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CMLL Line - 05/19/02 (-28, Original Air Date: 02/27/01) 

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format.

# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo (captian) vs Tecinco, Tecinco (captian), Tecinco
MM/DD/YY, Arena
F Type Time Finish Comment

Vignette: Is there a problem with in the Guapos? Scorpio and Bestia tell him they're down with him, but Scorpio later tells Shocker the same thing and hooks him up with a massage from a nice looking woman. Insert clips of Shocker undressing here. So what's going on?

1 El Guapos (Emilio (c), Scorpio, Bestia) vs Super Porky (c), Mr. Niebla, Villano IV
02/13/01, Arena Coliseo
1 trios 4:10
Nelbina on Scorpio
Porky sit down Bestia 
2 3:43 Guapos DQ (Shocker runs in)
T 7:56 Tecnicos (2-0)

Notes:  Actual mat wrestling to start the first fall. Who'd thunk it? Looked like the tecnicos were on their way to victory when Shocker made the save - no one was really happy to see him, though. Shocker talked to the announcers after - I think he wasn't happy with Emilio. 

Vignette: 360 degrees of Los Nuevos Infernals. Tarzan Boy, Ultimo Guerrero and Rey Buccanero promise pain for Satanico and whoever he brings as partners. They drop Atlantis and Olimpico's name here. 

2 Los Nuevos Infernals (Tarzan Boy (c), Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Buccanero) 
vs Juventued Guerrera, Atlantis (c), Negro Casas
02/16/01, Arena Mexico
1 trios 5:37
Casas Wakigatame armbar Ultimo
Juvi handspring faceslam Rey
lots of back and forth
good opening
2 2:30
triple submission Casas
Ultimo top rope reverse suplex Juvi
nice domination
3 4:42
Atlantis spinning torture rack Rey
Casas La Majistral Ultimo
good clean finish
welcome change
T 14:04 Tecnicos, 2-1 very good

Notes: Juvie is wearing the Big Time Wrestling US Light Heavyweight Belt and gets his own separate entrance. I guess the vignette isn't supposed to match up with this match specifically. Wow, I guess I have to try with this lineup.  

