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CMLL Line - 05/25/02 (SHOW NO)

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format.

# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo (captian) vs Tecnico, Tecnico (captian), Tecnico
MM/DD/YY, Arena
F Type Time Finish Comment

Vignette: GdI plan their attack. 

1 Rayo De Jalisco Jr. (c), Atlantis, Black Warrior vs Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Buccanero, Cien Caras (c)
05/07/02, Arena Coliseo
1 trios 3:15
Atlantis spinning torture rack Rey
Warrior high spinning DDT Ultimo
Good mat wrestling
2 3:30
UG/CC double arm scissors Atlantis
Triple submission Warrior
some nice spots
some blown spots
3 2:39 Rey/UG double low blow kick Warrior bad finish
T 9:58 Tecncios (2-1) good, but messy 

Notes: Caras doesn't make it to the ring before Rayo is out beating on him. That's a change - but does explain why the tecnicos were announced first. It's just Rayo beating down Caras - everyone else is kinda standing around and watching - Atlantis prevents Ultimo from coming to help at one point, but that's it. I think Rayo was working on Caras leg so he couldn't use a low blow kick! Anyway, we go from that to a Warrior/Guerrero mat wrestling sequence for the maximum contrast possible. Atlantis and Rey is good, than we get some teamwork on Atlantis but he turns the tables and comic mishaps and wow, the first fall seemed shorter than it was and Rayo and Cien never got in. You can only hope they keep that up - but Rayo's already in and working on Cien's injured left leg between falls.

Second fall starts with Rey and Ray; Rey knows a comedy sequence is about to break out and is wary, but goes ahead with some open hand slaps. They get turned around, of course and Rayo's actually decent (except for the annoying "rub their head and then slap then while they're stunned" part) but then we break into the rudo being scared of Rayo's jumping hipcheck and throwing themselves out of the ring for no reason and it's not quite as good. Rey runs far far away so Rayo can't tope him, smart man. Ultimo's clotheslines have no affect on mighty Rayo. Cien finnaly comes in, and Rayo goes out, that's odd. Cien and Warrior totally miscommunication in an off the ropes spot - I have no idea what CC was going for and neither did Warrior. I think Warrior was supposed to kick him in the injured leg, because that's what they do next. Atlantis wants someone but no one's in - now Rey is. Rey wanted a handshake but got a slap, so now he's fighting back. Now Ultimo's in and knocking people off the apron to start. Ultimo works on Rayo outside, than throws him back in - double whip, double toe hold, double elbow drop, double whip, double kick (Rey with a dropkick and Ultimo with a boot.) Atlantis' turn to get beat - this time CC gets to do things. A totally weak triple facebuster - I think that was Atlantis' fault mostly (not taking the bump right), but a little bit Rey (not having Atlantis up high enough to start) and a little bit Caras (not carelessly setting up Atlantis.) Warrior in next - nice double team 450 face slam 

Rayo and Cien start the third and nothing particularly interesting happens. Ultimo and Warrior are more interesting - Ultimo misses a charge and ends up going to the floor, but Warrior gets tripped up before he can dive. Cien and Rayo fight on the floor as Atlantis and Rey pretend to fight in the ring, then Rey blindsides Rayo with a running tope! That's teamwork. Atlantis tries to follow with a tope of his own on Rey, but Rey sidesteps and Rayo takes it! Ultimo and Warrior back in the ring, and Ultimo calls for some help - he needs it, after missing another charge Warrior has an opening for a comeback but Rey's there to kick him. Of course, Rey just gets whipped to Ultimo and put on the top turnbuckle. Warrior charges at both of them, Ultimo flips Warrior up, Warrior tries to go for the 'rana on Rey, Rey blocks and Ultimo helps him (safely) powerbomb Warrior from the second rope! No cover - instead a double whip, double press slam into a questionable double team low kick. GdI plead innocent - but the refs don't buy it - that's it.

While Warrior gets a couple more punches, Rayo's still fighting CC outside the ring - Ultimo tries to help by getting beat up instead. Replays.  

Vignette: Capos play cards with Gran Markus (in the smoky basement) and discuss teaming with him again. Ah, they've gotten a new shipment of cars for him to wash. 

