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CMLL Line - 05/18/02 (33)

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format.

# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo (captian) vs Tecnico, Tecnico (captian), Tecnico
MM/DD/YY, Arena
F Type Time Finish Comment

04/30 is the Kids Show - they canceled the regular Arena Coliseo show and held it at Arena Mexico. (I say that just because it'll confuse me later why I put Arena Mexico on the usual Coliseo day.) For the kids match, you can sure hear the difference in the crowd. They show the kids a lot, but the sound ends up strike me too. 

1 Dr. Wagner (c), Blue Panther, Apolo Dantes vs Rayo De Jalisco Jr (c), Atlantis, Super Porky
04/30/02, Arena Mexico
1 trios 5:22
Rayo/Atlantis double pin Apolo
Porky sitdown Panther
2 1:19 triple pin Rayo quick
3 2:34
Atlantis bodyscissors rollup Apolo
Porky bottom rope splash Panther
expected outcome
T 9:31 Tecincos (2-1) acceptable comedy

Notes:  Porky gets a solo entrance and does a dance with a valet that sure didn't seem kid friendly, but what do I know. The kids are happy to see Porky, of course. No rudo beatdown before the bell! Rayo milks a chant to start the match. There's even kids up in the rowdy tecnico fan section. Rudos threaten to walk out - look at the kids with the Dr. Wagner mask and pose! I should note that Wagner and Panther are wearing their matching masks. Porky milks a chant. Rayo and Wagner finnaly get it started a minute in - a chop hurts Rayo's leg somehow. Lots of comedy with Rayo - I suspect that will be the theme. Panther and Atlantis do bring the wrestling. Then we're to Porky and it's back to comedy. The drum in the rowdy tecnico section is louder than usual - kids are chanting in rhythm. Porky and Apolo fool around, and there's more comedy when the beatdown on Porky leads him to smashing Apolo a few times. We get to Rayo/Apolo, which turns Wagner/Apolo vs Rayo/Atlantis, and some bumbling by the heels ends with Wagner accidentally lowblowing Apolo and falling on him while Rayo and Atlantis hold the legs. Panther tried a sunset flip on Porky.

More rudo bumbling in the early second fall against Atlantis. Atlantis goes to tag Porky but kicks the bottom rope, causing Porky to fall down. They make up and hug, but by then Apolo is on them. Rudos take control. Matching masks work over Rayo in the ring - Wagner plays Funaki, Panther plays TAKA. I kinda expected this would be a really short rudo win fall, and it lived up to the promise. Rudos continue the beatdown on Atlantis even though the fall is over - Apolo with a slam and flying splash (he actually lands before he hits it, like Kane's clothesline.) I'm sure they announced Rayo as captian, but they do these things anyway.

When we come back from break, it appears that they've been beating Porky in between falls. He begs off but Wagner and Panther aren't having it - double whip, double backdrop! Apolo with a senton and stomping. Atlantis in and it's his turn to get beat down - lots of corner clotheslines. Rayo is next, but he avoids the corner charges and here's the comeback. Atlantis posts Panther (really only his arm) and everyone open hand slaps. And then we go back to a normal match, how odd. Back to rudo bumbling, though they seem to get it together, only to be foiled by the wily Porky. They all get knocked down in the corner, so Porky hits a Bronco Buster on Dr. Wagner. Everyone gets a win - Rayo starts putting on the Mexican Surfboard first but is so slow his partners have already gotten pinfalls, so he doesn't get credit. Hey, tecnicos win on a Kids show, what are the odds.

Vignette: Some Kids show activities - balloons for all the kids. They all get an x on their left hand so they can't just come back in the line, which is funny. Some of the kids get to go in the ring and hang out with a clown. And then they dance. 

Vignette: Boricuas discuss things. Actually, we only see Pierroth, Veneno and Nitro. Veneno flashbacks to that weird vignette where they were hit by that plant. And then he remembers back to Markus challenging Pierroth for a hair/hair match. This isn't closed captioned, which is a disappointment - I pick out so much more that way. Pierroth reminds us of Markkus joining forces with the Capos - they've got to be dealt with too. Pierroth recalls two weeks ago, when they beat down Poder Boricua as he was going for a back up match. I think Pierroth makes a speech that they don't care if they're tecnicos or rudos, they hate them all. Also, they're going to war - every does "yes sir" and salutes at the end. Hey, Violencia, did they pay you to just to stand off camera? We don't see him till the end. 