Lots of posing and posturing by both sides - looks like Tarzan Boy and Juvi will start, hmm. They go forehead to forehead. Tarzan pushes Juvi away, and Juvi chops him, then calls Tarzan on. Tarzan rubs his chest. Circle. Lockup, Tarzan with a waistlock, Juvi tries to spin out of it but gets an armbar, leg trip but Juvi kips right up, Juvi armdrag. Juvi raises his hand in celebration as Tarzan Boy recovers. Both up, circling, lockup, no it's a little messy but Juvi gets a waistlock, go behind, back elbow by Juvi, but he turns around into a hiptoss. Tarzan Boy yells at the crowd and calls Juvi up. Circle. Tarzan Boy flicks his sweat at the crowd. Lockup, waistlock, Juvi taken down, Juvi with a hammerlock into a headlock, now sitting on Tarzan's back and rolling sideways to turn it into a pin -  one two no. Both up, Juvi with the leg trip cover zero, both up, Tarzan boy with the leg trip cover zero. Stand off. They both tag out - it's Rey and Atlantis. Rey's yelling at the crowd, now circling again. Lockup, fighting over it, Atlantis readjusts and gets an armbar. Turning it around and flipping Rey to the mat. Now a hammerlock, but Rey with a single leg but Atlantis quickly armdrags him. Standoff, Rey yells at the crowd and Atlantis with an inside cradle one two no. Atlantis with a mat headlock, Rey reverses to an armbar, Atlantis up and armdragging him away. Standoff again, and Rey is frustrated - he just pushes Atlantis down. Rey pauses to yell at the crowd, leaving the opening for Atlantis to get up and push him. Rey is mad and charges - armdrag. Repeat. Repeat. Now he's really frustrated, but it's Atlantis who makes the first move and Rey takes him down with a single leg trip - no problem for Atlantis, who quickly comes up with a spinning headscissors from the mat. Rey tries to argue that he was crotched on the bottom rope because of the move but no one agrees. He tags out to Ultimo, and Casas is in for the other side. Juvi is leading the cheers for the other side- looking at the replay, we notice that Rey did not get crotched - simply hit his inner thigh. We miss whatever Ultimo used on Casas, but come back with him in control. Both men charge with clotheslines and neither go down. Ultimo chop. Casas chop. Ultimo, Casas, Ultimo, Casas, Ultimo, Casas, Ultimo, Casas, Ultimo and that one finnaly knocks down Casas. Slam. Yelling. Off the ropes, senton but the pool is empty. Casas with a hard kick to the chest, hard kick to the chest, shout, hard kick to the chest. Casas earns cool points in my book by selling his leg after delivering those kicks - that's the cousin of the "ow, my hand hurts after punching you, so I must shake it" sell. Casas tries to lift up Ultimo, but he's fighting back - open hand slap, chop, corner whip - but Casas is quick to the middle turnbuckle and hits Ultimo with a dropkick. And another one, this one with more impact. Corner whip, reversed, Ultimo charges in with a clothesline but Casas with an armbar takedown into a Wakigatame armbar! Juvi is up to the rope quick - I think that might have been an attempt at 450 Clothesline (or maybe a blockbuster) but Juvi just kinda grazed Rey as he went by. Ultimo's given up by now. Rey's up quickly, and Juvi's off the ropes - let's call that a handspring faceslam, although it was pretty much like Juvi's old "somersault up the opponent and drop him with a DDT", despite the name. Maybe I'll think of a better name later. As Juvi goes for the pin, Atlantis tries to get a hold of Tarzan Boy, but Tarzan Boy runs. Atlantis eventually catches up but doesn't get much before Tarzan runs again - eventually Atlantis is content with just mouthing words. Replays. My right pinky finger hurts.

GdI start the fall on the ramp, discussing if they should stay or leave. Casas mocks them, but it looks like they'll come back in, if only they're given room. It looks we're starting with Juvi and Tarzan again, but one crowd shot later, it's Ultimo and Atlantis - Ultimo gets in a back elbow and now Tarzan Boy is in to help - double whip, no triple whip, Tarzan Boy drops down, Rey and Ultimo go for a (lame) double clothesline but it misses, Atlantis keeps running and nails Ultimo with a cross body. Tarzan Boy tries to break up a cover before this is one, and elbow drops Ultimo. Rey grabs Atlantis from behind with a double underhook, but Atlantis ducks right before the double clothesline and Rey eats it. Armdrag for Ultimo, Tarzan's tripped into a dropkick of Ultimo and dropped with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker, and then Rey is slid chest first to the floor. Not a promising start. The GdI do find there way to their own corner, but now they're arguing - oh, they were just setting Ultimo up for an ambush - now let's try this again. Triple whip, drop down, Ultimo and Rey wave Atlantis by (oh, that's what they were doing the first time) and pick him up for a press slam the next time by - dropping him right on Tarzan Boy's raised boots. Double clothsline to the back and Atlantis is out of the ring. Juvi comes in but he's slapped and thrown out - they want Casas next. Corner whip, corner clothesline times three. Ultimo and Rey go up to opposite corners as Tarzan Boy grabs Casas - big powerbomb, double flying headbutt! He's dead, Jim. Triple submission/pose to clinch that. Casas is too out of it even to be helped out of the ring by the referee. Juvi's brought back in - double whip, double flapjack. Triple wheelbarrow suplex! What now? Tarzan Boy sets up Juvi on the top rope, facing the crowd, and encourages Ultimo - top rope reverse suplex! Triple pose pin, wow. That was quite awesome. More posing by the GdI, because they earned it. Replays - that double headbutt was incredibly well timed. Break.

