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CMLL Line - 06/09/02 (Original Air Date 06/12/01, -13)

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format.

# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo (captian) vs Tecnico, Tecnico (captian), Tecnico
MM/DD/YY, Arena
F Type Time Finish Comment

Vignette: Satanico uses his powers of evil to transfer Rancon Latino into Averno (though that name is not used, just the new outfit), his new protégé and partner. Complete with garbage cans on fire, Satanico shooting lightning bolts of his hand and an ominous figure in the background. 

1 Ultimo Guerrero y Mascara Magica vs Infernales (Satanico y Rencor Latino)
05/31/02, Arena Coliseo
1 parajes
Latino seated abdominal stretch Ultimo
Satanico/Latino double armbar with legpull Magica
set up the sides well
2 1:55
Rings of Magica on Latino
Ultimo abdominal stretch Satanico
quick reflex
3 3:56 Ultimo DQ (Rey Buccanero run-in) disappionting finish
T 9:18 Infernals (2-1) fun brawl

Notes: Rencor Latino (and watch me trip and call him Averno a half dozen times) comes out in a big black robe to hide his new outfit till he's in the ring. Ultimo gets punked out entering the ring - Magica (wearing black) gets posted on the apron. Somehow the Ultimo team turns the tide for a second, but Magica is quickly beatdown and thrown into Ultimo. Whip, And Latino with a fireman's carry flapjack. Ripping at Magica's mask - pretty well, it seems. Ultimo is being held back by the referees, but Satanico eventually backs off a little bit and Magica has half a chance. Though really he just gets beat up for a while by Latino. Lots of ripping at the mask, which has opened on the top. Magica thrown on, Ultimo worked over. Double whip, double clothesline but Ultimo ducks and hits a dropkick. Satanico out, Latino in - off the ropes but drop toe hold, Ultimo flips over him, shoulderblock. Ultimo yells to the crowd - he's in tecnico mode here. And Satanico sure is rudo when he trips Ultimo off the ropes to set up the dropkick to the face. Senton by Latino, then a seated abdominal stretch to take out Ultimo as Satanico hold off Magica. Satanico holds Magica for his charge, who gets in a shot before resuming stomping Ultimo out of the ring. Whip and Magica gets a boot the midsection from Satanico. Double armbar with legpull by the rudos for that fall. Replays key on how Satanico's interference led to Ultimo's loss, and then Magica's.

Magica and Satanico start - no, Magica is just the distraction for Ultimo to attack Satanico. Exchange of slaps, with no one getting the clear edge, both throwing everything out there. Satanico gets a brief edge but Ultimo traps him in the corner. They slow down and then start throwing the rights again. Both tired now and going to headbutts, then Satanico uses back elbows (that don't really work.) Whip off the ropes, drop toe hold by Ultimo, elbow to the back and now the crowd doesn't like Ultimo. Such a confusing match. Whip, dropkick and out goes Satanico. Ultimo teases the dive. and poses. Magica and Rencor? Sure. Magica gets himself pumped up, charges and misses the dropkick. Rencor with the open hand slaps (not as good), off the ropes, under a clothesline, into a back drop. Magica reverses a tilt-a-whirl into an armdrag, then hits a springboard second rope dropkick. Rings of Magica gets the quick win. A Satanico clothesline is reversed into a Ultimo abdominal stretch (with leg hook) for his victory. Ultimo takes his sweet time letting go, and on the outside, it seems as though Magica is taking it posting Rencor Latino. Replays.

