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CMLL Line - 06/02/02 (-26), originally aired 03/13/01

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format.

# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo (captian) vs Tecnico, Tecnico (captian), Tecnico
MM/DD/YY, Arena
F Type Time Finish Comment

Vignette: El Signo, Blue Panther and Fuerza Guerrera talk about being National Trios Champions, if I read that right. Maybe they want to be champions, because I don't see any belts. Loud club music plays, and then Fuerza starts talking to the camera suddenly. 

1 El Signo, Fuerza Guerrera, Blue Panther (c) vs Safaia, Olimpico, Mr. Niebla (c)
02/28/01, Arena Coliseo
1 trios :24
S+O double pin Signo
S+O double pin Fuerza
2 3:47
Signo senton Olimpico
Triple Submission/Pose Niebla
3 3:05 Olimpico reversed sunset flip Blue Panther
T 7:49 Tecnicos 2-1

Notes: The tecnicos entrance is about 10 seconds long before they cut the music. Olimpico jumps Panther with a dropkick and a suicide tope to start the match - weird face beatdown. Fuerza accidentally running sentons Signo, Olimpico and Safari double cover both of them (though Fuerza isn't pinned), then roll it over so Fuerza's under Signo and cover again for the quick win. Bizarre. 

In the second fall, Safari blows one of his handspring off the ropes moves. Normal "rudos get in a few moves, tecnicos come back to win sequence." Rudos eventually decide to triple team, and it works for them. Third fall starts as a beatdown, evens out. Olimpico very clearly grabbed the ropes to get the leverage for the win - something was up here, but I have no idea what. 

2 Ulitmo Guerrero (c), Rey Buccanero, Gran Markus Jr. vs Black Warrior, Apolo Dantes, Satanico (c)
02/28/01, Arena Coliseo
1 trios 3:25 GdI DQ (excessive beatdown, pushing the refs) great brawl
2 6:04 Ultimo DQ (Satanico fakes low blow) great parts
T 9:29 Satanico, 2-0 fun

Notes: Okay, weirdness one is Fuerza is just now making his way up the aisle, though nothing strange comes of it. Two, Tarzan Boy is present but not dressed to wrestle, with no shirt but taped ribs and limping a bit - IIRC, he was in a car accident, so he's replaced tonight by Markus. I believe the second team is tecnicos by default here, but it's really more of a rudo/rudo deal. Tarzan Boy pulls a cookie sheet from somewhere and cranks it over Satanico's head as he's making his way to the ring, to start the beatdown. That busts Satanico open - we don't get to see his forehead for a while but you know. Markus does not fit here at all. Markus and Apolo fight a bunch. Rey managed to wedge Warrior's foot into a set of seats, and then topple the seats. The officials have to come out to extract him. Apolo gets posted, so that leaves Satanico to get beat up - Markus holds while the other two kick and punch and force that cut to bleed the officials finnaly come back to try to break it up and get shoved, almost of out of the ring - so of course Satanico wins.

Beatdown continues to the second fall - actually, it looks like for a moment that the ref might be counting out Satanico's side - they're all down on the floor or busy fighting. Satanico's finnaly thrown in. Apolo with a nice dive through the turnbuckles to take down Rey, but he paaid for it. It almost started the comeback but the GdI kept on. This is just a huge brawl, and finnaly Satanico is getting a shot in, getting the better of Ultimo. Warrior attempts to throw Rey to the wooden seats, but in the process, actually throws him through a seat. That'll come out of the paycheck. Warrior of course uses a shard of the broken chair on Rey, then goes for revenge by trapping Rey's leg and then kicking it as many times as possible. Rey gets out a lot easier. The ring settles into a normal match between Ultimo and Satanico. Satanico gets the best and goes for the mask. Apolo and Warrior hold off the others and the top gets ripped - you got a good shot of his face. Ultimo tries to fight back and gets in some good shots, knocking Satanico out of the ring, but silly yelling at him through the ropes and getting pulled off. Apolo hits a tope on Markus. Warrior and Rey mix it up, with Rey taking the slide to thef loor and then the Black Warrior TOPE! Back to Ultimo and Satanico, and this time Ultimo does much better. So Satanico goes and fakes the low blow - and gets it. Apolo hugs the ref. Fun brawl, two DQs aside. 

Spectacular Moments - Wow, Signo hit a Brazo upside the head with that clothesline. Ricky Marvin is agile.

In Other Action: Meet Dr. X. He's in CMLL. He's a rudo. That is all.

3 Tony Rivera, Pantera, Ringo Mendoza (c) vs Violencia, Zumbido, Veneno (c)
03/02/01, Arena Mexico
3 trios 3:32
Zumbido La Majistral Tony Rivera
Zumbido/Veneno armbar/Indian Deathlock RM
T ?:?? Rudos 2-1

Notes: Joined in progress, but at the beginning of this fall.

Vignette: Scoprio and Shocker talk about Emilio and Guapos. He doesn't like teaming with him, maybe. I think Shocker is proving he's a good leader - he's acquired a Villano mask. Elsewhere in the park, Super Porky says hi to Felino and Atlantis, but says he was to wait to meet a Villano V. Felino and Atlantis decide to go on ahead without him, and they'll meet him later. Porky is too happy. Scorpio tries to impersonate a Villano, but Porky is too smart and pulls the mask - Scorpio fights back with slaps and Shocker jumps him - they knock him into a fountian and taunt him. People nearby watch and gawk. Porky cries. This is a huge match! 

4 Guapos (Bestia, Scorpio, Emilio(c), Shocker) vs Super Porky, Felino, Atlantis, Rayo De Jalisco (c)
03/02/01, Arena Mexico
1 quatros 6:46 Porky splashes everyone
2 4:13 Porky second rope splash Emilio
T 10:59 Tecnicos, 2-0

Notes: Tons of issues within the Guapos, as you'd expect. Rayo has some sort of Jedi mind control, I believe. Or he's my least favorite wrestler. Shocker rolled out of the way of the Porky splash in the second fall, but Emilio didn't. Scorpio might have hurt himself after Rayo toped everyone  who I didn't mention in the last sentence.

Shocker argued with his men again - it's all Emilio's fault. Shocker came in the ring to yell at Emilio, then walked out on them again.

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