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CMLL Line - 04/02/02 (#28)

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format.

Veneno Says, "Ay yi yi yi yi": So for the first time since I've started watching lucha, CMLL ran over 2 hours - 2.5, actually. My VCR stopped and switched over to 24 for quite a few minutes during the last match. I did switch it back just in time for the final fall, but there's a gap. Sorry. 

Soon To Be Broken Promise: If I have time (likely) and effort (unlikely) this weekend, I may have another lucha review, but don't count on it. I mean, I could update the main page of my webpage or tape Excess and see what's up with THAT but have I? C'mon.

Probably Unrelated: AAA will be showing up on Telemundo (over the air Spanish station in many markets - channel 44 in Chicago) NEXT Saturday 4/13 and the following Saturday 4/20 around 5 PM EST, I believe. Check your local listings. I know nothing more about it than that - check 's lucha board for more info.

# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo (captian) vs Tecinco, Tecinco (captian), Tecinco
MM/DD/YY, Arena
F Type Time Momentum Finish Comment


1 Rerun From 1/15/02 (17)
Violencia, Gran Markus Jr. (c), Killer vs Antifaz, Mr. Niebla, Antifaz
01/04/02, Arena Coliseo
1 trios 1:39 RB Violencia powerbomb Antifaz
Killer electric chair suplex w/bridge Niebla
decent beatdown
interesting finish
2 3:22 R-T2-R-T3 Blue Demon small package Gran Markus fun tecinco offense
story actually being told!
3 4:41 T-R-T2-R-T-R2-T Gran Markus powerbomb Blue Demon
Antifaz 'rana Gran Markus
first pitch out of nowhere
story continued!
T 9:42   Tecincos (2-1) decent match and a story!

Notes: I guess they replayed this to remind you why these guys broke up? This is one of the better matches the Boricuas have been involved in. 

2 Rerun From 1/15/02 (17)
Rey Buccanero, Black Tiger, Fuerza Guerrera
vs Atlantis, Felino, Negro Casas
01/04/02, Arena Coliseo
1 trios 3:20 T2-R-T2 Atlantis Mexican surfboard Black Tiger nice spots
2 1:55 T-M-R Black Tiger superplex Negro Casas
Fuerza Guerrera low blow Felino
okay, but not very interesting
nice cameraperson
3 2:23 RB Black Tiger mask pull pin Atlantis
Rey/Tiger double cradle Casas
fell apart when the ring did
T 7:18   Rudo (2-1) could have been a lot better

Notes: I guess they replayed this to remind you that just having good guys together doesn't insure a great match every time.

Vignette: "Las Super Tortas De Porky" - Super Porky auditions for a shot on the new Spanish language version of the Food Channel. With Guest Star Rayo Jalisco Jr, who appears to know a thing or three about good food himself. Actually, they're just at a burger stand and I'm making it sound more interesting than it is. When they mean "with everything" they ain't kidding. Now I'm hungry. Porky pretends that they've both for him 

3 Apolo Dantes, Emilio Charles Jr., Universo 2K (c) vs Vampiro Canadiense, Super Porky, Rayo De Jalisco (c)
03/19/02, Arena Coliseo
1 trios 2:59
RB Apolo Flying Splash Porky
Apolo/Emilio double front suplex Vampiro
not good
2 1:35
RB-TC Porky second rope splash Apolo
Rayo Reverse Tope Emilios
also not good
but quick!
3 3:56 R-T-R-T-R-T-R-T2-
Rayo kick to the groin Universo Yay, it's over
T 9:19   Tecincos, 2-1 not so good

Notes: I continue to wonder if Apolo annoyed someone in this life, or was a bad person in the previous to get this slot all the time. Hey, it's Vampiro and he has short red hair and I guess it's not really a matter of wondering who he's annoyed, is it? Vampiro tries to dance out with Porky but I think he frightens Porky in the process. Rayo goes after Universo as soon as he gets in the ring to start the match off. Apolo and Vampiro just kinda tussle with each other on the ground while Emilio works over Porky and Universo chokes Rayo with his own cape. Ah, now they're up and fighting. Back down to the mat when we look at them next - Apolo is trying out his wide array of submission holds that wouldn't work as well on the two other guys. I must admit, it's about two minutes in (to this beatdown) and all I'm doing is watching Vampiro and hoping he'll do something goofy I can commit about. Well, besides that hair. Double suplex by Emilio and Apolo, who then are stuck with Super Porky. Universo front slams Porky! When it's his turn to get beat, Vampiro doesn't either get what they want to do with him, or he's not really in the mood to help out - oh wow that was a odd knee first bump on the double front suplex. I believe a commentator said it best when he said "Oy!"