We come back right for the third fall, but it seems as though the fight has been going on during the break, with Ultimo's team getting the best out of it. Now Magica and Satanico in the ring and slugging it out - Satanico keeps on finding out ways to reverse Magica's brawling. Whip - seemed to be a normal one but Magica weirdly took a right turn so he could go in and rebound out of the corner into a spinebuster, Satanico holding the legs and I think going for a standing figure four, but Ultimo's in and sunset flipping him before he could finish. The refs don't seem ever to cover - maybe they say Rencor coming in to break it up and didn't feel the need. Rencor's open hand slaps are still not as good as Satanico, whip, reversed, Latino thrown up but turning it into a 'rana with cradle one two kickout! I was thinking that Magica was supposed to be to break it up but maybe Satanico had a hold of them. Replay of Rencor breaking up the previous pin reveals he actually nailed Ultimo right in the face. Back to live, and Magica is about to roll Latino back into a Mexican surfboard but Satanico walks over and clocks him in the face. Statanico wan an armbar, and then a hammerlock, but Ultimo breaks it up. Ultimo and Satanico battle with Magica eventually grabbing Satanico from behind. Ultimo grabs a leg and hits what seems to be a blatant low blow, except the tecnico referee is looking right at it and doesn't call a DQ. Whip, Magica dropkick misses but it counts anyway. Dropkick (nicer camera angle, though maybe the same result) and Ultimo covers one two no. Ultimo is dead tired so Magica has to follow up - corner whip, corner clothesline, jumping elbow to the top of the head and Satanico rolls out. By the time we look back in, it seems like Latino was dropped by a double team powerbomb. Magica starts to turn him over into a Boston Crab, but they change their mind and do a double whip, Magica dropping down and Ultimo hitting the back elbow. Rolled up into the bodyscissors - double facebuster. Now it's Magica's turn to rip the mask while Ultimo hits the hard kicks to the chest. Satanico is recovering on the outside and the refs end up making the save, pushing away Magica for ripping the mask. Latino out of the ring too now, and Ultimo and Magica do the double pose that sometimes Rey and Ultimo do - but you might know it better as the Steiner Brothers pose. Ultimo is Rick, for those keeping tack at home. The other team is so enraged (I guess) they come in and attack and are relatively successful - Satanico ripping at Ultimo's mask in the corner and Latino getting a big spinebuster on Magica before ripping at his mask. Ultimo's face is exposed and that's going too far - Rey Buccanero is out to help out his mates. Shots for Satanico, shots for Latino, Latino dumped out of the ring and over the top rope, Rey posing. The match is awarded to Satanico and Rencor but it doesn't seem to matter at the moment. Magica pulls Latino around the outside by the shred of his mask while the other two work over Satanico in the ring. Latino slammed on the floor. I don't think anyone's gonna make the save here. Magica completely relieves Latino of his mask, and he goes to cover up mode. All three on the winning team celebrate together. We get words from Ultimo -  he says bad things about Satanico. Satanico and Latino celebrate winning. Rey says stuff about being the Guerreros De Infernales. Rey says Latino is very good but on the wrong side. I think Magica might have said he's no longer a tecnico, but I'm not sure. Replays of run-ins and mask pulling. And when we look back, the fight is on again - we give up on it and go to break.

This was good, though missing some more drama from being great. And DQ finishes, eh.

Vignette: Shocker tells us he'll be back in three weeks, I think. He's going to Japan for a bit.

2 Super Porky, Atlantis, Giant Silva vs Capos (Cien Caras, Apolo Dantes, Universo 2K) and Emilio Charles Jr.
05/31/02, Arena Coliseo
1 4 vs 3 5:43 Silva DQ (crotched Apolo) 

Notes: Porky gets separate entrance so he can dance. Oh wow Porky and Silva, I don't have to write any more about this match. Wait, I should explain this finish: Tecnicos have Universo and Emilio in submission finishes, and Sivla is taking care of Caras - Apolo having left earlier. For some reason Silva decides he'd like to kill Caras and goes for the Tombstone, so out comes out Apolo with a small folding table, and he cranks Silva in the back with it, causing him to (safely) drop Caras. It takes Silva :10 to realize he's been hit, turn around, and kick the table in Apolo's face. Fans boo. Silva tries to throw the table out (it hits off the ropes and stays in), then picks up Apolo and very gently drops him on the top rope, crotching him. The DQ is called there. I think the story they tried to get out is that Silva was trying to do that (he was) and Apolo purposely was trying to drop on the ropes and get Silva DQed.

Spectacular Moments - Hey, it's the Stone brothers - the legdrop almost killed that guy. Then these are guys I don't know but one has a USSR symbol on his shirt. Apolo crotching Silva up from last week. Tigre Blanco with a nice top rope senton. Highlights from trios we saw last week - one spot shadows Pierroth Jr. twisting his ankle, and he'll be out a while. The story at the time was that it wasn't as serious as the non-good performances he was doing and those were the real reasons he was gone, but it's not for me to say. 

