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CMLL Line - 05/12/02 (-29, Original Galavision Broadcast appx 02/20/01)

Preamble: I like completeness. Yet, I really don't want to expand my amount of recapping right now.   

Galavision (for now?) is airing a lucha show - and after further inspection, it turned out to be CMLL/AAA TV, repeated from about 15 months ago. (Thank you, Highspots lucha board's archives!) And it'd be nice to have some written record of what happened - to compare what's being done later at the very least. But I don't want to spend as much time as I normally do to recap lucha; I've got other things to do, and it feels pointless to spend time on those matches that aren't any good and will be forgotten as soon as they end. 

What I'm going to do here (till they take this off the schedule, or we get all the way up to where I originally picked up my recaps) is just do a mostly fact based report - times and pinfalls and details that stick out to me. Not much more - I'm gonna fast forward through stuff that makes me bored (or people I don't really care about) so I won't be rating them. If there is a match that sticks out as something really interesting, I might spend as much time as I'd normally would, but I'm just gonna mostly breeze through them.

But: Since this all stuff that's previously happened, if there's a good match that you've heard of coming up, or something you think I should pay more attention too, give me a heads up and I promise to pay attention.

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format.

# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo (captian) vs Tecnico, Tecnico (captian), Tecnico
MM/DD/YY, Arena
F Type Time Finish

Vignette: Villano IV, Villano III and Mr. Niebla (and someone's kid?) stop by the hospital as Villano V gets an update on his injured knee. Check out those surgical scars. They're just checking to see if the joint's healed right, it seems. The doctor and Villano V discuss his rehab. The others encourage him to get well soon.

1 Satanico (c), Mascara Y2K, Apolo Dantes vs Mr. Niebla, Villano III (c), Villano IV
02/06/01, Arena Coliseo
1 trios 0:02
Apolo senton, Triple Pin Niebla
Satanico half crab with armbar V3 
2 2:42
V3 'rana MY2K
V4 Octopus Satanico
3 2:56
Niebla low blow Apolo
V4 abdominal stretch cradle MY2K
T 6:21 Tecnicos (2-1)

Notes: Before the Rudos are even done with the introduction (and the tecnicos are introduced), Mr. Niebla is in and attacking - I'm guessing this crew might be responsible for what we just saw. Villano's music plays while the rudos attack and lay out Niebla - no sign of them till the pinfall is being made. I think I heard a whistle but I'm not sure - I'll guess.  Either the same ref counted both pinfalls at the same time or they goofed up and treated Apolo as the captian (as that's where the ref was actually counting, though both pinfalls were down at the same time - the ref could see them both.) Satanico was the captian (and outside, with V4 and the other ref) but maybe only for introductions.

Vignette: Juventued Guerrera shows off his BTW US LH title belt, as he goes to visit the CMLL offices. He explains that he's been in the US and being a tecnico on the phone, but runs in to Negro Casas and Lizmark Jr. on his way. They're all glad to see each other. Welcome to CMLL, Juvi.

2 Los Guapos (Scorpio, Bestia, Shocker (c)) vs Juventued Guerrera, Lizmark Jr, Negro Casas
02/09/01, Arena Mexico
1 trios 5:27
double suplex, Bestia flying shoulder senton Lizmark 
Shocker fireman's carry powerbomb Juvi
2 2:47
Casas La Majistral Scorpio
Lizmark seated armbar Bestia
3 2:27
Casas camel cluch Bestia
Scorpio faceslam revesal Juvi
T 11:14 Tecnicos (2-1)

Notes: Before the match, Shocker is asked over for an interview - is everything right between him and the Guapos? Well, first, he's more Guapo than Emilio. Scorpio and Bestia agree he's a 1000% guapo. But is he more guapo than Emilio? Morales points out that they ducked the question and asks the crowd - the crowd annoys Shocker. Bestia and Scorpio cover his ears, than Bestia kisses Shocker on the cheek, which he doesn't like. Negro Casas gets his own entrance for some reason. Shocker and Juvi do mat wrestling to start. In the second fall, Juvi actually overshoots Shocker on a rope assisted somersault plancha, but Shocker makes great efforts to try to catch him anyway. Lizmark powerbombed Bestia, covered him and then started to put his feet up - it looked like he was trying to get rope assisted leverage, but maybe be was actually trying to flip over on the pin? Whatever the case, it must've not turned out right, because a crowd shot later, the submission hold was on. Replays there was actually nothing cut - Lizmark just wasn't sure what he was going to do. This match wasn't all that bad and actually pretty good at points - I just didn't get in to it enough to watch it closely for a rating. Low to mid 80s. Shocker appears to want to ditch his partners post match, but they urge him to come back. He says no. The story is that he was the only one on his team doing well.   

Spectacular Moments - Suki hits a great through the ropes somersault plancha on Pierrothio. Triple dive. Zumbido hits a great (shoulder first) corner tope on Felino. Black Warrior ups it with his tope on Rey Buccanero. Negro Casas running Thesz press isn't bad either.

Vignette: Perro Aguayo unpacks. Super Porky and Atlantis are thrilled to see him back. We see all the press him versus Mascara Y2K when they were elsewhere.

3 Cien Caras (c), Universo 2K, Emilio Charles Jr. vs Atlantis, Super Porky, Perro Aguayo (c)
02/09/01, Arena Mexico
1 trios 4:11 Rudos DQ (refusal to stop beatdown post submission) 
2 5:43
Perro low blow inside cradle U2K
Rudos DQ (Mascara Y2K run in)
T 10:01 Tecnicos, 2-0

Notes: Rudos has a submission via continuous kicks to the head but wouldn't let go of Perro so it was reversed :36 later. Universo tried to kill Perro with a Tombstone but was stopped from doing so - Perro's low blow roll up came as a result. There was more fighting and talking after - rematch later.

That's it.

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