Wow there was a lot of commercials between falls. C'mom Porky, don't come in because then Rayo can't make the comeback yet. Here we go. Apolo pretty much slams himself for Rayo, that's awful kind of him. Vampiro kicks for everyone. Vampiro really should do more bites. Oh, the always painful belly bump by Porky.

It's really kinda annoying how sometimes they only really have one fall they want to do so they just go through the beatdown/comeback cliché to kill off the first two falls. I hope they don't do that in every match on their shows, because that'd get old quick. Speaking of clichés, watch Porky do everything he ever does (minus the plancha) on Emilio. Vampiro just totally freaked out that ref by going for a pinfall; "Why are you pinning? This is not the finish!" It's not the finish until we tag in Rayo and Universo, is it? No it's not. Vampiro goes up and hits the flying spin kick so Apolo can go out and yes, Rayo and Universo. Unlike everyone else, Rayo does not give Universo a few moves before he makes his comeback - he's on all the time, baby. Wow, Universo takes the backdrop to the floor and now it's all breaking down. Here's the Porky plancha. Apolo tries for a back suplex but Vampiro shifts his weight but somehow Apolo gets twice the strength he usually has and does a big kickout, knocking Vampiro onto the ref. So there's a ref bump, what's gonna happen here? Vampiro is trying to get Apolo in an abdominal stretch to distract the other referee, while Universo and Rayo fight - Universo pulls off the mask with one tug (I guess Rayo forgot to tighten it) but Rayo's wearing Crow Sting makeup underneath (huh? I think he's been watching that Muta/Liger match) and there's the low blow kick - cover but no one's there. Now they are. And Rayo puts back on his mask and wins. Winners get Universo's mask and mic time after the match. They cut off Vampiro, odd. Not that I know what anyone was saying. 

In Other Action: So, at this same Arena Coliseo show, Pierroth (on behalf of the Boricuas) protested CMLL's treatment of them, including the way Veneno lost his mask at the PPV. Veneno's there too - he's got a yellow and black color scheme going now, with cool sunglasses. This is supposed to be a match - looks like Niebla, Atlantis and a Villano vs Veneno, Nitro (the new guy) and Violencia (perhaps the best combo possible of the group?) but the Boricuas decide to walk out (to the edge of the aisle.) And get counted out - for the first fall. Some CMLL guy says the second fall starts soon, and if they don't come back for it, bad things. I guess they do but we don't see it. Thank god.

Volador Jr. likes his chances in the upcoming elimination match - also, he doesn't like the Tijuna Family. Ditto for Safari

4 Torneo Cibernetico
Safari, Hombre Sin Nombre, Halloween, Volador Jr., Damian 666, Negro Casas, Santo vs
Felino, Olimpico, Tony Rivera, Mascara Magica, Nicho El Millonario, Santico, Averno, Mephisto
03/22/02, Arena Mexico
1 16 man 1:14
too much - read pbp Halloween reverse enziguri Rivera
Nicho Tijuana Jam Volador
Damien wacky neckbreaker Mephisto
Felino reverse figure four Damien
*Satanico/Averno double ab stretch Felino*
Casas Special Averno
Santo El Caballo Nicho
Olimpico standing crucifix cradle Halloween
Magica Fujiwara armbar Safari
Satanico backslide Zumbido
HSN double underhook slide Olimpico
Magica reversed 'rana HSN
Santo El Caballo Nicho
Negro Casas DQ (outside interference)
Magica spinning backbreaker Santo
some nice moments,
but nothing really
replay worthy

still overall good
despite some annoying
logic flows

just not the drop dead
match I was hoping for

Notes: Okay, let's get the administration details out of the way before I hit some play by play - I haven't seen it yet but I got a feeling, just getting the list of names. This is another 16 man elimination match (one fall, when you're out you leave, when you're not in you hang on the floor or you're on the apron if you're next up) , though I don't know if the winner actually moves on to things next week - I think I heard that it's just the winner of this match wins a trophy but we'll find out together, I guess. Names are randomly (for wrestling - look how all the Infernals ended up there together) thrown on each side, without regards for rudo/tecinco relationships. I believe if you had to make a decision (I didn't and opted for Professional Blue), Mascara Magica is a rudo here to even it out at 8 and 8, but I could've misread Volador's body language and maybe he's the eight rudo. I guess we'll find out together.