2 Capos (M2YK, Universo 2K (c), Apolo Dantes), Gran Markus 
vs Boricuas (Nitro, Veneno, Violencia, Killer (c)) 
05/10/02, Arena Mexico
1 quatros 2:11 Universo abdominal stretch cradle Nitro
M2YK powerbomb Violencia
Apolo 'rana Killer 
a mess
2 3:13
Markus falling splash Nitro
Boricuas DQ (Pierroth run-in)
could've been okay
totally irrelevant
T 5:55 Capos (2-0) Finish

Notes: Markus gets his own entrance - so he can get punked out by the Boricuas coming out early. Are the Capos going to help? Of course Pierroth gets in a shot with his bat. Markus moves out of the way of one shot and Veneno eats it. Poor Veneno. He's holding his shoulder. Looks like the rest of his team hit the ring during the initial carnage, preventing the Capos from making the save. Killer's got Apolo and down on the ramp, while Nitro and Violencia are controlling the ring. The ringside doctor is checking on Veneno. Markus is down on the ramp himself, but getting up. All the other Boricuas are around Veneno - Pierroth leaves to stomp on Gran Markus. Match is hard to follow because we switch between Veneno cam and the ring, and some replays. Not that it's probably worth following. Veneno is screaming in pain - and now he's stretcher out. One more replay, and we note that now it's a handicap match - well, it will be when Markus finnaly makes it to the ring. Just in time to watch the Capos make the triple comeback and triple pin. Markus almost distracts a ref from making the count by asking him to fix his armband - what's that about? Pierroth and the Capos exchange words in between falls - Pierroth sends the bodyguard to the back to get Veneno, I guess.

Pierroth has commandeered the announce booth upon return, which isn't fair. The Ring Girl is holding the second fall sign the wrong way - we get the mirror view. Ah, it's Makrus' shoulders that's hurt, as Veneno was - that why he's having people check on it. Killer works on it on the outside as the Capos control the inside. Capos take turn hitting moves on Boricuas. The bodyguard came back at some point, but with no one so I don't know what that's about. I may not care. Capos triple teaming without any regards for the rules. Markus joining in now and working on Killer. It soon breaks out to everyone in the ring and fighting again. I keep waiting for the Boricuas to get control so they can pick up the second fall but it sure doesn't seem like it's going to happen. Nitro got sentons before the pin. We get double abdominal stretches on both remaining Boricuas before Pierroth gives it up and interferes to draw the DQ. Pierroth is doing good till Markus levels him with a punch, and that's that. No don't give him the microphone. Aw. Hey, Capos Dad is wandering out from the entrance - I wish I knew what was going on. Pierroth starts to make his escape up the aisle and then notices him. Capos Dad threatens a cane shot - Pierroth (and bodyguard) escapes through the crowd while the rest of his crew gets ambushed and run into the back. Markus is still in the ring, asking for the hair/hair match, but Pierroth won't go along, I guess. Markus chases Pierroth to an exit, then the winning team comes back and celebrates.

Promo for some US guy (with subtitles!) calling himself the Bulldog. Bad timing there. Anyway, he's wearing a mask and he's a rudo. He does a lot of yelling.

Spectacular Moments - double suicide planchas. Midget walking the ropes! Wow, a Quebrada headbutt. Ricky Marvin with his corkscrew Asai Moonsault. Safari and Olimpico's double suicide plancha was better. Voladar Jr. wins again. 

Video of the Apolo and Dr. Wagner giving moms gift baskets for Mothers Day. There's Mascara Y2K and Tarzan Boy too. Shocker and Negro Casas too. 

Vignette: Shocker and Dr. Wagner united? Shocker's office - from the looks of Dr. Wagner's mask, this is one of those Japan vs Mexico situations. Shocker says as such - after this is taken care of, they'll decide who's numero uno in lucha libre. Like Niebla last week, Dr. Wagner takes issue with Shocker's guapo-ness.

3 Shocker (c), Negro Casas, Dr. Wagner vs Tarzan Boy (c), Takemura, Masada
05/10/02, Arena Mexico
1 trios 3:08 Tarzan Boy springboard missile dropkick Shocker short but good
2 7:18 Takemura German suplex Dr. Wagner was going along good
T 10:26 Rudos (Japan) 2-0 needed a real finish

Notes: Shocker has new music or they decided to use neutral music for the CMLL trio. Wagner wears the IWC Heavyweight Title belt - I have no idea how he got it, but there it is. Shocker's hair is back to being blond. Fans get on the rudos.

