroth picked up Markus so he could beat him down some more. After the bell stuff went 5:07

Second Match: Dr. Wagner Panther are wearing neat matching half and half outfits and they're bringing out their CMLL Trios titles to question Warrior on what side he should be on.

Actually, before we go on, here's all the belts that may or may not pop up here at some point - all from Just guys who are in CMLL (as far as I know.)

Group Title Holder Won From Date
NWA Light Heavyweight Tarzan Boy Black Warrior 03/06/00
Mexico Welterweight Tiger Blanco Karloff Lagarde Jr. 04/17/01
Mexico Trios Olimpico
1 1
CMLL Heavyweight Universo 2000 Rayo de Jalisco Jr.  12/10/99
CMLL Middleweight Emilio Charles Jr. Ringo Mendoza 03/18/01
CMLL Welterweight Felino Nosawa 09/21/01
CMLL Light Heavyweight Shocker Villano III 10/07/01
CMLL Mini Pierrothito Ultimo Dragoncito 10/16/01
CMLL Tag El Hijo Del Santo
Negro Casas
Ultimo Guerrero
Rey Buccanero
CMLL Trios Blue Panther
Black Warrior
Dr. Wagner
Bestia Salvajge
Scorpio Jr.
CMLLJapan2 Super Light Heayvweight Ricky Marvin Virus 08/06/00

1 - No record of them winning the titles, but they've been carrying around the belts since Fall so something happened.
2 - CMLL's name when they're touring Japan. I wouldn't suppose it'd be defended in Mexico but you never know.

NOW YOU KNOW. We haven't seen Marvin, Emilio or Tiger Blanco with their titles, as of yet. There are other CMLL titles (like the Women's title and other Japanese titles), but we haven't seen those people on TV. The other Mexican National Titles are held by AAA people.

Second Match, cont: Either I was seeing something before, or Panther's belt disappears before they confront Warrior. This is like a rudo intervention - and as such, it ends with a beatdown by the rudos. Tiger and Warrior had their usual fight, with Tiger ripping Warrior's mask pretty bad. That's the best rolling Mexican Surfboard I've ever seen (not that I've seen probably more than two - Super Crazy for sure.) On the other hand, the triple facebuster on Warrior didn't look good at all - maybe more of Warrior's fault for not landing flat (his legs didn't stay hooked around Black Tiger and hit first) Beatdown continued between falls, of course. In the second fall, Panther and Wagner team up for a nice Press Slam/off the second rope Diamond Cutter combo. Off all three, it was FELINO starting the comeback. Tiger unwittingly helped Warrior do the same running down the aisle ramp dive into the ring that he did last week. Wonderful springboard plancha by Felino. The speed really picked up when the tecincos took control. Wagner put Warrior on his shoulders and Panther hit a flying bulldog, which got the match an extra point alone. (surprisingly) Clean finish gets it another 2. 

Third Match: No Mascara AGAIN, hmmm. C'mon Shocker, don't do it. That's a styling cap he's got on. He at least waits for Atlantis and Satanic to get to the entrance and - well, looks like Rey and Ultimo snuck around to the entrance ramp and while Tarzan Boy lured Shocker in, and they were going to nail him from behind with a double clothesline, but Shocker must've seen it out of the corner of his eye, because he ducked out of the way. And now the tecincos jump ahead of time and it works, what do you know. Atlantis and Satanico hold Tarzan Boy for a low blow, but Shocker declines - he wants to beat Tarzan Boy the legal way instead of just getting cheap (if easy and fun) revenge. Of course, no more than ten seconds go by before the GdI pull something heinous (this time, the rarely seen "double kick in the back as the tecinco bounces off the ropes") and start beating him down. You've got to applaud the idea, if not the execution. We've had 3 first fall Rudo beatdowns today - I have no idea what it means, but that usually seems like a second fall thing. That triple big boot didn't look so great - a triple waistlock suplex (if that's what that is) did look so great. Ultimo's yellow mask isn't one of his better ones. GdI loving the tag team move. GdI has the neatest, hardest to describe covers after their pinning moves in the first fall. The second fall continuation of the beatdown didn't really get started before Shocker started dodging move and making his comeback. Tarzan Boy was ducking him or attacking from behind a lot, of course. Shocker pulls out some weird stuff with Ultimo Guerrero. Some of the stuff at the tail end of the fall with Atlantis looked a little too practiced. Shocker hit a huge running bulldog on the floor on Tarzan Boy right after the second fall ended. The first fall was a lot of team stuff, and the second fall was a lot of individual stuff, and that makes since based on who was in control, but I liked the first fall better because of it. Third falls started with Tarzan Boy and Shocker, but at one point we looked at a fan, then looked back and Ultimo and Satanico were in. Satanico did a dive from the top rope to the floor on Ultimo, kinda amazing. Atlantis got in a wacky submission hold and it looked like Rey was tapping, so you knew the low blow spot was coming with Shocker and Tarzan Boy, and it did. Shocker had Tarzan Boy in a waistlock, Tarzan Boy went for the mule (low blow) kick but Shocker caught the leg - not the second (which was a kick to the chest.) Then Tarzan Boy start faking a low blow and the rudo ref was starting to call for the DQ (causing Tarzan Boy to do a celebratory fist pump, which was cool) but the tecinco ref stopped him and awarded the fall to Shocker's team. Even though it was the big win, Shocker seemed pretty happy about the turn of events. I guess Shocker challenged him to a one on one match after AND said that he was the better looking one.

Rayo's LAST in the voting. HA. 

Closing Notes: 

1. Mascara Magica is scheduled for next week - will he'll have something to say about Tarzan Boy? (who isn't listed to be around)
2. Hmm, Rayo Jr. shows back up Hombre Sin Nombre isn't around either.
3. If it was Violencia or Veneno with Poder Boricua, I might get into this feud; Markus' percieved greatest strength (talking) doesn't help ME
4. I wonder if Ultimo and Shocker sit up nights thinking off the one goofy reversal spot they can use for their next match
5. With the people involved, the CMLL trios title situation should be fun to watch develop.

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