3 Cien Caras (c), Scorpio Jr., Fuerza Guerrera vs Rayo De Jalisco (c), Atlantis, ???
MM/DD/YY, Arena Coliseo
1 trios 1:56
Scorpio Boston Crab ???
Caras adominal stretch cradle Rayo
2 :26
Atlantis bodyscissors rollup Scorpio
??? rolling headscissors/armbar submission Fuerza
3 :50
Atlantis Torture Rack Fuerza
Reyo reverse tope/many headbutts Caras
T 3:23 Tecnicos (2-1)

Notes: We join at the first whistle, meaning I spend a great portion of the first fall simply trying to figure out who's here. And then I rewind to double check that we're seeing Atlantis and Caras in two straight matches and I just didn't mess up the first time. Nope. I'm doing this without looking up the tape dates first, but I'm guessing maybe two tapings were used here. 

In fact, when I checked the Teleivisa report, this match wasn't aired there - just inserted by Galavision for whatever reason. I'm gonna pretend like it never happened.

Vignette: Black Warrior and Blue Panther talk about the past history between Signo and Villano III, then meet him to plan for their upcoming match against the Villanos. Signo has an office? 

4 Black Warrior, Blue Panther (c), El Signo vs Villanos (III (c), IV, V)
06/01/01, Arena Mexico
1 trios 3:40 Signo double armbar and chinlock V3
2 2:03
V4 powerslam Warrior
V5 admonal stretch cradle Panther
3 2:06 Signo low blow headbutt V3
T 8:05 Rudos, 2-1

Notes: We make it though no full introductions with fighting this week. Lots of mask pulling. V V's mask gets quite opened up. All rudos in the first fall. Blue Panther puts IV on the top rope and and stands behind him like he's going to do something really cool but ends up just standing behind him and kinda pulling the mask. Second fall starts as a beatdown, but Villanos turn it around quick. Warrior takes a painful looking posting. V3 tosses some seats onto Signo - some of the metal hits him in the face, and he's done for a bit. Warrior and Panthe'rs mask are rips in revenge. Warrior's mask completely comes up on the powerslam, which may have helped cause his lose. To start the third fall, Panther gets battering rammed into the post. Low blow headbutt makes me happy I didn't spend much time on this match.

Vignette: Wow, 5 matches? Too bad only 1's been any good. Anyway, this one, El Hijo De Rayo Jalisco Jr. practices for his back match against Universo 2K. Atlantis, who is a darn busy man, gives him advice, as does Rayo Jr. This goes on long enough for me to be able to copy a blank grid for the next match. Rayo gives a Hijo a special trinket his father gave him. How special. 

5 Universo 2k (w/Mascara Y2K) vs El Hijo De Rayo Jalisco Jr. (w/Rayo Jalsico Jr.) 
06/01/01, Arena Mexico
1 mano a mano 9:11 Hijo DQed (Rayo interference)

Notes: Your match summary: "Universo beats the crap out of the kid, who gets a couple dives but is not in Universo's league." It takes nearly three minutes for Hijo to pull anything out - and that's a dodge, to let Universo get himself into trouble. The following plancha is fine, though. Back in the ring, Rayo gets brief control, then Mascara trips up Hijo. Mascara is ejected, which probably means Caras is coming in from another angle. Back to Universo beating the crap out of Hijo. Hijo pulls a handspring reverse tope 4 minute later to get back control, and it's a moonsault plancha to the outside. Rayo immediately takes back control when they get in the ring. Hijo gets the 'rana rollup but only 2. Reverse tope misses. Universo beating up Hjjo and not really showing any willingness to pin. Oh, it's because he's going for a Tombstone - yes, like that'll work with Rayo standing right outside the ring. Everyone named Jalisco goes after Universo's mask. Mascara starts to make a belated save but is run right off by the Jaliscos.  Universo losses most of his mask but makes it to freedom. A lot of talking and posturing follows.

Next week: Shocker? I thought he was gone. I'm so confused.

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