We go straight to the bell, where Rivera charges Halloween, but Halloween ain't budging. Rivera off the ropes, roll to go over, quickly up to his feet but Halloween takes him down with a clothesline. Halloween poses and celebrates. Chop. Chop and down goes Rivera. Picking up Rivera, making the "that's it" and going for a powerbomb - but Rivera reverses to an armdrag. Rivera runs to the corner, off the second rope and a swinging 'rana. Off the ropes, off the other ropes, and Rivera slides Halloween to the floor. Rivera off the ropes - tope to Halloween's back lands him three crowd in the crowd! That might have been him jumping a bit, but it still frightened the people sitting in the third row (the first two having been smart enough to move out of the way when they saw Tony getting ready.) Rivera throws Halloween back in, going up - top rope cross body gets a dropkick. Cover one two no. Chop. Chop. Whip, reversed, clothesline is too high, Halloween tilt-a-whirl but Rivera lands on his feet but Halloween hits a reverse enziguri. Cover one two three (1:14)

Tag to Negro Casas, and I don't see the non-Satanico Infernals enough but I believe this one is Mephisto. Lockup, armbar by Mephisto and the twist takes Casas down. Again. Hammerlock. Casas tries for a snap mare out but Mephisto just leaves him high in the air - there's the armdrag escape, but Mephisto is up quick with a clothesline. What's with the mismatched boots? Reverse chinlock. Casa with a kick to escape. Mephisto's chop is ducked, Casas hits a kick to the leg, grabs Mephisto and pushes him into his corner, where Zumbido tags in. 

Hold for a Zumbido open hand slap. That just ticks Mephisto off and he tells Zumbido so and slaps him in the face. Zumbido slaps back. Whip, dropkick and Mephisto rolls out - Olimpico is in but we'll watch Mephisto walk off in annoyance.

Back in the ring, Zumbido's off the ropes and under, over, but into a spin kick. Olimpico hits the bodyscissors into an armdrag, but runs right into a kick. Olimpico's knocked into the corner, so Zumbido charges, Olimpico moves out of the way in plenty of time and Zumbido ends up flying to the floor. Olimpico slingshot somersault plancha! Olimpico rolls back in to celebrate and tag out to Nicho.

Nicho's opponent is - ah, Volador. Push for Volador. Push back. Slap for Volador. Slap back. Nicho doesn't have the buzz cut going any more. Volador off the ropes, over, by, flipping for no good reason and hitting a wheelbarrow suplex on Nicho - Nicho finding a way to make it a release move and land on his head, of course. Nicho takes his time getting up on the mat and clutches his head, so we get to see the replay of him landing on his head - whoa, that doesn't look good. Back live, Voladro hits an off the second rope swinging 'rana and covers one two NO. Whip, reversed, Nicho's head is down too soon so he gets it kicked. And again. Suplex and Nicho is dropped on the middle rope. Nicho stays there, in pain, while Volador goes up - top rope swinging 'rana into the ring, that was a nice spot. Nicho's down - one two NO he kicked out again. Whip, reversed, and Nicho hits the tilt-a-whirl face first powerbomb. Nicho signals to the crowd - he's going up. Tijuana Jam! One two three! (4:40) It's 7 on 7.

Zumbido takes another turn, against Felino who's wearing black tonight. Open hand slap by Felino, corner whip, reversed, Felino walks up the corner and on to the ropes, Zumbido charges up and joins him, then hops off and chops him. Felino is thrown off balance and Zumbido goes to the second rope as well, but he gets a kick, and Felino goes to the top rope - wow, elevated 'ran. Zumbido quickly rolls out while he can.

Satanico in, and so is Safari - they exchange shoves too. Satanico with a shoulderblock, off the ropes, cross boyd by Safari knocks him down, one two. Rights by Satanico, whip, reversed, Safari with the leapfrog but Satanico powerbombs him to the mat and holds him there - one two NO. Right, right, right, corner whip, reversed, Safari gets backdrop to the apron but quickly goes up - top rope tope almost knocks Satanico out of the ring. It puts him close enough to the outside that he rolls out, and Safari tags out.