2 Boricuas (Violencia, Nitro, Killer (c)) vs Universo 2K (c), Mascara Y2K, Gran Markus
05/03/02, Arena Mexico
1 trios 2:30 Gran Markus middle rope splash Killer formulaic
2 7:20 Boricuas DQ (mass run ins) lame finish for length
T 9:50 Capos (2-0) why can't this end

Notes: Pierroth is wearing a military outfit. Killer has a hood over his mask, like he can't see. Veneno looks especially silly wearing a gas mask, goggles, and carrying a night stick, in addition to his flak vest. Nitro is with camouflage bikini wearing valets and wearing black. Everyone else with the Boricuas has opted for a dark green, looking like black when I'm not paying attention. Rudo beatdown before the match starts, what a shock. Veneno and Mini Violencia head to the back after helping out. I'm so interested in this match that I have to rewind to catch where the comeback came. Triple boot spot is okay. Oh, wow, get this - the Boricuas whipped Gran Markus into the corner but he avoided a charge! Wow, that only happens three times a week! They're at least trying by switching up the formula in different falls this week, but it is the same formula. Markus with the falling middle rope splash for the first fall. The fight goes on, between falls, till the Boricuas force a stall mate. 

Second fall is more beatdown on Boricuas. They make a comeback when all three are focusing on Killer and they can attack form behind, but it's just enough to get it into a normal match. Killer and Gran Markus, then the other four get in and mix it up - Boricuas double teams get turned around. No one's clothesline looks right. Violencia gets a dropkick that's supposed to knock him through the ropes, but he instead hits the ropes, acts staggered, than falls down and rolls out over the top rope slowly. I guess he must be really worried about his shoulder (still wearing the Zumbido brace), but it looked pretty bad since Nitro was taking the expected bump at the same time. So of course, when Mascara followed that up with a caught pescado on both and Universo hit a suicide tope to knock them all down, Violencia fell right on that bad shoulder. Markus hit Killer with a splash, but pulled him up so he could pull the mask off - he got it off quick, but Killer went down as he did so we saw nothing. Somehow, that wasn't a DQ. Pierroth coming in and beating on Markus didn't get a DQ originally, but when Veneno and Mini Violencia ran back in, I think they finally called it. Bodyguard was there, so I must've missed him originally. Markus beatdown in the ring while the Capos are kept out of it. Killer gets his mask back on, as well. Violencia didn't do much, but when you have 8 guys there's not much for everyone to do. Replays - no good shot of Killer's face, except that the top of his head is bald. Pierroth talks a lot after. Veneno stands in the background with the gas mask still on, looking silly. To his credit, Killer appears asks the (tecnico) referee why he didn't get the fall on the mask pull. 

Spectacular Moments - the recipient of a double press slam folds up on impact - and knees himself in the head in the process. Ow. Highlight of the week - Joe said that was an Emerald Frosion someone took, and I have no reason to argue. The announcers do argue - it's awful much like a piledriver bump. We also get our Volador Jr. - Asai moonsault on Zumbido.

Vignette: Shocker is hard at work at his office. His secretary actually calls him "Senor Guapo." Today, he interviews a candidate and decides he's worthy. Shocker introduces us to...Shockercito! Mr. Niebla stops by and meets the mini. Shocker says the past is the past and to let it go. Niebla doesn't appear to be letting it go, but says if Shocker is a 100% guapo, he's a 100% percent professional. Though, in Niebla's opinion, Shocker is kinda feo, and his Niebla dance gets him all the chicks.

In the announcer hypes upcoming action bit that I usually skips, Alfonso wonders if Shocker and Niebla can work as a team - when he's interrupted by a tux wearing, red haired Shocker to do his own preview. When questioned, Shocker says his new hair color makes him even more guapo, if such a thing is possible. Or at least that's what I imagine he says.

3 Black Tiger (c), Fuerza Guerrera, Takemura, Masada vs 
Shocker (c), Mr. Niebla, Black Warrior, Lizmark Jr. 
05/03/02, Arena Meixco
1 quatros 3:14
Warrior gulliotine legdrop Masada
Lizmark spinning layout side slam Tiger
Lizmark loves the WWE
2 5:36
Lizmark elevated full nelson Fuerza
Rings of Niebla on Takemura
Shocker DQ (Masada fakes low blow)
nice spots 
bad finish
3 1:49
Niebla standing step over armbar cradle Fuerza
Tiger swinging dropkick Niebla
Shocker DQ (errant kick to referee)
ah not that finish
nice to see eliminations
could have been better
T 14:20 Rudos (2-1) wanted more