Tarzan Boy and Shocker to start - well, first, Shocker holds a team meeting. Lockup, break, lockup, break, lockup, Shocker with a waistlock and then a full nelson. Tarzan Boy battles, then reverses to his own. Shocker struggles, but moves towards the ropes - and kicks Masada. Masada wants a piece of him but the ref's prevent. Tarzan Boy holds the full nelson in, then slips the hands down to a waistlock. Shocker with two quick back elbows and a snap mare into a headlock takedown on the mat. Tarzan signals his men in, and they break it up, but the tenicos are quickly in to prevent them from doing anything further. Referees break that situation up, but not before Wagner gets a shot to the head in and boot choke for Masada. In the mean time, we missed Tarzan Boy somehow taking Shocker off his feet - now he's stomping him to the mat. I think he had some distraction help from Takemura, who then takes out Negro Casas from the apron. Back to watching Wagner stand over Masada in the corner as Takemura is helping beat Shocker. Corner whip, corner clothesline, Takemura corner clothesline. He celebrates, as Masada is now up and fighting back against Dr. Wagner, with some help from Tarzan Boy. Rights, double corner whip, Tarzan Boy clothesline, Masada clothesline might have been blocked - we don't see the impact and it looks like Wagner wasn't really affected. Masada tries to kick Wagner but his foot is caught. We take a look at Shocker punching Takemura while Masada kicks his way out of his predicament. Tarzan Boy helps Takemura get back control, and Masada works over Dr. Wagner, taking him out of the ring. Corner whip, corner clothesline for Shocker by Tarzan Boy. Masada with a cheap shot to set him up for a Tarzan Boy springboard missile dropkick. Triple pose cover. The fall is officially over, but they beat up Casas anyway. Hey, the Japanese guys stole the Kai En Tai spot! Then, it's a double camel clutch while Tarzan slaps him in the head. Wagner is up and fighting back but he too goes down before long. Takemura hits a somersault bodyblock in the corner on Wagner, which is neat. 