Damien in - and so is Mephisto. Damien acts like he wants a handshake, but quickly changes his mind and opts for the kick. Headlock, off the ropes, shoulderblock. Off the ropes, over, off the ropes, second rope springboard cross body is caught and rolled through. Damien up, but running right into a clothesline. Whip by Mephisto, drop toe hold, camel clutch, Averno in and off the ropes, drop kick to the face - hey, they just ripped off Kaientai! That ain't right. Mephisto covers, but the ref is too busy kicking Averno out to notice right away. Here's the count, one two, Mephisto pulls him up! Corner whip, reversed, Mephisto runs up to the second rope and hits a missile dropkick, one two NO he's still not done. I hope he knows what he's doing here. Fireman's carry into a forward slam. Going up agian - Damien's up much faster then he expected and punching - he grabs Mephisto off the top rope and there's the wacky Damien neckbreaker that's still kinda indescribable - but it gets the one two three. (7:13)

Damien poses, and gets leveled from behind by Felino. That's not very nice of him. Off the ropes, dropkick to the face. Scoop and a slam. Top rope elbow drop! Reverse figure four! Wow, it's like Jakked's melding into CMLL here, I don't know what to make of it. Quick submission. (7:40) That keeps it even at 6-6.

And now, it really becomes confusing. Felino circles around the ring in anticipation of whoever's next, but ends up in the other team's corner, and staring down Averno from across the ring. The problem is that they're on the same side, and so Negro Casas comes in and hits Felino with a forearm in the back, a not so gentle reminder about which side he's supposed to be facing. In the midst of this, everyone gets confused (about what the teams were again?) and yelling - Averno, Casas and Felino start, then Satanico comes in to voice his side, then Nicho and Olimpico come in but they end up arguing among themselves, then Santo's on the apron talking to Casas and then Zumbido is in to yell at his own teammate Casas for no good reason. I guess Hombre Sin Nombre and Mascara Magica are playing an exciting game of Yahtzee because neither of them make it into camera range before this all settles back down.

It doesn't really resolve itself, though - Averno, Satanico and Felino are left in the ring, and before you know, the two Infernals are punking Felino out. Satanico holds Felino for Averno to come off the ropes and clothesline, but Felino moves out of the way and Satanico bites it. Averno charges Felino but gets backdropped to the apron, and Felino join on the part of the apron that's on the other side of the corner. They both climb the corner, changing slaps, and Felino this another swinging 'rana. Felino off the ropes, but he's tripped up by Satanico. Felino turns to look and gets a clothesline in the back. Both men in - double stretch and the ref makes like Felino gives, though I'd think that wouldn't count if an illegal man is helping out. As well as the "you're eliminating someone on your own team" dealio. (9:12)

Whatever the deal, Casas is back and big booting Satanico out. Averno hits his own big boot, snap mare, armbar flipover. Open hand slaps now, whip, Casas catches the big boot and stomps on Averno's foot. Casas grabs Averno's leg but Averno breaks free, off the ropes and into a Casas clothesline. Whip, reversed, Averno goes for the dropkick to the knee but misses - Casas doesn't miss for the Casas special (dropkick to the knee, La Majistral) and gets the one two three. (10:01) 6-4, by my count.

Casas tags in Santo while Nicho comes in for the other side. These two have a issues elsewhere, and Nicho's not thrilled to be doing this matchup. Nicho with some horrible chops, off the ropes, and Santo nails him with the running spinning headbutt - Nicho does a triple spin. Santo tries for it again but misses - this time Nicho hits the flying wheel kick. Slam, and now Nicho's going up - will he hit it again? Taking his time, and going for a splash - that's all knees. El Caballo! Nicho won't give, he still won't give, Santo lets go and drops an elbow. There's El Caballo on again - will he give? He's holding out, he's holding out, he's holding out, he finnaly gives in (11:11) but it's not real clear - I only notice when he's no longer in his team's corner. Santo goes to his corner to tag someone in, but Halloween is standing there and he gets an earful (and almost a forearm) about his buddy. 

Halloween does come in, as does Olimpico - he rolls right into a Halloween kick. Halloween celebrates. Chop. Chop, chops aren't better than Nicho's so Olimpico ducks the third but still manages to get whipped, reversed, duck the clothesline and Olimpico hits the open hand slap, and again. 'rana is reversed into a Halloween powerbomb for one two no. Brainbuster! One two NO! Halloween yells about the slow count but gets no help from the (rudo) referee. Olimpico crawls for a tag but does not get it. Corner whip, Halloween charges into a back elbow, Olimpico charges out and hits the kick. Halloween tries a clothesline but Olimpico grabs it and turns it into a standing crucifix cradle one two three (12:21) 5-3.