Notes: Is that new music for Tiger? I've heard it before (hard hard metal) but I forgot the name of the group. That's okay, because I don't really care. Shocker breaks candy for the kids. Lizmark Jr. gets his own entrance (and spits red mist in the air!) for no good reason. Maybe he was watching the WWF tapes and wanted to be Triple H and Tajiri. Yes, rudo beatdown to start. Shocker should have thought this red hair thing through before he did it. It only make sense if it leads to a team up with Mascara Magica. He wasn't red for the Shockercito vignette. Tiger sneaks in a low blow headbutt on Shocker. Beatdown focuses on Shocker and Niebla - Shocker comes back with a tilt-a-whirl on Tiger. Team are officially Mexico vs Japan, though Fuerza doesn't seem Japanese. Niebla and Shocker are whipped into each other, and Takemura and Fuerza shortly take control till the power of teamwork gets Shocker and Niebla back in control for a second, before everyone else comes in. Lizmark misses a dropkick and gets a double back elbow from Masada and Tiger. While they celebrate, spinaroonie and a superkick for Tiger. Kick, and Lizmark and Masada have all sorts of problems with a powerbomb (from getting him set up in the first place, to almost losing control and dropping Masada on his head) but manage to hold it together long enough for Warrior to get in the flying guillotine legdrop. Lizmark picked up Tiger and did a spinning variation of D'Lo's new move. Takemura takes the Shocker bulldog on the outside. The standoff continues for a while on the outside, and at some point Tiger rips off part of the amp and throws it at the tecnicos. Warrior throws it back, and walks after them - and we get replays.

When we look back, almost everyone is on the ramp fighting - and the ramp is put back together. Tiger has gotten the better of Warrior, somehow. Niebla and Takemura battle back to the ring, where Takemura's dragon screw legwhip almost blows out Niebla's knee - he doesn't get Niebla over but still twists. Niebla visibly backs up and takes a moment to get back in it, after being so close to disaster. They opt for safer strike offense till it back fires. Warrior is thrown back in the ring and beat up. Fuerza pulls down the straps to beat up Niebla. I should not Niebla's left elbow is wrapped up. Fuerza pretty much gets beat - tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and a bulldog. Masada and Shocker. I think Masada is making fun of his hair, but the fans are behind Shocker. Shocker appeals to the crowd, and they cheer for him. Masada does the same and is shocked at the response. Shocker's chops look sharp. Takemura comes into help, but a double corner whip goes awry (Masada backdrop to the floor, though it took a lot of effort on Shocker's part.) Takemura tries for a pin but gets nothing, and then the offense is quickly turned around. Shocker does his dive tease, then turns around into a Black Tiger spear - he mocks the Shocker taunt. Shocker comes back and his the Shocker Special, does his taunt, and adds in an DX chop. Lizmark and Fuerza. Lizmark does the "I'm really big and your slaps don't really hurt me" bit, knocking down Fuerza with one punch (but shaking his hand to show how much it hurt. Lizmark drags around Fuerza by a headlock when Fuerza won't let go. Fuerza tries a whip but Lizmark is too strong. Clothesline is not effective, Lizmark's superkick is. Lizmark is doing Kane here (except for the superkick), I think. Tiger and Warrior, cool. Warrior holds the ropes on a whip dropkick try, then gives Tiger three crotch chops. What's with that today? This sure isn't the kids show. Tiger tries to a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker but gets a swinging DDT instead. Right. Corner whip, charge in no one's home, Tiger with a clothesline to the back, Warrior quickly put on Tiger's shoulder's, spun around, Tiger goes for a powerbomb but Warrior with a 'rana reversal. Niebla cuts off Takemura from interfering with a missile dropkick and puts him the Rings of Niebla (I think), but they're taking forever to notice so something's up. Lizmark gets an elevated full nelson Fuerza and still they're not signaling. Some how, Tiger and Warrior ended up on the ring (kickout?) and the tecnico ref is watching Warrior and not what's going on, while the rudo ref is asking Takemura if he quits. Masada is in, and in the Circuit Breaker and is getting a tap, but no call. Finally, Niebla and Lizmark's victories appear to be counted. Masada, on the mat, fakes like Shocker hit him with a low blow (actually, he might have accidentally dropped him partly on the top rope) and Tiger gets the referees to notice - rudo referee rules a DQ. Tecnicos want to beat up Rudo referee but the tecnico referee saves him. Replays shows Masada actually hooked on to  the top rope to get himself crotched and get the DQ. Rudos celebrate on the ramp. More replays. We never see what happened with the Warrior/Tiger pinfall.