As we come back, Gdi is beating the tecnicos - Juvi gets posted by Rey, then thrown to the floor. Kicks to the back. Right to the head. Triple boot for Atlantis in the ring. Casas tries to fight back but the numbers eventually overwhelm him, and he's held for Ultimo to talk trash and slap him. Juvi and and trying to do something but he fairs little better. He's leaned on the ropes, and Tarzan grabs the legs - Rey goes to the ropes to get speed for the leapfrog over his partner and on to Juvi, but he's pulled out of the ring by Atlantis. Casas and Atlantis are in and helping out Juvi. Now it's the tecnicos beating the rudos all around the ring. In the ring, Juvi hits Tarzan Boy with a missile dropkick, and stomps him out of the ring before chasing him out there. Atlantis gives Rey a monkey flip on the floor, then he and Juvi switch partners. Casas runs ultimo crotch first into the corner. The referees finnaly succeed in calming down the situation, and it's one on one - Tarzan and Juvi, once again. They yell at each other, and the crowd. Juvi charges with a clothesline but it's ducked, Tarzan's misses to and Juvi's on him with chops. off the ropes but right into a clothesline. Tarzan with a corner whip, and he charges into Juvi's boots. Juvi charges out into a press slam attempt, but he falls behind, Tarzan goes behind, Juvi with two back elbows to escape and there's a bodyscissors rollup one two NO. Off the ropes, and Juvi lands the bodyscissors bulldog - cover one two no. Tarzan Boy up quick and hitting a clothesline. Armbar, and now into a pumphandle - pumphandle shoulder slam, one two no. Armbar again, pumphandle, over the shoulder but Juvi slides down the back, slap, kick, Juvi Driver! Tarzan boy quickly holds his head and he's up - Juvi off the far ropes and there's a somersault 'rana that takes them both out of the ring. Ultimo and Rey are quickly in on Casas, and the chops work, so Rey backs up for speed and charges - into Casas's boot. Casas escapes the waistlock but Ultimo has chops waiting for him. Casas is cornered and Ultimo charges - again into a double boot. Casas charges out, Ultimo flips him into the air and Casas dropkicks Rey (who was standing behind him) kinda (only hitting an arm maybe because Rey was too far away.)  Atlantis in - tilt-a-whirl back breaker for Ultimo. Charge at Rey, but Rey ducks the clothesline and gives him a right, then saves Ultimo from an La Majistral attempt. Unfortunately, he turns around and walks right into Atlantis and his torture rack - he quickly gives. And now there's no one stopping Casas from kicking Ultimo in the ribs again and using the La Majistral - one two three. Tecnicos wins. Casas gives Ultimo a few boots to the head for good measure. Replays, then Casas talks a little.

Spectacular Moments - nice no hands somersault plancha. Dangerous move almost gets Tigre Blanco killed. Ricky Marvin almost kills the front row. Hey, it's that crazy Veneno. Ultimo Guerrero's top rope reverse suplex is always cool. Shocker's dropkick doesn't actually seem to hit in regular motion, but does in slow motion.

Vignette: Welcome, Rayo de Jalsico. He's shopping for knick-nacks. Ah, it's Perro and Villano. And now they eat. 

3 Mascara Y2K, Universo 2K, Cien Caras (c)  vs Rayo De Jalisco Jr. (c), Villano III, Perro Aguayo
02/16/01, Arena Mexico
1 trios 2:20
MY2K + U2K double boot Perro 
U2K + CC double grapevine V3
2 3:40 V3 + Aguayo Star submission CC + U2K
3 4:04
PA rope assisted rollup MY2K
Rayo abdominal stretch CC
T 10:24 Tecnicos win, 2-1

Notes: Each tecnico gets their own entrance. Beatdown during Rayo's. Beatdown between one and two. Comeback in fall two. Tecnico attack between two and three. U2K complained about cheating after the match.

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