Mascara Magica is in next for Olimpico's side. Safari is in for the other. Shoulderblock by Magica, off the ropes, under, stomping on Safari since he was slow up. Corner whip, charge into a boot, Safari charges out and hits a clothesline. Running splash one two NO big kickout. Safari with the bodyscissors rollup one two no. Whip, Magica lands on top with the reverse roll up one two no Safari breaks free and reveres the pin one two NO. Safari runs and gets spinebustered, but uses his legs around Safari's neck to twist him into another rollup, one two NO. Safari with a clothesline but Magica is pumped and isn't going down. Safari off the ropes for another, Magica ducks this one, drop toe hold by him, legdrop on the leg shoulder and there's a Fujiwara armbar! Safari gives quick as well. (13:37) Okay, I think that makes it 4-3, with teams down to Zumbido, Negro Casas, Santo and Hombre Sin Nombre vs Satanico, Olimpico and Mascara Magica.

Satanico and Zumbido in, running at each other with clotheslines but no one goes down. Zumbido gets a kick, whip, head down too soon so Satanico hits the sunset flip but Zumbido isn't going down, punch to the head and a sit down one two no reversed one two no. Zumbido with a open hand slap, corner whip, charge in to Satanico's boot. Satanico charges out with a clothesline - cover one two NO. Open hand slap, whip, second rope springboard dropkick by Zumbido. He says that's it - senton splash one two NO. Open Hand Slap, whip, hiptoss blocked and Satanico reversed to a backslide - one two three! (14:48) Hmm, it's all tecincos now on the Santo side.

Tag to Olimpico and now Hombre Sin Nombre is finnaly in - and right into a back elbow. Open hand slap. Slam.  Olimpico going out - springboard splash one two no big kickout. Olimpico tries for the bodyscissors rollup but Nombre is fresh enough to reverse it to a face first powerbomb. Rolling him over and covering one two no. Nombre charges with a clothesline but Olimpico reverses to a backslide, one two NO. Olimpico clothesline, off the ropes, clothesline is blocked and HSN with an armbar takedown into a Fujiwara armbar into a double underhook pinning position (he tries a headstand for more leverage on the arms - it's wacky) one two three. (15:53) 3-2 - and if we're counting Magica as a rudo, it's all rudos on HIS side.

HSN stays in to face the freshest guy on the other side, Magica. Magica tries a clothesline but it's ducked, HSN grabs Magica around the neck, then turns to hit a reverse neckbreaker. Cover one two no. Whip, reversed, HSN comes off the ropes with a somersault back press into Magica, cover one two no. Zumbido's sure taking his time leaving. HSN with a crucifix roll-up one two still no, got the shoulder up. HSN off the ropes, off the ropes, armdrag for Magica. 'rana works but Magica rolls right through to his own pin one two three! (16:56) Magica celebrates and kicks HSN out of the ring. HSN only had to work 2 minutes today but I guess that's more than Rivera did. 2-2, with the tag team champions left alone.

Casas comes in for his side but he's nailed by a running back elbow from Satanico. Big right. Choke on the ropes. Whip, big boot. Talk to the crowd. Right, whip, big boot is caught this time, Casas cracks an elbow on it, trips the other leg up and covers for a zero count. Battle of punches. No one's getting the better and Casas hits a spin kick. Tag to Santo, and now he's holding him for Santo's somersault senton - El Caballo! Satanico doesn't waste any time and gives (17:51) 2-1, it doesn't look good for Magica..

Santo is quickly attacked by Magica, lights of swinging rights. Whip, backdrop no Santo pulls off the sunset flip one two NO. Reverse rollup one two NO. You gotta think that Magica not being in much early helps him here - not that Santo did much himself. Magica with a bad kick, open hand slap, corner whip, charge in but no one's home. Santo with a high (one foot) dropkick (or maybe it was a wacky big boot) to knock Magica to the floor, and Casas hits a off the apron running Thesz press on the floor. Looks like the tag team champions are doing good. Casas is warned about interfering when it's not his turn - is he gone? He's DQed! (18:45) Well that's a crappy way to have no one beat him and give Magica a chance. Replay wonders if Santo made a tag we just didn't see, but it doesn't appear so.

Magica milks a long count to get back in the ring and continue, then charges right at Santo to get backdropped. Santo to the second - top and there's the bullet tope! Announcers yell "Finito!" and it may well be over, though Santo has oddly opted for the Mexican Surfboard instead of El Caballo - I think he wants to show how he can roll forward in it - Magica grabs the ropes! Santo isn't happy, up off the ropes and there's a clothesline. Off the ropes, and Magica grabs him - over the shoulder spinning back breaker! Will Santo - he gives! Magica wins! (20:19) Huge upset.