As the second fall starts, the Tecnicos are all on the floor recovering. Shocker is in first and gets beat by all three in their corner. Whip, Tarzan Boy head down to soon so it gets kicked. I assume Shocker was going to follow up (or he was waiting for Tarzan Boy to get up) but the rudo referee spooks him (Shocker didn't know he was behind him) and Tarzan Boy is staggered for a while, than falls to the apron. Shocker brings him back in, but the rudo referee distracts him and that allows the rudos to jump him. He's kicked and beat out of the ring. Negro Casas and Dr. Wagner make a joint charge, ambushing everyone, and it works very well. Shocker joins the huge brawl - Casas sends Takemura out of the ring with a dropkick, Masada is sat backwards on the top rope - Wagner follows up with forearms to the back and then knocks him out of the ring. It looked like Casas was setting up for his apron run Thesz press but there was no one there. Shocker drags Tarzan Boy by the hair, than grabs the hair as he goes to the top rope - Shocker "lifts" Tarzan Boy off the mat by his hair! Of course, it's kinda obvious that Tarzan Boy is just jumping - there's a hairdrag to take him out of the ring. Tecnicos control the ring and invite the rudos back in - they won't come in till the tecnicos get into their corner, so Wagner, Shocker and Casas do a triple pose in the corner. Takemura in - Dr. Wagner stays in for his team, getting the crowd behind him. Takemura looks for a chant from the crowd but isn't getting it. Lockup, Wagner with a kneelift. Corner chop, chop, corner whip, Wagner charges in but gets a boot to the head. Chop, chop, boot choke. Wagner manages to grab the foot and battle out of it - Takemura's thrown down. Off the ropes, and into a powerslam one two NO. Wow a near fall. Off the ropes, drop toe hold by Wagner, there's the dropkick to the head. Wagner looks at the crowd, then back to work - body slam but Takemura falls behind, both sides off the ropes, clothesline but no one's going down. Again - and no one goes down. Takemura tries to sneak a kick, but he gets a dragon screw leg whip! Takemura rolls out to the floor and clutches his knee in pain. Shocker and Masada in - Masada with open hand slaps to the chest, whip, reversed, tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Off the ropes, big boot, and he's out! Running forearm to Tarzan Boy and he's to the floor too - Shocker does the fake dive pose. Casas in and he does the Shocker pose. Wagner in and he does the folded arm Wagner's pose - and so do Casas and Shocker. They're a team united - in posing! Tarzan Boy and Negro Casas. Exchange of open hand slaps, but Tarzan Boy sneaks in some forearms to the head to take control. Whip, corner running jumping forearm works! Tarzan Boy pulls out the one foot pose pin - one two no his leg is knocked out from him. Casas blocks a forearm shot (which makes Tarzan's arm hurt?) and knocks him out of the ring with the running big boot. Springboard plancha by Shocker! Casas and Takemura exchange slaps, Takemura off the ropes but the clothesline won't knock down Casas. Off the ropes again and still no. Off the ropes a third time, it's ducked, and Casas hits the dropkick to the leg - no cradle follow up, but a big boot knocks him out. Casas teases the pescado but Takemura walks away. And then he walks back and Casas hits it anyway. Masada in and he hits the dropkick to the knee on Dr. Wagner, then points to his head. Off the ropes, and Dr. Wagner hits it on him! Outside, looks like Tarzan Boy just posted Shocker, and now he's stomping him into the floor. In the ring, Dr. Wagner with a suplex, Masada falls behind, chop but Wagner ain't feeling it. Tarzan Boy continues to beat Shocker on the outside. Inside, Masada has tried a whip, head down too soon so Wagner gives him a hard forearm to the back - powerbomb! Wagner starts to hold for a cover but relents and yells to the crowd. Off the ropes, dropkick to the knee. He's making the Driver motion - Michinoku Driver and that should be it - but Wagner stops covering when a whole bunch of Japanese guys wearing "Toryumon 2000" gear hits ringside, complaining about the piledriver-ness of that move (I guess.) Shocker is confused and all heck breaks loose - looks like Takemura snuck in and gave Wagner (who is not the captian) a German suplex, as we see the bridge for a three count. Maybe Shocker or Casas got counted out too, because they give the fall to the Japan side. (I thought I heard the announcers counting something while Wagner and Masada were fighting.)  Whatever the case, Shocker attacks Takemura, Tarzan Boy attacks Shocker, Wagner attacks Tarzan Boy and everyone at ringside attacks Wagner.

According to Count5 on the lucha board, the interlopers are Nosawa, Milano Collection A. T., Yosinno, Pescatore Yagi, Toru Owashi, Condotti Syuji and Junya Fukumasa - I don't know enough to disagree. There's absolutely no hope for the tecnicos - till Markus and the Capos from the earlier match run down to even the sides. Now there's about 14 battling it and the tecnicos clear the ring quick - one guy takes a huge backdrop to the floor. The rudo ref is thrown out of the ring too - he goes and makes friends with the other side. Showing off the Toryumon gear. Hey, Mascara Magica must've helped make the save too - I didn't notice him till now. Now Wagner's sick of posing and wants a piece - and the ringside area devolves into a battle ground. Takemura gets a low blow on the ramp from Universo. Wagner and Shocker talk - they're not done with this. Takemura poses on the ramp. Gran Markus talks - I guess to explain how this has to do with him being pro-Mexico against the Boricuas. Casas talks. They pose with a Mexican flag. The gorilla goes crazy.   

Next Week: Santo (!), Tarzan Boy, Negro Casas, Shocker, Ultimo Guerrero, Satanico, Mr. Niebla, Rey Buccanero, Blue Panther - oh wow, it's always a great sign when all the people in the preview are fun people.

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.


3 Matches (26:19), about 26.3% of showtime (100:00); 

Average Match Rating 70.3
Overall Match Rating: 72
2 Trios, 1 Quatros
1 Tecinco over Rudo wins, 1 Rudo over Tecinco wins
1 Rudo over Rudo wins
1 instances of interference (1 meaningful, Match 3)
Show Assessment: A feud builder episode - 
could have been better under other circumstances

Closing Notes: 

1. There's a lot of people who I would have preferred making the save ahead of the Capos. 
2. But it does make a whole lot of sense, given current storylines.
3. Just keep the Boricuas out of this.
4. The first match had a chance to be a better, even given the finish. 
5. Hopefully, next week won't be the same.

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