Third fall starts with the rudos on the ramp - Fuerza is standing behind Masada, and Masada suddenly pulls back his head, reverse headbutting Fuerza. Fuerza thinks about hitting him but Masada begs for forgiveness. Takemura plays peacemaker. They all get it back together and hug. Tecnicos are still made about the finish and letting the rudo referee know about it. Now the rudos don't have anyone in the ring - Fuerza will start. As will Niebla. Some more stalling - the Japanese kids are arguing with the fans. I think we're missing Fuerza offer a handshake - and a hug. Then That was odd. Then Fuerza slaps him. Slap back. Slap. Slap. Fuerza with his windup punch that takes so long to windup that the other guy hits him first and he's not ready for it. Niebla gets the fans, ducks a clothesline, tries to lift Fuerza into a tilt-a-whirl but he ain't going. Fuerza backs up, off the ropes, Niebla tries the handspring back elbow but Fuerza sidesteps it, off the announce ropes, clothesline arm is caught, Niebla bars it, steps over, grabs the free arm with his free arm, and rolls backwards for a cradle - one two three! That was sudden! There's a fast count argument (tecnico ref) but it didn't look particularly fast to me. Fuerza leaves. Tiger is in and stomping. Slam, and to the second - moonsault but on one's home. Niebla up, clapping to get the crowd, off the ropes, crucifix roll up, one (rudo ref is noticeably slow, with a hitch in slap, but consistent), two, kickout. Niebla dance. Off the near ropes, Tiger pushes him into the ramp ropes, Niebla does the handspring but no one's there so he just stands - and gets dropkicked by Tiger. Tiger with the Tiger Mask fake dive swinging dropkick, always cool, and covers one two three - that was a bunch faster. Tecnico ref argues to no avail. Warrior and Tiger - Tiger charges and gets drop toe hold into the turnbuckle. Whip, reversed, Tiger kicks his leg out in front of him, causing him to take the hamstring bump into the ropes. Tiger charges with a somersault plancha, but Warrior moves out of the way in plenty of time and Tiger ends up on the ramp. Warrior gets speed - suicide tope on the ramp! Tecnico ref looks after them as Masada and Lizmark mix it up. Masada gets a strike in, off the ropes, clothesline but Lizmark is Kane. Off the ropes again - into the Rock Bottom. Cover but no count - I'm pretty sure he yelled "Where is the count?" in English there - because the rudo referee is making sure Shocker doesn't leave his corner. Lizmark makes a one handed press slam signal (maybe he's the Warrior) and lifts Masada up - but Takemura helps him safely down. Double clothesline knocks Lizmark out of the ring. Shocker is in, to take them both on - Takemura taunts while Masada works at first, but they get it together. Double whip, but Shocker must've hooked the ropes because he stops short of the double backdrop and kicks Masada, then a clothesline for Takemura. Shocker goes for the big boot on Masada, but he sidesteps and the rudo referee takes it! Uh oh. Shocker with a kick, it's caught, and Masada takes advantage by hitting a low blow kick. Now the tecnico ref finds his way back it the ring, and Takemura helps cover but Lizmark's in to try to pull the rudos off. And now all that doesn't matter, because the Rudo referee wakes up to declare the rudos the winner, due to Shocker's errant kick. Doesn't look anyone's going to save the rudo referee this time - but he manages to escape. Replays

Rudos get a chance at the microphone after. Masada knows Spanish this week. Takemura yells "Ichiban!" which is funny, and then Masada and Takemura take turns yelling it. I think they try to question the low blow, having the replay shown on the big screen, but Takemura says "computer graphic!" in English, which is odd yet also funny. Masada is very intelligent, he tells us a few times.

Given better finishes (I know it's a rudo thing to do, and rudos need to do rudo stuff, it's just not an entertaining thing to watch over and over), I probably would have given it a higher rating. Also, some good stuff from the rudos - it was very one sided in terms of big moves, with only Tiger really doing much noteworthy and the Japanese kids not even really getting a chance to break out their submissions. I'm having trouble buying Lizmark as a giant, mostly because I still have a faint impression of Lizmark as a WCW wrestler in my head.

Next Week: Black Tiger, Universo 2K, Killer, Gran Markus, Dr. Wagner, Negro Casas, Shocker, Violencia, and more.

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.


3 Matches (33:41), about 32.1% of showtime (1:45:00); 

Average Match Rating 70.7
Overall Match Rating: approximately 73
3 Matches (2 Trios, 1 Quatros)
1 Tecinco over Rudo wins, 1 Rudo over Tecinco wins
1 Rudo over Rudo wins
1 Straight Fall win (2)
Show Assessment: One good match, one bad match, one kids match

Closing Notes: 

1. With Universo being drawn into the Boricuas feud, I guess we don't get a Silva/Universo feud. 
2. I wouldn't mind the Capos/Boricuas feud if it kept them all off TV
3. I'm not sure I like this Wagner/Rayo feud - all singles matches will end up with low blows.
4. I wish I got CMLL PPVs, just because it feels like I'd get the good finishes there.
5. They always hold a little bit something back on TV, which would be find if it wasn't all for me.

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