Magica gets a nice trophy, and a handshake from Santo. Magica has trouble trusting Santo throughout this. They have a long discussion about something here and then another handshake. I guess Santo wouldn't mind a rematch someday if Magica has a chance. I think the point here is that Magica is still someone to care about even after he's lost his mask and his friends in the last six months.

I liked the last one better. There wasn't anything as cool as Warrior and Tiger switching alignments - instead we had confusing (Felino) and annoying (Casas' DQ.) 

Spectacular Moments. Panther threw pop in Shocker's eyes! That's not very sportsmanlike of him. Whoa Ricky Marvin is pretty cool here. 

Vignette: "Fusion Lagunera: Champeons Mudiales De Tercias" FL is the name of the trios team - now they all have matching trios masks: all three makes combined, with Fuerza's string here in the back. They polish their belts. They discuss the challenges they've got in front of them - GdI is first.

5 CMLL Trios Title Match
GdI (Tarzan Boy (c), Rey Buccanero, Ultimo Guerrero)
vs FL (Fuerza Guerrera, Blue Panther, Dr. Wagner (c)) (c)
03/22/02, Arena
1 trios No taped. Sorry!
3 4:13 NA Wagner rope assisted reversed 'rana Tarzan shorts, but great spots
T NA   Champions, 2-1 NA

Notes: Hey, Juvie's here. Why's Juvie here? He's not dressed to wrestle, just more to hang out with his dad. Belt presentation ceremony, as always. Juvy is asked to leave, aw. One of the valets almost takes off with one of the trios belt. No graphics for the teams, strangely.   

I'd do PBP if I had the whole match, but as is, I'm not gonna bother. I'm also tired from doing all that before, thanks for asking. We do join right in the midst of a FL beatdown, so I can only assume they won the second and GdI took the first. Rey makes a comeback in the ring, but then we take a long look at the crowd and by the time we're back, it's two different people. So I think I'll just breeze through this. Awesome dual tope by Panther and Rey. GdI has new tights. Fuerza gets Tarzan Boy in a head submission but he won't give. They're both pretty tired and Fuerza quickly goes for another submission but still can't get the tap. Tarzan Boy tries submissions but they're not working. Pin gets broken up. Tarzan and Ray comically mistime a double flying headbutt - they both hit, but not near at the same time. Pose pin is reversed so FL can take control. Lots of resting before doing spots - like Wagner's off the apron somersault body attack - maybe they wore themselves out the first to two falls. Panther with a nice top rope suicide plancha and Fuerza hits his own somersault. Inside, Wagner reverses a 'rana and uses the ropes for leverage for a pin on Tarzan Boy, and that's it. 

Champions get their belts back and talk - Juvi shows back up to hang out. Tarzan Boy is down and out on the mat for quite a while as his teammates question the referee decision. Someone says something and all the sudden Niebla and Antifaz are other and attacking the champions.  No sign of Warrior. Two on Three (like Juvi's gonna do something) doesn't work so well, but then GdI decide they'd like to get revenge for being cheated out of the titles and join in. Five on Three works until the Five miscommunication and for a short bit it's a three way fight. It all kinda breaks down but not in an interesting way. Juvi's the master of getting cheap shots without getting much back. 

Next Week: Vampiro, Black Warrior, Dr. Wagner, Black Tiger, Apolo Dantes, Emilio Charles Jr., Scorpio Jr., Bestia, Killer, Violencia and much more.

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.

Momentum Key: A number indicate that side is in control, E is for even, M is for Mixed, * for Interference. B is for an extended Beatdown.


5 Matches, about NA of showtime (150:00); 

Average Match Rating (4 Matches) 71.5
Overall Match Rating: approximately 80
5 Matches (4 Trios, 1 16 Man Elimination) 
2 Tecinco over Rudo wins, 1 Rudo over Tecinco wins
1 Rudo over Rudo wins, 1 Mixed
2 Title Matches (Elimination, CMLL Trios)
Show Assessment: Tough to say without those two falls
Lots of unnecessary reruns

Closing Notes: 

1. I think it occurred to me about 432 that if they didn't rerun those first two matches, I wouldn't have missed the last one
2. I really wanted to like the elimination match but I really couldn't.
3. I think maybe because a saw it in small parts (between pauses) it probably hurt it, but looking back there's no really great moment of the whole thing.
4. I really wanted to see that trios match, but I wasn't impressed by the last fall.
5. Spanish TV Stations are confusing.

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